Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Fuckeye, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. Fuckeye Member


    Why the hell is this a situation room?
    I'm not following your logic here at all.

    Jett died. Right. What can we do about that? Nothing.
    Is this likely to be useful to what we do at all? No.

    Why is this subforum needed?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why?

    we're coming up on the first page of google for searches for jett travolta -- it was probably decided that it was better to have one easy-to-find section for everyone stopping by here rather than having them wander around and not know how to use the search function

    just my guess...
  3. Relyt Member

    Re: Why?

    I don't know, inform people about the Travoltas' negligence due to Hubbard's dangerous teachings?
  4. muldrake Member

    Re: Why?

    Because there's thousands of people coming to this site for information on this issue right at this moment (count the visitors to the threads on this room), including news media. It's time to dump as much as we know out there so the media know how to react if the autopsy on Monday comes back showing that Jett Travolta did not have therapeutic levels of anti-seizure medication in his bloodstream, and would be alive if it hadn't been for his cultist parents' willful refusal to treat his life threatening condition.


    Why hi there Kelly Preston. Way to go, CCHR ftw.
  5. Re: Why?

    Why are over 9000 people in this situation room? WTF
  6. the anti Member

    Re: Why?

    can't believe that believe that bull crap

    and looks like that made a lot of shirts on the subject
  7. Re: Why?

    D) All of the above.

    Yes, there are now over 10,000 ppl on this website, as we're coming up high on lots of different search engines, and a ton of posts are being linked to on other sites. A situation room (seems to me) is the easiest way for total newbs to find the video of Jett and the articles about him, and how that relates to Scientology.

    I think this is very relevant to our interests.
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Why?

    >9000 once again...

    Unless this is a DDOS it is epic.

    I was in Scientology 24 years and i know how crazy-anti medical the cult gets.
    If this death was a result of somebody's negligence it deserves to be fully investigated.
    I have seen pictures of Kelly Preston protesting any use of psychiatric drugs, and that may include her, possibly or likely, not giving the needed medications to her son?

    From my own experience of Scientology the omission of medication is more likely than you might think.
  9. Re: Why?

  10. Re: Why?

    why? because suddenly we are all bleeding heart faggots.

    *cry cry cry*
  11. none given Member

    Re: Why?

    I say 50-50 the old man killed the little down-stat. That is what LRH taught should be done with the disabled.
  12. j0eg0d Member

    Re: Why?

    The official Scientology press release will go something like - John Travolta's son Jett had Kawasaki Syndrome caused by a household cleaning product. Go to scientologyDOTcon for more information or read Diarrrhetics on how to keep your child Palmolive safe.
  13. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Why?

    If that's true, please explain why Miscavige is still wasting valuable oxygen?
  14. the anti Member

    Re: Why?

    just because a person is a asshole doesn't mean they can't feel bad for something happening
  15. da5id Administrator

    Re: Why?

    We went from 300 users to over a thousand in just a few minutes.. to help keep people from (ab)using the search function we setup a subforum that the visitors could easily jump into. This likely helped when the site breached 10k users.

    After that it will likely stay pending any medical information that is released/covered up the cult. I mean, this is assuming that there IS indeed an issue greater than a simple slip and fall accident. Time will tell.

    It's not about being bleeding heart liberals, it's about providing information to the thousands of users flocking to the site.
  16. anonymous44 Member

    Re: Why?

    OP is a fucking toolbox.
  17. rof Member

    Re: Why?

    Can we start shooping yet or is it toooo sooooon?

    Where is a picture of this spastic mongtard loinfruit of homoscilon?

    I want to welcome back kotter his head into a bathtub.
  18. LilDebbie Member

    Re: Why?

    i really hope that's not the case. i've been on anti-convulsants for muh epilepsy for several years now and can personally attest that they in no way affect my thoughts or personality (read: still an asshole). the only side-effects i've experienced are a substantial drop in my tolerance for alcohol (first beer i had after i went on the meds floored me) and a progressive lost of sensation in my extremities which yeah sucks but is better than the seizures.

    well at least jett probably wasn't conscious when he died.
  19. TheBitch Member

    Re: Why?

  20. kitfisto Member

    Re: Why?


    Because this could be the catalyst for a huge change in the public view of Scientology , those that haven't noticed the dangers of the cult . Too anyone who hasn't heard much about scientology and their skewed logic . THIS IS BUT THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG !!!!! There is much more wrong in scientology other than being coerced into not taking necessary medication . MANY more have died , MANY more will die needlessly just to satisfy the moneylust of the few at the top of this sinister organization .
  21. Hostile Member

    Re: Why?

    "too soon" implies that jokes get better with age. which implies that no matter how tragic or horrible an event is, eventually, it will be hilarious.

    so why not start early?
  22. muldrake Member

    Re: Why?

