Wikileaks threatens leakers against leaking dox

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by mongrel, May 12, 2011.

  1. mongrel Member

    Anyone else laughing at the hypocrisy and irony of them threatening to sue someone for leaking information.
  2. Gary Busey Member

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  3. Interrobanger Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Wikileaks is so 2010 anyway. Assange's errant penis killed it. When was the last decent leak??
  5. SwordofTruth Member

    Don't see the problem really, sure it's a little OTT but people risk all to give critical information to them, wouldn't be nice if a staff member got d1ckhead syndrome and revealed that persons information opening them up to a whole world of nasty.

    If people want a chance of being caught then there are other leaking operations that way --->
  6. Stalin Member

    You do realise this also applies to the american government right?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Except that the U.S. government wages war, kills civilians, support dictators, and private corporations at the expenses of basic human rights.
  8. Anonymous Member

    And wikileaks Leaks sensitive informations that could put soldier's lives at risk.
  9. SwordofTruth Member

    Because killing civilians in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan is protecting my freedoms derp derp I heard it on mainstream media and from government !
  10. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, that's the tired slogan.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Did your Mother tell you that? Have you done your homework?
  12. vaLLarrr Member

    Name ONE soldier that has been killed or compromised as a result of Wikileaks - apart from Bradley Manning.

    Name ONE.

    Wikileaks exists purely because governments lie.

    One day people will understand that Wikileaks helped avert much more serious wars.

    It's the old mantra - if you've nothing to hide, you've nothing to fear.

    The bad guys ALWAYS get theirs in the end.

    Plus, Assange might be a leaky dick in porn-tastic Sweden, but he leaked plenty of top secret hilarious scilontology bullshit papers before he got personal with the US defence and governments.

    As with all internet skullduggery, he of all people should have known to wear a condom.

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  13. Stalin Member

    Then what does Wikileaks have to hide?

    Also you do realise this mantra was used by the gestapo as well right?
  14. Big323 Member

    he did wear a condom just turns out it broke and the girls went to the police station to see if they could force him to take an std test, but the police wennt ahead with charging him with sexual assault
  15. Herro Member

    I agree, but it's still blatant hypocrisy, and therefore funny as hell.
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  16. Clever Name Member

    Being soldiers puts soldiers' lives at risk.
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  17. vaLLarrr Member

    If you, as a most brutal and inhumane example of why we protest Mr Joseph Stslin, had been reading between the lines instead of snorting them like Tom Cruise's fluffer between Brokeback Mountain audition takes, you would doubtless be more than aware of the paradigm therein - the notion being that Anonymous really does know best, and that the freedom of information must and will be defended by those who truly control it.

    And those people are you, me, everybody. Everybody.

    Everybody Needs Anonymous To Love.

    Otherwise we may as well jack it all in and obey a jumped up little prick like David Miscavige.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    WL claims that they don't know the identity of their sources themselves due to their super secure submission system (which has been down now for over 1 year).
  19. Anonymous Member

    WikiLeaks, get out of the gagging game
    More details. I understand the author's stance against the NDA. I wouldn't sign that either, even though I strongly support Wikileaks.
  20. Anonymous Member

    They're either with us OR AGAINST US!!1!!;11131venty10ne!!!
  21. over9000OT Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    orly? Post your name, address, ssn, bank account # and PIN. Not gonna? Hmmmm... so some things should remain legitimately secret?
  23. SwordofTruth Member

    Are we as human
    Human beings as individual people are the same as governments or corporations ? the answer would be no.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Its times like these that its important to remember that there is no such thing as a hero.
    There are only good deeds, not good organizations or people. Even the best of them are subject to corruption, hypocrisy, greed, paranoia, and general human grossness of character. This includes me, you, your dad, and your favorite uncle as well.

    Wikileaks and Assange just serve as another example
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  25. Anonymous Member

    You are my hero.

    Now you're not.
  26. grebe Member

    Only in your head filled with strawmen representations of actual arguments and positions. Wikileaks does not advocate for leaking confidential information generally.
  27. Anonymous Member

    When I went to the john with a bladder full of urine
  28. Anonymous Member

    Uhm, lrn2internationallaw. The whole purpose of incorporation is to gain the same rights and protections of an individual. For purposes of international law, states are usually considered the same?

    So, you were saying?
  29. SwordofTruth Member

    I'm saying the same, I don't care what the law says, individuals are not the same as governments and multi million/billion dollar corporations no matter what guys in suits with special interests and fat bank accounts say.
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  30. Seneca Member

    Why do so many post on here that clearly don't have the same
    ideology as the site? Wikileaks desire to keep the identity
    of leakers private is in NO way ironic. Its clearly mandatory.
    I am wondering if its paid shills for the government, habitual
    trolls or stupid people who are making these pathetic associations.
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  31. grebe Member

    I think Anonymous welcomes the ideologically impure.

    It's trolls and stupid people mostly. The paid shills... i dunno. Seems they'd get a bigger bang for their buck doing press releases and astroturfing at web sites Joe Sixpack would read.
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  32. Herro Member

    Or people with different opinions.
  33. Clever Name Member

    What makes you think this website has an ideology? I'm not sure if contrarianism can be called an ideology, but if it is it's the only one that could be generally assigned to the users here.
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  34. mongrel Member

    Did any of you faggot wikileaks defenders even read the agreement linked in the OP? It's not about protecting the identity of leakers. It's mostly about protecting the information given to wikileaks so they can sell it. It was spoonfed and you're still too fucking lazy to even glance at it.

  35. Anonymous Member

    so the leakers of leaks that were leaked to them, are mad because of some of the leaks that were leaked to them by leakers were leaked?
  36. SwordofTruth Member

    What is so bad about protecting the information ?, the "whistleblower" doesn't sign the NDA so can easily give the information to other places, ohh but there is a reason they give it to wikileaks isn't there and not NYT/OL/WSJ ect ect. It's only the staff and anyone from other media sources who work with them and to be frank fair play why should the info get out before they can confirm it, get rid of any trace of the whistleblower and any innocent people. I'm sure we all remember the really dickish move the New York Times made with Cablegate going to the whitehouse with it all a week before the release and not to mention the other media partners on the release discussing the cables on open phone lines and sending them by Email. Then we have Daniel cashing in on a book telling all and riding the coat tails of wikileaks.

    No system is totally perfect and it's good to see WL are trying to make theirs more secure on the human side where others would happily hang you out to dry to save their own skin.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Anyone else thinking this is like 4chan being mad over knowyourmeme cashing in??

    Hot Topic selling longcat t-shirts?

    It's a corporate war of information - and we are the good guys.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Shit. There was a lot of info leaked last year. What ever happened to Assange? When the wikileaks hype was at its greatest I took a peek into my own country's (Mexico) files and cables. Nasty stuff. We are the largest drug trafficking corporation and the U.S. being our biggest consumers. Now we have people talking that the drug cartels have begun chats with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations. They all are well organized. But we are more, god damn it we are the PUBLIC OPINION!!!!!!!!!
  39. Anonymous Member

    Your hypocrisy 'get' is duly noted. Now CTFD (calm the fuck down).
  40. newborn Member

    just look what wiki leaks has caused us, good or bad? who knows? theres so much going on with it even now

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