Why get around gov monitoring when you can bring it down!

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Unregistered, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Given that the Iranian government has a central monitoring location, and that everything runs on servers, why not bring down the servers at the monitoring centre, instead of getting around them with proxies and Tor?

    Is it possible to hack into this site? Is it possible to fool their servers into thinking that their CPUs are going into say Over Temprature Protection?
  2. While I do not have complete knowledge of the Iranian government's internet tools, I believe it is safe to assume that it's not that simple.

    DDoSing hasn't been an option throughout this entire event for obvious reasons. Finding someone capable of sabotaging the government network through the internet (if it's even possible) is difficult.

    Besides, it would only be a temporary downtime. The servers would back online briefly, possibly patched, depending on what kind of technical expertise the admins over there have.
  3. Hackers attack pentagan all the time

    Well, I recently saw a report on CNN that said that even pentagan was being hacked 100s of times a day; the spokeman didn't want to say how many of them were successful; am sure there are some good hacktivists here that are capable of doing so. Even if they can bring down the servers for a short time, constantly, it will divert the attention of gov towards these attacks, instead of tracking ppl. Worth a shot?
  4. You are missing the difference between "hacked" and "attacked," as it would appear you interpret "hacking" in a more Hollywood-style, secret-key-that-opens-all-doors kind of thing, and Missinformation-Stream Media like CNN don't help that. Essentially, several hundred times a day someone either makes an obvious attempt to overload the computers at the Pentagon or some similar type of "attack." In addition, people might look for what amount to open doors so they can get in and mess around.

    People are actively looking at all the Iranian government computers for open doors, windows or improperly shut mini blinds, and exploiting them to the best of their abilities upon finding them.

    That said, if one were to completely disable the Iranian monitoring systems, there would be a very short window of time before they discovered the situation and simply shut off the internet for the entire country. Then, once they had the situation remedied, they would bring the internet for the country back online. On the other hand, Tor/Haystack/Proxies provide a way to "tunnel" past the monitors, but due to the "cat and mouse" nature of the game, and the fact that to completely eliminate the threat they would have to permanently take the country offline (which is a no-go in their modernized yet fragile economy), it does so without the net outages that a direct attack would create.

    So, the lesson is: always be subversive. Say, like if you have a cop right on your tail, the fastest way to get somewhere is to go under the speed limit, annoying him and causing him to take a side route, thus allowing you to carry on your merry way at whatever speed you like with the side-bonus of having pissed off a cop and gotten away with it (I do not recommend trying this in a hoop-d).
  5. Bring them down once then

    If ppl can hack in and bring down their monitering servers, then it should be done at least once, in order to show them & the world that their monitering systems can be brought down at will.
  6. Hey buddies,
    That's not that simple.

    Each monitoring system have some bugs. That's a true statement. But, there are three levels of filtering in Iran.
    1. Each ISP have a filtering system.
    2. Each ISP still need to have a server from Ministry of Information as well.
    3. Ministry of Information have still another powerful main server which checks country traffic

    Strange, not? Did you ever read 1984 from george orwell? It's something like that.

    But even if we could have these servers, it's not the solution. Because they will shut internet and they will install another server. They did that several times. But the tunneling is the solution. However, if we could succeed in this fight (for democracy), we will remove this filtering. You will see that.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Another possible attack vector is to research what he monitoring may be vulnerable too and start a ddos on the montorring functions to not bring the equipment down but make it unusable for short periods so you effectivly poke their eyes out in the monitoring world.
  8. Another way of looking at it is the spam view. If you had a way of finding out what they look for, you could create large amounts of essentially bogus traffic. While this isn't neccisarily a big deal, it can help hide the stuff they are looking for in a sea of noise.
  9. See lots of excuses

    Hey, thought there were great hackers on this site; hack them, bring down their monitering servers; if they shut down internet temporarly and then bring it back up, so what; pester the shit out of them.

    Or, are the posts from ppl that don't have the skills & there's no good hackers on this site that can do this? Am sure will get lots of excuses to this message, or messages that will talk down, but the OP is a good idea. So, if you don't know and/or unable to hack into IR gov servers, then don't post anything about other ways; there are topics for that stuff.
  10. And where, exactly, have you been since mid-June? NYPA newfag

    There's an ongoing battle where a particular site keeps going up and down. We've already downed others. Lurk moar.
  11. You're an idiot. Is that talking down enough? You have no idea what you are talking about, and though the OP had no idea either, at least he wasn't an obnoxious fuck about it. Anything beyond this sentence would be more response than your post is worth.
  12. ignore the bugger hes a newfag, probably some jumped up teenager
  13. SanguineRose Member

    Pure Idiotic ramblings of a 14 year old virgin.
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