Why we should stay on YouTube:

Discussion in 'Anonymous vs Scientology Archive' started by eksef, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. eksef Member

    Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Why we SHOULD stay on Youtube:

    Ok we're all pissed off that WBM got rejected any appeal or chance to remove the colbert stuff. YouTube is now fagtube, Viacom is viashit, Colbert is our last hope.

    HOWEVER, we have to remember that we as Anonymous HAVE NO LEADER.

    Whether WBM stays, leaves, or is kicked from YouTube should NOT lead us to do the same. WBM isn't a leader, but us leaving YouTube because of him makes it seem like he is. If the Scilons see this, they'll continue to hurt/block WBM to cripple our morale and "leadership". We have to show the Scilons that taking out WBM or any single person will not affect our movement at all!

    YouTube is by far the most viewed and known video site. We are strong in it, we must continue to own it. WBM or not, Anonymous has no leaders, the scilons can try to take out one of us, but 9000 of us will be there to say NO U.

    We have to show the Scilons that we can be as strong with or without WBM on YouTube.
  2. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    youtube is a necessary evil now in order to maintain internet supremacy, but its too bad. i used to be a big fan of youtube. they now have a serious enemy. and i have a personal army.
  3. eksef Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Yes GayTube sucks, but 95% of regular people watch it over any other site. We are there to show those people what they don't know, not to lulz at each other only.
  4. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    My view on this here:

    In a nutshell though? Basically its that if this is ALL about getting more and more people aware of what's happened, the last thing you do is run away. What you do, in this case, is nominate ONE channel, with ONE video on the subject, and you work like hell to have it land at the top of the Most Viewed and other lists EVERY SINGLE DAY until YouTube, and all of the other YT viewers get the message. A million scattered videos don't do the trick. Leaving doesn't. Even letters to them don't. Media attention and having it constantly IN THEIR FACES on their Most Viewed list does.
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    I agree with staying with Youtube, in addition to other sites.

    Last night Mark said, on Glosslip Radio, that he had been (temporarily) an unWise Beard Man for posting the Colbert stuff, but was fully ready to take them down but did not get the warnings in time. he said it was his bad. Ok, so let's move on.

    One mistake is an easy thing to make.

    Focusing on the one bad point is just unlulzy, guise.

    Let's focus on all the good stuff, for the lulz.
  6. eksef Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:


    Stay on target - our target is the scifags, and YouTube is our weapon.

    When all of this is over and scientology is dead, THEN Anonymous can mess with YouTube if Anon wants. For now, Anon can't do both.
  7. Nocturnal Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Definitely stay on YouTube.
    Post all of WBM's vids (excepting the Colbert ones) on a million different accounts. Make it impossible for SciTube to remove him. Make the death of Xenutv1 a pyrrhic victory.

    WBM himself can post to whatever site he likes. We can always just post those vids straight to SciTube.
  8. AnonEFG12365 Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    once again I must state that there is a big difference between someone we respect and a leader.

    We RESPECT him. he is not our leader.

    his voice is equal to everyone!
  9. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    It is clear that this really has nothing to do with copyright, it's completely inconsistent with how they usually enforce their policy.

    I'm pissed off. Let's brainstorm on how to harm youtube without losing exposure. I was thinking a campaign to get everyone to install adblock pro. That targets all of the internet though. Anyone know how to write firefox extensions want to modify it to target only youtube?

    We can always boycott youtube when it comes to non-Scientology related stuff, and hopefully end youtubes dominance as a video site...

    any other ideas?
  10. Helatrobus Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Retreating from YouTube would be a terrible idea. Smear their name into the dirt, maybe, but never retreat.
  11. eksef Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Exactly. Right now, if Anon leaves YouTube, it makes it seem like WBM is our leader, which Scilons would like to be true. Also, this incident would help clarify to all anon that he isn't a leader in case any anon think he was.
  12. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    We need to keep Tory on-line. Make sure she stays on YT. But I also had a thought on the subject.... (see 'A thought' thread)
  13. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:


    There is no leader with anonymous. But if this is to work anons need to be flexible and allow themselves to be mediums for messages from people who have experiences in scientology that a lot of Anons do not have.

    Maybe the next protest should be viral. a solid day/week of anons posting videos on youtube of the most important pieces / comments made from WBM, Magoo and Steel Balls (Jason Beghe). We flag our own vids as favorites and get awareness out as such.

