Why Psychiatry?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Collateral, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Collateral Member

    Why Psychiatry?

    It's well known that Scifags are very anti-Psychiatry, but i'm kind of wondering why? What's their motivation? Is it to prevent people from making rational decisions? Does somebody have some links or info i can look into?

    sorry for all the questions...heh
  2. Collateral Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Second thought here...

    I always thought of Scientology as like a placebo for psychology/psychiatry. Maybe they're trying to eliminate competition for their courses and auditing?
  3. anonoblong Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

  4. ormuzd Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    When Dianetics was first published in 1950 (Dianetics: The Evolution of Science edition) it was one of the first self-help books and was met with great success for little while. After some time the APA and other psychology organizations did studies on some of the methods/facts in the book and when they found that everything he said was false they highly criticized him. He published another edition (Dianetics: The Original Thesis) which was also heavily criticized. This was about the time he turned his ideas into a church so that he could no longer be discredited.
  5. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Hubbard states outright that psychiatry is the pseudoscience and that a primary goal of Scientology should be to replace it entirely.

    For him, and the present-day higher-ups, it's seen as direct financial competition and also something that might prevent Scn from both attracting members, and maintaining a hold over them. If you're told by a medical professional that your problem is a real mental illness or personality disorder and that there's help that is more effective (read "at all" effective) and much cheaper than Scientology, which will you choose?

    So they demonise and undermine the competition to ensure their money and power bases, and hope one day to actually corner the market by the "global obliteration of psychiatry" (David Miscavige, OT Summit 2007).

    Hence "we are the authorities on the mind" (Tom Cruise, whackjob video, c2004).
  6. sudopod Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Hubbard basically pulled most of ScientLOLogy out of his arse, so it isn't unexpected that psychology, psychiatry, and other IRL peer-reviewed sciences conflict with his bullshit. They provide both a barrier to belief in L. Ron and a direct competitor in the mental health marketplace. Rather than go to the trouble of doing actual research to find supporting information that probably doesn't exist to back up his "religion," it was easier for the Hubfag to demonize the real scientists.
  7. Collateral Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Another case of them trying to silence naysayers i see. Do you know why they oppose the use of psychiatric drugs even though some people really need them?
  8. Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Because thst would be admitting that psychiatrists might actually know what they were talking about some of the time. Blasphemy!
  9. anomnomnom1 Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Jim Beebe in this page talks about it:

    Basically he says that Hubbard thought Dianetics would be a revolution in Psychiatry, and that he would be hailed as the next Sigmund Freud or something. Of course it was cast aside by the professionals like the quackery and new age crap it was, and I guess he was bitter about that.

    Another theory is that once they come out, Psychiatrist are one of the few people who can actually help them cut through the mind control. If they're indoctrinated with a fanatical hatred of it, that becomes a lot harder and less likely.
  10. code_red Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Every 'religion' needs a devil. if it wasn't psychiatry, it would be something else seen to be acceptable by mainstream society. One of the defining features of a cult is that they view themselves as separate from, 'chosen' and superior to those not in the cult. Basically, they need a bogeyman - an enemy or enemies in the mainstream to help define themselves as apart from the common herd.

    Plus, what everyone else said about psychiatry being the competition.
  11. Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Why Psychiatry?

    I think for hubbard it all started with this letter:


    and the government's refusal to help him started him on the road to naming psychiatry as scientology's nemesis!

    Plus what better way to keep brainwashed people in your cult than to have them paranoid about the very people who could help them out of it!

    This was first discussed here: L Ron's cry for help from none other they psychiatrist[/url:35wdswef]
  12. phed Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    People who experience psychiatry tend to dislike psychiatry. LRon is one of those, but he used his "power" to make it a stance of his whole boy-club.
  13. seebs Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    I would guess that it was at least part a canny decision to program cultists against deprogrammers.
  14. Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Answer is simple.....psychologists and psychiatrists and mental health professionals in general learn how to see straight through bullshit and quickly identify people with manipulative and/or psychotic why wouldn't L Ron want to discredit them...they are the very people who would at a glance tell L. Ron ..."your a fuckin paranoid lunatic and a fuckin pathological liar bro and your a danger to society!" They are also the most credible people to tell the public and authorities, "don't listen to L. Ron, he's a fuckin nutcase!"
  15. XenuFanboy Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    Oh man that was the best way to describe Psychologists ever. Sounds like every prof I've ever had for Psyc.
  16. aWretchLikeMe Member

    Re: Why Psychiatry?

    some educated guesses

    1. $cientology is competing for that same mental health market share.
    2. there was pre-existing suspicion of Psychiatry as a " german-jew-science" in the 1940-50s and LRon sought to build on that.
    3 Psychiatry is an inexact science based empirical evidence and with many variables.
    4. Psych doctors are whom one might turn to on attempting to exit $cientology.

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