White House Petition Press Release

Discussion in 'Projects' started by WagTheWog, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    is this better, ya whiner?
  2. WagTheWog Member

    It's not easy being green . . .
  3. Anonymous Member

    yes much better thank you
  4. optuul Member

    oh noes!!! u want to deprive me of my green?
    sigh. OK fine, azhol. i'll blend into the anon background.....
  5. optuul Member


    k, i propose the following press release be sent out.
    waiting to hear more from the hive.

    footnote: optuul is now coming to you in Arial, black.
    you're welcome.

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  6. The Wrong Guy Member

    I'd delete "As of 2 p.m. (or add "today")" and start the sentence with "With several hours left", and change "it has already" to "it had already". Also, you could change "accompanying information material" to "accompanying information and references".
  7. optuul Member

    excellent....will do.
    just talked to graham, he is on board.
    let me make a few quick edits and add graham's contact info....
    i can't be here for an hour or so. :(
    can i hand it over to you guys to start getting the accompanying info
    together....then it can go out?

    anyone w/good media contacts want to take over some of the dissem. duty?

    thanks all.
  8. optuul Member

    here it is hive.
    go go go work your magic.
    i'm just the noob. ; )

  9. Graham Berry Member

    I had just started working on a press release myself and was alerted to this page and the most recent draft.

    It looks great to me so I suggest going with it, as revised by you guys, and perhaps adding a second page of additional info such as mention of and links to the Obama Citizen's Briefing book ranking...

    the Curt West petition....

    the British and the Australian petitions.

    Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have both written that enough information was provided to the FBI to support a major racketering (RICO) prosecution and the revocation of the "church" of Scientology's non-profit tax exempt status becuase of enurement benefiting celebrities such as Tom Cruise.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member

    Our leader, Howard Stern, has asked me to issue this statement:

    Nobody seems to mind it the way it is, so rather than wait, get it out there.
  11. WagTheWog Member

    Assistant to the leader, Bababooey, says not to rush the press release out prematurely. You only get one chance sending it out.

    Check it thoroughly, make sure all the additional material is included . . . do a spell-check . . . do a grammar check . . . etc.

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  12. optuul Member

    ok.....bababooey wins. putting the package together, post as soon as i can.
  13. anonakatie Member

    If there are in fact 300 complaints filed that are pending it may add weight to include them somewhere.

    Also "levied" is the wrong word if you are meaning charged with. Levied means to obtain a tax or conscript.
    I think you might mean "leveled" against.
  14. Anonymous Member

    "Investigations of alleged criminal activities perpetrated by the Church of Scientology" SHOULD be "Investigations of criminal activities allegedly perpetrated by the Church of Scientology." it does make a difference...
  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Yeah, he's right.
  16. optuul Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    BUMPED for Action!
  18. WagTheWog Member

    GREAT job all Anons who helped!
    Optuul, you are made of WIN . . .
    I know you had a bit of help, but this came together because of your hard work (and excellent way wit da werds).
    The package looks awesome. I love all the supporting stuff too. It's really well put together and organized. I think this has some real potential to get some coverage. One thing that really helps to get attention from a PR is giving the journos as much help as possible putting together a story (the easier for them the better), and this accomplishes that.

    OK Optuul, we will now return to treating you like scum, as we do to all other Anons that frequent this sh!t hole ;)

    Now . . . how do we get this out?

  19. optuul Member

    no problem, i'm used to be treated like scum.
    i had kids wiping snot on me all day.

    i don't know how best to get it out, honestly. tried ESMB, emailed tony ortega.
    sending it to contacts as i find them, sort of a hodge podge approach, but
    wth, it's something.
  20. anonakatie Member

    Nice assemblage, optuul!

    Yes, I'm emailing my list too.
  21. WagTheWog Member

    Isn't there already some infrastructure in place for disseminating this?
    I seem to recall some Anon saying there was a big list of press contacts.
    What does our leader, Tommy Davis Howard Stern suggest?

  22. Anonymous Member

    GB - you like?
  23. WagTheWog Member

    Cross Post from the Petition Thread:

    Can you faggots focus for 2 seconds and send the press release out to press in the Van Allen Belt and beyond?
    Naio plox.

    Link to download the press release in PDF form:
    Send that sh!t everywhere!
    Post where you sent it in THIS THREAD so we can get an idea of its reach.

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  24. anonakatie Member

    Village Voice
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  25. optuul Member

    Also contacted VV - Tony Ortega

    LA Times, Jim Puzzanghera
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  26. anonakatie Member

    Huffington Post
    Radar Online
  27. optuul Member

    Contributer (Turley) at USA Today
  28. Anonymous Member



    Public Calls for Official Inquiry into the Federal Government’s Investigation of the Church of Scientology

    This week, critics of the Church of Scientology were successful in garnering enough signatures to prompt official action by the federal government with regard to their concerns. As part of a new White House on-line initiative known as the “We the People” platform, petitions which meet certain requirements and achieve a signature goal within 30 days will be officially reviewed by White House staff and forwarded to policy experts. The Obama Administration has pledged to act upon successful petitions in a timely fashion, including the issuance of an official response.

