Where Are All The Smart Men and Women!!!!

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. I am sitting here with tears and emotion flowing. Thinking there has to be something that us people outside of IRAN can do to help. C'mon people. Lets think together. We have freedome, we have technology we have smarts. lets put our thoughts together and help our own people. Governments from other countries will not dare to meddle it is up to us. Everybody lets start talking. Im not smart enough to put anything together. Call all your experienced friends and seek help.

  2. Sol Mann Member

    We are doing something. If you want to help it's much appreciated! For now, we need more people to find out about this site. Especially people inside Iran. Post on facebook, put a status message up about this site. Then we go further from there :)

    They desperately need a safe place to organize, and this is it.
  3. Maverick-IRAN Member

    Let's create a green movement!

    Show your sympathy by wearing green clothes, turning your blog into a green layout. Let us just make the Web green.
  4. Call up your nearest Iranian embassy and harass them, don't threaten them though (that's illegal). Many of the details are listed here:

    It might not seem like it'd do much good but by making the instruments of the Iranian regime feel miserable, you can stop them from doing their jobs effectively (the most important of which is making the regime look good).

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