Wikileaks Anthem - Protest Song by Isaac Sloan HD 'Come on Anonymous Break Down The Walls'

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Geüpload door EXOMATRlXTV op 12 jan 2011

    ~credits video:

    Official Music Video for the song We Want the Truth by Isaac Sloan.

    Its an anthem for the defenders of truth and a soundtrack for freedom of speech! Its a wake up call to the masters of war and a bane in the side of corruption. The truth will always prevail. Creative Commons license so use it however you wish. Let freedom ring through this anthem! Please tell everyone about this wikileaks song!

    Its a protest song about wikileaks and the corrupt people trying to bring it down to hide their own criminal acts from the public eye. A song about freedom of speech, the press and the internet. Its a song about the people who use their position in the public eye to incite violence against innocent people. A nation can't consider its self democratic when all important issues are labeled as "Top Secret" and never released to the public. Brave men and women risk their lives to keep our country safe and are rewarded by being sent to die in childish squabbles over seas. Is this right?

    Bradley Manning released a video of apache helicopters gunning down civilians and laughing about it. It came to be know on the internet as "Collateral Murder". What he did was was illegal and he's paying the consequences for it. We should be asking ourselves why this video was marked top secret in the first place though. It didn't contain information crucial for the security of our nation but rather just evidence of war crimes. Should information like that be hidden from the public? How can we be expected to vote if we don't actually know what our government is doing? So lastly this is a song for Bradley Manning who lost the most for the truth!

    Isaac Sloan - Guitar, Piano, Organ, Lyrics and Vocals
    Edgar Campos - Bass and Lead Guitar
    Josh Kastleman - Drums


    There was a man who wrote the truth
    about governments and war
    But the truth exposed the liers
    for the criminals they were
    We should hunt him down and murder him
    Some like sarah palin swore

    Then the credit cards and paypal
    and webhosts joined the fight
    But they only cared for money
    Not free speech or peoples rights
    So they choose to please the powerful
    Instead of freedom, truth or light

    So come on anonymous
    bring down the walls
    When knowledge is free
    Humanity can stand tall

    Well they say that your a traitor
    But you are a hero to me
    You risked your life and liberty
    So the truth could be free
    I wish you luck bradley manning
    You were braver than me

    Brave men died for their country
    but the leaders didn't care
    In their twisted lies and war games
    these deaths were more than fair
    now there's a site call wikileaks
    That puts these secrets out to air


    With Julian Assange in jail
    some think the fight is lost
    But we won't give up easily
    We want the truth at any cost
    Some scandals don't just go away
    Dirty laundry can't be tossed


    Please support Wikileaks by donating.
    Click here:

    04 *
    07 *
    20 *
    22 *
    23 *

    * = new

    ~Project infopowerment Truthers Alliance~
    Creating New kind of Unity against Tyranny
  2. Anonymous Member

    Well there's a big festering bucket of fail right there.

    Alex Jones? Get the fuck out.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Also - that singer - downs syndrome or just inbred??

    Cashing in on Anonymous with this bullshit is faggotry even Elton John would be ashamed of.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Oh fuck, even David Icke is on that list of links. LMFAO!!

    Do you even know what Anonymous is??

    David Icke claims to be the son of God FFS.

    After scientology is destroyed, fucktards like David Icke are next on the list.

    Anonymous is NOT your friend and NOT your crappy Bob Dylan wannabe advertising cash-in platform.

    Die in a fire, slowly.
  5. xenubarb Member

    Cash in on Anonymous,
    Results may be most dire.
    We'll say NO U, GTFO
    Or Go Die in a Fire.
  6. Anonymous Member


    love, Anonymous
  7. vaLLarrr Member

    There was a man who wrote a song
    about governments and war
    He spammed that shit to all Anons
    for lulz, they wanted moar
    We should hunt him down and dox his ass
    like Aaron Barr before

    Then skiddie tards and gay pals
    and traps, they joined the fight
    But they only cared for lulz and caek
    Not songs or neckbeard types

    So they choose to please the Gaga
    Instead of faggotry, spam or shite

    So come on anonymous
    bring on the raeg
    When songwriting is faggotry
    Anons write every page

    Well they say that your a fucknut
    And you're an hero to me
    You risked your life for longcat
    To scratch so viciously
    I wish you luck brave retard
    Your pizza guy will flee

    Brave Anons dox fools for pleasure
    but the singer weeps and wails
    In their twisted shoops and war games
    these poons were for your fail
    now there's a site call WWP
    That puts harpoons out to sea


    With fag singers in jeapordy
    some think his fight is right
    But we won't give up easily
    We'll spam him through the night
    Some shitheads don't just go away
    Our ears bleed as we type


    So next time you're in song mood
    Just put away that pen
    Because one more fucking spamming tune
    And we'll raep your shit again!!
  8. anonamus Member

    Even Hubbard sang better..

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