Will Smith stand-in David Haines speaking at Scientology event for women

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    Will Snith stand-in David Haines speaking at Scientology event for women.

    Sec Check: Infinite Women – CCI

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    Celebrity Center International is hosting an event called “Infinite Women” tomorrow.


    Organizer Glady Ferguson is best known from the home shopping channel “Gem Shopping Network.” Live musical performance by Keesha Davette, who is unknown to Google as a performer. Guest speakers Mirit Hendrickson and David Haines. Haines has worked on a number of Will Smith film projects.

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    IMDB David Haines


    Seven Pounds
    Young Ben's Father

    The Pursuit of Happyness
    Other Young Executive

    Men in Black 3 (photo double/stand-in for Mr. Smith)

    Hancock (stand-in for Mr. Smith)

    I, Robot (photo double: Mr. Smith)

    Bad Boys II (photo double: Mr. Smith)
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    A scio fashion show would be a hoot. All the clothes would be made with deep pockets.
  3. People are don't who you think they are

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