Who's got Pics/Vids of Scientology Raids, Protests etc ?

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Fried Green Cracka' Fool, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys!

    I was wondering if I could get some HQ/HD user-generated material that will aid a series of articles I will be writing soon from around here?

    Thanks! :)
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  2. WMAnon Member

    I have a big stash of old chanology protest pics. For the videos, do you want ones that are about anonymous vs scientology or videos of raids? Also, what's the minimum size you want on the pictures?
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  3. Dragononymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    YouTube has thousands of protest videos.
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  5. moarxenu Member

    Hamburg anons also collected and have archived thousands of vids a few years ago.
  6. For Videos, I am looking for Raids [preferably from Clearwater], Scientologists over-reacting/getting aggravated from the raids & I also heard there was a video that Scientology circulated about Anonymous with many claims against the entity.

    Minimum size for images are 800x800.

    Thanks Again for Helping Out! :)
  7. WMAnon Member

    I have a bunch of stuff that's like 1020 x 650, is that out?
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. GuyFox Member

    Help yourself to mine:

    A raid a month, all in HD 1080p. A couple incidents, too (including a confront in the October video).
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  10. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Certainly no lack of material available, as for Clearwater scilons behaving badly hmm, maybe ask Mark Bunker or go to Xenutv and search Shawn Lonsdale?
  11. Honigdachs Member

    it is like 100GB hard to share over the web ...
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Here are the photos from Clearwater protests. You can find more recent ones in our threads here, but there should be more than enough at this link. Disregard the first five, that are unrelated; we apparently picked up a bit of spam nobody noticed.

    For videos from Clearwater about aggressive Scientologists, here's a couple of my favorites:

    Our first assault ever, we were very proud:

    Additionally, there is no larger collection of Clearwater raid videos than Xander's. You can see them here. Look for anything labeled "Sea Org Alley."
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  13. That will do! :)

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