Who is next after Miscavige?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Ersatz, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I vote amax for COB.
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  2. amaX Member

    i down voted this, but this would be scientology under an ama dictatorship.

    1. i would immediately hire a better team of attorneys than are employed by scientology right now.

    2. i would immediately disband the CST and the RTC with the help of my awesome new attorneys.

    3. i would disband the Sea Org and give them all enough money to get a fresh start or they could remain employees of our awesome new hotel/entertainment facilities, pet rescue, homeless soup kitchens, etc. the starting salary for even the lowest employee would be $15 with benefits.

    4. i'd start selling off buildings so i could re-imburse the exes who want their money back, pay reparations to exes and critics who've been hurt by the former cult, and help fund our humanitarian efforts.

    5. the mecca building would become a casino, spa, and entertainment center. all the other buildings at flag would be hotels for tourists. *i'd really try to get some kind of deal going with the rolling stones so we could call the ft. harrison the satisfaction since the stones wrote that song at the hotel before the cult got a hold of it. we want to make money to do good things. i think the stones might want to be part of that.

    6. we would make all the other sci buildings that we don't sell off into money making ventures and also free pet rescues. i envision a HUGE rescue at gold base. it will be a kitty and doggie haven.

    7. all that money would also be used to give reparations back to exes and other people who have been harmed by scientology and also be donated to causes like LGBTQ communities, the homeless/poor people, groups that protest against cults, veteran's groups, and any other cause that would have angered hubbard or miscavige. we are going to REALLY donate a lot to REAL drug rehabs that are already in place and that WORK. we are also going to donate a LOT to suicide prevention and psychiatric groups that need help because god knows scientology has caused too many suicides and if ever a group NEEDED psych care it's people who have been brainwashed by scientology and other cults.

    8. we'd also immediately start paying taxes because we're a business and not a church.

    9. i'd pay myself minimum wage with regular benefits. i don't like living in clearwater that much so i'd continue to live in my favorite city and just drive myself to clearwater every day in my old truck. but, i think i would like a little car of some kind that's easier on gas or maybe an electric car or a golf cart since i think i can legally take that all the way down alternate 19 to clearwater. so i'll pay for that myself out of my own salary. i prefer to file a 1040EZ form so i won't be bothering with pesky deductions. i'm lazy that way. my salary would never increase, but everyone else would get automatic raises. is there really any need for evaluations to determine if you should get a raise? if you're still working it means you're not fired so you must be doing your job. YOU GET A RAISE AUTOMATICALLY IF YOU'RE WORKING.

    10. our board of directors would be called team throat punch because there's already a team throat punch group in existence and they're really sweet people and really smart people and really dedicated people and really loyal people. i like everyone on team throat punch and they can work for the business, but they also only make minimum wage with benefits to start. BUT they will be on the payroll and eligible for automatic raises. (*remember...i will not.)

    i'll add more later as i think of more awesomeness.
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  3. amaX Member

    i reported this post as a derail. mods need to get this outta here.
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  4. amaX Member

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  5. anon8109 Member

    Did DM look jaundiced? It would definitely indicate liver malfunction.
    Make-up can hide it on his skin, but did the whites of his eyes look yellow?
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  6. His face was so fucking puffy that you couldn't see the color of his eyes.
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  7. BigBeard Member

    He should check into narCONon and take LOTS of niacin and spend LOTS of time in the sauna.

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  8. anon8109 Member

    I don't think he should hasten his demise.

    Miscavige has been instrumental in destroying the cult from within through his micromanagement, his high-pressure sales tactics, his demands for donations with nothing in return. Especially effective at dismantling the cult has been his purging anyone who is a threat to his total power, in other words anyone in management who is competent and good at getting things done.

    The only people left in charge of the cult are Miscavige and a band of incompetent sycophants.

    If Miscavage dies now, someone might take over who actually cares about the welfare of the homo novis, and reverse the cult's downward spiral.
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  9. ravenanon Member

    Didn't some feel Hubbard was ended early and dm snagged it.

    I wonder if history will repeat.

