Wikileaks and The Dark Side

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AnonOneEye, May 18, 2011.

  1. AnonOneEye Member

    For the past month i've been rethinking things a bit; Wikileaks was a epic event in freedom of information for the greater good. I've been researching a guy running a website called Under the wiki section you're able to view your favorite porn star's name. Someone with a little bit of computer knowledge can punch it in facebook, and given the ratio of good people to bad eggs, you could very well possibly have a stalker case, murder, rape, etc.

    With this site running under the banner of wikileaks, it's going to bring a really bad rep to the cause all together; not only that, it's a clear violation to privacy especially in a career like the adult industry.

    Being upset just a little i thought to myself, oh lord, not another one
    (speaking of just being done after i helped Baltimore police apprehend the two juveniles that beat the transexual at the mcdonalds not too long ago from a computer a couple of states away)

    Did a little digging, come to find out, the person running the site (whom can be argued by some people) is Danny Long, a.k.a Donald Carlos Seone, Dig a little deeper,

    But im jumping off topic
    Im pretty sure you can agree with me that in this instance, the freedom of information doesn't mean you should be able to post names, sometimes family members work places, on a web site to protect people. Comments, Suggestions, Am i not thinking with a clear head on this?
  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    What do you mean ?
  3. AnonOneEye Member

    with the first couple of letter wiki to a normal person who doesn't know the first name will probably be confused;
    Worded it wrongly in that part, that's what i meant to say in retrospect

    and the post is more pointed towards where the freedom of information should have a line; And i 100% agree that this is that line

    geared more toward public safety of the performers in those videos per say
  4. I still have no idea what you are saying? are you another dude concerned about our public image?
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    , do you think that the first four letters people will see is "wiki" ? I do not share this opinion.
  6. AnonOneEye Member

    Ok, Restart because clearly i got off to a bad start

    1: Public image doesn't matter just as long as the message gets across, that's what matter
    2: Do you think freedom of information also means that porn stars should have their names, personal info, etc on a web site that they have no control over editing
  7. if you're concerned about your dox (or someone else's) then use a little net security. Or as Foamy the squirrel says, "maybe you should think like a homocidal maniac sometimes, at least for the sake of prevention."

    in any case.... no I don't think it's good for personal information to make it onto the internet. (just look at Chris Chan, the internet's biggest lulz cow)
    Is it illegal? No. Is it possible to prevent this? Not without destroying Google.

    So what do you think you can do to stem the tide? Cause i have no ideas how you could possibly change anything.

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