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    WISE in Texas

    From the online listing of WISE members and TX scientologist, I collected most all the WISE members (Sterling MGT Systems) listed in our fair state of Texas, and researched some. Looking behind the curtain...

    World Institute of Scientology Enterprise Group 1997, 1999, 2001, 2004, 2006 (alias Emery Wilson Corp. / J. Chase Wilson Corporation by Kevin Craig Wilson 53y (OT8)) and much more data (Glendale, CA), Sterling Management SCAM for Professionals

    Houston metro area

    Church of Scientology Mission of Houston, Filing Date: 12/18/1979
    2727 Fondren, Suite 1-A
    Houston, TX 77063 713-974-6295

    Franchise was brought to Houston '67 by Grace Elizabeth "Betty" (Canfield) Halliday 96y b:'12 (#85th clear, OT8 '89, Sponsors of Total Freedom '02) (last sold property in Rio Rico, AZ '05, f:Chester Anson Canfield (retired oil driller) d:61 mo:Grace (McClure) Canfield d:65)
    h:Lt. Col. Army, Otis Thornton Halliday Sr. (#13th clear) b:5-16-09 d:2-7-73 (died from a rare skeletal muscle cancer, Pleomorphic Rhabdomyosarcoma) f:William Ernst Halliday d:64, mo:Mary (Lowther) Halliday (born-England) d:36
    3c:Otis Thornton Halliday Jr. 75y (pilot) (w:Carol Beth (Humphrey) Halliday 71y c:David Wesley Halliday 51y, John Humphrey Halliday 43y), Sally Ann (Halliday) Thompson 71y, Chester "Bill" William Halliday 65y (#59th clear)
    Lago Vista, TX (San Antonio, Houston, Dallas)

    Patrick "Pat" Flanagan (#84th clear), w:Leila Ann (Franklin) Flanagan 64y (#83rd clear)
    Houston, TX (CA, FL)

    HUBBARD DIANETICS FOUNDATION (closed..downtown Mall from '90-'00) owned by Co$ houston mission, IRS for debt in '87 (employed: Larry McDaniel and Keith Harris)
    HOUSTON, TX 77035

    Gary John Pariani 58y (staff at Houston mission (Saint Louis, MO (prominent (catholic-soccer) family)) smoker, Houston tax-exempt. School)(w: Barbara Ann (Wegener) Pariani 60y (uncertified TX teacher), c:Todd C. Pariani 23y (sea org CA)
    Information Technology Resource Coordinator, Altura Energy (sold to Occidental Petroleum) stalks peaceful protesters onto private property
    Past owned business: Grand Prix Promotions, Flag Enterprises (D & G Marine) '83
    Tomorrow's Promises, 400 Town & Country, Houston, TX 77024 '90

    Larry Gray McDaniel 61y (SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL '08) IRS debt (w: Brenda Joy (Ireland) Blakey McDaniel 51y (patron) m:12-31-86 (ex-h:Roger Alan Blakey 62y m:6-20-81 div:7-31-86)) (ex-w: Jeanette Laverne Zemlicka m:11-15-69 div:4-13-85 1c:) (worked at Dianetics under Keith Harris, '94)
    Cotton County Venture I-A

    Geraldine "Gerri" (Campagna) Golashesky 56y, cancer patient (OT7, president: Houston mission) former dental hygientist (Baton Rouge, LA) for Dr. Robert Dean Westerman 72y dds (sponsor '96) (w:peggy (Day) Westerman 63y (OT8 '89, state of man '04)): disconnected from his son and daughter)
    (h:John Michael Golashesky 59y (OT5, auditor '79, project manager Narconon OK) VP industrial director, Harmony LLC (Turner-Industries in Pasadena, TX) CMEF board of directors Deer Park, TX 77536, PartnerBusiness with Construction Industry Advisory Council (CIAC), TAMU
    Construction Science - Texas A&M)
    (c: Cara Michele Golashesky 29y (seaorg, Chief Justice) (alias Tracy) Clearwater, FL (Baton Rouge High School class 1998), Cristina "Crissy" Catherine (Golashesky) Vega 24y (Patron '06))
    Houston, TX (OK, CA, FL)

    John Richardson Green 47y (WISE '06, dissemination and help '05) IRS debt '88-'89, Houston Chapter Committee, WISE Business Expansion Committee (BEC) Stephen F. Austin State University alumni '86
    Richardson Management Inc
    J & L Strawberries
    Houston, TX 77057 (Round Rock)

    Richard Trojan Jacob 54y (auditor '79) (was harmed by scientology) (w: Julie Lynn Luckert Jacob m:8-8-93) (ex-w: Deborah Noel Fueller 54y m:9-24-71 div:5-4-81, auditor)
    Scientology Mission in the Woodlands (closed)
    26939 I-45 N
    Spring, TEXAS 77380 (CO)

    Richard Vern Stewart 60y contractor painting (OT3 '81, staff, SVM '06) (ex-w:Barbara D. Pease Zwan Gisel Stewart 61y (OT6 '89, Solo Nots I '05) ex-w:Margaret “Peg” Patricia (Wright) Stewart 57y (clear) m:5-20-81 by Richard Jacob div:) (ex-w:Linda Kaye (Bright) Stewart 59y m:8-21-70 div:1-6-81 2c:)
    Clear Painting Co '79 exp., Famous Biographies '79, Linda Kaes Kleanup '79, Richard Stewart Entrpr '79
    Houston, TX (..old) (CA)

    Ruth Adella Woods Carey 56y (OT8 '03) (h: John Gordon Carey Jr. 49y (OT5 '96, OT prep '09) m:4-5-92)
    AFT, Americans For Fair Taxation John Linder and Scientology
    Carey Computing '86, Houston, TX (FL)

    Thomas "Tom" Alan Wright 57y (WISE '06, OT8 '89, ED Houston Mission '95) Attended TX Republican convention '08
    (w:Bonnie Lee (SanJule) Wolfe Wright 65y (OT8) m:9-25-82 by Grace "Betty" Halliday (OT8) scilo-minister)(2c: Katherine "Kate" Spencer Wright 19y (Personal Values & Integrity '06), Thomas Patterson (L12 '06)) ex-h:Gerald “Jerry” Bennett Wolfe 59y (alias Silver) (L10 '03, Operation Snow White plead guilty to impersonating an IRS agent and stealing documents, 5 years in prison and $10,000 fine) m:3-13-79 div:8-16-82 (Houston, TX, CA, FL, MN) (w:Mary Lynne (Waldbillig) Wolfe 56y (OT8 2x '06))
    (ex-w: Charlotte "Sherry" Gray (Wilson) Wright 57y (clear) m:12-22-75 div:5-19-78)
    cofounder of scilon school: Tanglewood Academy/ Perfect Schooling '94 (5714 Dolores, 77057)
    Wright Marketing Communications '84 (1338 Bank)/ Bodark Enterprises INC / Instant Response Company '93
    Houston, TX ..old (FL) (Emory Capital Management (gov. affairs) w/ Mary Elizabeth (Panton) Demoss 43y (CCHR, OSA) Smash productions, Bigotwatch, ex-h:David Vaughn Demoss 41y (sponsor '94, Staff, KSW '90) m:2-29-92 div:, mo:Elizabeth Ann (Adams) Panton Robison 65y)

    Christopher “Chris” Anthony Daniel 27y law student (Route to Infinity '07) (IL)(mechanical engineer) f:Hugh Thomas Daniel 56y (Class 5 '91), mo:Jolie Madeleine (Leipoldt) Daniel 58y (sponsor '95), Alyson Marie Daniel 23y (Sponsor '94)
    Scilon GOP delegates
    “In 2004, Chris Daniel of Houston was the youngest delegate to the Republican national convention”
    South Texas College of Law, 1303 San Jacinton, Houston, TX 77002 (713) 646-1871
    2008-2009 SBA Officers
    Scientology Once Again'
    Houston, TX (Austin)

    Julianne Christoffel 22y (Artists career congress '05, scilo Volunteer minist.) attended Tanglewood Academy '02 (scilo school); actor and photographer (The Joy of oats), Los Angeles works for Sandee Ferman (OT8 '08) f:John Stanley Christoffel 56y, mother:Irma Teresa (Suarez) 57y, Funtastic Toys from China FUNTASTIC Recalls Fake Teeth Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard - Technology - redOrbit, FUNTASTIC Recalls Fake Teeth Due To Violation of Lead Paint Standard - 4/10/2008 - Kids Today
    (s:John Michael Christoffel 28y (Austin & CA))

    David Nelson Aitken III 56y (OT7 '92) AC & J. Electrician (w:Deborah Kay (Barnes) Aitken 52y (OT6 '89, Honor roll, patron '06 (from MO))
    Theta, Alief 77411
    Atex Services Inc.-Mr. Air (281-495-1587) Alief Repair Company (Alief, TX)
    c:Diana Nicole Aitken, David Nelson Aitken IV 26y, Del Sol Tan, Apex Group (Sugarland)
    Katy, TX 77450-3842

    Marcus Eric Kuypers 54y emergency medicine (cancelled TX license) Disciplinary order 5-6-03 (Product Debug '80, auditor, owner of Church of Scientology ETC '80 in Houston, TX) (w:Sandra “Sandy” Jean (Richards) Kuypers 58y (OT3, Product Debug '08) (Diane Jill (Baker) Kuypers 51y, Kelly Patricia (Campbell) Kuypers Darrow 45y (h:Darrell D. Darrow)
    Houston, TX (UT medical school '77) (WA, UT, Carrollton, TX)

    Pamela Kay (White) Ahlers 56y, CPA (h: Richard Leon Ahlers 59y m:4-20-74)
    Ahlers & Stoll, PC

    Dr. Larry Alan Buhman 53y DDS (L11 2x '07, OT8 '06)(IRS debt '02, '05 '06, currently sued by FIA card for large debt but gave in '04 over $100,000 to Scilo land))
    ex-w:Irina Salimar (Rodriguez) Buhman m:'03? div:1-19-06,
    ex-w:Johanny Martinez Rodriquez Buhman (overcoming ups & downs '01) m:3-26-00 div:2-19-01,
    ex-w: Brenda Kay Welborn Meadows 55y m:7-29-79 div:12-23-81,
    ex-w: Candis Laurale (Berg) Buhman Silva 48y (clear, False Purpose rundown '91) m:4-30-88, div:6-4-91 ,
    ex-w:Olga Patricia F. Buhman 53y (clear, Sunshine rundown '96) m:10-30-93 div:7-22-96,
    ex-w: Fanny Perdomo Guaman Lopez Buhman 43y m:2-12-98 div:1-20-99)
    attended Clear Creek High School, League City, TX grad '73,
    L. C. Dental Associates '95
    Jerry Olson Lone Star Group/ Jerry Olson Right Connections/ Jerry Olson Houston Partners '93 exp. (8300 Bissonnet #530, 77074) (Crazy for Greyhounds, Jerry Olson Dutchmasters, Jerry Olson Krazy Kats) (Gerald “Jerry” G. Olson 67y (general contractor) Greyhound Investments (Inc FL'90, Meadowbrook, PA 19046)
    The Smoke Ring, cigar shop (owner)
    Webster, TX (Sugarland)

    David Leigh Sheller 56y attorney (DOCTORATE FOR OTS '06)
    The Sheller Law Firm, PLLC, personal injury (sues for asbestos damage/mesotheliomas)
    Jerry Olson Houston Partners '93 exp
    Adm for the following forum promotes David Sheller lawfirm,
    Sheller/ Way-Land Prop '82
    Katy, TX 77450 (AL)

    Kelly Wes Kirkconnell 56y (WISE '06, OT5, ability '02) (Hondoras, LA,CA) ex-w:Sarah Juanita (Bush) Kirkconnell 41y (Grade 1 '93) div:6-25-01 (7c, some who take photos of peaceful protesters) IRS debt '96, '03 (17 yr old twin daughter mentioned as contact under WISE listing and involved with CCHR) c:Kelly Ann, Kellman Guiller (
    Kirkconnell Maintenance '92 expired (Contractor specializes in structural repairs)
    Kelly Wes Kirkconnell of Kirkconnell Maintenance and Restoration
    (5siblings) s:Klinton Lang Kirkconnell 53y (auditor '80) (w:Irene Tom Law Kirkconnell 54y (CA) m:7-30-83)(Kirkconnell's Law, Houston Area Services '89, Kirkconnell companies) '91 expired
    s:Kamron Hurt Kirkconnell 58y (clear '79)(w:Gail Marie (Van Slambrouck) Kirkconnell 52y m:3-9-85) IRS debt '07
    f:Oliver d:3-66 worked as boat captain in shrimping industry
    Kirkconnell Consultants/ New Releases '80 expired, Bonnaca Development Company '95 expired, Cleaning Technology '87 expired, Interior Tracking Technologies '93 expired, Envirochem '89 expired '99
    Interior Technologies '03

    Stephen “Steve” Richard Ganns 58y (WISE '06, OT6 '92, Patron '06) IRS debt '97-'08 (CA, NM) UT '71 (father passed away when he was very young)
    Ganns Financial Group Inc. '89 exp. (651 Bering Dr. # 905, 77057)
    Glare-Tech Industries, Inc.
    Bellaire Equities, LTD (for Alief General Hospital) 77057
    Trails of Woodlake Apartments '82
    T.T.I. Management/ Hondo Country Music '96 exp./ Hondo Music '96 exp.

