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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by profetes, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. profetes Member

    A group of people under the banner Web for Iran have joined to provide resources for web open access & free content in Iran = Free Web in Iran (free as in freedom).

    We have created a wiki to gather all the information on resources Iranians can use to get a free web curbing the online repression of their government (Web for Iran - Wiki).

    We are also creating a website (Index of /) to report all the efforts made to achieve a free web in Iran + publish messages for groups of Iranians seeking political freedom in their country.

    I encourage you to participate in editing and improving the wiki (we have installed a very powerful visual editor, so you don't need to type wikicode to edit, it works just like word). With the collaboration of many people it will be a good reference source for those that want to access and get non-censored content from Iran.

    Thank you!

    Web for Iran
    Freedom for the Voices of Iran
    Want to help? contact us:
  2. ronjoo Member

    i actually check the site it has a very informative details..

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  3. Srpska Member

    It wouldn't hurt to stick it on the /i/nsurgency W/i/ki and link it from Proj. Greenwave, either.

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