Who's Cashing in on Scientology Besides Scientology?

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ravenanon, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. ravenanon Member

    I have no doubt I will be yelled at for this post, but I don't care

    I'm starting to notice a growing trend of pay me for information about the cult.

    Far too many times have I seen the words I can't say because it will be in my book written by critics lately. The idea of pushing your finances ahead of providing information that might save a life is pretty horrifying. Who is your battle against the cult or your credit card company?

    I'm exhausted by the mentality of I will not file charges against the cult, but I will start my own blog, books. movie, etc. begging or charging for money as I go. Once again self interest is put before stopping a dangerous organization.

    Although books are great, bringing charges does far great damage to the cult. Legal president needs to be set for those who file future lawsuits.

    I've noticed the trend of critics who are financially invested in the cult staying around.

    If you are in a legal battle with the cult and you are updating people then by all means set up a gofundme. If you are doing a meaningful project get help. However, if you are looking for someone to pay you to hold a sign why are you that special over everyone else?

    This is not meant as a call out thread, but a genuine question. What the hell is this shit?
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  2. anon8109 Member

    Do you mean people asking for donations?

    I don't know of anyone who says "pay me or else I refuse to tell my story".
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  3. Let's start listing people with books/blogs discussing the horror they saw, but couldn't make a police report about it thus letting the cult carry on

    It's not hard to scan wwp, fb, esmb, etc and find an ex saying it will be in my etc

    What fucktard charges for videos from a conference?
  4. Dentists, Chiropractors, Grant Cardone. Vitamine producers, Lawyerfags, Private eye fags. Oh and Sherrif Baca:

    View attachment 10-Church-of-Scientology-Los-Angeles-David-Miscavi

    Attached Files:

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  5. So those with a vested interest in the cult continuing

    DL stops his gf from commenting more about the drowning death on the failboat because it will be in the book.

    BFG . A great book, but how many crimes were listed in it that were never turned over in police reports? Something about a flood ?

    Pick a lawsuit begger in Ireland

    How is Bunkers movie going?

    The list grows.
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  6. BigBeard Member

    A lot of the things in the books are well past the statute of limitations, so a police report would be rather pointless.

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  7. RightOn Member

    Not only the statute of limitations issue, but not everyone has the financial means or the time off from work to sue the COS.
    It is well know that the COS's main agenda is not to win, but to financially drain someone and keep the case going on as long as possible.
    Not every ex member has a "war chest" like the COS has which is paid for of course by its whales and sheeple.
    Also writing a book will reach FAR more people than going to court and having a case that nobody will ever hear of or filing a police report.

    Take "Miss Lovely" for instance, who knew it would reach that many cities world wide? And educating people continues with their book tour. Sold out audiences. You wouldn't reach that many with a court case or police report that may get snuffed by the cult.
    Don't get me wrong, I am all for anyone who wants to take on the cult in court, but it is a very daunting, exhausting, financially insane, mentally draining task, and I don't wish that on anyone.
    If there are people who have a current beef with the cult, or a legitimate crime to report with valid proof, then yes, it should be reported.

    AND let's not forget the fair game that comes along with it. Also some ex's still have family and friends still "in" who would not like to see them put on the RPF if in the Sea Org, or labeled PTS and have to go through the expense of making amends with the COS.
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  8. thesneakster Member

    OSA Internet Unit anti-critic PR fail thread. They must be getting desperate to throw away a registered account like this.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    I am *not* a lawyer.
  9. thesneakster Member

    "Let us" (with the contraction expanded). What "us" would that be, Mr. Sockpuppet Identity? Also, I don't see anything stopping *you* from doing that and posting your findings.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    I am *not* a lawyer.
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  10. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Which account are you referring to?
  11. RightOn Member

    I think he is referring to the OP. lol
    You know.... the "all knowing" Sneakster who still believes in Hubbard woo.
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  12. Ersatz Global Moderator

    ravenanon is a longtime protester and a valued member of this forum.
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  13. RightOn Member

    oh wait a minute, I think he may mean monkeyjerk's post or the other?
    Sorry Sneakster
    FYI Hubbard approved of the OG which is now OSA.

    I was right the first time.
  14. thesneakster Member

    Ersatz, I meant the O.P. I judge by content. The message appears to be standard OSA propaganda about critics being in it for the money. Of course, I've been wrong before.

    If you tell me you know the person behind this posting identity personally and well in the Real World(tm), well OK. I've seen trust fail too many times during the Scientology Internet PR wars since I first got involved around 1993 - 1994 (USENET & Alt.Religion.Scientology ). Too many times have Old Guard Critics trusted someone only to later discover they were one of David "Darth Midget" Miscavige's minions.

    If I'm insulting a close personal friend of yours or anyone else posting here, I'm sorry.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    I am *not* a lawyer
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  15. ravenanon Member

    Hey sneak why don't you go look up my protesting history. I know learning new things not taught to you by a criminal is hard , but give it a go .

