Why haven't the Iranians gone on strike?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Hopes, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. Hopes Member

    I've been waiting for the news that the Iranian people went on strike. It seems the safest and most effective way to protest. Yet, nobody has gone on strike. What' gives? Is it because there isn't enough support for the uprising? Is it because communication makes it difficult to coordinate a strike? Is it because they are fearful? What needs to happen for all to become inspired to rise up in unison?
  2. Dangerous-Boy Member

    u need the oil workers to strike. that's the heart of the economy.
  3. Artaban Member

    yep, they fear mostly for sure;
    here unions are controlled heavily by govt,they have "Basij" units in "ALL" active societies (universities, factories, schools, mosques, etc etc!) who will get crew from themselves (ones who brain washed completely!), ppl think (and maybe they think right) that govt spy (+basij) are all around and can't even speak in most work places;
    another thing that is common in all public and work places is a section called "herrasat" that works clearly as spy units among workers/students/etc; they always produce detail documents about all ppl wvwn about lil things, these documents will destroy their future and boycott them in country!
    in fact the problem is that here is not a REAL independent union at all as I know in any field! (or if exist, not any powerful) so ppl have no support against these things; they are alone in these situations so they are fearful to strike against powerful govt; I think! ;)
  4. one word: money.

    Forget where I saw it, might have been on Huffington Post or The Daily Dish, but a bazzari said he could not afford to remain closed for a week, as he would be out of money by the following week, and he needed to feed his family.
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    [See news item below]
    "However, news agencies reported that Mousavi showed up at a location near
    the protest Saturday and told supporters to stage a nationwide strike if he
    was arrested."

    Iran: Iran police, militiamen clash with protesters --
  6. Dangerous-Boy Member

    the bazzari does not need to strike. it's the oil workers that have to strike. u need a direct attack at the economy. Irans major export is oil. It buys them everything. An oil strike is what brought the shah down.

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