    Michael Paul Stern 65y (Havingness Rundown '06) (w: Eileen P. ((Schuster) Stern 54y (honor roll '99) m:4-9-00 by Evelyn Neikirk (minister) (ex-w: Kathleen Anne (Dorsey) Stern Trenda 62y (Patron '06) m:11-25-73 div:3-26-99 (h: Gary L. Trenda LA, CA))
    The Dorsey Club '90, Dental Insurance Services: Dorsey Discount Services
    Valeria Howard 32y, VP- Communication & Marketing, IT Director
    Houston, TX 77014

    Raymond Dorsey (6507 Brittany Park Lane, 77066) '98 (European Rebuild)
    Network Integration Solutions, computer consultants
    or/ System Re Engineering International Corp
    Houston TX 77042

    Joe Harlan Culpepper 52y (OT6 '99) (w: Lelia Marie (Hanratty) Culpepper 48y m:10-12-85 (geometry and english certified) teacher at Memorial High School, former headmistress to Tanglewood Academy-scientology schools) 3c:Colleen Anne Culpepper 20y
    Culpepper Custom Woodworks

    Robert Edward Kenne 58y (sponsors) (w: Janice Arlene Wilson Kenne 57y (ADV. PROCEDURE & AXIOMS '07) m:11-20-93 by rev. Thomas Alan Wright 1c:Harrison) ex-w: Betty Lou Wisniskie 58y, m:6-4-71 div:5-19-75, ex-w: Teresa A. Buckner 60y m:11-16-84 div:4-30-93)
    Foreclosed, 1133 Drew St. Clearwater. Bought for $200K in '06. Bank is marketing it for $100K in '08.
    Bob Kenne Construction, General contractor for 25 yrs. works across the US
    Houston TX 77023 --old (FL)

    Joan Carolyn (Kirtland) Alexander Spry (TX R.N.) 64y (WISE '06, Havingness Rundown '07) (ex-h: David Harold Alexander 64y m:6-6-66 div:3-23-76 c:1, ex-h: Thomas Darien Spry Jr, 52y m:1-09-80 div:11-12-90 (c:3) ex-w:Andrea Teel Tatum 36y m:5-1-95 div:10-3-97)
    Spry Enterprise (builds teams to co-op in health, wealth, & enhanced water)
    c:Christina Dawn (Alexander) Shoemate 37y chiropractor (WISE '06 clear, Route to Infinity '04) Health Products & Chiro Assistant (ex-h:Earl Kelly Shoemate 48y m:12-28-93 div:12-5-97)
    Spring, TX

    Howard Lee Stringer 49y chiropractor (WISE '06, Havingness Rundown '06)
    Stringer Chiropractic Clinic '00/ Dynamo Distribution of the Gulf Coast '07
    address ('99 purchased by father & mother)
    Houston, TX 77074 (713) 793-1181 (

    Harry Mahlon Durham 59y (OT6 '90, patron) (ties to Perfect Schooling Inc scilo school) tx licensed pharmicist, inactive (BS from UT pharmacy)
    (w: Mary Ann (Hamlin) Durham 60y (OT6) BS from UH in Pharm. m:9-20-75 - stalks protesters home & been on houston radio show listed below..'05),
    c:Darcie Ann Durham 27y (Upper indoc '05, VA), Muriel Michelle Durham Kugler 30y (OT4 '05)(h:Ryan Jay Kugler 34y (OT4 '05, PTS/SP '08) m:10-16-99, Distribution Video & Audio W. in Burbank, CA, attempted suicide at 10y in Delphi School, f:Benjamin R. Kugler 60y (ex-w:Nancy ”Nan” A. Herst Kugler Bowers (clear) (h:James “Jim” F. Bowers, publicist), out, 3 sons disconnected because of '93 'Tom Cruise is scilon' Scientology Crime Syndicate - DEATH, PSYCHOSIS, & SCIENTOLOGY
    Clinic Pharmacies, INC (Debbie A. Schwartz & Harry M. Durham)
    Tanglewood Academy/ Perfect Schooling; under Harris County "assumed name" location '04 at 5000 Georgi Lane
    The ARK - Concrete Specialties, Inc. (Mayra Chavez 19y (adm. '08) production adm. ass.)
    Petrastone Works
    Concrete Specialisties '96, Houston, TX 77018 Jon & Linda Badger
    Successful Business Technology (50 Briar Hollow E, 310 location) '92
    Durham Business Management '99, International Prof Assn '78
    Houston Professional Assn '81, Harry Durham, PBF '04

    Ronald "Ronnie" Silva 27y (state of man '02, WISE) (s:Lafayette Silva 22y (freewinds worker 1-'09), mo:Luz Stella Silva Schieroni 52y (WISE '06, state of man '02) h:Fulvio Walter Schieroni (Columbia) m:10-19-97) f:Tito Orlando Silva 58y (Columbia) (clear, staff status I, SVM '05, ex-w:June Patricia Middleton Silva 55y (SC) (problems of work '08, clear, Community Learning Center, Inc., World Literacy Crusade of Pinellas Co) m:3-29-99 div:8-3-05), Blanca Rosa Crane Silva Miranda 42y (Staff Status I '03)
    (images on the freewinds '09)
    The Home Boutique, Interior Design
    Environmental Exhaust Service INC (EES), pressure washing, (vent hood maintenance)
    Smart Decisions 9-28-06
    The Silva Group 6-17-08
    Katy, TX (CA, FL, DC)

    Douglas Wayne Merschat 58y (Ex. Dir., HAT '78, clear)(w:Alice Vanessa (Stevenson) Merschat 54y (clear) m:9-12-75)
    Aireserve Katy/W.Houston '02
    Katy, TX 77450-3602

    Corporate Benefits, USA, Inc.
    Compensation Concepts Corporation
    1111 Caroline, # 2311
    Houston TX 77010

    Bang Vo 57y (WISE) (?Hang Vo-scilon listing) (Jeannie Duyen Vo 52y)
    Crystal Clear Water Systems Inc. (accurate name for address, CRYSTAL'S DRY CLEAN & LAUNDRY WASHATERIA )
    Houston, TX

    Dr. Darwin Kyles Hayes 41y DDS (WISE, Havingness '07)
    Dental Cosmetic Center
    Houston, TX (moved .. Burbank, CA, NJ, VA, MD)

    Dr. Willis Jerome Pumphrey Jr 53y DDS (WISE '06, Solo Auditor '04, Patron '06) (w: Grace Marie (Connor) Pumphrey 53y m:9-16-78 (OT PREPS '05 & patron '06)) debt to IRS '95-'99, 3c:Jason Lawrence Pumphrey 29y (clear '03, Solo auditor '05), Jarrett Jerome Pumphrey 29y (OT3 '05, Problems of Work '07, adm for website), Eric James Pumphrey 24y (clear, staff, Route to Infinity '07)
    Success Management Center '96 exp. (77056) Grace Pumphrey
    Vinyl Fences of America '98 expired
    Exact A Point '88 exp. (77045)
    International Product ETC '81 expired (77004)
    City Wide Club Chapter 4 Youth and Education '01 / (Same Day Quality Dentures '93 exp.) / (Dental Cosmetic Center of Houston '90 expired) (on SW Freeway, Suite 1107)
    Dental Cosmetic Center

    Barbara Ann (Wegener) Pariani 60y, director Project CALL, Communities Assisting Literacy and Learning (LRH's Applied Scholastics), not TX certified teachers
    Missouri City, TX

    Minot Raymond Edwards 40y dancer, not TX certified teacher (w:Lauretta Carolyn (Voss) Martin Zorn Edwards 54y, TX certified teacher invalid status, m:7-10-05 by Lauren Lecher Dewitt, Sci minister)
    Project CALL's technical director
    Literacy and Learning Services, TX
    (Minot Edwards Magic Carpets, 9803 Charter Ridge, Houston 77070)
    certified by St. Louis-based Applied Scholastics, study tech at Lafayette Academy, Atlanta; former classical ballet dancer and director of performance arts troupe, Ruth Mitchell Dance Theater,
    Houston, TX 77040-2568 (GA)

    Cynthia Esther (Dzembo) Pinsonnault 53y (clear, patron '06) (h: Bernard "Bernie" Arthur Pinsonnault 46y, Geophysicist, VERITAS DGC)
    Pinsonnault Design & Graphic Bytes/ PINSONNAULT CREATIVE/ OobyDooby
    Book, covers & design
    Houston, TX (NY)

    Kenneth "Ken" Martin Humphries 54y (L12 '07) president- construction #45303 (w:Joanne Lyn Ashley Humphries 52y m:6-20-09) ex-w:Carolyn Hay Humphries 55y m:5-2-81 div:6-16-05, 3c:)
    Humphries Construction Corporation
    Houston, TX 77063-6309

    Jennifer Lynn Harris Harrington Martin 61y (auditor) (H: Stephen Roy Martin 61y m:4-27-85)
    Restoration Education Support for ECT Survivors,
    Pasadena, Texas 77504

    Kelly W. Peck 52y (staff status II '90) Quality Control Dir. (w: Kerry Renee (Williams) Barnett Pelham Peck 44y (ex-h:William Elliott Pelham 59y m:12-3-95 div:5-6-05), STUDIO 2990 SALON) 713-526-2990 Home Page
    Evolutionary Enterprises (marketing and advertising-telemarketing)
    Richmond, TX

    Dr. John Thomas Carroll 50y DDS (WISE '06, clear, Life orientation '04) (w:Kimberly “Kim” Kay (DeWitz) Carroll 50y CPA (WA) (Solo I '07, staff status '04) m: 8-9-78) c:Cristin Marie Carroll 28y
    Family and Implant Dentistry/ Todays Dentistry-Galveston/
    Bellaire, Tx 78401 (Galveston TX 77550)

    Gregory Lee Patrick 45y (WISE) Retention Resources and Tours of Enchantment
    Tours of Enchantment

    Grant Thornton LLP (WISE) managing partner Justin A. Gannon,
    Houston TX 77024

    Frederic Scott (WISE '04)
    Aamhurste Enterprises, Marketing

    Lance Carlton Durrett 48y (Dianetics '07) w:Sherry Lee (Bollinger) Durrett 47y Chiropractor (WISE '06) (m:8-1-71) (1c:)
    Institute for Physical and Alternative Medicine PA, Scilon chiropractor
    The Woodlands, TX
    Thelma Marie (Taylor) Mitchem 58y Case Manager (clear, Route to Infinity '03, former ED of Houston Mission in '02, started Harlem mission (ex-h: Kenneth Wilson Mitchem 57y m:9-16-78 div:5-19-97 3c:)
    Promotes John Douglas Walet 48y (Class 4, Route to Infinity '03) (Better Life Clinic LLC)(Charlotte F. Walet Roth Wilbush 49y (OT6), Nancy M. Walet 51y) , Houston Corporate Wellness, LakeCalm Inc. - SCAM Wellness Shop

    Kevin Joseph Meyer 59y (WISE '06, Grade V power '06) (w:Dixie Nelson (Harris) Meyer m:3-13-08 by Ethan Michael Kilpatrick 26y (class 4 auditor '07)) (ex-w:Christine "Chris" (Hinckley) Meyer 57y (L11 '90) c:Alex S. Meyer 31y (Grade 1 '02), Derek Forest Meyer 29y (route to infinity '04) (w:Stacy Grove (Moxon) Meyer 21y b:4-79 (staff at Gold Base) d:6-25-00 (electrocution) f:Kendrick "Rick" Lichty Moxon 59y attorney (OT6 '02, OSA)
    Mountain Forest Books, Inc./ Discount Computer Books '02/ Discount: Audio Books,Books,Software '06
    Houston, TX 77077 (281) 687-5430 (MN, CA)

    Robert Wade Malone 50y CPA (WISE, disciplinary action '09)
    The American Financial Group
    KAR National Realty & Apartment Finders, 7934 Triple Crown 77036
    Accessory Street, 3810 Wheeler Ave. 77004
    SEKA Productions (/ SEKA Investments/ Inner-City Development '97, 2626 South Loop West #530
    Elite Enterprise and Development
    Uniglobe Jewson Travel 2626 South Loop West #535
    J & R Car Service Center (5131 Ashbrook Stal A B C)
    Hawk Eye Limousine Service 2626 South Loop West #580
    The Malone Group

    Dr. Lissette Annette Marques-Flaherty 77y, retired DDS expired '01 (Patron '06) (h: Michael Edward Flaherty 45y m:1-18-91) PROFESSION INTENSIVE AUDITING
    (6210 Highway 6 S, address for Texas BBQ)

    Jose Molina (WISE '97, OT6 '82, Overcoming Ups & downs '95)
    Houston TX 77023

    Morgan Keegan (WISE), Branch Manager: Leslie Barnett (?Co$)
    Five Post Oak Park

    Evelyn "Eva" Kay (Marshall) Neikirk 59y (GRADE 0 '05) (h: James “Jim” A. Neikirk 59y '06 patron m:12-1-71)(c: Charles Marshall Neikirk 28y) debt to IRS
    Neikirk Ornamental Iron Hubbard "I am not from this world"
    SOUTH HOUSTON, TX 77587-4826 713-944-9845 (Austin)

    Jeffery John Penso 51y podastrist (w: Jennifer Louise Soward m:1-12-91) Sharon Penco 51y
    SurgiCare, director & VP, Texas Wellness International Network (TWIN) '07
    Penso Podiatry
    Houston, TX 77042

    Perceptive Scientific Instruments Inc. (WISE) sold to Applied Imaging Corporation '00
    League City, TX , 77573

    Martin Robert Sabel 60y, Financial advisor for gerontologist- nursing care (w:Susan Kathleen Fulton Sabel 55y m:3-22-81)(ex-w: STORMY GALE LANE 54y m:4-28-74 div:9-26-79, c:Summer Star Sabel Sanford, Spencer Julian Sabel)
    - Meet Our Staff
    Senior Information Services of Houston (1999 & 2001)
    Houston Executive Roundtable (Kingwood) IRS debt '94, '02
    Houston, TX 77027-9305

    Olga Yvonne (Villa) Esch 60y (State OF Man '98, CCHR) 2-08 expired cosmo. license (h:Steven Frank Esch m:3-11-01)
    Caritas Beauty Salon
    Houston, TX 77022-5951

    Superior Search, job search for computer tech personnel
    Houston TX 77036

    Henry William Ospitia 50y (Zulma Patricia Ospitia DeWitt 38y (WISE '06, clear, Metering '06)) Austin)(Claudia Victoria Ospitia 51y (clear, Student Hat '06) (debt to IRS in '06 (6430 Richmond Ave. #215, Houston 77057)
    Dynamic Hispanic Solutions (or Spanish Market Promotions) Houston 77063
    Dynamic Card, Success Management Center, D Apa Psychiatric & Substance Abuse Programs 713-783-8889
    Houston, TX 77057-7312 713-627-3977 (FL)

    Enrique "Rick" Reyes, (WISE, State of Man '02), ? advisor of Houston Freedom Fest 2007
    Cad-L Motors, Inc., Paint and Auto repair
    River Oaks Firestone
    Houston, TX 77027 713-621-2040

    Dr. Michael Anthony Charles 51y DDS (auditor, false purpose '98) w:Virginia Elva (Rodriguez) Charles 46y (NC) 1c:
    “Bureau of Radiation Control, Texas Dep. of Health, filed complaints against Dr. Charles”
    Creative Design & Consulting '06, Crosby Dental '01, One Day Denture Centers '92
    Supreme Dental Group, Inwood Dental, P.A.
    Houston TX 77088

