Why we oppose western intervention in Libya Statement by Stop the War Coalition

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama have openly declared that Nato military intervention in Libya is a war for regime change.
    The three leaders' joint statement says explicitly that the purpose of the bombing is the removal of the current Libyan regime and is not the humanitarian justification for intervention that was given at the United Nations and in the British Parliament. There are rightly demands by MPs to recall Parliament to debate the shifting reasons for war. War for regime change is illegal.
    Far from ending suffering, Nato's war is prolonging the fighting and is itself causing civilian casualties across Libya. The British and French governments are opposing moves, such as by the African Union, for negotiations to end the ground conflict and instead are pressing reluctant allies to escalate the bombing or explore wider military intervention.
    Saudi Arabia, Qatar and those few Arab states that support the bombing are themselves complicit in the suppression of movements for democracy in their own countries and in Bahrain, where peaceful protesters have been gunned down and the main opposition party banned.
    The powers which took us to war in Iraq and which are occupying Afghanistan are no friends of the Libyan people. The Saudi dictatorship is no friend of democracy.
    They have subordinated the Libyan opposition in Benghazi to the interests of Britain, France and the US - obtaining guarantees that Western corporations' oil and commercial interests will be protected whatever the Libyan people might otherwise freely decide.
    That's why at a time of savage austerity Cameron is prepared to find whatever money it takes to pursue this military adventure.
    This war is already widening beyond the reasons given at the UN. It is escalating while support for it at home and abroad is falling.
    Instead of prolonging and intensifying the conflict, we call for an immediate end to Nato bombing and military intervention.
    Many states that are opposed to Nato's war are offering alternative ways to bring an end to the fighting in Libya. That is welcome. The Libyan people as whole must ultimately decide on how that is done - not Britain, France and the US, which are pouring petrol on the flames and whose military adventures across the Arab region have brought disaster down the decades.
  2. Asexi Member

    Just saw on the news they have sent in the gunships =(, now I'm neither 100% for nor against intervention, but idly standing by and allowing a dictator and his supporters minions to apply their obviously superior weapons and training (paid for out of the national riches of all Libyans) to slaughter fellow citizens peacefully protesting against an obviously corrupt crumbling decades old cold war relic dictatorial regime, in this day and age of communication and open dialog is more unacceptable than intervention.
    As for securing contracts and such as I have seen nor heard nothing but hearsay with out even a glimpse of documented proof I must assume that your claims are merely unsubstantiated speculation at best or at worst a blatant attempt to dis-inform or smear opposition to your bent of thinking.
    Of course if you do have links to relevant documents, meetings and speeches that you can link, to support your claims I will be more than willing to appraise my position.
    Enlighten me please.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    And if the US didn't get involved someone would have written, "Why isn't the US helping us?"
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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    lol, retard
  8. mongrel Member

    Also this

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  9. Asexi Member

    That is hardly an objective piece of media my friend, before I even point out that the lynching "victims" at 4:45 are very much alive (try zooming in on the video, and seeing that they are merely observers gaining a higher vantage point over the crowd) just like this guy. article-1363540-0D7E84A4000005DC-1000_634x410.jpg

    Don't worry its a pro gaddafi rally so he's not "dead".

    Or I raise the question of why the gaddaffi supporters even felt the sudden need to attend the obviously government sanctioned rallies as a show of support, Post civil unrest in the western regions of Libya. Trying to claim moral superiority over ones "enemies" due to a civil war is the oldest trick in the book and a jaded westerner could be forgiven for regarding such an obviously biased piece with distaste at best. War either "civil, national or international" is not something one should regard lightly, nor should one base nor post their opinions on a simple piece of media, or try to side with "the good guys".
    Despite you posting this clumsy bit of propaganda which like all good lies, has more than just a kernel of truth I may add (but of which the facts have been so severely distorted so as to be barely recognisable), sourced from for the most part what one would hardly call reputable news sources (mostly tabloid my friend, look to broadsheets for a bit more objectivity and less sensationalism). Not to mention the severe sanctions placed on both foreign and domestic journalism from been able to cover as the entire situation boiled over.

    One must ask the questions "why, who what where and when?"

    Why did the situation boil over to a civil war meriting or even warranting foreign intervention (or even been able to be sold as such)

    Who? Who is responsible for allowing this rift to happen to the peoples who make up the rich fabric of modern day Libya? Who was in power, who allocated jobs, finances and resources to the peoples decades prior to this mess? Who was responsible for the laws and society that created this resentment and unrest? (you raised the question of CIA involvement) ,I say you may have something there but I have seen no documented evidence whatsoever even in you reply video and not for lack of trying to find it on my own part.

