Where is Miscavige's wealth? Can it be uncovered?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Jeff Jacobsen, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    This article got me thinking...

    "The Treasury Department has not provided evidence to back up its statement about Mr. Putin, but standard policy requires it to have enough verification to withstand a court challenge. Gunvor, a Swiss-based firm that is the world’s fourth-largest oil trader and generated $91 billion in revenue last year, said it had subsequently provided documents to the Treasury Department that it said disproved any connection to Mr. Putin.
    Some Obama administration officials have argued for releasing details of what the United States knows about Mr. Putin’s wealth to expose him to the Russian public, a suggestion so far resisted by the White House. Some lawmakers in Congress are discussing legislation to require the administration to publish an estimate of Mr. Putin’s overall worth."

    Say... is it possible to find out what DM is worth? I'm sure there are a lot of corporation names involved in hiding it, but if it's there, maybe some ex's know some clues?

    Being a good follower of LRH, Miscavige has to have money squirreled away, because LRH wrote:

    "When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia and bribe the police." [L. Ron Hubbard, HBOPL 12 February 1967, Admin Know-how; The
    Responsibilities of Leaders]
  2. RolandRB Member

    Nearly all his money is stored in the dWARf chest.
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  3. RightOn Member

    wasn't a lot of it in off shore accounts?
    but then there was talk about many off shore accounts being open to sharing that info or something?
    I know it was in another thread somewhere.
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  4. anon8109 Member

    His wealth lies in the hundreds of personal slaves willing to give him anything, do anything, suffer any abuse or humiliation. Money can't buy you that kind of devotion.
  5. The Patriot Act and related campaigns allow the feds to follow the money on just about anyone. An FBI-CPA friend of mine told me awhile back that tracking the money is not the problem. It's gathering appropriate, actionable evidence that holds up in court. Why do you think the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA) exists? It's not just to piss off legitimate off-shore accounts for Americans, it is to legally sniff out actionable evidence.

    The backside consequence is now that many foreign banks are refusing to handle American money and do business with Americans. Miscavige's off shore accounts were most likely spread out among various countries, which may have made him scramble to move money around before the law went into effect. I'm sure there is now a better paper trail for his recent, panicked activities.

    Here's another goodie about Swiss accounts. I can only imagine how Tiny Fists was raging at his lolyers trying to figure out where to put his money.
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  6. Ceiling Sue Member

  7. I'd be arsed to find it but not long ago Herbalife ( for those unaware, another pyramid vitamin sales scheme contemporaneous with sci) recently lost a shitton of money they had parked in Venezuela when the local economy collapsed and ated it. Except for maybe the swiss, those offshore accounts in the wild yonder have their risks and the swiss are getting more stringent with the rules.
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  8. Nancy Beazley Member

    I don't know Miscavige or any of his financial and legal advisors personally.

    But I assume that:

    1. Miscavige is risk averse.
    2. His personal lawyer (Monique Yingling) has found advisors to help him protect his personal assets. I doubt she is involved with that directly.
    3. His advisors have surely banked and invested the bulk of his assets outside the U.S.
    4. Like many wealthy, paranoid men, most of his holdings are in his wife's name (Shelly Miscavige). I also assume that's why she's been imprisoned by him these last 8 years, watched 24/7 by expensive security forces.
    5. His investments are limited to real estate and basic (not sophisticated) financial vehicles.
    6. For Miscavige, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. This means he's not earning high return on his investments. But he's not losing any money either.
    7. Given that he spends so much time in the Caribbean on the Freewinds, I assume his off-shore banking is done there, not in Europe or Africa.
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  9. I think his wealth is hiding in plain sight. He has probably converted it into gold, diamonds, or platinum, and stored it in the cult's vaults. It would probably be hidden in the vaults, false walls, secret passageways, etc... That way, if it's ever found, he can say it's the church's wealth, and not his. This would explain why he has spent a fortune in acquiring the land and building the vaults in the middle of nowhere.
    Petrolia, California / Sunset View / Eureka

    In 1988: The planned usage for the property is to build an archival document storage repository there which will store religious documents preserved by CST.[2][3]
    • Expense: $2,106,725.03 to International Ground Support Systems (IGSS).[4]
    • Vault: Two levels, each 372 feet long.
    • Location: Google Maps
    Rock Springs, Wyoming / Sweeney Ranch

    On land purchased by International Ground Support Systems,[5][4] work was begun in this location in 2008,[6] but apparently stopped in early 2009 and later abandoned when local authorities objected to the lack of permits.[7][8] The current status of the site is unknown, but no news of continued work has surfaced.
    Trementina, New Mexico

    CST logo markings from above at Trementina.