    Dr. John Kendall Hackbarth 57y DDS (WISE '06, Solo I '06, since '88)(w:JoAnn Lyons Hackbarth 47y m:8-24-02, ex-w:Wanda "Sue" (Eckenrode) Akagi Hackbarth 49y (specialty '99) m:7-25-87 div: 1c:, ex-w:Karolyn Belinda (McNulty) Hackbarth m:5-23-72) f:Fred Adolph Hackbarth 66y dds d:12-28-89
    dental impression & method w/ Dr. Willis Pumphrey Jr)
    Dental Cosmetic Center - Bay Area™
    Texas City, TX

    Dr. Billy Dwaine Sturrock 55y DDS PC (dianetics '07) (w:Rebecca "Becky" Lynn (Kubitz) Sturrock 55y, office manager (L10 '07) m:1-25-73 (WA) Becky Sturrock - Scientology Service Completions c:Collin Austin Sturrock 19y (Personal values & integrity '05), Kendall (Sturrock) Boudreaux 25y, Lindsey Elaine Sturrock 27y (Basic Study '06), Courtney Lynne (Sturrock) Smith 30y
    American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons
    Beaumont, TX 77702-1149 409-899-2668

    Dr. Ben O. Villalon 49y, pediatric DDS (w:Yvette Audrey Luna 43y m:9-1-90, ex-w:Tracy L. Savage 46y (m:7-17-82 div:4-3-87))
    Happy Smiles 4 kids
    Sugar Land, TX 77478

    Wilson Creations (WISE)
    Bastrop TX 78602

    Rev. James Jerry McLaughlin 64y (Wayman Chapel AME Church, Narconon First Step center, James J. McLaughlin Ministries & Associates), steering committee for Houston Freedom Fest '07) c: James McLaughlin Jr lives in Spring
    (w:Cleo Desser (Glenn) Johnson 61y, m:7-31-98, '08 Senior VP, Narconon-OK, Black United Fund of Texas, Inc., Pres.
    (ex-h:Larry Don Johnson 65y (?OT 6 '83) m:3-30-69))
    GOLD: Gift of Life Drug rehabilitation Program (goes by different names: Community Outreach '07, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Dept. of Church Growth and Development)
    Houston, Texas 77004 (Brazoria, TX, AR)

    Ed ?Lee Marshall (OT5, RENAISSANCE of Beingness '07) lectures at Houston Sci mission ((?ex-)w:Gail Yvonne (Hughes) Marshall 54y (Personal Efficiency '04) 2c:) Mella Marshall

    Gustavo Cortes 40y (Dissem. & Help '05) (w:Isidra Gutierrez- Mendoza 34y (ups and downs '01) m:2-14-96, spanish lectures at Houston mission

    Jacques "Jack" Henry Benard 52y (volunteer minister '05) dancer
    Houston, TX (CA)

    Sean Christopher Stubblefield 36y writer
    Occult of Scientology
    Scientology: You'll Pay For Your Insolence

    Thomas John Ettinger 60y (OT3, auditor) (w:Beverly Lynn (Brown) Ettinger 54y (OT8))
    Houston, TX (now...La Crescenta, CA 91214-1045)

    Laura Dawn Bingham Nissen 59y (clear)(h:Joe Allen Nissen 60y (clear) re-m:8-24-73 (m:6-21-68 div:4-23-71)
    Houston, TX 77040-0347

    Jason Ambee Moatz 26y (mo:Sandra Kay (Martin) Luers Moatz 54y (Basic art '00, Honor '06), f:Ellis Ambee Moatz 69y d:6-21-06 (Honor '06) m:10-27-76 div:1-7-05 (CA, MD, FL, VA, MD)
    Criminon Texas (currently home for sale)
    Cypress, TX 77429-2212 (CA)

    Narayan “Ray” Ganapethy 42y (WISE '06)(Supriya) (alias Raj Gana) fashion trade
    Houston, TX 77042 (WA, CA, Chenna, (Tamil Nadu) India)

    Marcus Jerome Greenspan 57y (clear)(w:Mary Pam (Simpson) 56y m:10-6-70, c:Marcus Christopher Greenspan 38y (Naval Academy Midshipmen '93))
    Realty Title Service '93 exp.
    Latino Realty Associates '02/ Latino Realty/ Southwest Discnt Mattress/ Greenspan Associates/ Creedence Investments
    Greenspan Associates Mortgage '01
    Houston, TX

    John Andrew “Andy” Knapp 33y b:12-75 Deputy Chief of security (w:Katherine Rachel (Michael) Knapp 30y m:5-27-00) (lived a block from the Houston mission)(lived at Jaime Bernal's for a while)
    Houston, TX 77049 (now.. in L.A., CA)

    Morris Jalomo Alvarado Jr. 58y (Havingness '06) w:Beatriz (Lopez) Alvarado 49y (Havingness '06) m:10-24-81 2c:
    Houston, TX

    Kenneth “Ken” Randolph Castleman 67y (OT 6C '08) (w:Elizabeth “Betty” Marie (Gill) Castleman 62y b:8-27-44 d:8-16-07 (OT8, Game of OT '04) TX realtor 0487030, Interior designer 603)
    National Guest Homes (Assisted Care Facility) (WISE '97) (ran by Yvonne Schick '91-'97)
    Friendswood, TX 77546 (CA, FL)

    Sharon Johnson 47y graphic artist for oil magazine (personal efficiency '98 Special Briefing '05)
    Tampabay: Is he a slumlord or ethical specialist?
    Houston, TX

    Tamara “Tammy” M. Howey Terrenzi Strickling 40y (OT6 '01) (reports Houston stats to Janis Kaye (Smith) Volke Fitzgerald Johnson 53y) h:Robert “Sean” Strickling 44y (OT Debug '02) m:8-3-01 (ex-w:Kimberly Sue Peters Baldwin Strickling m:8-13-99 div:6-30-00)(CA, FL) (Nicolas "Nick" Alan Terrenzi 41y (OT6 '07), w: Lisa Marie Martiniano Houck Shultz Terrenzi 39y (OT7 '06) m:12-31-93), Carla Sue (Novinger) Howey 59y (clear '79) (OH, CO, AZ), h:William “Bill” Duncan Howey 69y acting coach (clear '79, San Antonio, TX mission holder) m:10-11-75, c:Steve Michael Robert Howey 31y actor (Reba show) (purification '01)(w:Aahoo Jahansouz “Sarah” (Shahi) Howey 29y former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (personal efficiency '05) m:2-7-09)
    MLF Investments, LLC (Tampa, FL)
    Rhino Systems Maryland '95 (21-- Tanglewilde #384) 77063
    Xenubat's Transcript: Investigative Reports
    Scientology's Scandals!
    (uses address of husband's younger brother)
    Houston, TX 77077-4133 (MD)

    William Charles "W. C." Langdon Jr. 61y (TX security, B12402, Level I) (OT6 B '09) (w:Elizabeth “Beth” Ann Callahan Langdon 58y (Route to Infinity '94) m:11-23-78 c:William Charles Langdon III)
    Texas Department of Public Safety - Private Security Bureau Individual Search Results
    Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board
    Infrastruct Security (Ex. VP) Pres. Business Development
    Recording Services '88/ Mobile Telephone Repr. etc (9888 Bissonnet #520, 77036)
    Patroit Security Systems/ Dowley '08
    General Cabling Services, LLC, 5300 N. Braeswood #325, 77096
    747 N Shepherd Dr, Ste 800,
    Houston, TX 77007-1336 (713) 721-9732

    Milton ? Sorrells 53y (specialist rundowns '05)
    Katy 77450

    Tyler Lee Quinn 33y (Sea org '09)
    Houston, TX ...old (Nashville, TN)

    Suyen Diego Huynh 18y (CA) (amb: Sharon Johnson)
    Houston, TX

    Charles “Mark” Marcus Barbee 58y (OT8 '09) w:Susan Nannette Berg Barbee 52y (OT8 '05) m:10-12-90 by Hugh Thomas Daniel 56y (Class V '91) (ex-w:Sharon McGuire 55y m:9-8-74 div:11-16-76) (ex-w:Georgeanna Barbee 54y m:6-30-80 div:10-13-89) s:Suellen "Suzy (Barbee) Stephens (FSM, OT8) (AZ)
    Barbee May 09
    Mar-San Holding '92 expired
    Houston, TX 77058 ..old (clearwater, FL)

    Raymond Scott Timothy "Tim" Lomas 44y (OSA, Ability '95)(Judith "Judy" Lomas 63y (crusader), gm:Olive M. Lomas 87y d:10-1-08 (CO))
    Houston, TX.. old (NYC, NY 10036, PA, NJ)

    Bryan Joseph Zwan 61y physicist (PhD Rice University) (OT6 '86, PTS/SP '04)(w:June Belosic Lynch Zwan 61y(OT6 '02, PTS/SP '04, Dir, Bryan June Zwan Foundation), ex-w:Barbara D. Pease Zwan Gisel Stewart 61y (Solo Nots I '05), ex-w:Sally Lynn Kofahl Zwan (OT7 '86) f:Alphonse George Zwan Sr (honorary Consul (Lebanon) over southern TX, Louisiana) d:5-4-03
    Digital Lightwave
    Houston, TX (..old) (FL, CA, CO)

    Bryan Vincent Blecha 45y (havingness '06) IRS debt '07 (ex-w:Leona Blecha 49y m:3-96 div:1-98)
    Bryan's Premier Auto Service/ Diversified Auto Group
    Houston, TX (CA)

    Arthur "Art" Frederick Neumann 52y (WISE '04, OT8 '07) (w:Marie Joan Terrade Neumann 47 (Dynamic Sort-out '06, staff) m:8-20-02), ex-w:Catherine "Cathy" Neumann
    Sugarland, TX ..old (CA, MN, FL, NV)

    Dr. Mary Joan (Kraus) Pagel 62y MD retired, UTx Medical Branch (honors in cardiology)(OT Debug '02, staff, WISE '97) (h:Dr. Edwin “Skip” Otto Pagel Jr. 47y d:1-26-94 heart attack (OT7 '91)), c:Matthew Joseph Pagel (success through communications '04, Basic '08)
    Galveston, TX..old (OR, FL, WI)

    Shalom N. Celender
    Montgomery, TX (CA)

    James “Jim” David D'Arezzo 58y (OT6 '02, staff) (w:Cheryl Ann Scheid Heuer D'Arezzo 51y (staff, OT5 '03, success '05) m:8-17-88) (ex-w:Barbara 58y m:3-18-78 div:9-5-86 c:)
    GPL Tobacco USA Inc/ Alliance for Drug Free Children Inc/ Mango Moon Designs, Inc
    Houston, TX ..old (CA, FL, MA)

    Peter Harrison Schless 56y (SO, ex Music Dir. Gold Base) w:Julie Rose (Caetano) Fisher Schless 48y (SO, Mix team admin), ex-h:Mark Christian Fisher 51y (out)[, s:Kevin Robert Caetano 47y (SO, Gold Base guard), w:Kirsten Maria (Jarry) Caetano 35y (OSA))(ex-w:Karen Schless Pressley (out))(ex-w:Diane Schless m:4-18-73 div:6-29-78)
    Houston, TX (..old) (CA, FL)

    “In Texas at least, CoS is in retreat."Scientology Lite at the University of Texas.

    Houston Radio shows---
    “Things That Matter Most Show” Radio show
    Anonymous exposes Scientology
    Escaping Scientology - May 6, 2007 Karen Pressley
    Scientology, 9-4-05 with Mary Ann Durham

    Tony Martino Show interviews Former Scientologist Michael Leonard Tilse
    "The Tom Martino Show" July 1, 2005

    KPFT, Scooter in Houston, Innerside Radio Program
    [ame=""]YouTube- SCIENTOLOGY: Kick until Dead Pt1[/ame]
  2. Don Carlo Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Freewinds asbestos in Houston! The above list was matched to the Freewinds passengers list; the following were on both lists (alphabetically by first name):
    Cheryl Peterein
    Christina Alexander
    Chuck Jones
    Darcie Durham
    David Eck
    David Sheller
    Ed Marshall
    Gary Pariani
    Ginger Auel
    Harry Durham
    Jim Johnson
    Jiten Shah
    Joan Spry
    John Green
    John Walet
    Lance Durrett
    Larry Buhman
    Lee Crosley
    Marlene Schiller
    Mary Ann Durham
    Ricardo Guillen
    Richard Rucker
    Rick Reyes
    Ronald Silva
    Sherry Durrett
    Suzanne Eisenstark
    Thomas Holmes
    Tom Wright

    A concerned note to see a doctor would at least prevent more Freewinds exposure. John Green is a common name, but it's worth sending him a note anyway.
  3. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Austin-San Antonio-Waco area (West and Hill Country TEXAS)

    Church of Scientology of Texas
    2200 Guadalupe St, Suite 2
    Austin, TX 78705

    Church of Scientology Mission of Alamo City ...12-'05
    18823 Hillside Drive (Homestead for Sterzenback family)
    Helotes, TX 78023 (city of Grey Forest)

    Church of Scientology West Austin ...5-'07
    4608 Velasco Place
    Austin, TX 78749 (512) 280-8041

    Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Texas (CCHR, 711 W. 7th #110, 78701)
    11101 A. Renel Dr.,
    Austin, Texas 78758

    Catherine "Cathy" Ann (Cushing) Norman Sullivan 51y (born: Dallas) (DSA, OT4 '07, UT 76-78) 2s:D.M.C. 46y (TN), J.C.C. 49y (TX), f:Ivan Ebert Cushing Jr. 86y d:2-2-04, mo:Barbara Vern Greensfield 72y d:6-1-98
    (c:Alicia Rendell (Norman) Rowand 27y SEA Org in L.A., CA)
    (h: Michael Paul Sullivan 57y (WISE '01:Magic Carpet), m:4-10-07 by Dan McMurrough, deceased w:Melissa Airbrush (Groom) Sullivan 51y d:4-8-06 Breast cancer m:4-9-88, State Tax lien '96), Robert "Bob" Lee Sullivan 59y (WISE '04) (Magic Carpet, CA)
    (h:William "Bill" Arthur Norman Jr. 68y (Academy 0 '87) (cancer d:6-1-06, in debt) m:12-17-78, ex-w:Hilleva Lynda (Harrison) Norman Sholts Schneider m:10-21-61 div:11-8-74, 3c:)
    (Clearwater '97 handle L.M. case), Austin Area Interreligious Ministries (AAIM) board '04; Pres. and head of Police forum that she runs
    Ex-scientologists speak
    Scientology Lies

    James Leroy Ayres 46y (objectives '08)(w:Monica Murli (Wadhwani) Ayres 40y realtor (clear, OT eligibility '02) m:11-20-88 1c:),
    Boswell & Associates, Keller Williams Realty Management LLC '06
    scientology it's not good
    Church of Scientology Mission of Austin Skyline '93 closed (moved location called Co$ west Austin)

