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  1. Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    Before I get to the actual meat of this post, I think a little preface is in order. On the YouTube there is a video rebuttal of the Fox News11 "Hackers on Steroids" report out there claiming, for all of us, who Anonymous is. I am not sure if everyone's seen it but makes us out to be exactly as that stinking pile of media portrays us: a group of overly dramatic punks willing to say or do anything if we think it will intimidate someone.
    I do not know who made it (ANONYMOUS WORKS!) but I can tell you that it nearly turned me off to Anonymous at first. So, with this in mind I began to ask myself what Anonymous is.

    If this is TL;DR then I would suggest a free text-to-speech program to help you digest it easily... and maybe turn it into a video for mass-production and dissemination. I dunno. Just a thought to help the members of Anonymous keep on message during this war of perception and to inform new-fags on the general idea of what we're trying to do 'round the tubes. This may be edited at a later date if constructive criticism is given. Should you choose to copy-pasta then your own edits that are not retarded would be welcome. I'm not some copyright asshat and would appreciate it if I were never attributed to this.
    If this needs to be moved, then move it. If you have nothing to say that could help and you don't like it then report it but please don't spam, just let it die. It will die, and maybe get sent to the WOS and that will be that.


    Hello. This is Anonymous. I am Anonymous. We are Anonymous.

    You may have heard these phrases before on YouTube and other video distribution sites on the internet, read them on posters and fliers, and perhaps you have even had them spoken to you. You have heard them but do you know what they mean? With so many videos, news blurbs, rumors, and actual misinformation how can you be sure?

    Do you know what Anonymous is?
    Do you know who Anonymous is?
    Do you know what Anonymous is trying to do?
    Do you know why Anonymous is doing what it is doing?

    I am not sure any one really knows, but thinking myself as one of the more articulate specks of nothing in Anonymous I can take an educated guess at these questions.

    Do I know what Anonymous is?
    At the risk of sounding grandiose Anonymous is something the world has never seen before. Anonymous is the product of an innate desire for humans to interact with other humans if they believe there is a cause greater than themselves. In short, if something has potential then people will feel compelled to join in on the fun. Why human beings, and thus the ever swelling ranks of Anonymous, have this desire is up to people smarter than this lone voice amongst the teeming thousands to ponder. I do not have to understand why to see it happening.
    Anonymous, it seems, can only exist and act in places where the flow of thoughts and information between one person and a great many others can be made both without punishment and without identity, that is, without anything to lose. Anonymous can only exist where the Western ideal of “Free Speech” has reached, or is at least nearing, its pinnacle.
    Anonymous cannot exist where institutionalized censorship is enforced. Anonymous cannot topple tyrannical governments.
    Anonymous cannot exist where the infrastructure of civilization is insufficient or non-existent to support the free flow of thoughts and information. Anonymous cannot end world hunger or orchestrated poverty in the world.
    Anonymous cannot exist where the common human being is subjugated, exploited, starved, manipulated, or abused. Anonymous cannot solve all of the world's problems.
    Anonymous has no leaders, no head that some other collective can cut off to kill Anonymous. Trying to do so would only bring attention to Anonymous and so strengthen it, letting it take larger strides with more people supporting it. Ignoring Anonymous will not starve it, rather it will let Anonymous act without opposition. Anonymous cannot be perverted once its attentions are focused as to pervert Anonymous an individual or group would have to wrest control from a leadership that does not exist. Anonymous does not hear lies. Spreading lies will only galvanize the dedicated and give fodder to the vindictive.
    Anonymous can not forgive.
    Anonymous can not forget.

