Where do we go from here?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by CultBasher, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. CultBasher Member

    Where do we go from here?

    Sad to say but due to health reasons i couldn't make the first protest. But i will definitely be attending on March the 15th.

    No one can argue, this is a great way to generate publicity, but i'd like a discussion about how we are going to achieve our ultimate end goal? We are all doing this because we want to damage the SoC, we want to see its members freed from their current opression.

    Protesting gets the message out there in the public domain, but it won't effect the 'final solution'. We need to take this fight to the people that can make a difference here, to the people who aren't listening... the politicians.

    I propose that after the March protests we begin thinking about marching on government buildings. Get everyone to the white house in the USA, get everyone to downing street in the UK.
    These protests could be the biggest we'll see... one single massive protest in every country participating! The aim: To let our governments know about the crimes commited by SoC, to let them know about the human rights abuses, the minimum wage infractions, the murders and secretive natures of this 'church, and to demand that something be done about it.

    Please feel free to discuss this, and bring up any other ideas that could affect the 'final solution'.

  2. Consensus Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    I've got a few thoughts.

    First of all, while our movement is impressive, we pale in comparison to almost every other 'march on washington' style protest. Even if we could manage to gather all 8000 protestors from the last raid in the Mall on Washington, it would only serve to underwhelm anybody that sees us.

    Secondly - and probably most important - I'd advise avoiding language like 'Final Solution' (let alone 'damage the SoC'... how about 'reduce the influence of' or 'expose the corruption of' or 'bankrupt' instead of 'damage'?). The CoS has made it clear that their goal is to paint us as hateful, intolerant terrorists. Why give them quotes to support the 'hateful, intolerant' part?

    If we want to impress the government, we should continue to send letters. Marching won't change much. As for 'alerting the public,' we've spread our message on the internet much more effectively than in person (though the protests were FAR from ineffective, and the internet can only spread our message to people 'wired in'). To me, reaching out to current scientologists is as important a goal as any other, with respect to the marches. And therefore doing them in front of the 'orgs' still makes the most sense.

    of course, that's just my take.
  3. CultBasher Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    Apologies, i didn't mean to come off as hateful - Merely trying to demonstrate that we are against SoC and not its followers.

    I'm UK based, so i'm probably not best to comment on a March on Washington. I think this is definitely something to consider in the UK though. For the past few years it has been illegal to protest within 1 mile of westminster. That law has now been lifted, and it seems a fitting statement for expressing our freedom, and the freedom entitled to by others.

    My main aim here is to open dialogue on planning long distance strategies. When Anonymous started it was said that we are all aware that this is not a short term project, and those undertaking this movement are aware that it will take months to achieve anything - So lets start planning for that future.
  4. I Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    I think that something to put the focus on the government and the fact that it does nothing about the crimes of the CoS is a good idea.

    I'm not sure that a big central protest is the most effective way to do that though. (definitely not in the US, as has been said... it wouldn't be as bad in the UK, but I think the same problems apply really)

    letter campaigns to MPs (and equivalents in countries around the world), and relevant government bodies are good starters to get a strong foundation to let them know there's an issue and how many people are concerned.

    after that (well, as well as that, letter campaigns should be ongoing hopefully), something would be needed to put a bit more pressure on the government to do something (letters on their own would be ignored I think, no matter how many) or at least to comment.
    protests at government buildings (uk: maybe rather than a massive one at westminister, smaller ones at each such body: westminister, the scottish parliament, the welsh assembly, the NI one, etc. maybe even something on the isle of man :p in the US, one at each state capitol?) would do this I think, as well as getting questions in to various media appearances and any official consultation with the public sort of things.
    just generally making it so that wherever they turn there's someone pointing out the crimes of the CoS, it's special treatment (the tax-exemptness in the US/aus?, the uncertain and dodgy equivalent in the UK), it's attempted manipulations of government and courts.
    A different issue at each appearance, a different person each time.

    this has already started in some places (indeed, it would be an ongoing campaign organised by those involved, rather than a loosely coordinated global thing), e.g. whoever it was who got their representative interested, Boston (US) anons educating the local community bodies, etc.
  5. WMAnon Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    One thing we may want to consider as time goes on is developing a list of demands or goals. I know a lot of Anon, deep in the cockles of their hearts, would love to see the entire organization go away forever and never come back, but I don't know if that's a reasonable goal. So, what are we looking at for bullet points here?
    -An end to the abuse of Scientologists at the hands of Sea Org and the CoS
    -David Miscavige hauled off to jail
    -A more moderate stance on outsiders/psychiatry?
    -More church-like behavior ~or~ more corporate-like taxation

