Why not finish the job in France - just one more criminal conviction?

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by RolandRB, May 13, 2012.

  1. RolandRB Member

    I am thinking that with France coming so close to banning Scientology in their country and that all it needs is one more criminal conviction to close it down then I suggest we help them do just that. And because it sets a legal precedent for the rest of the EU member states then we could use that to close it down in the rest of Europe.

    I'll come up with some ideas. I've already got some but it is tiring for me at the moment being in hospital.
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  2. RolandRB Member

    The ideas centre around the "Church" preventing or obstructing anyone on course from seeking access to their huse doctor. We have the references for that. All we need is a credible person to claim that it happened to them while in Frnce and it caused them a worsened illness.

    Just one more criminal conviction for the "Church" itself and by their own policy letters preventing access to a person's doctor then it will certainly end up as a criminal conviction for the "Church" itself and not for an individual.

    Do we have an ex-member who could make a credible complaint?
  3. RolandRB Member

    What sometimes happens on the Purif is people get diarrhea and want to stop but have to go through the scieno hoops of Green Form and being pressured into doing the PTS/SP course and if this happened to anybody in France and they felt their health was worsened (even by a day) by the delay imposed on them then now you know that the "Church" itself has got a criminal conviction you realise that it was not all your fault after all, like they were telling you, and so you now decide to make a criminal complaint about it.

    Any takers?

    It's not as if the police are going to be surprised by somebody coming forward with a criminal complaint like this.

    Just think - the Church of Scientology banned totally from France and the rest of the EU having to use the court case as precedent.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    you would need someone that something actually happened to - not someone just prepared to make a claim that something happened to them
  5. RolandRB Member

    All they would have to say was that they were distressed by it. They would not need a doctor to prove it because........ they were denied access to their doctor.

    This is an easy one. France must be begging for an opportunity to pin that one last criminal conviction on them.
  6. RolandRB Member

    The criminal complaint would be to do with the illegal practice of medicine. I'll get my case together for that.
  7. anon walker Moderator

  8. Zak McKracken Member

    I think Anon was saying, we don't need anyone mocking up stories. We need a former NN patient who suffered abuse- specifically one whose health was injured by NN policy. Here on WWP, we mostly know that's what Roland was asking for, but the wording was a little ambiguous.

    Enough people have been injured or killed by NN's denial of treatment, that it shouldn't be hard to locate a
    for which it actually did happen to them while in France, and for which it actually caused them a worsened illness.
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  9. Intelligence Member

  10. RolandRB Member

    It does not have to amount to much for something happening to a French citizen on French soil. It is better if it is Scientology because the aim is to close down Scientology in France. We just need one more criminal conviction. Not enough to jail a person but enough to get it pinned on the organisation. It could be anything. Maybe somebody who lost a lot of money. Maybe somebody who was prevented from seeing their doctor and was sick for an extra day. Anything that can stick. I can help on the "illegal practice of medicine" is that is needed.

    We just need one more criminal conviction in France.

    The Scientology Vampire is lying on its back and is at the mercy of Van Helsing. Van Helsing is us. We need to finish the job and whack that stake through the Vampire's heart and finish this forever in France. We need to do this quickly before the Vampire recovers.

    I want to stress the strange situation in all this. EU laws are basically French laws and as always, to benefit the French. Effectively banning vitamins means they sell more of their high quality food which brings in more money for their small farmers which gets them reelected. Also, they have a strong pharmaceutical industry which will profit out of this. These EU laws are a dream come true to the French. But more than that, for all other EU member states, EU laws are higher than member state laws. The other states may not like these laws but they have to enforce them. There is always some leeway in interpreting laws because the wording of laws is never 100% clear. And it was maybe the presence of this leeway that allowed the laws to come into effect, because everybody assumed they did not need to implement them in reality. And in deciding issues then case law has to be considered if it is applicable. And since France was applying EU laws then they have set a precedent. This means that no other EU member state is allowed to investigate if giving high doses of vitamins is illegal medicine and illegal pharmacy or not. This is because this has been decided in the affirmative by the French Court of Appeal. It needs a higher court to overturn that. And there isn't such a court that is going to do that. France, by making a decisive early move, has manipulated the situation to their advantage. So this matter is decided both for now and in the future.

    If the British government or the MHRA try to back out of this then they will be commiting a criminal offence by refusing to apply EU laws which are superior to their own. If they try to back out, they are going to get ass-raped and I will be there doing my part. Their only option is to dance to the same tune as the French showed them how and crucify Scientology in the UK. And then the other EU member states will quickly fall into line.

    I am guessing that this issue is being discussed at Ministerial level in the British government right now in consultation with their legal advisors. It is an extremely troublesome issue for the government. They are damned if they act and damned if they do nothing. They can buy time but I am sure they will act. The best way out is for the "Church" to mysteriously decide to withdraw the Purification Rundown and the sale of vitamins in the UK until the legality of it has been clarified and to release a press statement to that effect. That way everybody is let off the hook and the "Church" can send all the Purification Rundown customers over to Holland, making sure they do not charge money for it directly.
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  11. jensting Member

    narCONon is not the best candidate since we have not had narCONon in France since the 1980s.

    Now, the purif rundown, that's a different matter.

    Oh, and finding someone who prefers standing up and being counted[1] to slinking away in the dark with some cash is hard. And I don't necessarily blame them. In the Real World [tm] this is not the least of the problems, hence the power of interest groups such as UNADFI and the terror of OSA in the face of said groups.

    Best regards


    [1] in the crosshairs of OSA with millions of dollars in legal budget and extensive knowledge of the court system and countless lawyers (including, but not limited to, the very best)
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