    Do I know who Anonymous is?
    I am Anonymous. Anonymous is legion.
    Anonymous can be and is anyone from everywhere made up of any race, any age, any gender, any caste, class, creed, or orientation willing to come together without their faces or names to show themselves and their collective will to the world.
    There have been reports in the media that Anonymous is simply a group of hackers, of young men bent on anarchy and destruction for the sake of destruction. This is not true.
    I am Anonymous but Anonymous does not care who I am. I am Anonymous but Anonymous does not want me speaking for it. Anonymous does not care who you are. Anonymous will never care who anyone is nor can they directly order, reward, or punish anyone for their actions.
    Contrary to misinformation spread Anonymous is not some shadowy and unknowable group plotting to harm, kill, or destroy minorities, majorities, individuals, or property. Simply organizations that engage in practices that are destructive to Anonymous' continued survival and thus the survival of free speech. If threats are made then it is an action made by the individual who chooses to break with the consensus of Anonymous to do so and so compromise them self. Only the individual, willing to compromise them self can compromise them self.
    To join Anonymous, educate yourself, find out what Anonymous is doing and decide for yourself using the freedoms given to you whether or not you wish to become Anonymous.
    Anonymous wears masks for many reasons, the primary being to protect the individual from other individuals and organizations willing to harm, harass, or defame the individual.
    To leave Anonymous simply stop participating. It is that simple. Go about your life like nothing happened. Anonymous does not care if you were ever Anonymous, but individuals might. Be sure to protect yourself and remember to keep your participation in Anonymous anonymous. If you disclose your activities do not expect Anonymous to start caring.

    Do I know what Anonymous is trying to do? Do I know why?
    The first question is unanswerable without also addressing the second and even then the explanation will not be complete.
    The goals of Anonymous are dictated by the massed, unbreakable attention of its members instead of a single call to action. Granted that the call is needed but too soon it finds itself drowned out by the will of Anonymous if it perceives something worth its attention. The cause, and so Anonymous, take on a life of its own and may nearly forget why it was originally called to act without sacrificing the ultimate goal. Anonymous cannot be perverted because though everyone might be doing the same thing, the reasons they have are infinite, sweeping aside efforts contrary to the end result that everyone wants to see.
    In the beginning Anonymous was small and its reasons were few. Anonymous was both vulnerable yet inevitably unstoppable. Anonymous took offense at the Cult of Scientology's attempt to police the internet by censoring a Cult propaganda film that gave Anonymous amusement. The sleeping juggernaut had been roused and the call was sent out.
    Later Anonymous educated itself and made ties with non-anonymous allies like Mark Bunker, AKA: Wise Beard Man who were willing to further educate Anonymous. The list of reasons to fight became larger while the old reasons were strengthened. Beyond Lisa MacPherson and Paulette Couper Anonymous began to learn the full extent of Cult censorship, the fair game practices, the unconstitutional tax exemption, the coerced donations, the institutionalized child abuse, the kidnapping, the human trafficking, the brainwashing, the slave labor, the labor camps, the breaking up of families, the denial of medical services to members, the incarceration of members who wanted out, the bankrupting of members who wanted out, the harassment of members who wanted out, the murder of members who wanted or got out, the manipulation of the legal system to drain former members and their family, the silencing of critics, the murder of critics, infiltration of institutions put in place to protect civilization, and the plans to corrupt these institutions. Each crime gave Anonymous a reason to fight and so broadened Anonymous' access to its greatest asset in the war to come: the thoughts and feelings of the common human being.
    The current goals of Anonymous in my minuscule opinion should be the removal of the Cult's unconstitutional tax exemption, the total and complete disclosure of all Cult documents and religious texts, and eventual banning of the Cult of Scientology.
    The removal of tax-exemption would make the Cult far less profitable, would greatly diminish its ability to abuse and harrass its members and critics, and the bring the Cult closer to legal recognition that it is a business-like organization and not a religious institution.
    The legally imposed disclosure of Cult documents will allow public scrutiny free reign to dissect and thus kill the Cult and imprison its leadership for their many crimes.
    The dissolution of copyright on Scientological texts would allow the public to make up its own mind about whether or not they wish to join in the dutiful worship of L. Ron Hubbard's teachings. Anonymous does not want to ban these teachings, merely make them free. Free to believe, free to mock, free for humanity and its betterment. No religion should be above question or scrutiny. No one should have to give their livelihood or their life to ask a question of faith.
    Anonymous does not care what anyone believes and never will. Belief is a part of identity, not Anonymous, but Anonymous finds both amusement and strength in belief. Anonymous does not and will never favor one religion over the other. Anonymous does not want to ban religion and never will.

