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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. First, before I make any assumptions, can someone from Iran let us know what the general mood is like in Tehran? I've checked the usual Western news sources, but little has been said about any protests on Sunday. It sounds as though things were fairly quiet there.

    Are there future protests being planned, or does it appear that the uprising has entered a new phase? From the following information (below), I gather that a strike is planned. If so, I hope it is effective. I don't wish to see any more killing, but it would be a shame if the movement died out after all the sacrifices that have been made. I hope that the Iranian people get the freedom they so richly deserve.

    From Huffington Post:

    Just had call with Iranians who read the whole Montazzeri statement (I have not myself - note - my farsi is not good enough to get all the nuances of the thing). But the main point I think you should be aware of is that he's asking people this coming Wed-Fri to mourn the people who have died. The people I talk to suggest it's his covert way of asking people to strike.

    As point of reference - in the '79 Revolution, it was the strikes that did it. This is super important - because roughly right now you have some of the population that are hitting the streets, while others are Ahmadinejad people -- and it's the silent 30-40% they are after. Each day this silent majority is slowly stepping towards the reformists.

    One important point with strikes -- they cannot shoot people who are striking. That will leave them in a bind -- and more people dare to strike than hit the streets. Again, this is in reference with what happened in '79 - strikes are the most potent weapon.

    Also - what is happening now with regards to spreading information to the people. They are going back to 79 strategies. basically they are printing papers having people distribute them all over the country. twitter/net etc is not effective right now - they are going back to old-fashioned style.

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