    Victoria White (Essentials of Dianetics '83) president of Church of Scientology of Texas in '94
    Austin, TX

    Paula Marie (Sevin) Webster Hayes 53y (OT8 xs, L12 '06)(h:Steven Lee Hayes 61y attorney (OT7 '05, CAN in bankruptcy))(ex-h:Donnie Ray Webster 52y (OT7 '89) m:1-3-81 div:7-27-88, c:Nicole Serena (Webster) Mee 25y (State of Man '00) (h:Thomas "Bucky" Ruperd Mee IV 28y (Key to Life '98) m:11-18-00), ex-w:Lauri H. (Hopkins) Guerin Webster 55y (superpower exec, OT7x '05),
    s:Ronald "Ronnie" Lee Webster 57y, ex-w:Janela Pharr (Gibson) Webster 48y (RTC), c:Christina Lynn Webster
    HAYES, PAULA M. v. IRS, Civil Action No. 91-1747 RG (C.D. Cal.)
    Austin, TX (Dallas) (now CA)

    John Joseph Breeding 56y, PhD, tx lic. psychologist (w: Karen Finley (Brown) Breeding 43y m:11-20-02 (Austin Depression Bipolar Support Alliance), ex-w: Susanna A. Bond m:6-96) (David Allen Davisson 51y, Manor, TX) Radio show with Alex Jones...
    Texans for For Safe Education (Sci- front group) - work with the Texas State Board of Education
    Austin, TX

    Gary Edgar Ballard 53y, Personnel Manager, (w: Lyndelle Anne (Buckley) Ballard 54y church exec.)
    (owner of property: Deborah Lynn (Weikel) Scouras 52y (auditor, Qualifications Sec.)
    Austin, TX

    Jeffrey Arthur Fischer 56y realtor (alias Mi_ Ha_) (auditor, State of Man '99)(IRS debt), stalks peaceful protesters, NY accent, smoker (w: Candace “Kandy” Lou McCormick Ford Leonard Fischer 54y (TR '04) m:12-29-01) (patron '06)) ex-w:Heidi Beth (Babitz) Fischer 56y m:10-21-78 div:6-4-01, 2c:)
    Scientologist Jeff Fischer
    Mr. Fischer 'forgot; to mention Scientology's core beliefs'
    Marathon Painting (403 Ben White address)
    Boswell & Associates, Real Estate agency
    Austin, TX 78704 (Silvercreek Apartments) NY

    Jerry Wayne Boswell 54y realtor (OT5 '07)
    (w:Caroline Suzanne Kyhl Giles Haskins Boswell 46y (m:1-1-01 by Lee Crosley), Phd, Ass. Professor of Ed: used to teach Scientology Study Technology @ Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, TX (IO, MN, WA)
    (ex-w: Laura Ann Fowler Boswell Wilson 52y (OT7 '90) m:9-20-75 div:6-25-96 (h:Michael Hagen Wilson 50y (objectives '94) m:7-8-96 Midland, TX (f:William Byron Wilson))
    c: Jonathon Taylor Boswell 29y (w:Diana Truc (Vo) Boswell 26y m:1-3-09), Ryan Jerrett Boswell 32y CA-Dir. Of Security (Drug Rundown '02) (ex-w:Tiffany April (Ott) Boswell 30y m:12-21-98 div: (f:Gregory Dale Ott 56y (OT5 '95, auditor, pres. Of Delphi Schools Inc '99-'07), mo:Suzan Erlene (Morris) Ott 56y (OT8 '06, Dev. Officer Delphi Schools, Inc (Sheridan, OR)), s:Trevor Ott 31y teacher at Delphi Schools '02-'07)
    CCHR Texas chapter Attn: KELLEY JACKSON (Student HAT '00)
    Boswell & Associates, real estate agency/ Lone Star Self Storage (July '00)
    403 East Ben White Blvd.
    Austin, TX 78704-7305 (512) 916-0007

    Yvonne (Adams) Schaefer Schick 60y (OT6, Level A-'05, Austin stats reporter to Janis "Jan" Kaye Johnson (former AZ anesth., )) (s:Cathy, Dave Lewis, Denise)
    Why say "JEAN'S NEPHEW"?
    (h: Kenneth "Ken" Wayne Schick 60y UTx '70 m:9-21-74 (OT5, Command of Theta '07, OT Committee '04)) (ex-h: Frank Duane Schaefer m:9-2-67 div:3-23-72)
    Lobbyist for C.A.T.S. scilon front group (1998-2005) MANASSAS, VA 20109
    Sales Breakthrough / Mastery of Sales / Your Husband is a Mil ETC '85
    Willow Chase Apartments/Willowchase Apartments /Windfern Meadows '82
    Marriott Senior Living Services/ Kirby Oaks Guest Home/ National Guest Homes (assisted living center) (TN)
    US Senate Libertarian candidate
    Spicewood, TX

    Linda "Jean" (Dillon) LeFebvre Goldsberry Schoenfield 60y Interior Designer #4647 (clear, academy IV '04, CCHR staff) (h: John Paul Schoenfield 63y architect, violoation of Architectural Barriers Act (Ability '04) (ex-w:Janet C. Weichert Schoenfield 60y m:11-6-76 div:6-1-87))
    (ex-h: James Gregry Lefebvre 62y m:12-12-71 div:7-6-78,
    ex-h:Alan Wayne Goldsberry 54y m:11-17-84 div:11-5-85)
    (sister:Patricia "Patty" Ann (Dillon) Lastra Farrell Stripling 59y (WISE '05) (Duluth, GA) 3c:James Farrell V, Margarita "Maggie" Medellin Lastra 33y, Henry L. D. III)
    arrested in GA?
    Success and Survival Workshop/LeFebvre Consulting: color consultant for Color Me Beautiful, Applied Scholastics (sci-front)
    Austin, TX (Canyon Lake, Beaumont, TX)

    Raymond Lee Spiller 46y (ED, clear) musician (w:Courtney Marie (Tedesco) Olson Spiller 58y (Sponsor '00) m:12-20-87))(c: Raymond Taylor 20y)(ex-w:Donna L. Bailey Spiller 45y m:12-22-80 div:2-12-87 2c:) s:pamela Lynn (Spiller) Hall Kofoed Rachal 49y (clear, Auditor '80)(ex-h:Keith Owen Kofoed 52y (clear) m:9-23-83 div:?91, ex-h:Stephen Wallace Hall 51y m:12-5-81 (out) div:4-20-83)
    Lee and Company '99 (scilon front)
    (CCHR staff: Mike James,
    Lindsey M. Schur Bowers 23y recep. (h:Ryan Edward Bowers 26y m:6-10-08) mother:Brenda Lea Steven Schur Houghton 48y realtor
    Lauren Livia Fecher Dewitt, Medical Dir., & Jim Moore
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights of Texas
    Austin, TX 78758

    Christina Marth (purchaser, CCHR)
    Austin, TX

    Stephana Muriel (Oetinger) Laws Johnson 40y (clear, Level O '05), h:Kelly Michael Johnson 41y (Grades '05) m:10-31-00, ex-h:Michael Laws (former staff Dallas)
    Austin, TX (AZ, CA)

    Roderick "Rod" Lee Griffin 43y (Grade 1 '04) ex-w:Kelly Marie (Jordan) Griffin Mills 38y m:10-22-94 div:2-11-99, f:John Franklin Griffin III 69y (TR '00)(ex-w:Olga Favrow Griffin 61y (PTS/SP '01, clear) div:5-97)
    Austin, TX (FL)

    David William Cottle 66y (OT6 '05, patron '06, WISE '01)(w:Carolyn Louise (Duprez) Cottle m:61, 2c:David Jr., Rand)
    David Cottle Consulting, revoked CPA
    Austin, TX (FL)

    Keith Owen Kofoed 52y (clear) (ex-w:pamela Lynn (Spiller) Hall Kofoed Rachal 48y (clear '80) m:9-23-83 div:)
    Lockhart, TX

    Sarah Angelique Castro 27y (CCHR) musician (Bell Curve) (psychetruth (CCHR) videos)
    Austin, TX (OR, CA)

    Daniel Antoine "Bezden" Bezuidenhout 57y (OT setups '08, WISE) photographing protesters 2-08 on UT property, (w:Laura Anne (Jones) Bezuidenhout 51y (OT6 '06) (Fort Worth, Cathage, TX), 2s:Juli Jones Wood (OT6)) 3c: South African born (seen in scilon austin org)
    Design & Remodeling by Cody
    What's for Dinner? Cooking Party '03/
    Directly to the Door, partner with Sylvia Kay (Clark) Campbell Houser Proctor 61y (OT5) Spicewood, TX
    Round Rock, TX (South Africa)

    Richard Keller Wood 54y (L12 '07, clear) (w:Juli Irene (Jones) Wood 53y (OT6 '07) m:3-14-80, 2c:Alexandra Katelin Wood 22y)
    Wood Jewelers (San Antonio)/ Aquarium Services '83 exp./ Aquariuns '80 exp. /Steve Hall Display Comp '84 exp./ Saginaw Machinery & Parts Company '81 exp.
    Raffles '93
    Austin, TX 78747-1318

    Michael Edward Rupp 53y CCHR (Deann L. (Swerdloff) 41y)
    Future Data, Inc
    Lakeway, TX 78734-4411

    Eric Allen Grosskopf 24y (Route to Infinity '05)
    Austin, TX

    Eng Liang Ong 48y (OT7 '91) (Mariyn C. Ong 36y)
    Austin, TX.. old (VT, Singapore, CA)

    Leslie "Les" Albert Price 60y (clear '79) (w:Judy Faye (Rogers) Price 60y (clear '79) m:12-17-66)
    Austin, TX..old (Plano) MO

    Edward "Ed" Barry Davison 39y (DIANETICS '07) T/Security Consult., Database Adm for UT, (UH alumni)
    (w: Monique (Estigarribia) Davison 39y)
    Austin, TX (CA)

    George Edward Wier 44y (Paralegal for personal injury attorney, Keith Eugene Kisner 62) (2nd w: Sallie Josephine (Duggan) Coleman Strickland Wier 62y (GRADE II) m:10-16-04 by Gareth Ellzey, h: Paul Eugene Strickland 45y m:7-19-80 d:2-14-02 (Correct Technology, MEICO) ex-h:Frederick L. Coleman Jr. 64y m:12-20-69) c:Carlie Alice (Strickland) Gatlin 25y (h:Scott Shannon Gatlin m:02)
    (s:George Arthur Duggan 61y (Honors '07) (w:Dr. Grayce Megan (Shields) Duggan 60y physician (Honors '07, OT8 '89) c: Michael “Mike” Turner Duggan (auditor '82))
    Shaw Health Center CA (worked w/ Dr. Gene Franklin Denk 56y Hubbard's physician d:11-5-04 (clear, Solo Nots II '02, WISE '01))
    c:Joseph Eugene Strickland 27y (w:Margarita Jimenez 34y)
    Better Body Clinical Nutrition, 403 E. Ben White Suite D, ('08)
    (Edith T. Shields Stewart 58y (PTS/SP '05)(h:James T. Stewart 55y (OT6 '04, Super power '07)(Portia L. Culter Stewart 57y (Word Clearing '86) Spring, TX), William Bryan Shields Jr. (Route to Infinity '00) (CA) (Weston Martin Duggan Starr 31y (Sponsor '01)
    Wier Company ('08)

    Beulah Kathryn (Johnson) Jackson 58y (clear '06) (ex-h:Ula Franklin Jackson Jr. 61y, m:8-16-77 div:7-6-00 2c:twins Jackie Joan (Jackson) Cochran 30y, Nadine) (ex-w:Lee J. Ream m:8-31-71 div:9-26-74)) Kelley Jackson 51y
    Austin Academy ('87)(aka Austin Academy of Higher Learning) N. Lamar (Dir. Michelle Denise (Baker) Platt) IRS debt '89-'03
    403 E. Ben White (Tx Notary Public, alias Kathryn B Jackson)
    Austin, TX 78704 (Pflugerville)

    Dennis Wayne Cochran Jr. 37y (c-1-cr-08-100006 (7-27-09 9am CC8 JTR ASSAULT) (w: Jackie Joan (Jackson) Cochran 30y m:10-9-04
    JJ Photography) 554-6553
    D.C. Tile '02 (All Ways Flooring '97)
    Aawesome Autos '02 (William Lee Anderson and Dennis Cochran)
    Austin, TX 78758 (512) 339-0853

    Teresa Louise (McGovern) Peterson 52y (DISSEMINATION & HELP '05) (h:Mark David Peterson 53y (OT2 Level M '05) m:6-8-85 (AZ, NM, KS) 2c:Christine Marie 21y (Success '05)
    Bootcamp at Mace-Kingsley Ranch
    Sunshine Designs?
    Austin, TX 78736-3039 (512) 394-1308

    Lawrence “Larry” John Master 59y w:Patricia “Patty” M. Feliz Master m:8-16-79 (purification '80) (ex-w:Debra “Debbie” Ann (Cripe) Mace Master 57y (OT8 '08) m:5-26-75 div:4-6-79, Mace Kingsley Ranch (sold out to Carol Kingsley)(ex-h:Jerry L. Mace m:12-71 div:) (MO, KS, FL, CA, ND)
    (Nancy Ann Rogers Master Hawthorne 47y (OT prep '02))
    Perris, CA 92570 “Larry's House”) Billy Nichols Field Group (Encinitas, CA)
    Marble Falls,TX 78654 (MN, CA) '07 (purchased 13 ac (old camp) ?opening another center)

    Steve Spencer (consultant) (Dianetic '70)
    Dripping Springs, TX

    Evelyn Kay Marshall Neikirk 59y (Grade O '05) (h: James A. Neikirk 59y ('99-STATE OF MAN))
    Austin, TX (Houston)

    James David McNeil 66y (Route to Infinity '00) (adm: (Reldie E. (Bailey) McNeil (PTS/SP '87))
    Austin, TX (..old) Hermitage, TN

    Thu Do 42y (Power Plus '08, drug rundown '07)
    Austin, TX

    Wayne Leslie Weaver 62y (OT6, patron '06) (w: Candace Marie (Zillweger) Mayes Weaver 50y (OT 8 '07, '97-Clearwater, FL) (ex-h:George C. Mayes III 61y, m:10-28-83 div:10-19-93))(ex-w:Sidney Marie (Black) Weaver 61y b:6-10-48 (clear, Solo Auditor '90) m:7-12-68 div:) c:Jake Ryan Weaver (Drug rundown '01), Zachary 34y
    Ww Funding Group
    Austin, TX 78701-4316

