Wichita, KS

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AnonymousPhotographer, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Wichita, KS

    December is literally a week away. Let's do this for Lisa McPherson. Time and Place. Toss some out.
  2. mongrel Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Unfortunately, Wichita passed away earlier this summer due to a massive AIDS infestation.

    Keep us posted on your necromancy abilities. :eek:
  3. ravenanon Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Good Luck Wichita!
  4. Tyrian Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Good luck, I'd like to see someone bring win back to Wichita.
  5. Still Alive Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    You can always make up your own cell. Look at Reno for example. They had a massive case of AIDS too and they woke up again. Different group of people this time.
  6. Daywatch Member

    Re: Wichita, KS


  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    WINchita? maybe? could be? DO IT
  8. Re: Wichita, KS

    Anythings possible! For the lulz!!!!!

    Oh and I recovered from the AIDS infestation. I was almost a goner but survived the mini-pandemic.
  9. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Rooting for witchita.

    The cancer was too great to save the original patient.

    Good luck!
  10. mongrel Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    ^^^That's the source of the previous infection. [SIZE="4"]KILL IT!!![/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]KILL IT WITH [SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]FIRE!!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/SIZE]

    It's still infested with ZOMG leadarfaggotry. Don't question the mods or you'll taste the B&HAMMER.

  11. Re: Wichita, KS

    Considering Hubbard wrote the original thesis of the Dianetics crap and blah blah blah.... I'm dissapointed that there even WAS an infestation in ICT. Truly dissapointing, and I hope that my attempts to resurrecting Wichita won't bring rabblerousers and attention whores.
  12. Daywatch Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

  13. Still Alive Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    / facepalms with nostalgic exquisite endlessness
  14. anyjane Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Go Wichita!!!!!!
  15. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Nameless threatening to protest in KC made their cell go underground. LOL
  16. Re: Wichita, KS

    Yeah, that's why I'm going to do what I can to NOT have that happen. I'm not trying to lead, just assemble... and ffs to get Wichita Anon's with half a brain to NOT bitch and whine.
  17. Kilia Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    GO WICHITA!!!!!!!!!
  18. SadLuigi Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Don't underestimate the power of attention whores. It's like flashing yummy tasty bait in front of the scilons. They'll go after the attention whores & leave everyone else alone.
  19. mongrel Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    How's the necromancy coming? You get +9000 if you succeed. (But don't become a leaderfag or chemo shall be applied.)

  20. Re: Wichita, KS

    Fail. I had to be somewhere that whole week.

    I'm not giving up though.
  21. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
  22. Uncle Fuzzy Member

    Re: Wichita, KS

    Scilons ran over my prize heifer and the SOBs want me to pay for their cars' damage. These gol-durned alien worshippers gotta go! lolz. Maybe we could get more anons if we make it look like fun. A friend of mine used to invite JW's into the house when they stopped by and then make them watch pornos. Those were the good ol'days!
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