WISE company in Centurion (SA)

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by notinvolved, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. notinvolved Member

  2. notinvolved Member

    WISE company in Sandton (SA)

    Ernest Corbett - Century Property Developments. Johannesburg Charter Committee of WISE. I think this scilon sold the Kyalami castle to our little dwarf.
    A little Googling has found these so far. I will carry on....
    Zanons, do your bit.
  3. notinvolved Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    NCI - New Civilization Initiative
    It seems that these loons are creeping in all over. I am still trying to determine what links the scilons have to SA organisations. It is starting to get quite scary.
    Somewhere on the forum someone said that World Cup 2010 in SA will be a good opportunity for the scilons to recruit many.
    ZA anons must be awake to prevent this happening.
  4. auchraw Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Elron was not popular in Africa. NOTHING HAS CHANGED within Scientology since he was expelled from wherever. This is a telling fact.

    A lot of good material is published and leaked on WWP. Send the (Hungarian) SP Times spoof to the media and to anyone you suspect of being a Scientologist. Get the media on your side. It is always possible to assume a connection, using probable, possible, maybe and allegedly, But you are on the spot. What do I know?

    I suspect Wee Davie loves gold, diamonds and precious stones even more than he loves money, guns and motorcycles.
  5. notinvolved Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    I need an email address that cannot be traced to me. How do I do that?
  6. Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    I don't know how to make a personal email address untraceable, but the way I've done it before is to go to an internet cafe (wearing clothing and sunglasses that hide my features and gloves so no finger prints) and make an email address there. Then change the internet cafe every time. Sometimes I make a new email address at a new internet cafe but from the same pseudonym.

    If anyone has better options that would be great, lol.
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Depending of your level of paranoia, you can do one of the following things:
    - Use a gmail account or something similar.
    - Use a short-term email.

    There are threads about it. Lurk moar, beginning in the "How to..." sub-forum.
  8. TinyDancer Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Eye patches are also helpful.
  9. notinvolved Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Both eyes or only one? LOL :p
  10. notinvolved Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Elron may not have been popular, but the scilons are creeping out of the woodwork in all walks of life here now.
  11. chrisanon Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    notinvolved, I'm thinking you might want to get a new username. Because it's looking like you areinvolved.

    I've read some of your posts over the last week or so, and I wonder if you've found the SA cell's great local site, or connected with the other SA anons who've posted here.

    Also, you might try for that untraceable email address.You'll need to take other measures to assure privacy, so take Ann's advice about lurking more to find out about stealth net use; there's a lot of info on WWP about that.

    And you must heed TinyDancer's advice about the eyepatch, which you'll need to wear whenever you use that untraceable address. One patch per eye is safest.

    I'm very concerned the Miscavige will decamp to SA when the going gets rough, so I'm always glad to see SA anons here.
  12. AnonymousSA Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    I just noticed something very interesting on this WISE website posted above:

    They have a section for "Business Expansion Clubs", but the details for the SA BEC are all fake!


    (I should also point out that there is NO Gettysburg in Durban, or anywhere in South Africa, as far as I'm aware.)

    The phone numbers are all fake, the addresses are all fake and I'm pretty sure the names and emails are fake as well.

    This, to me, is a perfect example of how $cientologists doctor their member statistics to make themselves appear more successful.

    - I have added the info to the blog:
  13. AnonymousSA Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    (Sorry for the double-post)

    Actually, he has been rather active and in contact with me and has directed me to some worthwhile sites and threads.

    Thx for the hidemyass site, I'll post your info on the blog for other people who may wish to do the same.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    This is my extreme tinfoil hat black-ops computer set-up for total anonymity. I don't use it here on our forum - but I have used it exchanging anonymous - mails with particular individuals, including members of federal law enforcement.

    1. Purchased a cheap laptop for cash on craigslist. Nothing fancy - just powerful enough to do internet. I got mine for $80.00 - wifi card included.
    NOTE: Make sure you only respond to ads that provide a phone number - and call them from a payphone - do not e-mail them to arrange the purchase as that will leave an e-mail trace connecting you to the computer.

    2. During the purchase treat the seller as though they were a Scilon - give them no real identifying information about yourself.

    3, Do not transfer anything to the laptop from your normal computer and never use it to check your normal e-mail accounts or to log into any sites or accounts traceable to you or associated with you. Never!
    When dealing with the computer pretend that there is a file at the FBI headquarters in which every single keystroke is being logged on a permanent record. You want nothing connecting that computer and it's activity with you or your normal life.

    4. Do not install any software that you purchased yourself (unless you purchased it for cash in a secure manner) or that you have previously used or registered on your normal computers. I try to stick to freeware.

    5. Never use it through your own WiFi network.

    6. Prepare your e-mails or whatever while unconnected to any networks.

    7. Drive on the nearest major freeway until you see an exit with 2 or more hotels/motels off of it. Pull off the road.

    8. One or more of these hotels will almost always have free, unsecured, WiFi.
    Use the Wifi to set up a account. They require no alternate e-mail to set up, however, a lot of sites will not accept e-mail from them...that's ok though - you are only going to use it once. When you have the hushmail account - use that as the alternate e-mail to set up a yahoo or google e-mail account. Once google or yahoo sends the account activation e-mail to your hushmail account, and you have answered it, you will never need the hushmail account again. It expires in three weeks, let it die.
    Just as you must never check your normal e-mails or accounts from this secure laptop, you must also never check your secure gmail or yahoo account from your normal computer. Never! You will only access this Yahoo/Gmail account from this laptop. Period.

    9. Look around the hotel parking lots for cameras. If possible - don't park in the actual hotel lots - but in parking lots for nearby businesses. One of my favorite spots, for example, has a fast food restaurant right next to the hotel. I order food (paying cash), sit in the parking lot and eat. While I am eating I quickly turn on my laptop, link up to the hotels wifi, and send my pre-prepared e-mails.
    Keep the laptop low, and try not to make it obvious what you are doing. It's best to do it during the day as the laptop screen's glow will be obvious at night.

    10. Send your stuff as quickly as possible - and then leave. Try not to go back to the same Wifi more than 3 or 4 times a week, and never more than once a day.
    I have 6 favorite spots here in my home state, and since I live not far from the border to another state and travel there sometimes for business, I have a couple in that state too.

    And there you have a completely secure e-mail system.

    Please don't bother telling me I'm tinfoilius maximus, and extremely paranoid. I know it. The fact of the matter is, however, that I work in a position and field where my Anonymous activities, as well as my activism in other areas, could easily result in the end of a career and income that I have grown rather fond of...
  15. notinvolved Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Thanks for the advice, guise. I will be buying industrial strength tinfoil when I am next at Pick n Pay. Where can I get a Kevlar Vendetta mask? And now to find a cheap wifi laptop with at least a Pentium 90 chip and 64k of RAM and a 80Mb HDD - Oh no, Win95 won't run Wifi!!!
    Any donations of old laptops with better specs than above?
    But as far as free wifi is concerned, I think the scilons run all the wifi in SA - no such thing as free wifi, not even at airports. :(
  16. none given Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    SA has more mobile devices than desktops. Looks like you are stuck in a text based world for a bit.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Remember, it haz to be tin. Aluminum won't help. Genuine tin foil is getting harder to find these days.

    Damn you Alcoa!
  18. Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

    Lead works too. It's a lot heavier but it has the added bonus of protecting your privacy from Superman too.
  19. notinvolved Member

    Re: WISE company in Centurion (SA)

  20. notinvolved Member

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