    This is, of course, perfect world stuff. Anonymous should add to the list, then we can work on strategies for each goal.
  6. Consensus Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    Targeting the government can really involve one of (at least) two strategies:
    The first is to educate the government, to help them 'put the pieces together' (most of what we know they know, we just want them to see how it all paints and overall picture of Scientology). This approach makes sense if we really believe our government is ignorant of the threat Scientology poses.
    The second is to put pressure on the government to act. This would be the appropriate approach if we feel that the government is aware of what's going on and is complacent for any number of reasons (laziness, fear, complacency, etc).

    Are there any other goals to be accomplished by appealing to the government? Are these goals exclusive? If so, which should we pursue? If not, which should be our priority? And I certainly feel that the letter-writing campaign is the first step in this, and that's well under way, but what more *can* we do? I'm still not sold on protests in front of government buildings (though I'm open-minded), but I wanna hear more ideas.
  7. I Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    to add a bit to my previous post:

    although protests outside government buildings would be one effective way to put pressure on them (they can't ignore it if the press get wind of it), I think it is a thing for a lot later in this whole campaign against the CoS.

    we need to have had quite a few protests, and gotten into the media quite a bit more than we have (and gotten the media looking into the CoS a bit more deeply), as well as having filled pretty much every corner of the internet, with mechanisms in place to counter any and all CoS propaganda that comes out.
    at that point, if things haven't gained their own momentum with respect to getting tax things sorted out, and official investigations into things, then we start putting pressure on them (educating them should have already been happening by that point), and for protests outside government places (or in other public places, but aimed at the government) we make sure the media know exactly the purpose (proper press releases) and tell anyone interested what the purpose is, so that even people who don't support us will be watching to see what the government does.
    if they do nothing, that will be bloody suspicious to everyone, and as soon as they do something that opens up a line of communication and we can watch closely to make sure they actually do things right rather than just making noise in vaguely the right direction.
  8. WMAnon Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    I really do believe that in states where Scientology doesn't have a strong foothold that our Congressmen probably don't know what the deal is with them. I suspect that people who've been elected since 95 or so have no reason to know what's going on with Scientology. Education seems to be the key goal in most areas of the US, and our best bet for that is meeting with Representatives in person.

    Protesting is a putting pressure on them tactic.

    I don't know if pressuring the IRS is going to keep them on track, but you can be sure that they're going to catch sh*t from CoS if they even try to pull the tax exemption. We cannot allow leaving the CoS alone to be the path of least resistance for the IRS.
  9. taurelilomea Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    gregg is strongly against a list of demands/reform goals, and I assume that the other big peoples are against it too. If we ever change our collective minds, I have a good draft ready. :)
  10. WMAnon Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    There are no "big" peoples. Anonymous has no leaders, remember? If you could point me to the page where he argues against a list of demands or goals, that would allow me to evaluate his ideas based on their merit, as opposed to basing it solely on his "status."
  11. rasputin Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    if you have ideas please post them - you don't need to wait on some "big people" to tell you it's okay.
  12. anonymous8698 Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    hello big peoples here*,

    I'mma gonna start a new thread for discussion of goals and stuff, and maybe even, if its a good idea.

    I also think that protesting goverment buildings is a good idea, but it has to be done right. As has been mentioned, in the UK you can hit up parliment and catch the buggers as they're walking in. more importantly, you catch their researchers.

    maybe arrange one as a mini protest, so as not to distract from the monthly shenanigans.

    * disregard that, i suck. same size as everyone else. maybe fatter.
  13. Anonymous H Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    Perhaps starting or ending the protest there, instead of spending the entire day there? Not all that reasonable when there's not a Co$ nearby, but for the locations that are or when there's easy transport there?

    On the other hand, if Co$ has been threatening to sabotage the protests by fake-anon-ing and throwing bombs at their own buildings, it's a golden opportunity to make us look like terrorists if they can get away with it.
  14. sudopod Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?


    /r/ pix of BIG PEOPLES
  15. taurelilomea Member

    Re: Where do we go from here?

    I started a meme. :confused:
    Gregg, as a big person, gets credit.
    big person is big, perhaps? We need to expand this.

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