When otters attack "Reply Anonymously" button thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. MrSocko Member

    Free At Last, Free At Last!


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  2. no dice
  3. suggestions for avatars?
  4. slut sock Member

    Nah gots one....
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  5. MrSocko Member

    I'm 40,,what is this?
  6. Anonylemmi Member

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  7. The Internet Member

    Might out someone if the email used for the sockpuppet is visible to everybody.
  8. slut sock Member
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  9. Anonylemmi Member

    Faek e-mails work and they help people.
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  10. Anonylemmi Member

    Yes. Yes it is. But what is it?
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  11. MrSocko Member

    Does that mean,in ten minutes this bad idea will go away?
  12. slut sock Member

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  13. MrSocko Member

    Does that mean,in ten minutes this bad idea will go away?

  14. slut sock Member

    No the account is active, bad idea is good
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  15. Eye surgery?
  16. meep meep Member

    Which one of you fuckwits kicked me out of my pretty new sock??
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  17. Me
  18. MrSocko Member

    Its that damn Anonymous Button,,,or lack of? wuuuuuuuut?
  19. Anonylemmi Member

    Mine went away also. :oops: I had grown fond of it in the 5 minutes it existed.
  20. MrSocko Member

    What is this sock disappearing that you speak of?
    I fear my demise is imminent.
  21. Never mind. Found it.
  22. MrSocko Member

    GOD MY OH,,,what is happening!
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  23. The Internet Member

    That asshole/colon is putting me off my pulled pork sandwich.
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  24. I just made lemon bars. "Wait until completely cool" Bullshit. I gots blisters on my mouf and it's all your fault.
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  25. laughingsock Member

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  26. RavenEyes Member

    This reminds me of when a bunch of people used AMA's clambake account log-in, except that was much funnier.
  27. The Internet Member

    I would prefer a more otter-like mask but I can live with it.
  28. RavenEyes Member

    Says the guy whose avatar is Eisenhower-esque. :)
  29. slut sock Member

    Dammit. This sock had thumbs earlier. I know, someone used it to give me a thumbs up. Er, well, the other me.
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  30. The Internet Member

    I am told that Eisenhower kept a little fuzzy otter knitted by his grandmum on his pillow.

    That military guy was my way of trolling the NSA. He was a former NSA boss who basically agreed with Anonymous about the domestic spying issue.
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  31. slut sock Member

    I like Ike.
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  32. The Internet Member

    Otter avatars FTW.
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