    Imre A. Szombathy 32y (RPF '04, clear '07)(w:Kara Danielle Lindell Moore Szombathy 32y social studies teacher (4th-8th grade) m:11-24-07), Alkoto J. Szombathy 28y, Tihamer Attila Szombathy 35y (specialty '01) (1308 L Ron Hubbard Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027-5902-Continental Liason Office), mo:Mary A. McKenna Szombathy 62y (NM, CT)
    Austin, TX (MT, CA)

    Salila Jean (Wilmore) Perry Travers Moore 58y (OT6 '03) Rice University '68-'71 (claims B.S. Economics, Mof Public Health) (CA, FL, CO, MA) (h:Jim Moore (CCHR)) (ex-h:Robert Joseph Perry 52y m:4-1-80 div:1-23-86, 1c:Tarika Ann Perry 28y (State of Man '02))
    (James "Jim" Michael Travers 55y (OT5 '06, L11 '05) (DWI, Comal county) VP, GEAC Computer Corp, w:Helen Kaylee (Harmon) Travers 50y (marriage '08) 1c:James Patrick (Honor '02, '06) NM, CA, KY, MO)
    Aztec Organic Pest Service 713-524-1901, 281-324-2776 (Falling Water Inc), exp TX commercial license for pesticide; Arthur Creel & Judith Riley
    Sunset Valley Farmer's Market
    Austin, TX

    Giovanna Folino Gallo Harney Cooke 59y (ex-h:Michael Leon Harney 54y (clear '79, RPF) m:8-3-87 div:4-99, w:Muriel Patricia "Pat" (Grant) Jones Mannie Harney 55y (OSA, PR, clear '78) m:6-3-00)
    Austin, TX 78738

    Stacy Lee (Gudgel) Benfield Springer Sass 41y ('06 honor roll) (h:James “Jim” Scott Sass 34y m:9-30-06 from Buffalo)(ex-h:Tracy Lynn Springer m:11-2-91 div:6-28-00, Project Manager, OT debug-'00) (ex-h:Michael D. Benfield 41y m:6-21-86 div:4-22-91)
    Texas Small Business Alliance
    Charter Committee of Austin, WISE, Austin Business Expansion Club
    THREADS Embroidery internet
    Austin, TX 78753 512-339-9834 (VA)

    Ginger Lorraine (Auel) Paterson Zarafshani 44y (patron '06)(h: Adam Zarafshani m:10-17-00 by Gareth Ellzey, ex-h:John M. Paterson 50y)
    Auel & Associates, real estate agency Real Estate in Greater Austin, Texas
    Austin, TX 78755

    Betty E. Carlton Frost 56y (clear) (ex-h:Keith Gregory Frost 53y (OT5) CA, MA (ex-w:Karen Q. (Lee) Frost Gomez Workman 47y (OT6))
    Global Expansion Team, Scam: Herbalife
    Austin, Texas 78759

    James “Jim” Richard Clark, Jr. 59y Scilon Volunteer Minister (w: Rita Marie Rose (Hayes) Hess Clark 58y m:11-22-79, (ex-h:paul Raymond Hess 59y m:8-4-78 div:6-8-79, c:Morgan Chrystal Hess 30y, Mechelle Angelinia Clark Sass 26y (ex-h:James Scott Sass 34y))
    Dir., Set A Good Example Foundation (formerly, Concerned Businessmen's Association of America) form 990s & board of NYRWDP
    Psychiatry Kills, Inc.
    Complete Premium Service, Inc., Promotional (sells t-shirts w/ ^)
    Austin, TX 78754-4034

    Leonard R. Coffey 50y
    Austin, TX 78736

    Jerry Dale Delony (w: Mary Angela Bailey m:12-1-00) - Supporting the Austin Film, Theater and Filmmaking Community
    Austin, TX

    Russell "Russ" Edward Dewitt 52y tow operator (OT6, dianetics '07) (w:Lauren Livia (Fecher) Bresett Dewitt 53y, TX registered pharmacist, DA (Dianetics '07) m:4-26-02)
    (ex-w:Catharine Anne (Czimskey) Dewitt 52y 2c:Jennifer June Dewitt 24y, Steven Russell DeWitt 22y (TR '06)(business:Assured Success '04) w:Zulma "Zuly" Ospitia DeWitt 38y (Metering '06))
    Capital Adjusters, Inc, repossession/ CA corp '06 under Catharine Dewitt
    Scott Myers Gregory 58y (OT8 '03) (w: Kathie Jean 54y (OT8, L11) (OR)-owns the location on Brown Lane D. Blessing, manager
    Austin, TX 78714-0111

    Richard “Rick” Allan DeWitt 58y LRH consultant (clear, PTS/SP '03) (w:Monica Marie (Selle) DeWitt 50y (OT3 '02) m:8-18-79 2c:, 5s:Vincent “Vince”Paul Selle 59y (OT1 '79)(ex-w:patricia AlyonMartha (Hammersen) Selle Garmony Ashworth Bromley 56y (SO, clear '79, RPF), ex-h:Thomas “Tom” Dale Ashworth 58y (Grade 0 '76, SO), Debbie (Selle) Sharp)

    Bruce Howard Patterson 58y (WISE '06, OT4 '05) (w: Pamela "Pam" Ann (Richard) Patterson 60y (OT5 '02) 3c: Sheila Richard (Patterson) Springer 21y (h:Tracy Lynn Springer 41y (Project Manager, OT debug '00) m:7-17-03, T&DS Magic Carpets '04 (ex-w:Stacy Sass)), Erica Lynn (Patterson) 32y, Sandra Rene Patterson 30y (Walmart sup.)
    Cody Builders Supply, Inc., Manufacturing, Cody Associates '96, Arc Iron Works '74
    Austin, TX 78753-1801

    Dwayne Jerry Mortensen 44y (State of Man '99)(w:Cinthia Carolina Velasquez m:4-17-04 by Rebecca "Becky" Baker, ex-w:Rosi Molianingrum (Rhea) Mortensen 34y (Academy 0-IV '04) m:5-9-97 div:12-15-99)
    Pflugerville, TX 78660-8837

    Albert Porter Baker Jr. 62y (OT6 '03)(w: Rebecca "Becky" Jane (Loewenstein) Baker 59y (OT4 '95)) c:Stephanie Renee (Baker) Croman, Michelle Denise (Baker) Platt)
    Pro Build Enterprises
    Manchaca, TX 78652

    Russell Croman 39y photography, Silicon (Solo Auditor '07) grad WSU (w: Stephanie Renee (Baker) Croman 35y m:5-20-95)
    Austin, Texas 78758

    Michelle Denise (Baker) Platt 40y clear (h:Terry James Platt 47y m:2-24-96 (Havingness Rundown '97))
    Austin Academy of Higher Learning, 10503 Robinwood Circle, Austin, 512 837 6117
    Fort Worth, TX

    Dr. Moira Terese Dolan Pruett Prough 51y physician (OT6 level H '06) (h: Andrew Alan Prough 43y m:10-14-98 (ex-w:Carol Ann (Isaksen) Prough 50y m:10-23-92 div:3-24-98, 2c:)(ex-h:Gregory Scott Pruett 53y m:3-23-87 div:4-13-92, 2c:)
    VP. Medical Fraud Reviews LLC. 512 262-8760,
    Ex. Dir. for TX Citizens Commission on Human Rights, CCHR)
    Manchaca, Texas 78652 512.350.2898
    Clear Concepts, Athletic Goods
    Austin, TX 78765-4085 512-445-6045

    Mark Allen “Alien” Pruett 21y (Academy 0 '05) (FL)
    Austin, TX

    Felix "Carter" Hobbs 52y (OT4) films peaceful protesters (w: Janet Lee (Dennerlein) Armstrong Hobbs 55y (WISE '06, OT5) m:9-29-79 (ex-h:William C. Armstrong Jr. m:4-7-76 div:12-1-78) (2c:Justin Carter, Allegra Lorraine 26y)
    Hobbs' Ink (custom home & remodel design firm)
    Lakeway, TX 78734 (512) 261-6226

    Gary Donald Carlin 42y (TR-99) Construction Estimator (Carlie (Strickland) Gatlin 25y insurance biller)
    Austin, TX

    Deborah Lynn (Weikel) Scouras 52y (LEVEL 0-IV auditor, Qual. Sec) (ex-h:Robert Charles Scouras 59y m:6-30-73, div:4-18-82)
    Austin, TX

    John Cody McFadyen 61y (Dianetics '07, OT5 '85) (w:Anna Cecile (Paddock) Willahan Stilo McFadyen 60y (Dianetics '07, OT1 '06, WISE trustee '93) (ex-h:Glen Edward Stilo 58y (Fl notary, Custodian of records for the Church of Scientology, secretary) m:3-8-75 div:12-12-01 (w:Elizabeth Ann (Mills) Stilo 44y (OH) m:1-11-02 by Mary M. Story 60y (OSA)
    ex-w: Linda Elizabeth (Yarie) McFadyen 59y (CA, ME) (Flag metering '04, OT6 '02) m:10-27-01 div: by $ci George Goodrich (former co-owner of Loftcraft),
    ex-w: Barbara Ann (Burt) McFadyen 59y OT8 '06, Dianetics '07) m:12-23-77 div:5-11-00,
    ex-w: Kathryn McFadyen m:9-23-71 div:11-22-74,
    ex-w: Beverly Lynne (Sam) McFadyen Cammack Stauffer m:11-22-66 div:7-11-72) (c: Cody Walton McFadyen 40y (CA) (w:Ramona Lisa Hatch), Michael "Mike" Jason McFadyen 28y (Basics Supervisor '08), Renvie Kristin (McFadyen) Crain 35y
    Coadvertising '02
    Mr. FIX IT
    Oasis Pools, Cody Pools and Spas Inc, Aguatown Pools '95, Aquatech Pools '95/
    Poetwarrior Press
    Austin, TX 78753

    Richard Winston Rucker 51y Construction (WISE '06)
    Cody Remodeling & Builders (Austin, TX 78727-4332)
    Winston Development Corp.
    Pflugerville, TX 78691-1969 (512) 801-2495

    Jeffry Schell Stuckey 50y (clear) (w:Leigh Ann (Crocco) Stuckey 52y (purification rundown '89) m:5-31-81)
    Pro Metal Roofing '98
    Premier Cutlery
    Austin, TX 78734-1734

    Megan Aileen (Taylor) Sims Creel 33y, artist (Dianetics '07, WISE '06, auditor) (h:Arthur Eugene Creel 54y m:2-5-01, exp. pesticide license for Salivia Travers' Aztec Pests), ex-h: John Alexander Sims 35y m:8-31-96 div:) s:Craig Scott Taylor 35y, mo:Emily Kathryn (Merritt) Taylor 55y (patron) (m:6-6-73 div:9-13-96), f:James Emmett Taylor 58y
    Joyful Home/ Megan Creel's Fabulizing Service/ Modern Home & Family Care, Inc.
    Austin, Texas 78752

    John Michael “Mike” Conrad 35y (clear '03)
    Conrad's Magic Carpets '04
    Austin, TX 78753

    Brett James Gow 33y (w: Shannon Leigh (Crosley) Faust Gow 31y (OT4 '05) m:9-13-97) (ex-h:Brandon Jacob Faust m:10-10-95 div:97, w:Tashina Untiedt Faust (BPI, staff), s:Taron Xavier Untiedt Lexton 25y (w:Marisol Nichols Lexton actress '24' m:4-13-08), mo:Mary Bernice Untiedt Shuttleworth, f:Andre Untiedt)
    Wells Branch Pet & Bird Clinic
    403 E Ben White, suite C, Austin TX 78704
    f:Leroy "Lee" M. Wyatt Crosley 52y (WISE '06, OT7 '06) (w: Teresa Kay (Hope) Crosley 51y (OT8 '08) office manager m:9-13-97) Vet. Services, c:Robert Lee Crosley 33y (OT6 '07) (w:Krisha Raechelle (Neimann) Crosley 33y (OT2 '05) bookkeeper m:7-13-96) R&L Contractors, U-Built-It, No Fleas USA '05
    The Crosley Group '97
    Narconon Arrowhead (City office of Texas) Field Office '07
    INFINITY MANAGEMENT (same address for the clinic-2nd location) (listed under chiropractic care)
    AUSTIN, TX 78735-8407 512-462-1874

    Dr. Savita Murli (Wadhwani) Barrera Whittier 43y (OT 5 '05) Disciplinary action
    (h:Eric Roland Whittier 49y (OT6-'05) (no active license)(CA & NH) m:1-29-05 by Dan McMurrough)(ex-w:Victoria Wimpress m:12-27-84 div:1-31-91) HVAC Tech (heating/AC school), ex-h: Ricardo Alonzo Barrera 31y (clear) m:12-18-99 by Lee Crosley div:1-22-04
    San Pedro Pet & Bird Clinic '92 exp. (2017 Bluebonnet #106, Austin 78704)
    South Branch Pet & Bird Clinic Scilon Veterinarian
    403 E Ben White, suite F
    Austin, TX 78704 512-801-2899 512-462-0002

    Del Valle, TX
    AUSTIN, TX 78704-7371

    Jeffrey "Jeff" Kirk Echols 51y chiropractor, disciplinary action (w:Anna Maria Gonzales Echols 49y 2c:)
    Scary Chiropractic & Kids?
    UNITED CHIROPRACTIC/ Designed Clinical Nutrition '07
    403 East Ben White Blvd., Suite D
    Austin, TX 78704

    Robert Emmett Allen 57y (Total Freedom '02) (w:patricia "Patti" Louise Beerwinkle 54y m:4-18-92)
    Golfsmith International Holdings, Inc, Board of Directors '08
    Theta Mest, Hats Caps & Millinery
    Austin, TX 78745 512-445-2211

    Gareth Lynn (Cayce) McCoy Ellzey 66y (OT6 '07, auditor) since '59 (lived in Johannesburg, South Africa '69)
    (h: John "Jon" Edwin Ellzey 52y,, Casas De Austin, Johnny Rooter Plumbing) (mo:Winifred Heit (Ousley) Cayce b:9-20-18 d:5-24-04, f:Clarence Perry Cayce d:8-95)
    (ex-h: John Oscar McCoy Jr. 69y m:1-26-60 div:12-21-92, investment mgt, Renaissance Child (Press), book publishing -- his father, John McCoy (clear #11?) disowned his daughter (very sad))
    (4c:Elizabeth Ann Irene Cayce (McCoy) Milliken (NH) 38y, Jonathan Adam Christopher McCoy 35y (2 survived infancy)
    Educator, Applied Scholastics school, (no TX teacher's certificates)
    Century 21 First Place, real estated agent, salesperson
    Austin, TX

