Who are Sherman Lenske and Lyman Spurlock?

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    Who are Sherman Lenske and Lyman Spurlock?

    From ... htm#Lenske


    According to United States Claims Court records and his own testimony, attorney Sherman Lenske is not a Scientologist, but in May of 1981--after L. Ron Hubbard had disappeared, never to be seen alive again--Lenske appeared on the scene, claiming that he was L. Ron Hubbard's "personal attorney." Less than two months later--on or about 13 July 1981--Mary Sue Hubbard was overthrown from her position as Controller, where she had held control over the corporate structure of Scientology, as well as over the copyrights and trademarks.

    In the months following Mary Sue Hubbard's overthrow, Lenske was instrumental in the corporate restructuring of all of Scientology. And on 28 May 1982, Lenske, Meade Emory, Lyman Spurlock, and Leon Misterek founded CST--which ultimately came into control of every intellectual property that L. Ron Hubbard and Mary Sue Hubbard had ever owned or controlled.

    Mystery-man Sherman Lenske has been all but invisible throughout his 15-year tenure behind the scenes of the Scientology power structure. Most Scientologists have never even heard of Lenske, much less know how much control he has over Scientology. But he occupies the unique position of being an important part of every entity that controls any copyrights or trademarks having anything to do with Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard. He was also the probate attorney who wrote the wills of L. Ron Hubbard--the wills that made Norman F. Starkey the Trustee and Executor of L. Ron Hubbard's estate, and that gave everything to CST.

    In the 1992 U.S. Claims Court ruling, Lenske is named as one of the "Special Directors" of CST, along with Stephen Lenske (Sherman's brother), and Lawrence Heller, a former law partner of the Lenske brothers.

    Whether these three still hold their positions as Special Directors is unknown. Repeated calls and FAXes to the Lenskes' office, asking about their current roles and the current leadership of CST, went unanswered. (Veritas)


    Of Seattle attorney (and non-Scientologist) Leon Misterek, little is known. Misterek was contacted, but wouldn't comment about his involvement in the establishment of CST, except to say that it was during a period when he was a law partner with Meade Emory. In response to an attempted follow-up, Misterek said " unwilling to invest time in having my memory refreshed." He also declined to comment on the current leadership of CST, saying only that he could be of "no assistance." (Veritas)


    Lyman Spurlock is the only Scientologist involved as a founder of CST. The 1992 United States Claims Court ruling says that Spurlock "is the President of CST, one of its Directors, and one of its Trustees." The document goes on to say that he is "also a Trustee of RTC," and that as a Trustee, "Spurlock has authority to elect and remove the Directors who run RTC." But we're not done. If Spurlock is still all those things (and who could possibly remove him?), he is also wearing other hats, because in 1996 he is known to have identified himself in letters as the "Tax Compliance Officer" of RTC. Confused yet? Well, we've charted it for you to help, and you can follow along: Spurlock, as co-founder of CST, apparently appointed himself as a Trustee of CST. Then, as a Trustee, he got to elect himself as a Director. And, as a Director, he was then able to elect himself as President (a corporate Officer). Neat, huh? How he got to be a Trustee of RTC, we don't know. But, as a Trustee, if he wants to call himself "Tax Compliance Officer," who's going to stop him?

    There is another disturbing element in the 1992 court ruling that names Spurlock as President of CST; that same court document says that CST had reported that the Secretary of the corporation (another important corporate Officer position) was Leo Johnson. But we have learned that Leo Johnson, in 1992, had been diagnosed as having dementia, and was in advanced enough stages of it that he had difficulty forming or understanding simple sentences. How, then, could he have been carrying out the vitally important record-keeping duties of a corporate Secretary?

    Whether Spurlock is still holding all the positions shown on our chart or not is unknown. No phone number could be found for the Church of Spiritual Technology. Repeated calls to the Church of Scientology International (CSI) and to the Religious Technology Center (RTC), trying to find out where Lyman Spurlock could be reached, were to no avail. Receptionists at both places refused to say if Spurlock could be reached there, and he never returned any calls. (Veritas)
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    Re: Who are Sherman Lenske and Lyman Spurlock?


    It was Lyman Spurlock who gave me specific data on Larry Wollersheim. I was told that he lived in Aspen, Colorado, and that this parents owned a steak grill or coffee shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Office of Special Affairs, under the direction at that time of Edward Parkin and Lynn Farny, had ordered the Permanent Off Loading of Larry Wollersheim. Permanently Off-Loading someone means killing or murdering them, although we referred to the practice as "an enforced abandonment of the mock-up" and other Scientological euphemisms. It was Lyman Spurlock who told me that the Office of Special Affairs had ordered the Permanently Off-Loading of Wollersheim, and under the mind control influence I was under at the time, I fully agreed with the order, and further, I wanted to be an active participant in it.

    Lyman told me that the Office of Special Affairs needed someone with "great confront", (someone who could confront things more than other people were capable of doing), who could "handle" Wollersheim. The Office of Special Affairs had difficulty in locating Wollersheim at his home in Aspen, but concluded that at certain times of the year, such as on the birthday of his father and/or mother, or at Christmas, it was likely that Larry Wollersheim would be visiting his parents in Milwaukee. Further, Lyman Spurlock indicated that as soon as he knew from Office of Special Affairs operatives in the Milwaukee area who had the home and coffee shop of his parents under constant surveillance that Larry Wollersheim was visiting his father, Larry Sr., then that would be the best time for Larry Wollersheim to be Permanently Off-Loaded. Lyman wanted me to relocate to the Milwaukee area and apply as a waiter, cashier, or other food service worker in Larry Sr.'s coffee shop, and if that were not possible to frequent the location as a "regular" and gain a foothold into that scene as a plant. Lyman told me that the best way to handle Larry Wollersheim was to "Pixie-Dust him", or have him given doses of cyanide poisoning. Lyman also had a very strong hatred for Larry's mother, whose name was Elinor. I remember her name because it was the same name as one of my supervisors, Ellie Bolger, the Fields Financial Planner International. Lyman wanted Elinor to be Pixie-Dusted as well, which was supposed to serve as a means to localize the incident and deflect any responsibility away from the Office of Special Affairs. There was another family member named Cindy who he disliked, but I do not recall how she was related to Larry. It may have been his sister, although I cannot recall more about her. I expressed an eagerness and a willingness to do the Operation, although I never was told what the name of the Operation was.
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    Re: Who are Sherman Lenske and Lyman Spurlock?

    interesting stuff, i've been working on organizational diagrams and histographic flow chats for Co$ and the RTC - would be really interested to combine efforts. <----yes i really am the scifag lawyer this isn't just an account i set up to troll scilons,

    I will send you what i've been working on and we can hopefully combine forces to understand and document exactly how this scam is run.

    anyone else feel free to contact me also, i'm gonna work on a youtube project any input much appresiated.
  4. anon87 Member

    Re: Who are Sherman Lenske and Lyman Spurlock?

    I've started a webpage for the project, it's not much more than a place holder at the mo but as soon as i get back from work i'll start putting stuff up properly.

    Than plan is to create an easily digestible source for understanding Co$ and their many actions, anyone who wants to help in anyway please contact me

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