Why cult-think = footbullets: The Peltzman Effect

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Incredulicide, Aug 12, 2013.

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    The Peltzman Effect shows us that when people perceive a low level of risk (ie when they feel protected) they act less cautiously, and when they perceive a high level of risk they act more cautiously. I contend that the same rule can be applied to group-think. That is to say that when people feel more protected they will think less. We see this in Scientology management on a daily basis. When they feel they have less protection they think more, which is why only so much RPFing and "ethics handling" can happen to a member before they really start thinking.

    The sycophant does not use his/her own intelligence, ever, they always say “Yes” to their leader, and it should be obvious to all why a team of sycophants would produce bad products. But why does the sycophant behave this way? The answer is simple, they do it because it is low risk. If the idea is a good one, they agreed with a good idea, if the idea is a bad one then they cannot be blamed for it, because it was the leader who decided it was good, not the sycophant.

    Personal attacks are unproductive, but attacking ideas should be completely necessary in producing an effective team, which would be most capable of producing the highest quality products. This translates to more consistently high quality material on WWP. We not only critique our own ideas, we see how the CoS would try to attack them. The opposite is why Ortega's Sunday Funnies are so fucking funny - no internal bad ideas are attacked for fear of being instantly seen as personal attacks.

    This isn't just true with David Miscavige as the current leader, it was just as true when L. Ron Hubbard was, and if it outlasts Slappy, will be true of any future Scientology leader.

    As long as it exists, Scientology footbullets will continue to bring the lulz.

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