    What? What are they fighting about or for, their "cause" if you will, I see gaddaffi supporters are just that, they support one man and his idealogy. Is gaddaffi and his rhetoric really more important than peace, harmony, equality and representation for all the peoples of Libya? Is nepotism really that effective in government, industry, finance and education on a national scale?

    Where? you and that piece of "media" both claim western secret services to be behind the scenes involved in the civil unrest weather it was planning, financing or harboring "militants" against the regime, if that's the case where are these well trainned armed, motivated hordes or even just cells of western agents during the early days of unrest? Even in your own media it confesses that the 1st violent protestors were only armed with stones and molotovs, and were acting as a disorganised mob, hardly what one would call "planned" and especially not by western covert ops, you wanna see planned review the media footage of the attempted coup against Chavez, that was planned.

    When? Try looking at a variety of news sources from across the spectrum of views nationally and internationally, and look to form a time line of the events that the media can only substantiate and prove, not at reactionary events but at the causes and precursors to these events.

    I'm sorry I was not convinced nor swayed by that particular piece of media and you have not shown documentation, when I say documentation I am not talking about media ,I am talking about paper trails, hard copy, legal documents all of these things are kept as a matter of accountability of the government to the public in all western democracies.

    Have a nice day.
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  10. Asexi Member

    Now that second video on the other hand was far more interesting, establishing a motive bravo!!! put up some more links please. I would be very interested in viewing the site mentioned laying out the infrastructure details. Gotta link?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Did I spot some Hugo Chavez Support there?

    Don't mind me, just needed to post that...
  12. Anonymous Member

    Sure is stupid up in here....
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    >obviously government sanctioned rallies

    >Try looking at a variety of news sources
    look at the video i think that has a variety of sources
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Asexi Member

    Zoom in on the footage you clown, or better yet view the origional less blury footage,
    WallPaint339.jpg Using your kind of critical observation skills, ooo look here's the limo driver shooting JFK
    OK prepare to be owned, same rally closer look.
    Funny how your "corpse" is waving his arms around at 7:14.

    And in addition that BS conspiracy theory in relation to the saharan fossil water infrastructure scheme doesn't "hold water" either rofl. Water and dirt does not arable land make, try looking at statistics of bushel yield per hectare in irrigated poor soil areas such as regional australia where artesian aquifer water has been in use for some time, in relation to northern hemisphere temperate arable land yields (ala europe and the US).

    Not to mention serious question marks raised over the long term rate of resupply of the projects source aquifers from saharan floods and permeation through the rock strata. Not forgetting the simple fact that Libya still has to feed and water her own growing peoples prior to even entertaining the idea of "dominating" European food sources.

    And whats with loading up the video footage of the ground spotters post UN security council sanction and implementation of Air strikes been authorised? of course they are going to have ground spotters to minimise civilian casualties while they are employing air strikes. Again its post dated my friend ,now if you had a bunch of creepy westerners dressed up like that in Libya prior to the current shit storm kicking off then you would have a case for your baseless accusations. But considering how random, cobbled together and out right wrong the information you are putting forward is, I remain unswayed.
  17. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Yep it is a case of criminals waging war on a criminal and killing far more people than he could alone so they can put in an even worse puppet.
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  18. Anonymous Member


    that's quite clearly not the same picture and also in the video there are people with light green suspitious as that would be a symbol of the green revolutioin that gadaffi lead

    prior activities in libya
    us supported group from the 1980s

    As for your comment about the water way; it has been build arguing about it would be a waste of my time
  19. Anonymous Member

    almost forgot
    Adopting resolution 1973 (2011) by a vote of 10 in favour to none against, with 5 abstentions (Brazil, China, Germany, India, Russian Federation), the Council authorized Member States, acting nationally or through regional organizations or arrangements, to take all necessary measures to protect civilians under threat of attack in the country, including Benghazi, while excluding a foreign occupation force of any form on any part of Libyan territory
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  21. Asexi Member

    Okay maybe you should watch the video and read what I write before commenting or replying, that IS the same rally and it is also footage from CLOSER than your original footage. Clearly showing one of YOUR corpses as a man holding some type of camera or phone. That picture is because the person holding this camera was right out the front of the building that the rally was formed in front of, and he was panning back to where the original footage was taken. Honestly after your last comment I wont be replying because I strongly suspect that you are a troll.
  22. Anonymous Member

    two more problems with your video:
    1) theres a building behind the people being haged in my video there isn't in yours
    2) my video said the hanging was on feb 20!!!!!
  23. Anonymous Member

    Why did france imediatly recognise the rebel government without any inteligence about the group?
  24. Herro Member

    Because they gave France this really cool mix tape of house music.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Asexi is butthurt over how easily his arguments where brushed aside


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