What's going on with ESK?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. I did a search and didn't come up with anything.

    I went to ESK and the board looks totally dead. After a quick glance I found only 3 or 4 posts made this year.

    Does anyone know what's happened over there?
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Maybe I'm an oldfag, but the kids could be out living life, doing drugs and having fun.

    Works for me ;D

    Ex Scientology Kids

    Can't do a link. On cellphone nao
  4. Rockyj Member

    Too funny! & they may have actually moved on & just enjoying life cult free!
  5. ZeroC Member

    I didn't realize they even had a forum until I went there a few weeks ago to check the site was still up. I've always included it on cards/fliers etc... as it's got a good FAQ/What's the Deal With... section and I like the layout. However with sites like EXSMB and WWP being as active as they are, I'm not surprised activity has died down on ESK.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Hope so. I'm enjoying life cult free, I just have this hobby that keeps demanding my attention.

    Did someone say Raid?
  7. Smurf Member

    It's my understanding that Astra Woodcraft received her architectural credentials and is working.... Kendra Wiseman, daughter of Bruce (CCHR President) wanted nothing more to do with ESK because she wanted to re-establish a relationship with her disconnected parents.. and Jenna Miscavige is busy being a working mom in Virginia...
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Would be nice if Jenna could ask police/feds to check in on her aunt Shelli as she hasn't seen her in years and because people who claim to know where she is won't provide proof that she is even alive.

    This is assuming Jenna cares.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I doubt if Shelly ever cared about Jenna. She didn't seem to care about her own mother from the stories I've read. So I wouldn't blame Jenna a bit.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for your replies. It would be a good thing if someone would keep the board more current for any new kids leaving the cult but I understand how tiresome it would be to run a board like that.

    I wish Kendra, Jenna, and Astra all the best.
  11. Anonymous Member

    It doesn't matter. The only people that authorities would even listen to in the search for Shelli or other "missing" scilons are relatives or friends. This is a good way to get bad press for the cult. If any exes were really serious about stopping Miscavige (or at least causing him problems), they would be doing this.

    The last time I heard Shelly was seen was for her father's funeral in mid 2007. But that report is not first hand and has no proof:
    Does Shelli have any relatives outside the cult that would be curious about her at all?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Um, her niece?
  13. Anonymous Member

    No, HER relatives. Jenny has already been discussed and doesn't appear to want to do anything. And she is related to Shelly by marriage. I mean Shelly's family like siblings, cousins, if her mother is alive, etc...
  14. Anonymous Member

    Astra posted last Wednesday re the New Yorker article. She hasn't abandoned it! :)
  15. timthephoto Member

    new accounts /registration on there = moderated and nobody is doing moderation
    perhaps that might have something to do with postrate falling?
  16. Anonymous Member

    I didn't say she didn't want to do anything. I said I wouldn't blame her if she didn't. I have to wonder if Jenna even knew Shelly well or knew her at all. I doubt if they had family dinners together even on holidays since kids in the SO could go years without seeing their family.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Yes, I saw that. That was one of the posts I mentioned in my op. There's been no other activity however. There are hundreds of people registered that never posted. Like Tim said there's no moderation.

    I wonder if there's anyone out there who would be willing to pick it up and get it going again to help Astra and Jenna. It's a very time consuming job though.

    All the kid's stories on that site need to be preserved no matter what.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I don't know if Shelli has any other relatives inside or outside the cult. There doesn't seem to be since no one has had a welfare check done on her that I know about.

    We should ask Marty or Rinder to do that since they knew her and maybe could be considered her "friends." Of course there's a snowball's chance in hell they would. But still it would be fun to ask.

    Since only relatives or friends would be listened to by the authorities I have to wonder how those Aussies got the authorities to listen to them when they did their Operation RPF. They weren't relatives now friends of the 3 RPF'ers. The police did check out the people they wanted to see but were told 2 had left the country. This was never really verified to my knowledge. So where are those two RPF'ers?
  19. Smurf Member

    Update on Kendra:

    Kendra & her husband Kyle are doing well. She has a successful web design business going on.

    In keeping with the agreed-to OSA arrangement to remain in good graces with her parents, she has disavowed any alliances with critics of the cult (she was a co-founder of Ex-Scientology Kids). Her story of leaving the cult has been removed from the website.

    Kendra & her husband moved back to Bejing two weeks ago. She has an active blog.
  20. lostatsea Member

    Weird, I was just watching the Donahue episode with her parents on it just this week.

  21. Anonymous Member

    If she disavowed any alliances with critics then why is Lawrence Woodcraft listed as a 'happy client' on her pixellary website?
  22. Anonymous Member

    money is money and larry has loads
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