  14. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Again, what good does it really do to "post to a million different accounts".

    YouTube doesn't CARE. Heck, Scientology won't either.

    This was NEVER about keeping the video unposted. Nobody could do that. It was about making sure it couldn't get mass attention. There's no need to put it "a million different places" (be realistic--it will actually be dozens or hundreds at most), when none of them will get more than a few views.

    ONE YT account, which is engineered to get lots of views. If Scientology gets that closed for some bogus reason, then the next place, engineered to get all the views.

    The key is getting a lot of people (Anonymous mainly at first, to drive up statistics) to view ONE copy, so it gets placed high on the Most Viewed and other lists. So PEOPLE WHO HAVEN'T ALREADY SEEN IT WILL HAVE IT SHOVED RIGHT IN THEIR FACES INSTEAD OF HAVING TO BE DIRECTED TO IT (which would mean, they'd already have to have been introduced to anti-Scientology as a movement anyway).

    Other tactics? Are, pardon me, probably a bit of a waste of time. New eyes are the only eyes that matter, since WE would find the videos WHEREVER they were posted on the net. But Joe Average won't.
  15. Anonabliss Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Why can't someone host another xenu tv account with a slightly different name and upload all of marks videos? If he gave permission, and the so called copyright infringements are not there, what can you tube do?
  16. WileyCoyote Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:


    As long as Mark isn't administering it, and that can be PROVEN, then I don't see why this isn't the optimal idea.

    And if it gets closed on some paper thin premise? A different person opens one and does the same thing.

    Mark OWNS his content and can grant the use to whoever he wants to. At first at least it should be someone he trusts, but I don't see why this isn't being done.

    It's far better than LEAVING YouTube. It skirts their ASSAHOLIC objection because Mark is just making footage for HIS website and someone else is posting it with permission. And it will be obvious to the world that YT is out to suck on Scientology wang, if this new account gets banned, as long as it doesn't also have other non-Bunker material on it (it would have to be a new account, or better yet one that already exists but has NO history of videos being posted).

    Who does Mark trust that has no history of video posting, but would be willing to do it for him? Optimally it shouldn't be a Anonymous person, but a real world known ally of Mark's with little to no YouTube presence, so Mark won't be seen as an arm of Anonymous--something neither he nor Anonymous wants.

    To keep 100% "honest", Mark would probably have to email the videos to this person or put the videos up on another site first but with a blanket repost blessing. And then ALL Anonymous should know to NOT repost the video on their own channels, but instead make ADS redirecting people to the one central video on this channel--driving its view numbers WAY up.

    Presto. Problems solved.
  17. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    That is what I am getting at Wiley. Anon has like 1 account that is pushed and if that one falls then another one pops up that we push the hell out of.
    This will obviously have to be with the permission of WBM.

    IF (When?) another channel is taken down another one takes it place.

    There should also be a discussion about contingency plans if other channels are taken off that are of importance.
  18. CCN Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Mark should contact youtube and ask them if they are allowing this (someone else opens up the account and "grants him permission to post the videos there").
    I will also agree that youtube is very important for getting exposure, it's probably just lamers that don't know Internets (yeah I'm generalizing here =]) that are using the other video sites so those crowds aren't that important.
  19. BlueDreamer Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    As long as he gives permission to someone to upload the vids for him AND that is made clear on the vids (so to avoid possible flaggings), then I don't see why youtube would disallow that. The vids Mark makes himself are not the ones infringing the copyrights, so they should be able go up as long as it is someone else's account.
  20. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Mark posting through someone elses account is a good temporary solution, but we should not settle for this. It is ridiculous that WBM should have to be in exile from youtube
  21. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Youtube is our digital theatre of war.
    *Lets loose the hounds of wars
    Protip: Battlefields tend to get dirty after a battle; bodies, pockmarks, trenches, etc ;)

    The longer we and scientology keep doing what we do, it'll be harder and harder to ignore the ongoing fracas.
  22. AnonAgent Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    I HAVE AN IDEA! lets get youtube's bandwidth costs up to 2million a day (estimated 1 million per day now) that'll show 'em.
    /crappy post
  23. Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    I like the idea of xenutv2.
  24. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Why we should stay on YouTube:

    Better yet:

    Operated by Bark Munker
    Ammy Eward winning producer
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