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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 20, 2018.

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    The council turned back the Head tax so fast the Space Needle spun.
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    Good to see you back
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    I want to know, why do the people at my dentist's office answer the phone, "Bright Smiles Dentistry. What can I do to make *your* smile bright today?"
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    I think human beings should be able to live wherever the fuck they want to live, provided they can find housing and a means to support themselves. Moving across a border to be closer to people you need cuz some shit is going down in your life shouldn't be a crime.
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    There's a woman, Leslie, living along the Atlantic coast of Canada, who started going for walks in the woods to try to shake off depression and anxiety. She noticed that watching the birds made her feel better. Somehow she formed a friendship with a ridiculous number of wild birds and their offspring over several years.

    Leslie is one of the most amazing people I have ever seen on the Youtubes.
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    I went out to the garage to get a screwdriver. I walked back into the house three hours later because I looked for another thing, then I saw some plastic pieces which might help me finish a keyboard tray I'm making. And while thinking how to secure the keyboard and trackpad so they don't go flying if the tray gets bumped, I wondered why I can't get over this feeling of permanent exile from the human race that started when I was was five and I was separated from my parents for two years.
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    Were you living with wolves?
    PS I cooked a fish today.
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    I'm glad there are employees inside child detention facilities willing to smuggle out videos of what is happening. We shouldn't take political advice from anyone who thinks giving kids lasting psychological damage is okay.

    No not wolves. I was with nice relatives who acted normal, which was weird considering a nuclear bomb just went off destroying everything I loved.
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  11. Very appreciative of Rachel Maddow's reportage. There's a real dedication to dealing with fact rather than opinion in all her presentations I've seen. It is, of course, the fact of the deliberate infliction of suffering and trauma on young (and very young) children, as a matter of government policy, that should concentrate minds and reverse these despicable, monstrous decisions.

    For much the same reason, I've come to appreciate The Internet's contributions here.
  12. That happened to me too. Three cheers for resilience.
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    The jury is still out on the resilience part.

    Occasionally people went out of their way to be kind to me even though they didn't have to. Like I had a second grade teacher who lived a couple blocks from me. Sometimes I'd ride my bike by her house to say hi. She'd offer me a drink of water and let me chat for a half hour. That kind of thing gave me hope.

    Today we have a lot of rules about "appropriate boundaries" so maybe it's harder for grown-ups to be randomly nice to kids. The staff transporting the immigrant children behave like detached robots. They say they can't hug or comfort the kids and they answer questions from airline attendants with, "you don't need to know that." They must have had a training seminar because that behavior is not natural. I hope somebody leaks the content of that training to the Internet.
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  14. I think there are higher than usual numbers of people on here with troubled pasts & presents.
  15. I'm not signing in for this question so can you please be more specific as to why you are of the opinion that there are more than usual people with troubled pasts and present lives signing in here?

    Do you think it's a need to seek justice or this forum attracts independent thinkers?
    Or both?

    Three questions I know and I'm curious about your answers ,if you would be good enough to oblige me.
  16. It’s fair to say we all have problems with authority;)
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    There's nobody here anymore so the questions seem moot.
  18. Dude some of us never left.
    Just sayin'
  19. This is all IMHO
    People who have problems with authority have been abused by people with authority. Some people here have been abused by a cult. Again IMHO those seeking justice have been effected by injustice. I agree this forum and Anonymous in general are independent thinkers sometimes for the lols and that is antisocialiality unfettered by anonymity. Other times it is not for lols, it’s a fight against injustice that is safer because of anonymity. At any rate childhood trauma would fit all of those reasons.
  20. Your input answers some questions, and thanks for taking the time and trouble to reply not many would have bothered .
    Too many newbs with no idea what they are about and no clue where to begin is what I'm observing on the forum now.
    When they do have an idea it's mostly about hacking into failbook or changing their high school end of term results.
    They have no sense of real injustice or human right abuses or any of the real causes that brought all of us together in the first place.

    My problem was authority also, ASIO , the Australian Security Intelligence Org, other Australian Int agencies too.
    Being a veritable thorn in their side was at one time a joy for me until I came within a bollock hairs distance of being caught .

    Now I work for them.
  21. *stunned silence*
    The forum is still active, look at the French and Polish threads. We may end up as a repository for Anonymous history but that’s important too.
  22. Easily trolled newfags don't count.
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    Here is a good feels for a change.
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  24. Okay I have not paid any atention to this Why is this something ?
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    Because last Thursday "socialism" was cancer but yesterday it turned sexy.

    You know what else recently became cool? Big-ass industrial wheels on stuff.
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