    I find it fastening to see what threads you pop up in. It's not hard to guess the why

    I've given money to those who are in legal battles with the cult and I will do it again.

    I'm a fan of transparency and the truth.
    Knowledge is free.
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  16. RavenEyes Member

    We don't know each other, Mr. Hobson, I do not believe. I do, however, know the OP, ravenanon, quite well online and in the Real World(tm). Those of you who don't know ravenanon are missing out on one of the most: caring, thoughtful, witty, dedicated, loyal, spazzy (like me - so it's a not an insult), smart, creative, well-rounded, green-thumbed, inventive, NON-SCILON/OSA friends I've ever known.

    I love this person like a twin, and would trust my life with him/her. S/he gives good advice, lends a warm shoulder to cry on, sends funny pics via my phone almost prophetically when I'm having a bad day, and has made me laugh during church services, boring staff meetings, painful medical procedures, and the like. I think this person has missed like 0.0023 protests in all the years we've been protesting the cult, too.

    I've met very few online individuals in the Real World (tm) for reasons, but I didn't have any qualms meeting ravenanon from the first time. Cool hair, too. (Even when it's filled with tin foil!)

    Feel free to hate every word that ravenanon has to say, but don't ever accuse, overtly or covertly, ravenanon of being even remotely associated with scientology or OSA again, please. I know paranoia runs deep with your ilk, but do your due diligence before you go off that cliff again.

    Thank you,
    Raven Eyes

    By-the-by, for those who wish to blame the statute of limitations on why you do profitable things instead of go to law enforcement: Y'all are just using that as an excuse. Years ago, a wise Anon met with feds and spoon-fed steps to take, addressing just that very thing, for you all. That post is around here, somewhere. For those saying that exes don't have the money to sue: Reporting to authorities is NOT the same thing as filing a lawsuit. It's 100% free-of-charge! Finally, to those saying exes don't have the time to report to authorities, just LOL. It takes a lot less time to give a sworn statement to a federal agent than it does to post on all these forums, write books, fight on FB, make videos, and flirt with people's spouses. I'm just saying.
    Caaaaawwww (<3 to ravenanon)
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  17. I for myself would not like to go to court against Co$. I just don't have time or the guts, I have to admit.
    So I restricted my actions to protesting and joined the armchair-activists meanwhile.

    I guess there are many actions against Anons that never went to court and I will not complain about that. It's never a walk in the park.
  18. Sorry, missed the "file lawsuit" vs. "reporting" - I agree on that reporting should be doable. However, that's also from my perspective, not being damaged by Co$ before.
  19. RightOn Member

    Holy crap! You did mean the OP? LOL!
    You can't be serious?
    Curious...... You believed Ersatz.
    Do you also believe written articles you read? News reports? Documentaries and such?
    As you just said, "you have been wrong before". So don't you think it is possible you can be wrong again?
    Considering all the data that is piled up against Scientology being nothing more than a fairy tale by a fraud, you still refuse to critically think about it. The blinders are going to stay on?
    There are no clears, there are no BT's, no OT's, no MEST, and no proof. The planet is not going to be "cleared" not now, or ever. Because it just a lie. Hubbard was a complete an utter fraud.
    I am also a trusted poster on WWP and created the Big List of Ex's who spoke out, which has helped many.
    Yet, why won't you believe me?
    Sneakster, you can leave the grip of Hubbard. It's ok that you lost all that money and continue to lose money chasing nothing more than silly levels written by an insane and very cruel man who was out to get rich. Don't you get it? He thought all his followers were/are fools. You fell right into his trap. Duped! Head, line and sinker.
    But it's ok that you may feel duped. But what would be more ok, is that if you were to leave Scientology all together and get away from all the lingo and the auditing and get your head on straight. The years are ticking by. Be free of Hubbard's grip once and for all.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Was the "precedent/president" malapropism to honor the memory of Yogi Berra, who died this week, aged 90?

    I do hope so. I loved Yogi Berra and all of his malapropisms. For example ""I really didn't say everything I said."

    As for your question, my first thought upon an initial reading of the OP was "vested interests."

    The so-called "justice system," the police, the legal profession all have vested interests in crime. There is a cashing-in there, big time.

    Same goes for the medical professions and related industries. All of those have vested interests in disease and injury.

    If studied carefully, I think that vested interests will be discovered to be at work across the entire spectrum of scientology cult phenomena and then the question can be answered, perhaps comprehensively.

    If the question is directed at naming individuals, in terms of 'who is' then I'm of no use to you because going there doesn't interest me.
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  21. OTeleventy Member

    And you know what? It ain't ovah til it's ovah. God bless Yogi - and just a note - he actually said "isn't," so he had good grammar, too.

