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  1. hey does anyone have another site that chronicles the deaths caused directly or indirectly by scientology? seems to be just that, dead and from what i've read its because someone forgot to pay hosting fees :::faceplams::: all joking aside i would like to acquaint myself with stories other than Lisa McPhereson and Elli Perkins. any help is luvz
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  5. luvz all around for you guyes!!! =D
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    Why is this site dead? What happened? Also if it is public info do we know who ran the site and if they are planning to put it back up?
  8. nothing to get our panties in a knot over... just whoever owned the domain name forgot to pay hosting fees that is all.
  9. omg... this is fucking brutal! there is over 100 names on that page!!!
    how can people be so cold and downright evil towards their fellow man?
    Now that i know i will always cry for these poor people R>I>P

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