Wikinews: Epictude of immeasureable proportions

Discussion in 'Media' started by Psychic Cupcake, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Wikinews: Epictude of immeasureable proportions ... ll-be.html

    Scientology screws up with statements like "Are you pro-Scientology or part of Anonymous" (directed at Wikinews).

    Ex-Scieno breaks down the crap from the Scientologist's interview.

    711chan is back in the fight.

    Could it get any better than this?
  2. anonEmouser Member

    Round three, FIGHT!

    God I love making DM, TC, and all the lovelies at the OSA crap themselves in unison. :lol:
  3. Anonawhat Member

    I wish Plasma would stop being so wishy-washy.
  4. As long as Plasma's washy when it counts, who cares about the wishy?
  5. Atomosk Member

    Re: Wikinews: Epictude of immeasureable proportions

    711chan seems to be down.
  6. anonEmouser Member

    Re: Wikinews: Epictude of immeasureable proportions

    The article mentioned that as soon as it was back up, they'd go back into raid mode.

    ...Maybe we should have some of the anon on enturbulation that also hit up 711 promote us there? Or, at least, encourage a working relationship.
  7. Anonawhat Member

    Meh, time will tell on that one; if he's in it for the long haul.
  8. Randomness Member


    Speaking to 711 admin, I'm happy to advise that they are now setting sail for epic winnage.
  9. It was closed down because it was hacked...
  10. anon11 Member

    I feel ashamed to confess this but.... I feel so happy, I might begin to laugh like Tom Cruise.

    It's great to know that our efforts are paying off.

    Could someone explain please in what relation the Regime, 711chan, immortals and 4chan are? Who is against whom?

    edit: yeah, it was kinda offtopic. I was curious. thanks for explaining. I knew about the chans and anon, but not about the regime. i lurk on /d/... whatever...
  11. Randomness Member


    I'd say lurk moar. They are irrelevant to the cause.
  12. "The chans" are forums which use a specific "chan" format of posting; all posts are nameless, and can easily indlude pictures. This has a lot of effects, including craploads of porn and the presence of naughty language, donchaknow.

    The nameless posting thing is pretty much the primary original root for the "being Anonymous" - people found out that anonimity has power and grants freedom through such forums... ...Largely this means the power to act like crazed monkeys, and that's not really a shocker. But it also grants another kind of power. As you're learning here.

    711chan was one of the specific chans where this whole things started. They were hacked and brought down, apparently by "the Regime". Details got fuzzy at that point as to who was who and doing what. As is fairly common in serious online craziness.

    Got that? Great. When it matters again, if ever, you'll know.
  13. Hilarious :D
  14. donotstalk Member

    This was a really good article, one internet to whoever wrote it.
    I especially enjoyed the poll at the bottom, where 80% put their money on us.
  15. I feel that CoS is biting off more than they can chew by making veiled threats and insults at Wikipedia...
  16. tigger Member

    CoS Labor Shortage... Overwork... Breakdown of order?

    The strict "public sweetness, private meanness" discipline of CoS is breaking down.

    They're publicly pouting. Hostility is becoming open toward society in general, because they've got the OSA having to talk to big organizations & media now, and their public sweetness people are all being questioned in a way that makes them confrontational.

    Questions make them testy -- it's working for us...
  17. SomeOldGuy Member

    711chan is back up right now.

    And considering they've borne the brunt of the crap being thrown at us, I'd say Plasma's got a perfectly good reason to be wishy-washy.
  18. sudopod Member

    You might want to tone down the LOL CHANS R TEH IRRELEVANT comments.

    There is a reason we are called "Anonymous" and say things like "lurk moar" after all. :wink:

    There is no point in running the risk of offending the people who got this whole ball of awesome rolling right on the edge of our greatest success.
  19. Whitehat Member

    ... Lurking on /d/ is NOT something you talk about...
  20. yet you just did too :p
  21. b00bs Member

    No one fucks with wikipedia!

    Or they'll edit your page.....or something. :p

  22. I think what he meant was that Regime, the Immortals, and whatever, are irrelevant as of this point.
  23. Well, that too... :p

    I was just thinking more along the lines that Wikipedia is a major intarweb portal, utilized by the populace in general and not just the "hacker geek squad with yellow vans".

    Thus, in effect, turning this thing into something much larger than just Scientology vs The Internet.
  24. ihasapancake Member


    Just.. hahahahaha.
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