    Sharolyn “Sharon” Jean (Null) Ellzey 59y (clear) (h:Eddie Larue Ellzey 59y, 3c:) (NM, SC, GA)
    Austin, TX

    Amy Beth (Reilly) McMurrough 54y (WISE '06, Havingness rundown '01) (h: Daniel Lawrence “Dan” McMurrough 58y (havingness rundown '04) pianist- River City Soul, minister, m:6-11-77, (ex-w:Lila M. Nation m:12-20-69)) (c: Erin Leigh 23y)
    Thomas "Tom" Grayson Burks 69y (OT Debug service-1995) dealer and consultant in historical artifacts, auction sales manager, former curator of Texas Ranger Museum,
    Johnson City, TX (not TX licensed auctioneer)
    Randall Hill Auctioneer, Forefront Technologies '94, (adm: James “Jim” David McNeil 66y)
    Candler & McMurrough Public Relations & Market Res.'89,
    M C and Company '87, '02, Frontier Times, "Frontier Times Western Auction"
    McMurrough & Associates, marketing (creates websites)
    Austin, TX 78728 (512) 252-7200 (

    Maida Diane (Papanek) Candler Boswell 56y (clear, life orientation '93) (CO, CA) (ex-h:Edward “Ted” Hoctor Candler 67y (clear) (m:2-14-82 div:7-9-92) c:Adam Russell Candler 25y (TRS '00) (Michael Robert Bowell PhD)
    Austin, TX (recent...Candler Marketing, Glendale, CA )

    Alexander "Alex" Wade Jarrett 40y (w: Judy Kay (Evans) Drake Jarrett 61y (clear) (IRS debt '01) m:5-12-00 by Gareth Ellzey)(ex-h:Alton Earl Drake 62y m:1-1-66 div:5-9-75 2c:)
    My Theme '97
    Austin, Texas 78704

    David Jefferson Potter 62y (Basic Study '04, clear, patron '06)(w:Linda Gail (Smith) Potter 61y (auditor) m:9-19-68)(IRS debt & state tax lien '83 -'08) 3c:Carl David Potter 36y (clear)
    Austin, TX

    Stanley Gene Smith 40y (Grade 0 '00) (w:Suretha J. (Wood) Smith 38y m:3-26-88) ((f:Charlie Wayne Smith 72y (Basic Sudy '83) (ex-w:Claudia Sue (Cochran) Smith 69y ('04 route to infinity)) Beverly Smith (auditor)
    Smith Roofing (metal roofing company)
    Austin, TX 78727-5124

    David Allen Schneider 61y (Route to Infinity '90) (w:Hilleva Lynda (Harrison) Norman 58y (ex-h:Michael Jay Sholts 57y m:1-13-76 div:11-18-77)
    Schneider Energy Equipment Inc.
    Austin TX 78753

    Elizabeth “Liz” Victoria (Combs) Paquette 32y (Patron '06) (ex-h:Brian C. Paquette 49y (clear, Grade 4 '01) m:11-15-97 div:5-7-07, (ex-w:Linda Sue (Johnson) 52y m:11-478 div:12-19-80, mo:Rosemarie Nardi Paquette 79y (OT2 '06)), Keith Daniel Paquette 48y (clear '79)
    Paquette Systems
    Austin, TX (Lago Vista, TX 78645)

    Marjorie Denise (Pike) Martin 49y (clear '80, drug rundown '93) (h:Michael Sterling Martin 61y (OT3, prosperity '92) m:5-23-81 2c:)
    Austin, TX (FL)

    Kevin Sorrells (FPRD Money '08, Specialist '07)
    Austin, TX

    Dr. Marlene Helen Schiller 58y DDS (ex-h:Arthur Beers Fowler III 58y m:6-14-69 div:71)
    Round Rock, TX 78681

    Dr. Eddie Glenn Tennison 52y DDS, DA (w: Anne Belle (Cook) Tennison 54y m:7-21-81)
    Sterling Mindcontrol
    Round Rock, TX

    Robert William Bledsoe 54y (no TX vet license) Commanding Officer of the CLO UK (OT6, false purpose '99) (w:Lavonna Rae Applebaum Bledsoe 62y (OT4, L12 '07) m:11-9-91 (ex-h:Samuel K. Applebaum 60y (CA) (Timothea Chapelle “T.C.”(Applebaum) Sayles 36y b:L.A., CA (clear, super power project '07) knew L. M.
    (h:George Rodger Sayles 47y) (Camille Ivey (Rogers) Bledsoe 52y)
    Austin, TX (Corpus Christi) .. old (ENGLAND) (FL, DE, CA)

    John Robertson 55y (WISE '06, clear, Ability '00)
    Espresso drive through (not listed under assumed name)
    address at Dominion Village of Riata Apartments
    Austin, TX 78727 (512) 470-9789 -cell

    Sean Patrick Seivert (havingness '08, WISE '04)
    Austin, TX

    Billy Dale Burlinson 59y (Level F '93, clear)(Marcella Mae Burlinson Keppler 55y (PTS/SP '90))
    Austin, TX (CA)

    Deborah "Debbie" Jean (Selle) Sharp 57y (OT6 '07) (h:Edgar Lane Sharp 55y(OT 5 '06) m:2-3-78 3c:Matthew Phillip Sharp 26y FL realtor, Jessica Selle (Sharp) Skowronek 27y (clear, Class V '03), Samuel Lane Sharp 24y (HQS '05)) irs tax debt
    Sharp Builders
    Austin, TX ..old (moved to Clearwater, FL)

    Richard “Ross” Rosser Cole 69y (b:Houston) attorney (WISE '01-'06, OT8 '89, Solo Nots II '00) w:Lucy Ann (Beckley) Quigley Cole 68y (OT8 '89, org exec '03) c:Eugenie Elizabeth (Cole) Guy 32y (Grade 4 '94), Stewart Brady Cole 29y (Universe processes '07), mo:Ann Marshall Cole, f:Brady Cole
    Tx license inactive #04547000
    Glendale, CA 91206 (old.. Austin, TX, FL)

    John Richardson Green 47y (WISE '06) Houston WISE Chapter (SFASU '86)
    Richardson Marketing, Inc.
    Round Rock, TX 78681 (Enclave apartments)

    Michael “Mike” Wayne James 44y (Dianetics '08, CCHR staff) (Mark Serrano, coowns house) (CA)
    Bastrop, TX 78602-5600

    Donna Ann (Sharon) Hixon ?Foster Boling 38y (Solo I '07) h:Bernard Charles Boling 43y (Route to infinity '00) m:4-25-98, ex-h:Richard Glen Hixon
    Kyle, TX (MO, IA)

    Mary Joan (Livingstone) Sterzenback 60y (OT6 '05, Patron '06) agent (h:George Michael Sterzenback 61y m:6-12-68 c: Aaron Michael Sterzenback 35y (How to improve relationships with others '93)(Joseph E. Sterzenback 39y (Sponsors '97) (w:Rosa L. Conklin 39y m:7-10-02))
    Zen Cycles
    Helotes, TX 78023

    Irene Johnson Dunleavy Howey Dirmann 65y (CO ASHO, San Antonio Mission holder) (h:John “Jack” Peyton Dirmann 62y (HCO Area Sec, Theta clear '05, OT8))(ex-h:William “Bill” Duncan Howey 69y acting coach (clear '79) c:Steve M. R. Howey 31y actor (purification '01)(w:Aahoo Jahansouz “Sarah” (Shahi) Howey 29y (personal efficiency '05) m:2-7-09) (Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader '99-'00) (Van Montgomery in Reba TV show)
    (ex-h:Anthony “Tony” John Dunleavy 71y (Comdr, L12 '79, #20 clear, Saint Hill staff, VP academy, declared SP '83) ex-w:Talya D. Dunleavy) (FL, VA)
    -forced to leave the Apollo if wanted to take child to term (she left)

    Chad Allen Elms 35y PT (WISE '06, chapter committee member)(UTSA physical therapy '00)(w: Stephanie Anne (Spraggens) Elms 34y m:12-18-99)
    Helotes Physical Therapy-Rehab
    Helotes, TX 78023 (210) 372-9600

    Daniel "Dan" Lewis Polk 58y (OT4, L12) (w:Tonya Lynette (Bowlin) Donahey Polk 38y (sponsor) (from KY) (recent DWI in Comal County, TX) 2c, ex-w: Gail Allyson Polk 58y (OT5) FL) (Jennifer L. 34y)
    Progas Storage & Marketing, lnc (subsidiary operating and drilling companies) (old.. Abilene, TX 79606)
    Pro Gas E & P / The Progas Co. (Natural Gas Storage)
    New Braunfels, TX (renting a house from Olga Baker, CA)

    Terence "Terry" Lee Cavanaugh (WISE '06)
    Terry Cavanagh Productions & High Performance Caching
    Alpine Express (band that plays polka music (poorly)) worked at Disney World
    New Braunfels, TX 78130 (830) 606-0011 (

    John Paul Pantermuehl 65y (Self Analysis '08, WISE '04, '06) (w:Jennifer Mary (Blythe) Pantermuehl 56y (Self Analysis '08, OT7) 3c:Jarod Chris 24y (Self Analysis '08), Jamie Rebecca Julia 28y (academy '06)(h:Erik J. Martin 32y (Artist '05), Jessica Lee 22y (Dianetics '08)), ex-w:Muriel S. (Roesch) Pantermuehl
    Aqua 2000 (Van Nuys, CA)
    New Braunfels, TX

    Jeffrey “Jeff” Glenn Stanifer 38y (Problems of Work '07)(AZ, FL, GA, KY, MA, MD, WA)
    Budget Bee/ San Marcos Beauty Supply (Austin 78753-4516)
    San Macros, TX 78666-8223

    new ex-scientologists to S.A., from Clearwater.) Good luck to you and yours. (Please speak out and "expand" about what you saw. deFEAT midget man)

    James "Jim" Connor Mulligan 70y (GO, SO) (ex-w:Anne L. Ursprung Mulligan 67y attorney (SO) m:9-10-77 div:7-27-93)
    San Antonio, TX

    Dr. Li (Lou) Skelton 48y DDS DA (WISE '06, Super power '07) (ex-h:Joe Markham Skelton 61y (CSS I '80 expired 1310 Klondike Drive)(super power '07) m:9-22-92 div:9-18-97 1c:, ex-w:Avis Jean (Slobe) Martinez Skelton 59y m:12-8-78 div:7-23-92) foreign school '82
    Li Dental Care, PC / Li Dental Clinic & Laboratory/ United Smile Artists (Dr. Jairo A. Chavez DDS)
    San Antonio, TX 78217 (210) 824-1880 (

    Julius Arevalo Pineda 37y TX mortgage broker license expired (WISE '06)(RI, FL) (w:Emily R. (Lomotan) Pineda)
    1st Home Loan Inc. (Yaupon Trail)
    San Antonio, TX 78256 (210) 447-7372

    Dr. Michael Clayton Becker 51y veterinarian, DA (clear, Elementary Data '04) (w:Josie (Trevino) Becker 39y (OT5 '04) m:1-13-91 (2c:Joseph “Joe” Raymond Becker 17y b:10-29-91 (How to use a dictionary '02)) ex-w:Martha Laura Bustos Becker 55y m:11-4-87 div:1-2-90
    DA: 2-8-95 (5 year probated suspension, $3,000 penalty (5 hrs. CE in Record Keeping)
    problems with Becker
    scilon staff: Marco A. Garcia 39y (personal integrity '98), John Quiroz Becker Animal Hospital P. A. (professional associtaion) '04
    Central West Animal Hospital '92 exp., Care Animal Hospital '92 exp., Becker Animal Hospital '92 exp.
    6515 West IH-10 (..old) 804 West Ave.
    San Antonio, TX 78201-4043

    Dr. John Arthur Moore Jr. 54y DDS (WISE '06, OT6 '06) (w: Carol Lynn (Taylor) Moore 54y (OT6 '05) (CT)m:6-8-75 (3c:John Taylor Moore 29y (Trs '02), Jason Taylor Moore 27y (Dynamic '07), Lauren Mariko Moore 25y (Grade I '06)
    Dr. Edward James Camacho 54y DDS (WISE '06, OT6 '07) (w: Kimberly June (Revis) Camacho 48y HAPPINESS RUNDOWN '01) (ex-w:Linda G. (Gomez) Kraft Camacho Layton 57y (Creative Interiors) m:12-12-84 div:5-27-94)
    Carillon Hills Dental
    Cosmetic Dental Associates (5837 Babcock Rd.)
    San Antonio, TX 78240-2135

    Dr. Thomas Hayne Holmes 70y DDS (Route to Infinity '02)(w:Bille Dell (Callaway) Holmes 3c:)
    San Antonio, TX 78217-4650

    Dr. Ralf Warren Blackstone 55y b:'53 anesthesiologist (didn't renew in TX) (clear, Patron '06)(ex-w:Jamie J. (Andrian) Blackstone Wichman 61y)
    Porta-chill '00
    San Antonio ... old (moved to Dunedin, FL '01)

    Steven “Steve” Allan Hechtman 55y (OT8 '09, WISE '01, '04) (w:Wendi Lynn Adella (McNally) Hechtman (OT6 '00, L12 '07) c:Michael (children's comm. '92))
    Sprout Delights '82 exp (w:Wendi Lynn Hechtman)
    Calmetrics Company '87 exp (w/ Thomas A. Hechtman) (software company)
    San Antonio, TX ..old (Sacramento, CA 95818-3454)

    Arthur Lee LeSavoy 52y (Life orientation '93) (ex-w:Catherine "Cass" C. (Mapother) Lesayoy Darmody 44y (OT5 '03, PTS/SP '05) div:93, 3s:Marian P. (Mapother) Henry 48y, Lee Anne (Mapother) Burnett Haigney DeVette 50y, Thomas "Tom Cruise" Mapother IV 47y (OT7) w:Katie Holmes c:)
    San Antonio, TX ..old (FL, CA, NJ)

    Mary Sue (Whipp) Hubbard (b:6-17-31, Rockdale, TX d:11-25-02 breast cancer m:3-52) h:Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (alias Dean Carnahan, James Olsen, Kurt Von Rachen, Tom Esterbrook, Rene La Fayette, Capt. B.A. Northrop, Frederick Englehardt) d:1-24-86) raised in Houston, attended Rice Institute for 1 yr, graduating with a BA English from U of TX '51 (Fed. Jail 10-26-79 for five yrs and fine $10,000) f:Harry H. Whipp b:93 d:10-30-42 (suicide at home) mo:Mary Catherine (Hill) Whipp 85y d:83

