Will Smith is a rude tool, pisses off New York City

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by tippytoe, May 13, 2011.

  1. Triumph Member

    there was a report on the Cable news about drew the Gawkers..created a sidewalk and street traffic jam
    there was also a second semi-trailer with a personal gym
  2. xenubarb Member

    You've never heard of suicide rats?
  3. Anonymous Member

    He's denied being a Scientologist, though. I realize that could be a lie, but that notwithstanding...

    His trailer antics sound like him being a dick, not him being a Scientologist. So if you go and protest, what exactly will you be protesting about? What'll be on your signs? What's your message, exactly? "Your Trailer Is Too Big"? "Stop Being A Dick"? "We Think You're A Scientologist Even Though You Claim You're Not"?

    Protest an Org, and it's very understandable what you're about. Protest a publicly avowed Scientologist a-la Tom Cruise, I can get it. Protesting this just seems a little... unfocused.

    But don't let me get in the way of NY Anon's fun. Knock yourselves out, guys.
  4. xenubarb Member

    If the residents being discommoded by Smoth's self indulgence picket, it wouldn't surprise me. Doubt anon will bother unless Smoth's bus exhaust is pouring in their front window.
  5. subgenius Member

    all for a 2d sequel to a movie I'll never see

    what a dick (regardless of $cilontology)
    where's dj jazzy jeff when we need him?
    he's cool
    will's kids are a mess like poor suri
    its almost like scientology doesn't work
    and i'm starting to think it doesn't help people
    could I be wrong? I mean: but, I could be wrong, right?

    is tommy lee in this one and what's he doing?

    here's how to doitrite in nyc

    "To me it’s a privilege to shoot in New York"

    He also very recently did an inside out upside down review of his own new movie (opening film at cannes) in the nyt but I can't find the link to it
    wanna lol? read it

  6. Disco Necked Member

    ^ QFT in multitudinous & indirect ways.
  7. Anonymous Member

    hahahahhahaha oh I just HOPE he plans to stick around =]
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  8. tippytoe Member

    Also, at the wrap party of one of his movies - Hancock - he gave the entire crew coupons for a free personality test at their local COS. If that's not being a Scilon, then I dunno what is.


    Uploaded with
  9. subgenius Member


    Tom loves the blacks and the joos, amirite
    A friend to all mankind
    unless yr an sp
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  10. subgenius Member

    cheapskate motherfucker comes to mind
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  11. tippytoe Member

    That too.
  12. xenubarb Member

    There's a planet to salvage. Get yer priorities straight!
  13. subgenius Member

    oh shi-
    brb out for more
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  14. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Will Smith is commonly refereed to as a "Not A Scientologist Butt". While he may not be a Scientologist and disavows being one, the fact remains he has said many pro-Scientology comments and has passed out cards for free "free personality tests". (BTW: How do you give a coupon for a free something that is already free?) As said here:

    Here is some of his own words:

    Since he is pals with Tom Cruise, here is one they can use:

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  15. In the words of a wise friend of mine "it matters not", the motherfucker has given the cos money to continue its campaign of evil.
    If you fail to see what is wrong with this then maybe you should quit being a chanologist and go join up with your local org.
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  16. There you are! We've been waiting for you good sir. :D
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  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. subgenius Member

    you better link us to the lulz
    i need me sum
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Rats like KFC laced with Warfarin...just sayin...
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  20. or pigeons. which ever they manage to catch.
  21. xenubarb Member

    It's over, guys.

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  22. Well, that still doesn't mean that no one should go tell him that the cult he so eagerly supports is bad.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Pondering this.... thinking.... I'm not so comfortable with raiding a guy when he's at work and working at making a living.

    If he is no longer disrupting the lives of the good people of NYC with that asshole trailer, then I think he should be left alone.

    If he shows up at the NYC scientology HQ, then a raid or two is quite appropriate, imho.

    Hat Tip: to FVAnon for responding to the alert!
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  24. I'm sure the little minions will figure something out.
    And lulz will be had.
  25. Herro Member

    Are you really that dumb barb?
  26. RightOn Member

    being nice was nice while it lasted
    only problem is, it never lasts long enough :(
  27. LarryBren Member

    If Will Smith is not a scientologist not only is the above interesting but it is also interesting that in a deposition about two months ago his attorney was trying to "DA" me by "proving" that I was a part of the "hate group" Anonymous, if not in fact the leader of Anonymous:

    Must be a coincidence that his and organized scientology's position on Anonymous are the same.
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  28. RightOn Member

    yay Larry! <<<<<3333
  29. subgenius Member

    Any idea when we'll hear about that lawsuit?
  30. subgenius Member

    I am quite sure that $cientology counts him as one of theirs when they give stats.
    They define $cientologists for that purpose as anyone who has taken a course, etc.
    So Will Smith IS a $cientologist according to $cientology.
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  31. LarryBren Member

    I am told that the decision is expected by the end of July. I am hoping I can give details of the case then but I may not be able to do so. Even if I can't, at least the transcript of my testimony in April should be able to be posted if not also the transcript of my depo in March.

    I will give as many details as I can.
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  32. LarryBren Member

    I would agree with this.

    Given the 10 million + figures they give for scientologists world wide, I think they must also be counting BTs. And it is there where their figures are really inflated as I know for a fact that all BTs are not scientologists, especially those from some of those most distant of the 75 planets on the outer boundries of the confederation (you know, the planets between the Romulian and Klingon empires).

    Oh and PS, they are definitely counting BTs when they talk of their 250,000 or so volunteer ministers as I only notice 10 to 30 or so of them at any disaster site that I can remember reading about.
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  33. subgenius Member

    fails to inform as to when
    " the transcript of my testimony in April should be able to be posted"

    is my microphone on?
  34. Anonymous Member

    fails to inform as to when "the end of July" is. We don't know what calendar he's using, or according to which Epoch or if there are any relativistic effects to contend with.
  35. subgenius Member

    decision vs. availability of transcript
    i m comgfugzed
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  37. Herro Member

    I never promised to change my behavior.

    I can promise that I'll never stop loving you.

    And come on, encouraging people to vandalize Smith's trailer is pretty dumb.
  38. RightOn Member

    meh I am pretty sure Barb didn't mean it. Or maybe she meant that the neighborhood people prolly felt like egging it. lol
    And no you didn't promise to change your behavior, but you can try a wee bit harder?
    If you love me as much as you say, then do it for me.
    how's that?

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