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Discussion in 'Projects' started by da5id, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. da5id Administrator needs content is now pointing to the webhost, sorry for the delay. I do need a complete mirror of the old website to put online while we (someone? anyone?) designs a nice looking new page with the content..

    Anyone know who can give me a complete archive of the webroot (the afore mentioned rar files have a lot of stuff, but not everything)?

    Anyone wanna volunteer to begin the redesign?
  2. grokitt2 Member

    Re: needs content

    I can do a redesign, but would be awesomely helpful to see the old content first. (I don't remember it for crap.) Anyone know of a live mirror, or even a link to the .rar mentioned above?
  3. da5id Administrator

    Re: needs content

    I know there is a temp mirror online at , but I am hoping someone has an archive of the full site so I don't have to rape that site to mirror it.
  4. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: needs content

    It is great to see this happening now.

    You faggots are epic, lol.

    Some anons are making signs with the new address already.

  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: needs content


    'cos the dead have no voice but ours...
  6. HellRazor Member

  7. Zhent Member

    Re: needs content

    I guess you got my rar files I uploaded before (the mirror is using them)
    Yes they don't contain everything from WATD, just the main documents. I think from memory theres about 500MB of other stuff that wasn't included, mostly media files and LMP documents.

    I will try to poke though my WATD mirror and find out what wasn't included and try to upload it. Could take while on my terribly slow connection though...

    Edit: Theres also the WATD phpbb forum, but my wget mirror garbled it, so its probably not worth uploading it.
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: needs content

    Thanks Zhent !!
    U win >9000 internets.
    They will be inside your next cupcake.
  9. demosthenes Member

    Re: needs content

    I'm willing to help pull content from the old site (i.e., recode it in cleaner HTML so we can just copy and paste into the new design). I do suggest that we use this opportunity to improve the content.

    For one, the site would be much easier to browse and maintain if all the names were in the same format. I suggest something like:

    Year of Birth - Year of Death

    One-paragraph summary of the most salient facts. More info...


    [separate "more info" page if one is required]

    Whatever else we have, which hopefully includes links to third-party news sources. Should be no more than five paragraphs or so. If a name has more than five paragraphs' worth of information attached to it, that information needs to be broken up into short, readable pages somehow. (I am thinking mainly of the Lisa McPherson section, which as of right now is incredibly tl;dr.)

    What does everyone else think?
  10. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: needs content

    You have great ideas, I say go for it...
  11. Zhent Member

    Re: needs content

    Ok I have uploaded the additional WATD content, wasn't as much as I thought

    Merge these with the previous rars I uploaded and you should have the complete public WATD website.

    The other rars are here for reference:

    Let me know if theres any problems, its possible there will be some broken links somewhere that wget didn't fix.
  12. da5id Administrator

    Re: needs content

    Excellent, thanks everyone! FYI, we have a really fantastic design being built atm so hopefully we will have something to unveil soon. After the layout is complete, then I will likely need some help sorting through all of the data and getting it together in the right format.

    As soon as I'm ready for that I will post and ask for help :)

  13. Forgott3nAnon Member

    Re: needs content

    I can help with any design work. Particularly CSS work
  14. da5id Administrator

    Re: needs content

    Thanks to Zhent the original files are now in place so that the site can be referenced while we work on the redesign behind the scenes.

    There is indeed some missing stuff here and there, but most if it is there and that's what's important!
  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: needs content

    You folks are frikken amazing! *applause and moral supports*
    Many lookin' forward to seeing new site!
    And many I'm sure respect & appreciationn & internets: I think its a very important resource and also can be a real eye opener for those new to seeking the info and just looking around.

    Kudos to all!

  16. da5id Administrator

    Re: needs content

    Also, for you non artfags, the best way you can help us is by

    contacting old sites that link to and asking them to update with the new .info domain - Google Search
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: needs content

    Whew - I was confused...when I saw the thread title I thought you wanted us to kill more people.
  18. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: needs content


    Thanks everyone for your awesome tiem and skilz.

