Who's still active in D.C.?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by anonsoldier, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. anonsoldier Member

    Alright, I'm back and itching for enturbulation. I can't find if DC still has their own website, nor do I see much activity here. Is there anyone still active and organizing monthlies or flash raids or anything of that sort??
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  2. xenubarb Member

    Good thing you didn't come back to SD. You would be disappoint.
  3. Anonymous Member

    As far as I know, the D.C. website got overrun by tumbleweeds and nobody was using it. There aren't any D.C.'ers actively doing protests these days, but there may be a few on the fringe that would be interested in coming back if someone else was starting things up again.

    I think your best shot is to try to get in touch with Maid of Win or 3rdman, or just start an event in the planning area and give it liberal bumps to see if you can attract anyone else. I suggest setting the date a couple months away so you have more time to gather interest and get the ball rolling.
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  4. AuntAnonymous Member

    Start some action. Who knows who'll show up. It's almost tourist season.
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  5. anonsoldier Member

    Man, I was really hoping to fall in on an existing SOMETHING. Particularly because D.C. is a bit of a haul for me and is generally unfamiliar territory. I do not want to be doing any solo raids, my balls are not that big, and I've been out of the game for a while so I'm a bit rusty on current knowledge, facts and figures, and whatnot.

    Fucking D.C., I can't believe I have to fix you, three and a half years later.

    Barb, I wont be back in SD again for awhile. If you could maybe give me a quick summary of what the latest and greatest news is by PM, I'd be most appreciative.
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  6. none given Member

    There IS something.
    Original site got raped to death by unthinkable drama ending in ownership buy a [DATA EXPUNGED]
    Seriously, can you imagine one of THOSE being admin of a Chanology site?
    One brave soul held on as long as they could
    HT, Hubbard Telescope (AKA Hubbard_Telescope)
    Also me.
    Several others. Maid of Win and 3rdman are good leads.

    Let's build something from the ashes of the former site.
    Protip: ng is good for occasional but useful support.
    DC fags PM me.
    PM everybody.
    Lets rise from our own ashes.
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  7. hunterkll Member

    Hrmm.... you all found me....

    Anyone interested in DC region / protesting PLEASE join into the IRC chat at : / #dcfags for a web client / interface. although a real client (mIRC, X-Chat, HydraIRC, etc) is better for hanging in there on a more steady idle basis.

    If we want another site, i'll be more than happy to go ahead and throw one up, I run a small hosting company now.....

    </the guy who was livestreaming the protests for almost 2 years straight>
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  8. Herro Member

    Oh snap, a wild hunter appears. Inb4 /kill

    Yeah, your cancerous ways killed SD but good.
  9. hunterkll Member

    you're not on irc for me to kill, faggot.

    Edit: Last time I tried to get involved I ended up in the hospital... let's try again! :D
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  10. I wouldn't mind going on a raid or two... Or 12.... My only problem was that I had no car... But now it's fixed
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Ladies and Gentlemen;
    The legendary Captain Adderall.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    care to enumerate?
  13. Anonymous Member

    it may surprise you that xb was the most heterosexual member of the sd brigade
    but then again, you're you.
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  14. none given Member

    You mean elaborate. Enumerate means to count or number.

    More to the point; missed drama is missed. Move forward and write you're own subplots.
  15. hunterkll Member

  16. hunterkll Member

    * acies (Mibbit@81D71B84.7A348F6.A0668816.IP) has joined #dcfags
    * acies has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
    ^--- why don't you people even say hello to me! just type "hunterkll" and i'll respond. :D
  17. another raid is good for nostalgia but not much impact.

    Also hurp durp

    -Faggot who won't shut the fuck up after 100 kicks.
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  18. hunterkll Member

    jesus christ shut the fuck up and show up once in a while
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  19. delanon Member

    I'd be interested in making the trip from Delaware. Could possibly pick people up on the way. Let's throw some dates out there!
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  20. anon walker Moderator

    Imma report this...oh hey, I got a PM!
  21. anon walker Moderator

  22. Anonymous Member

    Not much impact? AnonSparrow impacted the fuck out of the DC org, and made them look like fools in court.

