Wisconsin Capitol Arrests

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    As many of you know, there have been several First Amendment violations in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Unrelated to those was a sit in at the Capitol on August 25th, 2011. Thirteen people were arrested for refusing to leave the Capitol, not too uncommon for a political sit in. What followed, however, was a series of hassles and First Amendment restrictions, leading to the first real public case of protest prosecution as District Attorneys everywhere scramble to decide what to do with the patriots in the Occupy movement. Although completely unrelated to the Occupy movement, this very case could prove to have ramifications across the country, and for this we should all be concerned. Being a named defendant in this case, I feel it my duty to share with the world what is happening.
    It all started when I was at #OccupyDC. A group of us from Wisconsin (many from the 13 arrested on August 25th) decided to go there to lend support and guidance, utilizing our experiences here to help others. It only made sense as, at this time, we had been actively protesting daily for about nine months. We shared our experiences and learned from those of others, giving and taking away knowledge and building friendships with the people in Washington, DC. I was the last of the thirteen that were arrested on August 25th to leave the city. It was a Monday, I forget the particular date but I got a phone call. I was aware that I had court (along with five others from the thirteen) and that my attorney would be pleading and appearing for me. What happened at that trial was on the other end of the phone and it sickened me to no end.

    I forget who the first call was from but it started off with them saying Thi Le, Damon Terrell, and CJ Terrell were in jail. I immediately asked why and was told that the Dane County District Attorney’s Office had requested a provision in our signature bond requiring we obey all administrative codes. These three had refused to sign with one defendant signing and Jenna Pope absent due to illness, leaving them to go to jail. So basically, with one sweeping move, Chris Freeman, Assistant District Attorney (which is second in command to District Attorney Ishmael Ozanne, a Democrat nonetheless), decided that it was worth sending people to jail and wasting thousands of dollars a day to keep them from peacefully protesting. More of this story is here:
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