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  1. And would you care to explain to me how this then gives American consumers the money to purchase goods from the American billionaires who are enslaving them and why the American billionaires would want all their customers to be poor and starving and unable to buy their goods?
  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Why not? I'm only pointing out a historical fact. Were you feeling better prior to my pointing it out, perhaps believing that with sufficient oversight of corporations, we might end slavery?

    You can't peel a banana with a mallet.

  3. Kilia Member

    oooooO Anonymous in-fighting!
  4. Moneyman736 Member

    Are they doing it Anonymously?

  5. Anonymous Member

    As a matter of fact, yes I was.


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  6. Anonymous Member

    The assumption in this statement is that the American billionaires want their customers to be poor and starving, when the reality is that the billionaires want to make sure that there is just enough money available to the poor that they can continue buying stupid crap they don't need, but not enough that they can do things like save money or purchase non-disposable goods. Assuming the billionaires actually think about their own best interests at all beyond "how do I continue making this money turn into more money?" It's also ignoring the fact that there are several developing markets for shitty mass-produced goods, including the Middle East, China, India, and South America. Presuming that American billionaires are going to shed a tear about losing one customer in one market when they can make up ten more customers in another market is dangerous.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Their pensions are not free.

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