    The site is about a 2 1/2 -hour drive east of Santa Fe, near the small town of Trementina. The Trementina location is supposedly a store for material written by L.R. Hubbard, as shown in 1998 on ABC News's "20/20.":
    "Buried deep in these New Mexico hills in steel-lined tunnels, said to be able to survive a nuclear blast, is what Scientology considers the future of mankind," ABC's Tom Jarriel said in his report. "Seen here for the first time, thousands of metal records, stored in heat-resistant titanium boxes and playable on a solar-powered turntable, all containing the beliefs of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard."[9]
    The site is marked from the air with Church of Spiritual Technology double diamonds.[10] A runway for smaller airplanes is located on CST owned land in connection to the site. The original short strip was expanded in the early 1990s on land acquired by a land swap deal between CST and neighboring land owners in 1992.[11]
    • Expense: $2,509,692.57 to Denman & Assoc., Inc.[4]
    • Vault: 700 foot rock tunnel.
    • Location: Google Maps
    Tuolumne, California / Lady Washington Mine

    The Lady Washington Mine and two houses on 26.23 acres[12] were purchased in 1988 by William and Donna Daniels. In 1988, the Daniels gave the property to Norman Starkey, trustee of "Author's Family Trust." Starkey gave the property to the Church of Spiritual Technology in 1993. Digging began in 1997. According to The Los Angeles Times, the CST "is using state-of-the-art technology to protect Hubbard's writings, tape-recorded lectures and filmed treatises from natural and man-made calamaties, including nuclear holocaust."[13]
    • Vault: 250 foot tunnel, 15 feet wide.[14]
    • Location: Google Maps
    Twin Peaks, California / Lake Arrowhead / Mile High / Rimforest / Rim of the World / Running Springs

    As of 1988, this property has 15 buildings totaling approximately 22,000 square ft, including a three-story administration office, dormitories, dining halls, residences and other buildings and offices.[2][3]
    • Encrypted microwave communications link to LA and Int Base.
    • Expense: $2,592,750.31 to William Kanayan Construction.[4]
    • Vault: Two 100 foot long heavy gauge steel underground structures.
    • Location: Google Maps
  10. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    That makes sense in a way, InPlainView. And if he wants to flee the country we'd know first he'd stop at at least one of those sites to gather his booty.
  11. RolandRB Member

    I think Curacao is a safe store for DM's money. And as I pointed out earlier, DM only has to pay income tax on the money when he brings it back into the US. While it is sat in his WAR chest, he doesn't have to pay a dime in tax.
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  12. I doubt the Dwarf believes the cult B/S about super powers, or else he would have gone up the bridge a long time ago. HE KNOWS ITS A SCAM.

    No sane person would spend millions buying land in the middle of nowhere, and then spend millions more building several expensive vaults in several different locations.

    He knows the scientology materials are worthless, he knows that libraries are trashing them as soon as they come in the door. He knows that no one wants Hubbards crap, he has warehouses full of the stuff that he can't unload.

    And yet, he keeps those vaults up and running; with 24/7 heavy security.

    I don't think he's crazy. I think he's guarding something very valuable in those vaults.

    What amazes me is that no gangs or cartels have tried to raid one of those vaults - to see what they are really safeguarding.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    One of the sub-companies actually used the address of the super secret vault-and Shelly.

    California Business Search as of March 28, 2015:
    Entity Name: MILE HIGH, INC.
    Entity Number: C1352370
    Date Filed: 09/26/1985
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 25406 HIGHWAY 189
    Entity City, State, Zip: TWIN PEAKS CA 92391
    Agent for Service of Process: JEANNE REYNOLDS
    Agent Address: 3500 W OLIVE AVE
    Agent City, State, Zip: BURBANK CA 91505
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  14. RolandRB Member

    The idea is that all Hubbard's dreck survives a nuclear war and then the survivors are supposed to rediscover Hubbard's lunatic ramblings and use it as the basis for creating a new and better world.
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  15. Hubbard 'Tech' has already survived a Train Dreck on Venus (2:12), there's always hope because even in the event of a nuclear war Scientology will continue to expand explosively for David Miscavige and his beaten down LRH indoctrinated underlings.

    Thanks, Ron...........To LRH..........Hip, Hip.............Varrooooom..........Sherrooommm
  16. Dot Member

    Perhaps the gangs don't know about the vaults. Hmmm.....

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