    I'd prefer the cult goes away with everyone in handcuffs and prison orange myself.
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  10. amaX Member

    It's such a mess though. Hasn't he beaten everyone down? Who is left that is sane enough and capable enough to take over? I'm serious. Any ideas?
  11. Davy perched at LRH's sickbed taking over his life, someone will do that for him.
  12. RightOn Member

    I think he will take off like the coward he is. Get his name removed from the RTC and other places.
    His last interview was 1991? He is afraid to talk to the media and things are getting too hot for him to stick around IMO.
    I sincerely hope the FBI and the IRS have him listed as a flight risk.
    But we all know he can get there easily via TC's plane or the Failwinds.

    We have warned the government on a freakin' silver platter for YEARS about the COS and COB, but they are sill standing idol? Why?
    There are enough people who came forward and spoke out, enough film footage, enough documentaries, enough books, enough law suits, enough harassment cases, so when enough is enough already?

    He is running scared and I think he is perched to run and has been setting up something somewhere else. Maybe Columbia?
    I think TC will take over and DM will micro manage him from afar.
    Tin foily yes, but who else is as "dedicated" *cough* and manic as TC?
    I can't think of anyone who comes close. Her is the perfect poster child for the job and the right height. LOL!
    Sheeple will listen to him and unfortunately so will other non clams.
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  13. anon8109 Member

    You need someone to complain about Miscavige committing a crime who can't be bought off with a big pile of cash, along with a witness who also can't be bought off. You need a prosecutor willing to devote the resources to fight against the scientology corporation's legal machine, you need an incorruptible, unblackmailable, and impossible to intimidate judge and jury.

    It's not easy to fight organized crime in court when they can hire all the best lawyers and can bribe or intimidate people.
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  14. anon8109 Member

    I doubt any of the zombies that spent the past decade in the hole being beaten and degraded have the psychological capacity to run their own lives, much less a multi-billion dollar criminal organization.

    My guess is that either some young sea org slave that was put into a position of power, as many young sea orgers are, will be ambitious enough to push out the broken down old-timers, much like Miscavige himself did; or one of the lawyers at the top will take over as "temporary administrator" indefinitely.
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  15. RightOn Member

    I have been in this for a while
    Tell me something I don't know. I want the general public to raise these questions.
    Then and only then, if it gets enough flack they will have to finally do something about it . RIGHT?
    I always said spread the word on kids being abused and disconnected from and tell tax payers that their dollars are going towards helping to pick up the slack for the cult's tax free properties.
    And yes I know all church's have tax exempt property. Which I don't agree with at all. Just because you believe in something doesn't mean you shouldn't pay taxes. Regardless if the church gives some sort of social betterment to their community or not. Which the COS cult does NOT.
    Kids and money are the way to go
  16. DeathHamster Member

    Fortune favors the prepared knife.
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  17. Enturbuleak Member

  18. CarterUSP Member

    No idea who, but am looking forward to watching the inevitable chaos, faction forming, mutual SP declares and hissy fit moonbattery.
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  19. RightOn Member

    Maybe the answer is WHAT is Next?
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  20. thesneakster Member

    Perhaps a serious response is not wanted here, but I reckon David "Darth Midget" Miscavige will destroy the "Church of Scientology" entirely before he is through. He is manifestly insane - do not expect anything even remotely approximating rational behavior from him. He's like ... Khan Noonian Singh in the movie "The Wrath of Khan"... he can be expected to go right on trying to destroy his imagined enemies until he is either dead or physically incapacitated. Only my opinion, of course.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Don't hold back now....
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  22. The Internet Member

    I think Miscavige is the front boss. The real power rests with the circle of lawyers and chiropractors and supplement pimps making a lot of money off of the chaos in our healthcare system.

    I once tried to make a list of all the practice management companies, like Sterling Management Systems. There are a ton of them.
  23. fishypants Moderator

    To me he seems rational enough - subject to the usual narcissism and arrogance that tends to afflict unrestrained autocrats.

    I agree that he might bring the CoS down with him. One can only hope. It seems unlikely that all the poor saps who over the years have been conned into paying for scientology 'auditing', 'courses', 'e-meters' and other palpable nonsense will ever see any of that money back. But still, caveat emptor. It's the children brought up within the system that I feel sorry for.
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