Why Haven't We Done This

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by HereticSeraphim, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Why Haven't We Done This

    Either we haven't done it yet, or I'm really out of the loop. Anyway, I think it might be a good idea to start up some sort of Anonymous Podcast (or Skypecast, because they're live). That way, we can simultaneously dish out info to other Anons in a form other than a forum AND we can better educate the public about who we are, what we're doing, about the CoS, etc. The benefit of Skype is that we can do it in real-time (I'm there are other ways for that, but I don't know them), and if we can do it on a regular basis (most likely weekly) then I think it could really work. I mean, people do like the podcasting nowadays.
  2. anon5754 Member

    Re: Why Haven't We Done This

    I don't think it's been done, but I like the idea if it's productive. We'd need a couple of volunteers who are good speakers though. Perhaps a 20 minute weekly podcast with a summary of the week's news, upcoming ideas and current tasks, and clips and stuff to rally the troops. I don't think a live podcast is a good idea, because it would be best as condensed informational content rather than chat-show style ramblings. This week has been pretty much action-packed newswise; we've got the profit leaked, a blown OSA operative, rick astley talks about rickrolling, moar leaked emails and docs, wikileaks dns going down, scientology videos exposed in french news, 1000+ scientologists contacted for operation reconnect, recruitment drive for operation psychout to name a few

    to argue against it-
    What can it provide that a forum can't?
    Wouldn't our best speakers time be better spent doing other tasks?
    What happens when news and stuff starts drying up?
  3. twelve Member

    Re: Why Haven't We Done This

    Then the entire cast consists of a quest list and people yelling GOGOGOGOGO.

    I like it, anyway. :idunno:
  4. Anonymous9251 Member

    Re: Why Haven't We Done This

    Heck, I'm game for it. Whoever's setting this up, drop me a line!
  5. Gisman Member

    Re: Why Haven't We Done This


    I really like the idea actually.It would be helpful for those who are computer illiterate and those who don't get around to checking up here frequently.

    I'd actually love to contribute, as I'm aiming for a career in radio anyway.

    I'm sort of divided on how to do it though. I'm with both anon5754 and the OP to an extent. Though it would be quite efficient to have a straightlined news bulletin, would it really make for interesting listening? A bit of banter can never hurt.

    Is this realistic though? But in a worst case scenario where that does happen, there's still a fair amount that we can do. A detailed look over at something from the past should suffice for one installment, or we can just cut the time down for the week.

    I think the thing we have to look out for is equal representation. A flood of Europe related news is of less interest to Canadians than it is to the French. With that in mind, perhaps it's an idea to have a segment for each main area, or continent. Though that could be too much to deal with. I'm not really sure though, just throwing ideas about at this point. Comment as you will.
  6. Re: Why Haven't We Done This

    In order:

    1. I think that mainstream people (aka the Average Joe) would rather listen to something on their iPod/Zune/etc. than read about it on a forum. Another thing is that, personally, I find things easier to understand when I'm listening to an actual person talk rather than reading and it's easier to elaborate on things when you're talking IMO.

    2. I'm not saying we should take our best speakers and rip them away from whatever, I'm saying we should get people who know their stuff to put something together.

    3. While it's inevitable, this is OK. See, the reason I suggested a live Skypecast is because, in addition to being a way to give out information, it would give people a chance to discuss things in a person-to-person style, rather than text. What I thought we could do is have the Podcast if people wanted AND we could have a Skypecast for people to not only give out the info, but to have discussions about what we're doing, why we're doing it and just general information about the CoS. What we should do is advertise it as a sort of Anonymous vs. Scientology "DiscussionCast" (for the Skype one, if it happens) and invite everybody, including Scientologists. Doing that could help us get our side of the story out to curious Scientologists who want to know more about us instead of blindly following the Church and if we can get them on our side, our numbers increase, theirs decrease and it's a win-win for us. I may sound idealistic here, but hey, it's possible.
  7. Re: Why Haven't We Done This

    There are so many youtube videos...
    there is an unlimited supply of information and feed .
    I already have 6... uploading number 7 as soon as youtube stops working on their server.

    Old Account: Ihateh1pp13s
    Have to use a different one, because i got tired of constantly saying that I dont actually hate them, i just really like South Park.
    Now its CaptainAdderall007
  8. Manumission Member

    Re: Why Haven't We Done This

    I know a lot of people who dislike YouTube but love podcasts. If it was well done I know they would listen.

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