  19. da5id Administrator

    Re: needs content

  20. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: needs content

    Will do my part on spreading new URL/domain/site far and wide *bows*

  21. Namenlos Member

    Re: needs content

    Do you need any shooping done for background/logos/banners etc?
  22. docpaul Member

  23. demosthenes Member

    Re: needs content

    Nashanon has been going through the content on the old site, and after we stripped out the tinfoil, names that weren't sourced, and people who didn't actually die, we came up with about 20 solid names, as well as another 20 that need more research.

    Now I'm going through and cataloging the news stories linked on the site. The page on Josephus Havenith has internal links to an English dub of a German documentary on Scientology, but the links are broken in both my copy of the site and the mirror. Is my copy of the site incomplete, or have the files disappeared from the Web altogether? The paths are /real/dark1.rm and /real/dark2.rm.
  24. restim Member

    Re: needs content

    I have a mirror that includes these files. Currently zipping the whole thing, will upload later tonight.

    Kudos to all involved in preserving this on the web.
  25. Zhent Member

    Re: needs content

    Dont bother, these files are available on the new

    The mirror only used a portion of the old WATD (ie without media files) the new has a complete copy.

    If you need to download the whole site check my post on the previous page of this thread.
  26. Spangly Member

    Re: needs content

    Now we have a proper "sequel" to in the new site, I'm going to remove my temporary mirror from (in its place will be a big obvious link to the new site). That'll get done tomorrow, most likely.
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: needs content

    I see whut you did thar. :)

    And there was much rejoicing.

    Well, not THAT much, yet... but let the preparations for MOAR rejoicing begin.
  28. restim Member

    Re: needs content

    Already upped it, may as well leave it there. Everything from WATD except the forums.

    One zip, about 625 MB, validates correctly. Unzipped, according to windoze, there are 9375 files in 194 subdirectories with a total size of 1,333,009,172 bytes.
  29. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: needs content

    Impressed with epic-ness of anons helping this site rise from the dead.
    U guys rock.
  30. whosit Member

    Re: needs content

    I'd be willing to help with this. Has this been been divided up? Wouldn't want to aggravate anyone with multiple contacts.
  31. demosthenes Member

    Re: needs content

    Since no one's said anything about this in the past two days, I think it's fairly safe to assume that nothing's been done yet. My suggestion would be to go ahead and start contacting sites, then post which ones you've contacted in this thread.

    You may wish to mention in your e-mail that we're planning a complete overhaul of the site, and so links to pages within the site may end up broken. (Actually... Da5id, what is the plan for the current version of the site? Will it still be on the Internet in some form, or are you going to take it down altogether?)
  32. da5id Administrator

    Re: needs content

    It is currently being completely rebuilt with a beautiful design and some hardcore anons verifying dox on everyone listed. I will report back when I know more
  33. whosit Member

    Re: needs content

    I'll start shooting out emails today.

    edit: might need some help with foreign language sites.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: needs content

    Here is a list of sites linking in from Alexa. - Sites Linking in - from Alexa

    Of course many of thest are from anons dropping the link in the comments, but still a good place to start.
  35. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: needs content

    Hi Da5id,

    Checking in...
    [Post slowpoke pic here]

    I did transfer domain to you for this purpose. Thanks!
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: needs content

    Anon's Rocks!
  37. Gottabrain Member

    Re: needs content

    I probably can add names and details to the list. If you need help, please PM me.

    And TOM (former Examiner AOLA) - does anyone know his last name? Suicided while in SO at AOLA.
    I don't think he was on the original list.

    And AL CRIVELLO - Former AG/F (Assistant Guardian Finance) AOLA. Was kicked out of the Sea Org and found he hung himself in a small apt or hotel room in LA within weeks afterward. I believe the year was 1983 or 1984.

    And Les Gabel, died in motorcycle or car accident in 1986 (POSSIBLY '85), was Sea Org in LA. Wife was Liz Gabel, who was RPFed for going through grief over it. I think she was also accused of making him "PTS", but she had nothing at all to do with the accident, was not even there at the time.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: needs content

  39. Gottabrain Member

    Re: needs content

    Add Enid Byrne. Died of cancer in the 90s, never received medical treatment, died at her desk as an SO registrar at AOLA. The year of her death is posted somewhere on ESMB, some time in the late 90s I think. Sad. :(
  40. what happened to the site?

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