Wise Beard Man

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Betrayer, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Betrayer Member

    Wise Beard Man


    For anyone who does not understand this, the image was retrieved from his live feed on Sunday afternoon which began at 5 PM PST. He really was watering his beard for all to see *cough cough*
  2. N. Ron Rubber Member

    Re: Wise Beard Man

    Why does he cried?
  3. Betrayer Member

    Re: Wise Beard Man

    Fixed. Anyway, he watered his beard because he was talking about his friend and former Scientology critic, Bob Minton, and how at one point near the end of the Lisa McPherson trials, they did not know whether or not Bob would kill himself.
  4. Betrayer Member

    Re: Wise Beard Man


    Another joke from WBM Live! (Wise Beard Man Live!) Somebody asked him how long it took him to grow his beard. He responded.
  5. Re: Wise Beard Man

    My roommate and I were chatting one night. Anyone remember Freakazoid? Well, if Freakazoid is super-powered Anonymous, the WBM is our Cosgrove.

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