    The fact that it went to court was the fault of the DC org. They hated his raids enough to try and destroy him the old-fashioned way as recommended by L. Ron Hubbard.

    So, impact, yeah. Haz.
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  23. Herro Member

    OMG HI BB!!!!! I MISS U!

    Lol wut, that whole thing ended with Sparrow agreeing to never protest the DC org again. Hardly foolish.
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  24. SchuminWeb Member

    Original DC site basically fell out of use and wasn't really being maintained. It's not that it went down on account of anything that anyone *did*, but it went down because it was allowed to lapse. I'm working to bring a site back to it in some form or another.
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  25. hunterkll Member

    I've been contacted already about hosting it, i'll get back to you when I get more info. </hosting company>
  26. SchuminWeb Member

    I can provide hosting for it as well, so one way or another, it sounds like we're covered there. I'm currently working to get the domain back, and nothing can happen until we have that.
  27. Go, DC, go!!
    It's good to see you guys getting the band back together.

    /cheering squad
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  28. hunterkll Member

    Schumin: I have if we want to use that for some reason... ;) as well as a pool of other domains.. :)

    EDIT: patience is a virtue ;) - i said hi literally 1 second before bobby here quit. :p lol

    * bobby1414 (Mibbit@2660FBE7.5E8593A5.DB092C61.IP) has joined #dcfags
    <bobby1414> hello
    <Anzu> bobby1414, hi
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I live outside D.C. and it takes some time to get there; but I am willing to come again, especially when the weather is getting nicer.
    I found this in Montgomery College: Workforce Development & Continuing Education in Gazette paper.
    Summer 2012, schedule of noncredit classes.
    NEW: Mystics, Gnostics, New Religions, Cults: Everything Old is New Again.
    Have you ever wondered about Scientology but didn't necessarily want to join? Or what about Sufism, Kabbalah, Doomsday cults, Theosophy, Rosicrucians, Wicca, Celtic region, or Gnosticism?
    We live in an especially vibrant time of religious exploration. Many so-called religions and cults have roots in the ancient past.We will explore these ideas and their relationship to a variety of current religious ideas. Tuition waiver applies; sseniors pay fee only.
    Course: ILL540 10 Hours
    $78 +$60 fee = #318; Non-Md residents add $120
    Gaithersburg Business Training Center
    CRN# 12481, 5 sessions
    7/25-8/22 W
    401, 10 a.m - 12.00 p.m.

    Phone 240-567-5188

    I will do some research to see if I can get a name of the person doing the teaching.
    Maybe there is a red flag.
  30. Anonymous Member

    You mean sexually active?
  31. Anonymous Member

    LRN to COS for only $138 and 10 hours of your time! You save 30 years of your life and $299,862 off the retail price! But wait, there's also avoid being seen in public at "all hands," "musters," and "ideal org reg fests"! You avoid the wearing of yellow jackets, enforced servitude, catering to entitled celebrities and their bratty children while yours get lice and no hugs, and rice and beans. If you buy now, we'll also confirm you can retain all family relationships!

    I love me some local college value. We must be out of the recession.
  32. none given Member

    Yes, yes we do.
    Sexy single anons are in your area waiting to meet you.
    Just follow this thread.
  33. hunterkll Member


    wait what.
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  34. hunterkll Member

    also wsm translate this japanese for me i know you can do it brother stop lying to me.
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. hunterkll Member

    I just noticed an oversight on the forum there, and allowed public viewing. whoopsies.

    Schumin: Can you shoot me a PM if you're still checking this? I'd like to talk to you out of band about website and stuff.
  37. hunterkll Member

    Alright people, Who's game for something. Who's up for something, Who's DTF! (j/k.... maybe).

    Let's call a date. Let's get something rolling. I want to pick up steam and recruit in person. Let's get ideas for the DC subforums made, card designs done, etc. Let's do something awsome.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Actually, this bears repeating. There are a shit-ton of Anons who did some heavy lifting, CA is one of them. Good to have CA back, kicking up shit.
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  39. Silly433 Moderator

    I've always liked HT. Never met her. Tell her she is coolness, plox.
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  40. Anonymous Member

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