    Janie Cile (Donoho) Olive Cash Frere 62y b:3-4-46 (OT3 '92) (FL, OK) (h:John Alex Frere Jr. 74y (clear, L11 '93, honor '02) m:10-15-88 by Kevin Good (OT8 '89) ex-w:Gayle Patricia (Galatas) Frere 67y m:12-29-57 div:3-23-88 1c:, ex-h:Len David Olive 63y m:1-27-67 div:11-14-72 1c:, ex-h:Sammy L. Cash Jr. 62y m:3-24-78 div:8-21-79)
    Driftwood, TX 78619-5761

    Gudrun Diane (Mix) Morgan 66y physical therapist, exp 1-31-08 (OT6, Self Analysis '07, WISE '97)(ex-h:Frederick Duane Morgan Jr. 70y m:11-9-62 div: 7-20-88, 2c:Michael, Deborah)
    Sterling Scam
    Corpus Christi TX 78413

    Joel Anthony Disanti 45y, Podiatry, retired (Anne Marie 41y)
    Corpus Christi, TX 78418 ..old, Gibsonia, PA

    Gary Harold Bydlo 58y (OT3 '80, Honor '06)(IRS debt 89-95)(knew L.M)
    Corpus Christi, TX & Clearwater, FL (old.. Austin & Dallas)

    Manuel Pedro Salazar Jr. 48y (OT6, Solo Nots '97)(w:Imelda (Pacheco) Salazar 36y m:5-20-00) (supporter of Dallas org '08)
    Corpus Christi, TX 78515-1902

    Mark Charles Rathbun 52y (out-thank you for finally speaking out!)
    Corpus Christi, TX area (FL, CA)

    Sakhiwo "Sakhi" Sungano Guma 34y (Sea org '95, ED WISE) (in after jail (TX))
    Corpus Christi, TX ..old (CA, CO, SC)

    Rubik Atamian 57y Phd, Assistant Professor, Accounting (OT consultant '99) w:Anahid (Petrosian) Hatami Atamian 55y (Scents Perfume warehouse) (ex-h:Roben Hatami 57y m:10-24-75), c:Alfred Norik Atamian 23y (study skills for life '97)
    UT- Pan Am
    Edinburg, TX (Mcallen & Austin)

    Ricardo Rene Gonzalez 50y Optometrist (L11 '95)(w:Raquel (Medrano) Gonzalez 49y m:9-8-79 3c:)
    Valley Eye Care
    Elsa, TX 78543-1137

    Church of Scientology Mission of Harlingen; mission holder Rohn James Walker 59y (w:Vicki M. Walker) 3+ missions) International Executive Tech ( designers & web developers)(adm: Richard “Ric” Paul Wilhelm 44y “alias Rick Alien Wilhelm" (OT4 '95)
    Harlingen, TX 78552 (956) 365-4020 (CA)

    Narconon South Texas
    17697 ABD Road (owned by Dr. Vivian Teegardin, 1241 Dixieland Road Suite 6, Harlingen, TX)
    Executive Director, Joseph Sauceda 41y from Camp Pendleton, CA (w:Mickey Michelle (Reagan) Sauceda 36y)
    Directors: Nemecio Estevez Lopez Jr. 57y Attorney (w: 197th District Judge Migdalia Lopez 57y, Dr. Jose Francisco Lopez MD 55y (occupational Health medicine), Denise R. Blanchard, Carla Lucia Mejia 30y)
    Harlingen, TX 78552

    Dr. Ricardo Guillen DDS 51y ((SUPERVISOR '08), Austin Charter Committee of WISE B.E.C.)(w: Mary J. Romero Guillen 43y m:5-29-99), ex-w:Aida Teresa (Tabarez) Guillen Libby 50y m:4-12-80 div:2-15-95 (1c: Teresa (Guillen) Parker 26y (sponsor '00) (h:phillip M. Parker 26y (Word Clearing '87) m:6-24-04))
    Harlingen Family Dentistry
    Harlingen, TX

    Dr. Juan De la Rosa Villareal DDS 56y b:2-13-53 (WISE '06, chairman '07 Narconon South Texas), School Board president, gave Co$ $250,000 for courses, promotes Co$ fronts:S.A.G.E. and T.W.T.H.
    (ex-w:Rosangel "ROSIE" M. (Cerrillo) Romo Simenta 36y (gave $100,000 to scilo for courses) m:10-23-98 div:8-31-04 (h:Jesus R. Simental 27y m:5-14-05, ex-h:Rolando Romo 40y m:7-25-92 div:10-29-93) 2c:)
    (ex-w: Noelia “Nellie” (Rivera) Villarreal 56y (gave $100,000) m:7-3-80 div:2-27-96 3c:Amy Suzzette Villarreal 23y (gave $40,000 to Co$), John Paul Villarreal 28y (gave $40,000 to Co$), Mark Anthony Villarreal (gave $40,000) Julian S. Villarreal $40,000
    Dental Assistant Training School, 1214 Dixieland Rd. Ste 4,
    Narconon South Texas, 1214 Dixieland Road, Suite 6
    Harlingen Family Dentistry
    Harlingen, TX 956-428-5322

    Dr. Vivian Ann (Krska) Teegardin 45y, DDS (h: Gilbert Aaron Teegardin 50y m:8-17-81, owns Dixieland Professional Plaza), head CoS Mission
    Harlingen Family Dentistry
    Harlingen, TX 78552-3314 956-428-5322

    Dr. Glenn George Thomason Jr. DDS 62y (NM) (w:Gail Thornton Griffin Thomason 65y UT PAN-AM, PR Harlingen Family Denistry & Narconon South spokeperson & "proclamation proclaiming Brownsville as a “S.A.G.E. Set A Good Example City” to Ms. Gail Thomason and Dr. Juan Villarreal, sponsors"
    Harlingen Family Denistry
    Harlingen, TX

    Jeanne Michelle Levine Keenan 50y (OT8, former agent CoS Rockville, MD '05) (CA, MD) (Robert Garrett Keenan)(Malcolm Paul Levine (M&M Enterprises, Inc (software company) ( in Brownsville, TX)
    Harlingen, TX 78552 ('08)

    Susan “Susie” Claire (Ballantyne) Watson Taylor 65y musician (staff '91, OT8 '90, ex-president Celebrity Centre (LA, CA), ex-VP CC '95, VP Author Services Inc) (ex-h:Jerry Wayne Watson 71y (OT7 '87, patron '06) 2c:Aubree Claire Watson 36y (Tech acad), J. Luke Watson 34y guitarist (Solo Auditor '02, engaged to Lisa Marie Presley '99, her body guard))
    Harlingen, TX..old) CA, Dallas, TX

    Dr. Charles Adams Clements 54y DDS (OT prep '08) (w:pamela R. (Jones) Clements 53y m:12-20-75 c:pamela A. 28y, Rebekah Ruth 25y, Caleb P. 22y)
    Kingsville, TX 78363-7203

    Dr. Paul Jerome O'Malley 51y (IL) dds (OT5 Level I, '06) (w:Bonnie Lynn (Dickinson) O'Malley 40y (CA) (OT8 '09, Level N, '07) m:3-22-97 1c:) (ex-w:Jennifer Anne Thompson O'Malley 48y m: 10-14-88 div:10-18-96)
    Dental America, Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist
    Odessa TX 79764 ..old (Beverly Hills, CA)

    William “Willie B" Wilson b:6-21-14 d:4-12-97 (OT 4 '95)(pilot, attorney) tried to leave after OT3 but was blocked, he was a wealthy oil man who knew George H. Bush. filed for Bankruptcy in '84 (speaker for scilon's republican Political Action Committee)
    (w:Meina Idelis Sotomayor Brasel Wilson 60y (clear, solo audit '97) m:12-21-91)(ex-w:Monetta Sue (Bradshaw) Wilson Edmiston 68y (OT4 '82) m:?56 div:'87)(ex-w:Marietta "Mary" (Glover) Wilson)
    5c: John Williams Wilson II 67y, Duke Glover Wilson 62y (auditor, False Purpose '85) (w:Cindy S. McCallum 55y m:2-19-00)(ex-w:Margaret J. Drake)(ex-w:Linda Eloise Bass (Flag Hard TR '78), Word B. Wilson 60y (pilot)(w:Celia J. Rhodes Wilson 54y m:4-7-79)(ex-w:Sarah E.), Michael Hagen Wilson 50y (objective '94)(w:Laura Ann (Fowler) Boswell (OT8 '05))(ex-w:Deborah K. Conly 59y), Byron Blaine Wilson 44y (Key to Life '03) (w:Laura Lynn (Wettstein) Wilson 46y m:9-2-95)
    Investors Drilling Equipment, LLC IDE
    human rights abuses in Scientology; hrabuse2.htm
    Midland, TX

    Matthew Morgan Scott 30y b:11-12-78 (Dissem & Help '06)(w:Elizabeth (Janas) Scott (Clean Hands '06, Patron '06))
    mo:patricia Karen (Lowe) Scott 57y b:12-2-51 (UT '74) (OT8 '89, Solo Nots II '05, WISE '01) (Freelance Enterprises, Sunland, CA 91040-1636)
    f:Kerry Brent Scott 56y m:6-12-76
    San Angelo, TX (...old) (CA, CO)

    Margarie “Margi” F. Butcher 82y (MN)(student hat '90)(h:Walter Carlton Butcher 82y b:3-8-21 d:3-2-04) (invester in Reed Slatkin's ponzi scheme)
    Weslaco, TX 78596

    Bret C. Snow 50y (ex-w:Dianna Lynn McCollum 44y m:2-2-91 div:7-29-92)
    Bret's Trans & Auto Care
    Pittsburg, TX 75686

    Dennis Powell Houghton Jr. 42y TX physical therapist (WISE '06) w:Martha Lorena (Castano) Houghton 45y TX physical therapist, DA '00 m:7-25-98, (ex-w:Sophia Monique (Williams) Houghton m:8-6-94 div:2-13-98 1c:)
    Mobile Industrial Testing '97 (McAllen, 78501)
    Ultimate Rehabilitation Service, Houston 77076- '96 exp.
    Aptus Healthcare : PT, OT, Speech-Language Therapy, Social Services, Nutritional Services
    Edinburg, TX 78539 (956) 668-1818 ( (Houston)

    Joan "Joni" Lee (Chasens) Bernard Superville 55y (OT8-'08) KLAQ (h: Joseph "Joe" Ira Superville 49y m:9-18-88 chiropractor)(ex-h:Frederick George Bernard 56y m:12-18-77 div:2-20-85 2c: Julie Lynn Bernard 29y (Purification rundown '91), Bryan 26y)
    Church of Scientology Mission of El Paso
    El Paso, TX 79912 (Dallas)

    Wilford "Bill" Charles LaRock 58y chiropractor (Knowledge Rundown '95) (w:Donna Irene Midland LaRock 53y b:7-29-50 d:6-10-03 (CO) (OT8, Ability '97)(6c:Garrison James Larock 33y (Grade V + '93) Bryan Charles Larock 28y (Introductory auditing '96)(CA))
    Amigo Home Solutions '06
    Foreclosure Prevention Profession '06
    Portage LLC
    Coronado Chiropractic Clinic (Plaza De Cortez LTD '89 6330 N. Mesa, 77912 inactive (w/ Joe Superville)
    El Paso, TX

    Michael “Mike” Anthony Ontiveros 32y chiropractor (Solo I '07) (w:Sarah (Martin) Ontiveros 33y m:10-12-01)
    Desert Sun Chiropractic
    El Paso, TX

    Jose Ernesto McLaurin 37y (WISE '06, Personal values '06) (w:Karla Patricia (Kong) McLaurin 28y m:9-25-02)
    EFS Training Center '07 inactive
    EFS Training Center '08 (Effective Fitness Solution/ El Paso Crossfit '08/ Crossfit El Paso '08/ Crossfit West El Paso/ Crossfit El Paso West/ C F E P/ EPCF)
    The (on-line fitness training) The Fit Mac '04
    El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 204-4464 (admin@the

    Heraldo “Lito” D. Neria 65y (clear)(w:Soleda (Martinez) Neria m:12-22-66) 3c:
    Visualgraphics '90 / Imagicnation '97 inactive
    El Paso, TX 79903

    Eric S. Jaquez 38y mechanical engineer (Basic Study Manuel '05, WISE '06) (from OH, NM, AZ) (UT El Paso) (w:Blanca Raquel (Davila) Jaquez 39y (PTS/SP '06) m:2-24-94 1c: Alejandro "Alex" (Grammar '05, children's communcation '04)
    AAMCO Center '06, 160 McCutcheon Suite K, / Saber Space Sales '03/ ABRES Investment Inc.
    Cottman Transmission of El Paso
    El Paso, TX

    Jose Luis Alvarez DDS (WISE '06) government practice (grad' 00 UTSA)
    Vista Hills Family Dental
    El Paso, TX 79912 (915) 592-2097 (

    Ernst “Oliver” Schrammen 62y (clear) (w:Rebecca K. (Thornton) Frazier Schrammen 64y (clear) m:4-2-78)(ex-w: Annette 61y b:5-22-71 div:9-23-77)
    El Paso, TX (old)

    Rebecca “Becky” A. (Hughes) Ramos 26y (left staff) 2s:Lindsay, Greg, mo:Deborah “Debbie” Dianne (Horton) Gillion Hughes 57y (OT7 '87) (GoldBase, Hemet, CA), f:Gregory Kenneth Hughes 56y revocated- dds exp'87 (CA) (OT6 '86, Commander Midshipman, declared SP, ex-int Finance Dir, WDC WISE)
    El Paso, TX 79924 (moved to OK in '06)

    Thomas "Tom" George Whittle 58y (NY, CA) (Freedom Magazine Editor, End of endless rundown '89), ex-w:Myrna Y. (Hernandez) Whittle 52y (clear) m:6-12-77 div:)
    El Paso, TX (...old)

    Mary Beth (Cannon) Voegeding MacKenzie Shaw 56y (OT2 '02, Flag pres)(h:Ben Arthur Shaw 58y (KY) (OSA, out) m:6-5-98) (ex-h:Daniel B. MacKenzie 65y (OT3, False purpose '90)(ex-h:peter Konstantin Voegeding 58y div:7-24-97 (ex-w:Diana “DeDe” Sue (Reisdorf) Voededing 58y m:1-10-79 (out) div:2-10-86)
    Lisa McPherson
    El Paso, TX ..old (L.A., CA, FL)

    Raymond “Ray” Henry Mithoff 58y (OT8 '89, sea org, declared SP '00) w:Gelda A. Kithchin Garrard Mithoff 54y (class IV '78) 2s:Robert "Bob" Maas Mithoff 61y (alais “TH”, “Trojan Horse” (Grade IV '77, False purpose '88) w:Cynthia “Sammie” Lee Smith Mithoff (clear '03), oldest brother (philanthropist, TX attorney) not scilon
    El Paso, TX old (CA, FL)

    Richard Henley (WISE '06)
    Purity Bay, LLC (water purification & solar energy) does work in TEXAS
    Cedar Crest, NM 87008 (505-286-8070, 888-94 fresh)
  4. animenerdjohn Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Glad to see there are none in my town, as my town has a lot of very rich people in it. It would almost be funny to do what they did to WBM and go outside these peoples homes and picket.

