Where do Co$ kids live and work?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by anon1957, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. anon1957 Member

    Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    Wrt to the relevations on this thread and this one, I think that it would be useful to compile a list of just where Co$ kids are kept. It seems that one of the reasons that Co$ gets away with their treatment of kids is that they have managed to keep the kids under the radar and out of the public eye. I think that if their school/dormitory/work addresses were made more public, it would be easier for public anon to keep an eye on the places. A drive-by if you live in the area is not so hard. Look at the kids if they are outside, how do they look, how do they behave etc. Can any x-sci anons help with this? I

    We know there are a lot of Cadet and SO kids in Clearwater, but at what addresses? Do they sleep as well as work at the Ft Harrison? I am wondering because if their housing is not too far from main Co$ protest sites, it might be useful to end the march by walking over to the kids living (as it is called in SO) area. Or to make a point of going there during the April Reconnect operations.

    Also, even though their websites are filled with Study Tech and other Co$ jargon, they advertise themselves as "non-sectarian." False advertising?

    I googled Delphi Academy and came up with the following links:

    DA of San Francisco

    890 Pomeroy Avenue
    Santa Clara, California 95051
    (T) 408-260-2300
    (F) 408-260-0693

    DA of LA

    11341 Brainard Avenue
    Lake View Terrace, CA 91342
    (T) 818-583-1070
    (F) 818-583-1082

    DA Santa Monica

    no address--near the beach on 4th St.
    Tel: 310-526-2700

    They have a high school. Do they take boarding students?

    DA of Boston

    564 Blue Hill Avenue
    Milton, Massachusetts 02186
    (T) 617-333-9610
    (F) 617-333-9613

    DA San Diego

    2 locations

    7527 Cuvier Street
    La Jolla, CA 92037
    (T) 858-454-1972
    (F) 858-454-1942

    134 Woodland Parkway
    San Marcos, CA 92069
    (T) 760-752-1887
    (F) 760-752-1802

    DA CLEARWATER! (only 150 students. hmmm, where do all those SO kids go to school?)

    1831 Drew Street
    Clearwater, FL 33765
    (T) 727-447-6385
    (F) 727-447-3679
    (F) 760-752-1802

    DA Chicago

    241 E Roosevelt
    Lombard, Illinois 60148
    (T) 630-620-8950
    (F) 630-620-8920

    DA Oregon--the "mother" school

    20950 SW Rock Creek Road
    Sheridan, OR 97378
    (T) 800-626-6610
    (F) 503-843-4158

    This is a boarding school which takes kids as young as 8 years old!

    Very useful Wikipedia article ( Also an interesting article from alt religion: which lays out lie after lie after lie told to parents who enroll their kids there (just another scilon con job). Really worth a careful read!
  2. Anon Y. Mouse Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    You mean...where are they abused/maltreated.
  3. anon1957 Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    AnonMomAnon is a serious heroine. This is the kind of thing that needs to be done! (

    Also, read these posts by fisherman:
    Also read this comment by Dr Donna Shannon, former Sea Org member:

    link to full thread: ... torder=asc
  4. southernstate Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    I concur about AnonMom being herotastic. We all talk a big talk, but she just drives over and lurks at Hacienda like it's no big thing whatsoever.

    In other news, from the Delphi Clearwater website:

    WTF does that mean? Do they even need to have teaching certificates to be there?
  5. southernstate Member

  6. Dama Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    I'm not really surprised that they want specifics.
    We just plain need the kids' names. Especially the names of any kids who might want out, or want help. They might be less likely to go into "Oh everything's fine" mode when interviewed than adults. (at least I *think* so. Then again..) A signed letter, a recording, a camera interview, anything would be invaluable... This requires help from the insiders. Or the awesome AnonMom! (it's like having Jenova on your side. Only 100% less space alien. Unless you listen to the Marcabian bit. : D /geekery )
  7. TwilightAnon Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    I've been thinking that some of those kids might like to talk to somebody about their age (maybe some such as myself, I'm in my midteens) over AIM or something like that. Anyone know of sites Scio kids frequent, if any? I kinda doubt I'd ever be able to speak to one since I'm guessing their net use is heavily moderated by the scio-nazis.

    I mean I'm not necessarily going to try and debate with them over heir beliefs if they're that heavily indoctrinated, but perhaps they'd just like somebody on the outside to chat with.
  8. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    just made a post about this somehwere else....then found this....

    I am in Mecca too like Mom. What are the places they live, especially the children? I am around downtown a lot. Nice Starbucks.....EVEN THOUGH I WILL NEVER GET ANOTHER DRINK THEIR BECUASE OF THEIR ADMITTED TIES TO CO$. (on a side this worth reporting to starbucks corporate? that they have been associated with Co$???

    Anyway, back to the point....if I know where to drive past in Clearwater, well, the more eyes the better.
  9. anon1957 Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    I am sure that you are right that a lot of them would be very curious about kids on the outside and would want to talk to them. The problem is that not only are Sea Org kids denied any access to computers, but they can't even get close to a telephone. But there are places where non-Sea Org Scientology kids hang out; I have heard that some of them have myspace pages (and perhaps facebook?). Perhaps you could find some there to talk to.
  10. Witness Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    Reading the article, and knowing Starbucks as I do, I am lead to believe the article is misinformed/misworded. Starbucks would only seal the deal after they would be allowed to serve coffee? Isn't that the point of their business? For a company known for some serious risky moves, I really doubt this is related to Scientology, but more of a prime location/demand issue. If Starbucks sees a demand for their products, they are going to open up shop. Had it not opened at Fort Harrison, it would have been someplace nearby. The fact that the location is owned by a $ci becomes irrelevant in this case. They're tenats in a building. Nothing religiously motivated about that. I know that Starbucks is very strict about not getting involved with political or religious issues. But since this has been brought up, I will look into it. No need to call corporate, corporate is already here.

    tl;dr: Don't spam Starbucks about this.

    Back on topic: I have no idea where the kids would hang out, as I'm not from Clearwater, but I have friends who are, so I'll ask.
  11. Anonamour Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    There is now a forum where Sea Org kids can go and get info about how to get out. There is also an underground railway type initiative that's begun in Texas to help people leave. Details in this thread:
  12. Anonamour Member

    Re: Where do Co$ kids live and work?

    And Amnesty International only considers reports from OUTSIDE the offending country. So Eurofags- get your phreak on and start making reports to your local AI chapters.

    Amnesty knows how to deal with secretive and totalitarian regimes- they are old hats at it- they will know how to deal with CoS.

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