    Anonymous is legion.
    Anonymous is without flaw.
    I am Anonymous.
    I will not forgive.
    I will not forget.
    Expect us.
  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.911

    @ Anonymity Troll,

    I understand your goal and I could support most of your proposal, but there are a few points that I would like to clarify, based on my understanding:

    - Anonymous has to cope with its history, even if it is a short one. It is not deniable that the Anonymous concept has been used in the past, and might be used in the future, to undergo actions I would not be associated with. I have been impressed by the turn taken at the end of January by what seems to be a significant part of the movement, but I am quite sure that a part of it, or newcomers, will use Anonymous for their own purposes (and we have already seen videos like that), because it is so easy. So, when discribing Anonymous, something about it should be said.

    - Anonymous should avoid self-satisfaction. What we are doing here is great, but I consider it is a little too early to congratulate ourselves. We haven't been through hardship so far, and this will be an interesting test.

    - Anonymous will be judged on its actions more than on its speeches, however good they are. Many of our claims are unsubstanciated so far, and March 15th will be a good test to check that we can deliver.

    - Anonymous should be careful about a vigilantes syndrom. If we are able to get some results with scientology, we will have to perform a big piece of thinking about what to do next. I am sure that freedom of speech will remain a strong basis for any action. But we will have to be careful when choosing a new target. Scientology had already a rather bad image in a part of the population, other targets might not.

    - Anonymous is not copyrighted. When another group of people, strong enough to be heard, will use the Anonymous tactic for their own purposes, many of those involved today might feel uncomfortable. So, it is likely that different Anonymous groups will appear, such as Anonymous_XYZ or Anonymous_Nono.
  3. Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.911

    Yeeh! Discussion!

    Anonymous' history is widely known 'round the tubes. It was a bunch of loosely organized memers or hackers or raider basically in it for the humor. Most of the pre-movement "raids" done on other websites were in response to deviant behavior taking place around little children, internet bullies who didn't know when to shuttup, or when the opportunity to point out something absurd presented itself. The methods used were rarely what many would call "civil" but that's because no one pays attention to civility anymore online. No one really cares if you, me, or anyone really has a point to make anymore. The point, it seems, became moot the moment people started to realize that everyone else had a point. The anonymous point-holders, honestly, had no other outlets because none them were willing to listen to each other.
    Is Anonymous like this now?
    If pressed, Anonymous should not lie about its origins while at the same time it should not advertise them either. As said in the meat above this is a war of perception. It always will be.

    Vigilantism is moot. Anonymous can do nothing without the proper numbers and if the faceless masses see something they do not like they will abandon whatever cause those claiming to be Anonymous are crying out for. As also said in the meat, Anonymous has no leadership, no loyalty beyond the reasons of the members' own conscience. Anonymous is driven by goals, not personality, not unthinking belief, not anything that can sustain a self-destructive outcome. If you aren't doing something that the guy next to you and the 500 others in the area think is right, you are going to be very alone as you scream, "I AM ANONYMOUS!"
    Besides, I did not advocate people go out and take the law into their own hands. In the goals I outlined, the legal establishment was the lynch pin of the Cult's downfall. We need them, that is the general consensus, and no matter how many times sci-fag plants and fake videos have tried to convince Anonymous members to the contrary the dedicated majority were quick to squash these contrary efforts. Anonymous seems to have no end of people willing to stomp on stupid or subversive ideas. This is why I touted Anonymous' seeming inability to be perverted. Anonymous is legion, after all.

    Self-satisfaction helps to retain people. If they do something they believe will be for some greater good, if they agree with the goal set by the faceless group than they will burn out much later if they get a pat on a back from those around them every once and a while. Sure, it's propaganda, but it's based on a best guess as to why an unrelated group of people chose to get together and do something.

    Speeches, the rallying cries, were what started the movement in the first place. Speeches, the directing cries, will help to keep Anonymous on message if they follow the general consensus. If they do not then they will be ignored while looking to another speech, again we find that Anonymous is difficult to pervert.
    Speeches like this are not for the public, the speeches are for Anonymous and potential Anonymous. To help them make up their own minds about whether or not to get involved. If the public, that is, those who have too much to lose by joining Anonymous or have no interest in joining Anonymous see, read, or hear the speeches then they will simply be informed about what Anonymous is up to and whether or not they feel positive about Anonymous.
    Actions are all well for getting Anonymous closer to its goals but the people should never stop talking and Anonymous should never stop trying to counter misinformation and attracting more people. As Anonymous becomes larger it will be harder to stop or turn it in a direction of fail.