    Most of the drugs that are good anti-seizure medications are also in the list of drugs Scientologists would consider "psych drugs." For example, Depakote is also used for bipolar disorder (and for that matter is a nasty fucking drug but better than seizures and better than acute bipolar disorder). There's also the benzos like Klonopin and Valium and Ativan, Tegretol (also used for schizophrenia and ADHD). Most of the good anti-seizure medications are also used for some other "psych" disorder. Probably because the conditions which cause seizures are somehow related to the conditions which cause less dramatic but similarly severe mental conditions.

    Scientologists aren't Christian Scientists. They don't reject all medicine, just "psychiatry," or basically anything dealing with treating the brain. When Christian Science first came into existence, rejecting all medicine was not obviously insane. Encounters with doctors were not likely to result in much good as recently as 100 years or so ago. But now that medicine has advanced considerably, Christian Scientists are quaint weirdos, and their rejection of medicine is quaint lunacy, basically tolerable unless they try to kill children by withholding medical care, in which case we get a court order to give their kid a transfusion or whatever. Scientology is sort of in the same boat, in that totally rejecting psychiatry in the 1950s or so, when Hubbard went batshit because psychiatrists dissed his Dianetics bullshit, was not all that bogus. Psychiatry had very little pure scientific basis at that point, and many of its treatments were ghastly or stupid. Similarly to "real" medicine, though, psychiatry has gotten on a better footing since then. Give it a few more years, and Scientology's rejection of psychiatry will be as abjectly nutty as Christian Science's rejection of normal medicine.

    Unfortunately, while we are now in a situation with regard to cults like the Jehovah's Witlesses, where if they refuse to give their children blood transfusions because of their nutjob religious beliefs, we get a court order forcing the issue and haul them off to prison if they try to murder their children by interfering, psychiatric issues really aren't treated the same way, even issues likes potentially life-threatening seizures. It's likely the Travoltas will get away with their failure to treat Jett appropriately, although legally, the issue is no different except that while the blood transfusions that JWs refuse may result in immediate death, refusing anti-seizure medications merely increases the risk of seriously adverse medical outcomes or even death.

    If it comes out that these cultists didn't treat their child with medically necessary drugs because of their "religious beliefs," it will turn into an argument about religious liberty, as if Jett Travolta himself had any "religious liberty" issue when he was completely disabled and totally at the mercy of his parents. But the real issue is whether a child has the same right to needed medical treatment related to a neurological condition as he does when it's a "conventional" medical condition like needing a blood transfusion.

    I think the child does have that right, and if Jett did not have therapeutic levels of anti-seizure medication in his bloodstream when he died, that's going to raise serious issues. Assuming it's even looked at before he's cremated.
  23. SRQanon Member

    Re: Why?

    i sense a new thread in td!:D
  24. DamOTclese Member

    Re: Why?

    Lurk moar.

    As it is this latest Scientology related death holds a possibility that Jett was denied medication as part of the Scientology Corporation's deadly and insane ideologies against medications for treatable problems. Jett had a history of seizures which means that John Travolta was undeniably ordered not to medicate his son for them since seizure medications are banned by Scientology's head crime bosses.

    What's worse is the possibility that the crooks subjected Jett to their "Purification Rundown" a.k.a. "NarCONon" a.k.a "Second Chance" quack medical frauds which can kill people days or weeks after victims are subjected to it.

    Absolutely this latest Scientology death rates a situation room -- more so if the Scientology crooks try to stop medical or criminal investigations in to the cause of this latest death.
  25. TheBitch Member

    Re: Why?

    The mother $cientologist has long time credited the "detox" program of Hubbard as being responsible for saving her son's life and making it ever so much better for him...


    The mother stated it as a WIN to the press, what more freakin proof do you need that they did it to him?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why?

    Hey faggots, the OP is a very intelligent person. She didn't need a basic explanation to her question, it's a deeper question.

    Answer is OP, this is an attention whoring gimmick by people who understand Scientology about as well as they understand how they might want to back up a minute and not exploit the death of a retarded child.
  27. Re: Why?

    Situation rooms have always been formed when moderators feel that there will be an influx of threads and posts on a given subject. It started with XenuTV1 and went on from there. It's easier to track, and easier to moderate. There have been "unnecessary" situation rooms in the past, believe me. When it dies down, it'll be archived. Unless everything has changed around here.
  28. da5id Administrator

    Re: Why?

    Your statement implies that there is in fact a deeper meaning to it.. since you aren't the one that made the subforum then perhaps my explanation about how we made it in attempt to keep the site online can be believed? 63k visitors came by today and by making a subforum we could keep the vast majority of them from utilizing database resources that they aren't going to pay attention to anyway.

    WWP isn't trying to exploit the death of a child, the influx of users can be blamed on google. Be happy that people care enough to read.
  29. Buttons Member

    Re: Why?

    Take advantage of the visitors and try to inform them.
    Bump informative threads to the front page.

    Think of it as just another raid/protest instead of you going to the org, they're coming here.
    Break out the flyers/videos/links.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Why?

    yeah, i pretty much saw it as a practical solution to a very real increase in traffic... not another TomKat phenomenon
  31. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Why?

    Yeah, it made sense to me, too.

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