Wikileaks News Release

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Amnon Nhymous, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Wikileaks News Release

    I've got this in my email this morning :

    There's no link to any document, but it's certainly Scientology cult Hubbard Class VIII Assists Xenu lecture recording 1968 - Wikileaks

    BTW, It seemed to me there was a thread here about this leak but couldn't find it.
  2. googoomuck Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    holy shit mang
  3. Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Me hoping many a journo has subscribed to the mailing list of Wikileaks' press office.
  4. themadhair Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Why has this seemingly not been picked up by any major media outlets??? The one on shortnews appears to have been yanked.

    Seriously, this is what the critics have been telling people for years. And now that the evidence is there fro all to see there is....nothing????? WTF??
  5. Re: Wikileaks News Release

    I believe that once this entire "conspiracy" (I hate using that word, too much negative connotation attached to it) comes to light, we're going to see that Scientology's penetration into Media & Local/State governments is much deeper than anyone would like to assume.
  6. Re: Wikileaks News Release

    This leak invalidates the Scilon argument (re: Jesus) that the 1968 "OT VIII Confidential Student Briefing" from the Fishman Affidavit is a forgery/hoax (that's what they say). This is good stuff.
  7. Re: Wikileaks News Release

    I've only listened to 1/2 so far. WOW! This is so wild sh*t here. Like usual!
  8. waz1 Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    For decades $cn has worked to get roots quietly established in "effective areas". I glanced at the itheta communications and among the yip and the yap you can tell that roots have been extended and penetrated. Like crab grass. Crap grass. Crap ass. whatever. This would have been a dual function of Division 6 (public outreach) and the OSA PR unit.
  9. xzoz01 Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    interesting stuff, everyone should listen to this. You can tell he's a very imaginative person, he must have spent a lot of time just thinking this crap up. But instead of telling people "hey listen to these ideas I just thought up", he conveys it as fact. You can just imagine his followers all sitting there craving knowledge, waiting in anticipation for the great secrets they're about to be told by this wise man. What a shame.

    That section on touch assist kinda creeped me out though, sounds like it was just an excuse for L Ron Hubbard to touch people all over for "research and healing". Imagine the hours and hours of him touching people that occurred while he was "getting the tech just right". *shivers*
  10. Amnon Nhymous Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Everytime we want to contact an administration, we need - we MUST - have at leat TWO addresses/services contacts.

    If you mail a police service for instance, be sure to mail at the same time the city hall or any other service, and be sure that each one knows that the other was contacted.

    It may reduce the trash risk. ;)
  11. tiggernew Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    The lack of attention to the truth can also be attributed to general laziness/apathy and fear of being labeled as anti-religion, etc. Most reporters, politicians and other government hacks aren't going to really delve into this stuff. And they're afraid of getting slammed with a rep of being "bigoted," which Scientologists are quick to cry.

    For a period of time, after you learn this stuff, where you almost want to forget it, because it's so freakin' unbelievable & scary. I wanted to think that it couldn't possibly be true, because I thought, "Wouldn't someone have done something about it?"

    In the United States, and throughout the "first world", political correctness has run amok. We are afraid to call bullshit on anyone or anything, because it's considered judgmental, narrow-minded, and mean.

    That's why this started in "anonymous" circles. People just said what they thought, and didn't worry about being judged for it. In a business meeting, or a politician's office, or in an article, no one feels free to say, "That's bullshit, and I don't buy it for a minute." Particularly if we're ill-informed, which most people are about Scientology, by CoS and L. Ron's design.

    It's a big thing to have to explain to others, just for a short conversation. Our biggest hurdle is making the general public -- even the dusty corners where people who don't read hide -- aware of what the CoS is really all about. Then politicians and the entire reporter community will jump all over it.

    Until then, it's one at a time, ladies & gentlemen!
  12. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    I used to think that wasn't true, then I started exploring COS influence regarding "No Child Left Behind" and their pushing of NarCONon, and then I began to think I was sliding into "tin foil hats" thinking... but given the near-complete substantive news / media blackout regarding this story in the American press, as well as the failure of state, local, and federal governmental agencies to quash this madness in the 80's when they threw Mary Sue Hubbard and her cohort into prison for espionage, I've given up thinking anything but "this runs deep."

    This is "better" than any Tom Clancy novel ever written; far more complex and twisty, but the sad part is that it's real. Keep digging... it can't possibly be bottomless, though it may well lead "off-planet" if this shit keeps up.
  13. Re: Wikileaks News Release

    William K. Wolfrum Blog Archive Support the “No Child Left Behind From War Act of 2008″ I thought this was interesting?
  14. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Hallelujah, the search function here actually worked for once! I just found the article picked up by HULIQ and is on Google News!

    Congrats, Lily, you've learned the correct PR route! I'm seeing your articles come up in google news under several keywords. Beautifully done!

    Linky: Scientology founder: "Christ was an alien mind control implant." Secret cult recording leaked.

    Now to figure out how to fit the Bob Newhart Game to LRon's lectures. Now, taking a shot or a drink of beer every time they said "Bob" while watching Newhart is easy. What do I drink to while listening to a lecture? If I had a shot every time he said something stupid, I'd be bombed in the first 2 minutes.
  15. Fanboy TGAT Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Every picket in the Bible Belt, hell, anywhere that there's Christians, should have a sign that says:


  16. Plups Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Great article, Dr von Marcab.
  17. plaguedoctor Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    Yeah, I took enough acid to figure out that Napoleon was the source of unhappiness in human existence.
    I don't expect anyone to give me a million bucks and worship me as the second coming, though...:fuckyou:

    By the way, won't this leak just make it all the easier for goths and "teenage rebels" to join Scientology?

    *sorry drunkpost*
  18. mojo Member

    Re: Wikileaks News Release

    gee, dr. lily -- you didn't miss a trick! great article.

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