    Scientology didn't really have a "bad" perception in the public eye. It had a shady one. No one knew what was going on because many of its critics were silenced or sued into poverty and submission. If the public had any negative perceptions up until now they were based on some of the Cult's more heavier handed tactics. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the Cult was this great big boogey man that the world was afraid of for decades, it was just an unknown group with a very big pit of lawyers. Neither good nor bad, not to really be feared, but not something you wanted to mess with.
    You may have educated yourself, but don't think that everyone around you knows what you know.

    The future of Anonymous activism is moot at this point. It will still be a long while yet until the Cult falls and Anonymous will have time enough to make up their own minds as to whether or not they wish to remain Anonymous. To plan that far ahead is to think beyond what you are trying to do right now anyway, and that is a distraction that really shouldn't be there. Anonymous can't really do two things at once, that is, it can deal with the various niggling concerns of getting something done easy but it can't effectively pursue two goals at once. It's why we're focusing on Tax-Exemption right now. Focusing the attention and efforts of thousands on that secondary objective, making sure that things go smoothly as we try to convince the public and the law-making establishments that claims to serve their interests to agree with us.
  4. Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    I retract some but not all of my statements regarding blah-blah-blah, and yadda-yadda. Still looking for people who have something to say to say things, rewrites welcome, but keep in mind this is a rough script for something I hope will be turned into the usual "A Message From Anonymous" video by people who are smarter than me with the movin' pik'shures comin' out 'der thinkin' boxes. This needs to be phrased right, the message clear with an emphasis on the non-violent aspects anonymous, it needs to not lie without telling everything bad. I do not care if Anonymous was founded on 4chan by a bunch of child-rapists, if true, it isn't that now and it wasn't when I joined and if it ever returns I an going to leave, so... yeah, that should give you a good idea on what is needed for any historical stuff on Anonymous. Of course, it needs to work without a hitch on the simplest text-to-speech program.

    Still isn't ready, I don't think, hence the 0.9 crap. When it's good enough in my and Anonymous' opinion it'll actually go into the 1.0s.
  5. AnonPoet Member

    Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    Hello all *is new* I'm really glad this post exists as I've been itching to do a few essays (yes essays) on anon, specifically focused on its fascinating deconstruction-ist aspects. (and deconstruction in the literary criticism way, not the blow stuff up way. Anon doesn't do that silly stuff). So I'll be checking out this thread often. :)
  6. Eff Member

    Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    Okay, two things in here that I feel are way off the mark.

    If 10 people get together and say "In the name of Anonymous, we protest you", that's Anonymous; but if 10 people get together and say "In the name of Anonymous, we send you bomb threats", that's not? It's dangerously close to the No true Scotsman fallacy. In a way, you're begging the question — people who do that are excluded from the definition of Anonymous because Anonymous is defined as people who don't do that. A person who vandalizes CoS property isn't really in Anonymous because "no true Anonymous" would do such a thing. Bleh.

    This, coupled with the previous quote, suggests that you (or we) have control over Anonymous' membership. That there is a concrete definition of who is or is not in Anonymous. I feel that this is incorrect. We have been resistant to the idea that Anonymous is an organization. I think we should go a step further: Anonymous isn't a group.

    Anonymous is a label. It is a label that has no meaning other than to exist as a label that has no meaning.

    It's like... if you are opposed to gun control, you could be a member of the NRA, but you don't have to. You could lobby and picket with other individual anti-gun-control people and not really be part of a group; you'd have no connection to those other people. Anti-gun-control is just a label that explains what you do have in common with other people who use that label. And everyone who uses that label necessarily believes in reduced gun control. Now think of something like... a library card. Or Costco, or even American Express. You're very explicitly a member or not a member of such a group, but there's not necessarily anything in common with anyone else who also holds membership. Put these two ideas together and you've got Anonymous. No organization or group or leaders, and no required similarity. A label that exists solely to allow a person to use a label rather than their identity. The very definition of the word "anonymous"!

