why should the average joe/jane care about scientology?

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by XenuChan, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. XenuChan Member

    why should the average joe/jane care about scientology?

    I'm working on doing a simple website for the average person to read and get informed about the damages the CoS causes. Right now I am working on a section called "Why should I care?"
    So far all I have written in that section is "You should care because what the Church of Scientology does could affect YOU and YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FRIENDS and YOUR FREEDOM!"
    What else should I add to back up those statements?
  2. Re: why should the average joe/jane care about scientology?

    Well, when it comes to communicating this cause with the uninformed public, I suggest we work hard to focus on 2 particular Hot-buttons:

    1st. Taxes
    (Co$ Unfair Tax Exempt Status)

    This is the one that wins elections, folks!

    A few references, just to start:
    Current Event:

    Background on the secret IRS/Co$ Tax deal:

    What do we want:
    IRS to revoke the tax except status of the Co$ and all of it's phony Charitable organizations.

    2nd: Child Abuse (and Neglect) in the (Tax Exempt) Co$ Schools
    Start Here:
    Factnet Source:
    Inside Story of Abuse:

    There are hundreds more, of course.

    What do we want:
    End the practice of breaking up families, Disconnection, close or reform schools, plus end to special Tax status of the CoS education.

    I believe these two angles would be most effective to win the Heartsof Middle America.
  3. XenuChan Member

    I've got the website up. It's still a bit under construction, but I like what I have so far. Any ideas or constructive criticisms would be helpful.

    PS: I do plan on putting sections up about Child Abuse within the CoS, Forced Abortions, and the Numerous Deaths.
  4. Nice start!

    Links Page:
    Demote Free Zone links section,
    promote the Easily Digestible section and make the TIME article the first link on the list.

    Thanks for doing this!
  5. XenuChan Member

    Ok thanks!
  6. I'd add anti-psychiatry to the list of reasons people should be concerned about the CoS. Look at what Tom Cruise did to Brooke Shields after she opened up about her postpartum depression. The people who need psychiatric care most tend to be emotionally fragile, so if they run into Scientologists who spew crap at them, they could really be harmed and possibly pushed over the edge into being suicidal. And people who assume that they and those they know and love will never need psychiatry and be fragile like that are very naive. I've seen estimates that 20% or so of the population suffers from some sort of mental illness, whether just mild depression or something more severe--so it's pretty much guaranteed that someone you know and love does, even if you don't.
  7. Nobody wants their friends or family to fall prey to some predatory cult, and the church of scientology is a very real threat in this way. The fact that they actively go after mentally fragile people first and foremost, and then seek to limit their ability to seek help (through denouncing psychology and psychiatry, the Lisa clause, etc) should be enough to worry anyone who's actually aware of this conduct.

    That part of the population might be small yet, but hey, that's what we're here for.
  8. Tink, I'm utterly confused by the combination of the content your post and the content of your signature.

    Here's my thinking on the two subjects, one, scientology's organizations are dangerous. Not some of them, all of them (there's the church and fronts for the church, and that's all there is.)

    Two, i'm sympathetic to concerns about psychiatry. I see "rights" as a balance of power between people. Your right to speak outweighs the right for others to hurt you for speaking, but you (should) have a right to defend yourself if you're physically attacked.

    I think the amount of power that psychiatrists have might be out of balance, but I think people have a right to seek psychiatric treatment, because psychiatry is able to help some people. Also, people should (generally) have the right to not have their lives dictated by "experts" either Psychiatrist or Scientologist.

    I like the idea of Free Zone, I don't think they're dangerous. But I don't know if you're linking to the CCHR front for the CoS out of irony, or because you think a Scientology Front can help people, I think providing alternatives to psychiatry should never be done by forceful, totalitarian cults. It should be done by people that acknowledge that psychiatry can help people, too. Sorry if i missed the joke.
  9. Dubber Member

  10. It's a joke. That's what anonymous posting is all about, right, my /b/-brothers, lol schwoop the poop (did I do that right??)

    It's not like I'm an OSA plant or anything, ha-ha *laughs out loud*
  11. Cool. I really hate it when i miss those :( :)

    (Loved the avatar either way.) And most of your post was way too openly anti-cult to consider that you were OSA. I don't think they'll ever go that far to look like a normal person.

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