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  1. ahmaghi Member

    Checking gives you these details:
    OrgName: Internet Services, Inc.
    OrgID: TPCM
    Address: 315 Capitol
    Address: Suite 205
    City: Houston
    StateProv: TX
    PostalCode: 77002
    Country: US
    network:Organization-Name:Ashkan Mohammadi

    I suggest Iranians in houston Texas to call this company and make them stop hosting this terrorist newspaper.
  2. احمقي جان دنياي آزادي فقط براي روزنامه هاي شماست.بقيه روزنامه ها که دوسشون نداريم رو بايد يه انگ تروريست بزنيم و ببنديمش.
  3. kayhannews try to run and hide!

    The IP is still the same but the host is that is Iranbased, doing a whois I get

    Domain servers in listed order:

    No. 58 - Keshavarz Boulvard - Valiasr Sq.
    mail:() +98.9132400822
    PersianHost Network Solutions
    Technical Contactor:
    No. 58 - Keshavarz Boulvard - Valiasr Sq.
    mail:() +98.9132400822
    PersianHost Network Solutions
    Billing Contactor:
    No. 58 - Keshavarz Boulvard - Valiasr Sq.
    name:(Mohammadi A)

    Registration Service Provider:
    name: Huge Web Solutions
    tel: +1.9054769951
    fax: +1.9054769951
  4. Seems like this site is being monitored by BAsijis! :D
  5. title

    does that mean that we can ddos it with out slowing down the internet for all iranians
  6. Still in US

    Flagfox shows it as still being a us hosted site.
  7. Srpska Member

    Then DDoS and bitch to the ISP?
  8. ISP is which is hosting many pro-regime propaganda sites. dox have been posted on the project greenwave site. Can be used for both white and gray intervention (calling their abuse line to complain, or the usual pizza/mail-spam/soul-saving tactics if they continue to host pro-regime sites).
  9. Srpska Member

    Excellent. Roll on the weekend, and I shall knuckle down to some work on this.

    If only we had moar dox on the Gerdabfags themselves...
  10. needs to be targeted. It is hosting protestor identification sites by the Iranian government.

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