    The implications of this are fascinating. The thing that I have always found incredible, the thing that I wish we would focus on more... ONE SINGLE PERSON (whose identity will never be known) was the first person to say "There is going to be a protest against CoS everywhere in the world on February 10th." So many people who aren't part of any group, with nothing in common except their anonymity, agreed with and repeated that statement until it became truth. Not because any leader said to, not because Anonymous is an activist group for free speech (this is ridiculous and anyone who looks into our history can plainly see that) but because each person wanted it to become true. The same applies for everything about Anonymous. A video produced by one person or handful of people became the "official" statement of Anonymous not by some formal consensus but rather by the sheer number of Anonymous saying "Wow, that is so it, that is so right, that is what I agree with." In a way, I think it would be very difficult to ever duplicate or expand upon that incredibly popular text-to-speech video from this point on, because we are aware that such a potent message is possible so anyone who shoots for it is "trying too hard" to make another blockbuster. (See: failed memes)

    And this sentiment is what saves us from the DDoS and faxbomb types. CoS has had to go out of their way to let people know that they received threats and fake anthrax. They posted it on their website, they made YouTube videos, they sent it to the press, they made DVDs, they screamed it from the rooftops. If this was something that the people of Anonymous had a desire to get behind, they wouldn't have to scream it. It would be painfully, viciously clear that all of Anonymous wants to handle CoS that that way, if we did. We obviously don't.

    Not having a membership or being a group means that no apologies are necessary regarding Anonymous people who do something that you personally don't agree with. Those people are using the same label as you are, but you have no connection to them, have never (knowingly) communicated with them, had no knowledge of their actions, and no interest in following in their footsteps. As an individual, you're blameless. And since Anonymous consists only of individuals and not a group, everyone who didn't take part in it and wants to be free from blame automatically is. I feel that this is a much better model than saying "Well some people did that but we don't consider them part of our group", where you can define "we" as either the people in your immediate vicinity, the members of a forum or subforum, or Anonymous as a whole. As soon as you start to do that, you make it a defined group with membership and requirements, and then actually hierarchy must eventually follow.

    Sorry that this post's writing style isn't particularly suited for being recited over time-lapsed clouds. That's not my purpose for writing it.
  7. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    Anonymous is a word. To be precise its this.

    Nobody is my boss. Nobody is your boss. I dont know who you are. I dont care what you believe in or fight for. You happen to be reading on and acting on the same information i am, in a similar though not identical way determined by you as an individual. I dont know who you are. You are anonymous to me. You do not know who i am, i am anonymous to you. Someone sends a valentines card without a name. They are anonymous. Someone phones in a tip to the fbi. They are anonymous. Someone bombs a city, they are by defintiion anonymous until they become known.

    Anonymous is just a descriptive of those whose identities are not known in a certain context. The man who rolls the film in a theatre is anonymous to you. The man that checks your tax record to ensure compliance is anonymous to you.

    And many of the people protesting the church of scientology, are anonymous to them.

    That is and will always be, the only solid meaning of the word anonymous in this to me.
  8. AnonNow Member

    Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    Oh good god ^THIS.
    Especially the label part. You are Anonymous, you aren't part of Anonoymous.
    Also people need to reconcile or come to terms with Anonymous' past (and indeed present) on a personal level. Average Joe Public is unaware of Anonymous previous raids and grandiose statements 'disowning' previous (or present) raids will only serve to highlight those actions to people who, otherwise, would have remained ignorant to them. Like having a big zit on your face and telling everyone not to look at it.
  9. tiggernew Member

    Re: Who is Anonymous? v0.912

    Not to be a pill, but this whole subject is starting to bore me. I respect that others have the desire to define what it is they're a part of, because many want some sense of belonging or inclusion -- but to create an in-group and define it is to create an out-group. This one cannot be defined. Its shape cannot be described accurately.

    Blahblahblah wall-o-text, pointless pontificating and attempting to nail down a demographic that changes in an instant and isn't verifiable. Waste of time, really.

    Defining its state causes it to cease to exist. Schrödinger's cat, anyone?

    Feel free to explain who YOU are, and what YOU'RE doing when asked, but I and only I speak to what I am.

    I am anonymous.
  10. Kaminonymous Member

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