    Oh and BTW, if I could make money from the clams, I would. But then I'm just greedy. Like a clam.
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  22. Tactics.

    Timing: I would not say so for every situation, but it may be that a newsworthy release would have greater impact and staying power within the media if it is released to coincide with a particular event (for example, a judicial decision) or a television news cycle.

    Fact Checking: Major publishers do a lot to spread ideas through promoting authors and getting them booked on air with large audiences. A provable error in any large print run would be a golden opportunity for an OSA counter-attack.

    Author Reluctance: Don't you know this is heavy stuff? Think about it, 30 years in the Sea Org and all you own is your story. Think of the anguish of someone who grew up with little reasonable education who is left with nothing and needs to write something publishable to get anything out of their hellish experience. My heart goes out to them and yours should too. People will do what they have to do to get their stories out. If it costs 12.99 to know about it, well come on. It's ok, don't you think?
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  23. ravenanon Member

    O yes that's it I want people to file police reports and spread their stories for free to everyone in order to educate and save others so I must be heartless.

    When this all started along time ago in a galaxy far away a lot of people were very angry at the cults censorship, they were very angry at the way the cult would fleece people for all their cash. I'm sorry I'm still here to get people out and end that cult. I missed the part of where profit was mentioned. O wait it was mentioned it was the cult wanting to profit off peoples misery. When did this switch up?

    I'm not saying don't write a book, but do things in a proper order. If asking an ex, protester, etc to give a damn about a life and file paperwork or speak that might save something before the big cash in is too much to ask well hell what are we doing then?

    I wrote this was not a call out thread, but some names were mentioned and sneaker and a few others showed up. Someone on that list is very important to the cult just saying
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  24. I think I may understand what you're seeing - - That a lot of opportunists are making a calculating profit.....

    And, that at one time, it was more of an altruistic endeavor in which people shared information and ideas with each other and didn't charge money for it or ask people to pay them for their knowledge or contribution.

    ( Also, I don't think this thread should be censored or domed.)
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  25. Malory Member

    My personal favourite recently was 'give me thousands of dollars so I can buy expensive film equipment and swan around the country pretending to be a film maker'. Because, obviously, the same stories couldn't be recorded an a cheap cam or told over Skype or put on a podcast......
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  26. Malory Member

    Definitely quackers.
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  27. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Bitch fight moved to the dome
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  28. You should have just left it as it was and not moved it.
    They are all adults.
    doh de doh
    This message by doh de doh has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  29. there is a group that obviously is profiting from $cn besides the so-called-church. Our very best friends the indies. yeah, I know, stay on target ... but these motherfuckers keep on "auditing" people and making profit out of brainwashing others
  30. good point, this might be unpopular but we all know Karen de la Carriere keeps on auditing people while at the same time joking about ElRon. Twofaced.
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  31. Others do the same, so please don’t just focus on Karen de la Carriere. There are others who do this so covertly we even forget about them. Case in point, Dan Koon. I remember he had a couple of videos promoting the Indies and the good old LRH tek. Yet no one seems to remember those :(
  32. I found what you are talking about:

    In this video Dan Koon promotes that the thing to do is Scientology! wtf!?!?
  33. Quoted from the video itself:

  34. wow! what a fucker!? wasn't he the one writing bulletins and checklists for the freezone or some crap?
  35. Yeah Dan Koon is a total indie lover. LRH=good, DM=bad
  36. Dan Koon was instrumental on putting together LRH tech for the masses. He should be recognized as one of the pillars of the Independent Movement as most of the tech out there was compiled by him.

    Anonymous should stay on target and leave the Indies and Dan Koon alone.

    Please, stay away from us. LRH was is great. DM is the bad apple.
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  37. Fuck you indie and fuck Dan Koon, Mr. LRH#2
  38. All Trolls onhere are actually David Miscavige

    Prove me wrong: Miscavige

    David Miscavige
    The chronically short, asthma-ridden tyrant at the head of The Church Of Scientology.

    After serving as L Ron Hubbard's personal butt-boy during his adolescence, he used the fact the fact that Hubbard was on the run from the FBI to stage an internal coup.

    He is well known as a violent, misogynistic, homophobic, megalomaniac.

    He has not been seen often since Anonymous tore his "church" a new asshole!

    Dude 1.) "What do you mean you don't hate Tom Cruise? His best friend is that asthma-troll, david miscavige"

    Dude 2.) "Did you say, David Miscarriage?"

    Dude 1.) "Yeah, you heard right!"
  39. People like Dan Koon are really trying to distract anon from taking down $cientology. it is all $cientology ... elCon or elKoon. Indie or fundamentalist. Same shit.
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  40. anon8109 Member

    Guess who has a burning hatred for people who follow Hubbard's ideas but don't give their life savings away for the privilege?

    Hint: It's not Anonymous.
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