Who Is David Miscavige?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Mar 31, 2009.

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    Re: Who Is David Miscavige?

    It's mostly just Q&A, so I could probably make a new PDF that looks nicer. I'll need a bit of help though, what are the first and second page supposed to look like, and could you re-create them in a txt file?
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    Re: Who Is David Miscavige?

    Is Xenu back to take over this sector of the galaxy again? Could he be David Miscavige's real identity? Or maybe Tommy Davis, since he seems even more intent on destroying Scientology than Miscavige is? Herro? Smurf? Mutante?

    I just read a post saying that Xenu should return about 75 million years after his imprisonment. That means we should be looking around now for potential evil overlords in disguise.

    Christians have a long, proud, tradition of guessing who might be the antichrist: Nero, Hitler, Kennedy, Reagan, etc. Why shouldn't Scientology start speculating about Xenu? If they won't do it, maybe we could do it for them...
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    Re: Who Is David Miscavige?

    This seems to be going along well, good job guise
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    Re: Who Is David Miscavige?


    Whoever maintains this site needs to update it with all of the new stuff from CNN.
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    Re: Who Is David Miscavige?

    (moved this post to "brainstorming megathread," as it is not quite on the topic of the web site "")
  7. ...this show on A&E is interesting! Scientology is such an incredibly ridiculous concept in general! This absolute cult is such an obvious dictatorship that rapes peoples sanity and bank accounts .So criminal when when you sit and think. Just seeing the evidence of numerous incidents of felony stalking and slander i ask the hell do they get by with all these civil rights atrocities money money i guess...oh well FUCK David Muskratich or whatever. looks like a pussy! idk how he is beating all these people up! fight back now people! and all you Catholics,Christians,etc! THIS FUCKING GUY LOOKS TO BE THE "ANTI-CHRIST" idk ...i think we all need to band together,all you real people,kind,humble honest and loving people...all races all genders !!! lets erase these
    fake body snatcher looks creeps, lets please wipe the world of the malignant memory of these greedy so called savers of this beautiful planet and do the real work to salvage the world...unity,love,respect, and all that good shit.

  8. Slappy's Dream (^^^^Watch on Youtube^^^^)

    David 'Slappy' Miscavige is an abusive lil punk who like to slap his underlings in Scientology silly.

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