    As of this afternoon, with a number of hours still left before the closure of the petition, it had already exceeded its required goal of 5,000 signatures by an additional 655 endorsements. Petitioners are calling for an official government inquiry into the failure of federal law enforcement to pursue investigations of criminal activities allegedly perpetrated by the Church of Scientology. The petition makes reference to evidence currently in the possession of the FBI and IRS with regard to civil rights violations committed by the Church and other fraudulent activities, and requests that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to examine why vigorous investigation of these alleged crimes has been halted. The types of allegations levied against the Church, if substantiated, would prohibit the classification of the Church as a non-profit organization and provide criminal and civil cause of action against its high-level executives.

    The petition was spearheaded by Graham Berry, a California-based attorney who has served as counsel for a number of former Church members who have pursued cases involving Scientology. In recent years, an ever-increasing number of serious allegations have been leveled against the Church by former members and former top executive leaders who have left the organization, including charges of human trafficking, coerced abortions and civil rights violations.

    Supporters of the current petition claim that existing evidence of criminal activities by the Church of Scientology meets federal RICO statutes, substantiating claims of racketeering and corruption at the highest levels of the Church. The petition also calls for inquiry into possible undue favor and influence exerted by lawyers of top church official, David Miscavige, in preventing these investigations from moving forward. Supporters of the petition continue to encourage the public to voice their support. The petition shall remain open for additional signatures until the end of the day, October 24th, and can be found at the White House website, or directly at: .

    Those interested in additional information are urged to visit one of the websites provided in the accompanying information and references.

    # # #

    If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with one of the drafters of the petition, anonymous recommends contacting Attorney Graham E. Berry, 3384 McLaughlin Avenue, Los Angeles Tel. 310/745/3771 Email:
  29. Anonymous Member

    Message recveived from Big Pharma and The Psychs:

    "This missive meets with our approval, please disseminate."

    go go go
  30. optuul Member

    BUMP (Andersen)
    chicago trib (Brachear)
    ....but more direct contact would be helpful.

    st. petersburg times (tobin, childs)
  31. Graham Berry Member

    Optuul and Co have done a tremendous job with the press release and back ground material. Congratulations.
    Let's see if the media can shine a spotlight on it.
    'poons please <gr>

    Any ideas for a related email campaign directed at the White House, the Attorney General, the IRS Commissioner, and the Congress? Perhaps, a sample letter and links along with email addresses.
  32. RightOn Member

    I hope Will "I am not a Scientologist" Smith sees the press release before he hosts Obama's fund rasing dinner! lol!!!! yah sure
  33. Anoobymous Member

    my own fond wish
  34. WagTheWog Member

    ~ BUMP ~

    Please send the press release out to press in the Van Allen Belt and beyond.

    Link to download the press release in PDF form:
    Send this sh!t everywhere!
    Post where you sent it in THIS THREAD so we can get an idea of its reach.

  35. anonakatie Member

  36. optuul Member

    YEAH! Is this a new response from CoS? Need to post this link in comments :

    "The key insight is that we judge a democratic process not by how many bad ideas are proposed but by how many good ideas actually get turned into law. That our news outlets and legislatures are full of skewed stories and harebrained proposals is not a sign of weakness but of strength. If only one of twenty petitions with the necessary signatures gets acted upon and results in a good law, I'd suggest that the White House's petition website is a wild success. The most popular issues that have gotten the most signatures will be the easiest for the President to reply to. He's got polling and lots of other research data on those issues, and he and his staff have already been forced to state their public opinions, so it will be easy to research them and, if appropriate, say no. "
  37. optuul Member

    I've UPDATED the press release to today's date, better title, & ask people to keep signing as long as it stays open.
    So if people want to keep the pooning going, please feel free. ;)

    The more attention, the better.
  38. Anonymous Member

    I think Graham Berry got the CoS attention rather quickly, becuase the scilons have already issued a statement in re this petition. Their response is mocking, but not as mocking and rude as their usual stuff.

  39. getbeckyout Member

    Well done Graham and all anons, and thanks to all my subscribers of YouTube for signing the petitition.

    Graham Berry 1 , Graeme Wilson the cult of Scientology, Zero.

    Tony And Sue (parents from the UK) Fighting the Cult.
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  40. AnonyVix Member

    Annoyingly they have a point. Not only do the inevitable joke petitions ruin it but also the apathy of people who won't sign something unless it's a sexy issue or a sexy joke.

    Legalise marijuana was not a joke though nor was the legalise prostitution effort and the motto of the USA "In God We Trust" only started being used when the US pastors decided to mobilise their churches in to politics in the 1950's (prior to that politics was considered almost unchristian) and there is a growing movement of people who want to redress the balance.

    The problem with the church of scientology is that most people really don't give a damn, they know it's bad and they know to stay clear of it but beyond that they don't care. It's one of those if it's not in my face it doesn't matter issues. It's simply a bunch of whack jobs doing whack job things with other whack job people as far as most folk are concerned. They also probably believe that if it were a big deal Fox News would be on the case 24/7.

    Anyhow we keep up the efforts and we whittle them down, they've taken a hell of a beating and we're going to deliver a lot more but this is a long haul fight. :) Our main weapon is inoculation and education, cutting off the food supply of people. We're proving very effective at that and we can see the church of scientology reacting to our success by trying to open up new areas in developing countries and trying to pull in other groups, namely the Nation of Islam - what do they get out of it?

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