    A note on the dentist, Ive noticed Dentists like to talk before working sometime. Maybe an anon in need of some work could go in, act depressed/stressed and see if hes getting them that way. Because to my knowledge that might be illegal. Plus you get your dental work done!
  5. Re: WISE in Texas

    423, you rock. thank you so much for all your hard work in giving the hivemind something to mull over.
  6. me57 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Yes thank You 423. there is an org called wise women of Hoouston i wonder if it is associated with the scientology front wise int'l.
  7. ron Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Cheryl Peterein
    Christina Alexander
    Chuck Jones
    Darcie Durham
    David Eck
    David Sheller
    Ed Marshall
    Gary Pariani
    Jim Johnson
    Jiten Shah
    John Green
    John Walet
    Lance Durrett
    Marlene Schiller
    Mary Ann Durham
    Ricardo Guillen
    Ronald Silva
    Sherry Durrett
    Suzanne Eisenstark
    Thomas Holmes

    From the online listed of WISE members, I collected most all the WISE members

    Oklahoma Drug Treatment
  8. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Dallas Metro & north Texas

    Church of Scientology CC Dallas
    ED: Meri Ellen Dolan Vallerius, Pres.:Arlo Dylan Ihrig 34y
    (protest features 'Cathy' Norman Sullivan (DSA), Albert Porter Baker Jr., John Welsh Allender (CA)(youtube video going crazy "WLuaDdyr-KI", Charles "Charlie" Frederic Earl 53y b:4-16-56, (OSA (CA) Executive '78) reported to (ex) Mike Rinder)
    451 Decker Dr
    Irving, TX 75062

    HUBBARD DIANETICS FOUNDATION--Grandwick (Celebrity Centre)
    1850 Buckner (Theresa A. Calhoun Dolaway)
    Dallas, TX 75228

    CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INC (former Celebrity Centre location)
    Eddie Allen, president
    DALLAS, TEXAS 75230-4561

    MISSION OF THE South West--closed
    Richard Noel Aznaran 58y (TX PI) (w:Vickie Joy (McRae) Stokes Aznaran 57y (PI expired) (m:7-8-72 div:11-27-74 rm:)(Inspector General, President 3-83) (escaped RPF in Hemet, litigation against Scilo)) (ex-w:Tambra 55y m:12-26-76 div:10-31-78)

    Dean Printiss Stokes 61y realtor (ED, 2x declared SP '80 & '03) first by ex-w:Vickie Joy McRae Stokes Aznaran m:8-22-76 div:9-7-78)(ex-w:Melanie Sue Parnham Stokes 60y (ED, OT3 '79) m:4-26-82 div:11-14-94)(ex-w:patricia Louise Rabon Stokes 59y m:8-19-66 div:7-16-69)

    Tera Yvonne (Delgado) Hattaway 51y (Prosperity Rundown '93, out) (h:Edmond E. Hattaway 45y (clear, L11 '95, out) (GA) chiropractor) pressured in abortion by Melanie Stokes

    Deborah “Debbie” Rosemary (Cooper) Simone 54y (Org Ex. Sec, ED SW mission, declared SP) (ex-h:Vincent “Vinnie” Anthony Simone 53y (SW mission) m:7-9-77 div:7-28-86, (w:Tena Gay (Pullen) Simone 48y m:2-27-88 2c:)

    Bent George Corydon 66y (Flag Org. Exec. '78, out, author of Messiah or Madman?) (w:Mary M. Corydon 66y, (Class VI '77, out)
    DALLAS, TX 75231 (CA)

    Remember L.M.:Lisa (McPherson) Boss Skonetski 36y b:2-10-59 Dallas d:12-5-95 homicide
    ex-h:Donald W. Boss 55y m:4-27-82 div:11-10-82 never in CoS (killed in 12-18-98)
    ex-h:Eugene “Gene” Joseph Skonetski 50y, m:1-7-84, born Bexar county (auditor, OT4 '95) div:'88, Director, treasurer CSWUS '93 HTCC (Hubbard Training & Counseling Center) bankruptcy '88, applied for marriage license '90 with David Haywood never married, her father and brother 16y committed suicide. Her mother died a year after her daughter's death.

    Michele “Shelley” Diane (Barnett) Miscavige 48y b:1-18-61, Dallas (h:David Miscavige m:'81) s:Metarie Lynn Barnett 50y b:5-13-58, Mary Clarisse (Barnett) Brousseau 52y (A/V Manufacturing Gold, RPF) b:9-18-56 (ex-h:John Romeo Brousseau “JB” (RTC) 51y ex-w:Deidre), Marie Camille (Barnett) 46y b:10-1-62, f:Maurice Elliot Barnett 77y b:4-30-30 (WY) div:CA, d:6-25-07 (Glendale, CA), mo:Mary Florence (Fike) Barnett Miller 52y b:6-7-33 (OT5) d:9-8-85 (homicide) (h:James “Jim” P. Miller)
    Dallas, TX

    Meri Ellen Flanzbaum Meyers Dolan Vallerius 58y (OT8 '04, Dissem & help '05, ED of Co$ Dallas-Irving, TX (formerly ED of Pasadena, CA))
    (h:Jeffrey R. Vallerius 55y (WISE '99 & '01, Dissem & help '05) Technology for Business, Montrose, CA)
    (ex-h:paul Richard Dolan 74y d:5-23-05 (Ethics specialist '03, WISE '99) Byte Alloy, Woking, UK)
    (ex-h:Bruce Jon Meyers 59y (Level II '96) CA, NY)
    Irving, TX

    Arlo Dylan Ihrig 34y IT operations at Pendulum Studios (3D animation) (WISE '04, Dissemination & help '05, Pres. Co$ Dallas-Irving)
    Proplexus (San Diego)
    Irving, TX (OH, CA)

    Janice E. Miller Stone Ihrig 67y (clear '80, SVM'05), h:Glen Homestead Ihrig 57y (SVM '05)) Co$ San Diego (NY, MO) (ex-w:Selva L.)
    San Diego, CA

    Quinn H. Taufer (success thru communication '90, sea org) ex-w:Dree Amber (Batley) Taufer 27y (objectives '93, canadian) m:12-19-96 div:12-2-99
    Los Angeles, CA (ex-scientologist reported being yelled at for not making the money for the Dallas org)

    Theresa Ann Calhoun Dolaway 56y (former dir. of Co$ Dallas) (h: William "Bill" Alan Dolaway 54y (secretary Dallas org '09) m:7-15-83)
    Garland, TX

    George Harold Bobbitt (benefactor to Dallas org)
    Mansfield, TX

    Ann O'Connor (benefactor to Dallas org, OT8, staff)
    Dallas, TX

    Daniel Thomas O'Connor 33y (staff) w:Arla Ann (Ayres) O'Connor 41y (clear, Int by Dynamics '08) s:Kathryn “Kathy” Anne (O'Connor) Sullivan 34y, Linda Carol O'Connor Nelson 53y (clear '08), John "Ted" Theodore Nelson 57y (WISE '01, L11 '07)
    Irving, TX (KS, MO)

    Roxann Richards 50y+ (Dynamics of Money '92, out) (ex-h:(out)--anonymous until further notice)
    Dallas metro, TX

    Bryan Eugene Moore 54y chiropractor (L11 '04, secretary Dallas org '05) (w:Kelli K. (Kemnitz) Moore 41y m:12-25-03)
    Bonham, TX 75418 (903) 583-7411

    Alton Scott Gordon 44y ((former head (PR) of Dallas Celebrity Centre) Honor Roll '06, musician - artist) (w: Tatiana) (ex-w:Michelle Yvette (Marcell) Gordon Bond m:3-30-85 div:6-8-88 1c:) now..San Jose, Costa Rica
    Cedar Park, TX (Duncanville)

    Roy Parker (Dallas Celebrity Centre '93)

    David "Dave" Andrew Hamann 56y (flag banking officer-'01, friends of Dallas org) knew L.M. (Teresa Hamann (Clear))
    Dallas, TX (oil/ gas lease agreent w/ Eurenergy Texas LLC (Irving Celebrity Centre)
    Daniel Thomas Hamann 52y (State of Man '06, friend of Dallas org)

    Malcolm Paul Levine 54y (knew L.M.) owner CoS Mission of Casa Linda..closed (ex-w: Renee Rochelle (Taylor) Levine 54y (ARC Straightwire '96, CoS Mission of Monterey, CA '05) m:4-3-95 div:'05)(ex-w:Connie Lynn Levine 63y m:1-1-83 div:7-20-91), Brandi 62y (advertising))(f:William Dudley Taylor d:93 (clear) mo:Marjory Dell (Merchant) Taylor 89y (OT6, Solo Nots '97, patrons '06) (Jeanne Michelle Levine Keenan 50y (OT8), Pat Taylor, course administrator)
    DALLAS, TX 75228

    Megan Elizabeth (Gilstrap) Hawkins Boykin Caplan Ciolli 52y (staff, clear) h:Michael “Mike” David Ciolli 57y (bus driver delphi) m:11-25-95 c:, (ex-h:Charles Wendell Boykin 56y m:6-4-83 div:), mo:Kathryn Jane L Gilstrap Brod 73y (publicity & decorations, specialty '04, staff)
    Plano, TX ..old (OR, CA)

    David Bruce Slaughter 62y (w:Bennetta Dawn (Cates) Boykin Slaughter 52y b:12-28-56 (Galveston) Applied Scholastics’, Memphis org
    (ex-h:Charles Wendell Boykin 56y (Comm '82) m:9-6-74 div:7-30-76) s:Bruce Cates 48y f:Ben Anin Cates d:2-28-05 (ex-w: mo:Barbara Dawn (Bowdoin) Cates 73y div:7-17-69)
    (c:Ashley Michelle Slaughter 24y (personal value & integrity '00), Gloria G. Cruz Slaughter 35y adopted)
    Agent Media Corp “AMC” PUBLISHERS (moved to Lago, FL '94) ('04 sold to Post Capital Partners LLC, NY) partner Jeff SCHAFFNER
    65030 Gaston Av. #350
    Dallas, Texas 75214..old (FL, MO, TN)

    Jeffrey "Jeff" Lee Schaffner 51y (OT5 '05) owner (3141 W NORTHGATE,IRVING, TX 75038) started AMC, ('04 VP, Agent Media Corporation, FL)(w:Sheryl V. (Balenovic) Schaffner 52y (Croatia, Spicewood, TX) (OT5 '88, patron '06) m:11-16-96 by Diane Lynn Phillips Kule 65y (OT8)
    IRVING, TX 75038

    Linda Cheryl "Cheri" Rogers 50y (CCHR, staff) (William Lawrence Rogers 57y (sponsors '89))
    Richardson, TX

    Robert "Bob" Lee Frybarger 51y (Dir. CCHR, Grade 0, Auditor) (w:Sandra Janelle (Fairbanks) Roye Graff Frybarger 46y)
    Frybarger Office Services, Your Virtual Assistant '00, Fryboco Props '86

    Charles "Chuck" Robert Bell Jr. 53y (CCHR, auditor, Narconon Chilocco) (w:pamela Gwen (Simpson) Bell 50y m:2-15-86 c:Jeffrey Coby Bell 28y
    Dallas, Texas 75220 (OK 74601)

    Jennifer Sue (Newberry) Bell 36y (WISE '06) (h:Ronald Dennis Bell 53y b:11-15-53 d:4-14-07 (clear)) (CA, Palm Beach, FL)
    Bell Raingutters
    Rockwall, TX 75032 (214) 771-0597 ( (deeded property to Starkey Jr. '07)

    Reba Fern (Sloan) Latimer 66y CCHR (h:Wendell Oren Latimer 60y) c:Jerry Wendell Latimer 39y (w:Niki K. (Lamb) 40y)
    P.O. Box 742826 (9505 Brock Bank Dr., #4218)
    Dallas, Texas 75374-2826 (214) 368-0108

    Ellen Patricia "Patty" (Weiss) Simpson 48y dental hygienist (WISE) ( h: Dr. Timothy Simpson 51y DDS (supporters of Dallas org) m:8-13-83
    Abilene Aesthetic & Cosmetic Denistry: Dr. Jason Alexander, Simpson & Bourland PLLC-old
    Abilene, TX 79605

    Daniel F. Kingsbury 60y (OT debug '00) (w:Gertrude “Trudy” Mayme (Morgan) Headley Kingsbury (OT elig '94) c:Max J. Kingsbury 21y
    Abilene, TX ..owns 3 parcels (FL)

    James "Jim" Leon Johnson 64y (WISE '06, OT8 '08) (w:Susan Marie (Sunday) Johnson 51y (OT6 '90)) IRS debt '84-'87 2c:Rebecca Susan 26y, Daniel James 21y knew L.M.
    Mr. Jim's Marketing Trust (Farmers Branch, TX 75234)/
    Accurate Strategies
    Addison, TX 75001 (Plano 75075, Westland, MI)

    Thomas "Tom" Lynn Theimer 54y (w:Olla Marie (Green) Theimer 59y m:7-1-86) (knew L.M)(ex-w: Pamela D. Davis Theimer m:7-10-74)
    75% Off Bookstore
    Addison, TX 75001

    Lynne B. Auerbach 47y chiropractor (friends of Dallas org) DA:Mass Docket order 7-12-02
    Uptown Chiropractic
    Dallas, TX 75204

    Joe Raymond Arnett 71y (OT5 '02) (Cynthia)(ex-w:Sandra J. 64y m:10-3-64 div:2-7-75)
    Addison, TX 75001-4100

    Elvia Fragoso (WISE '06) (research)
    Addison, TX 75001 (214) 284-2736 (

    David Victor Eck 55y (WISE '06, False Purpose '07) (w:Colleen Kay (White) Eck 52y (clear, patron, L11 '05) m:6-7-75 3c:)
    David Eck & Associates, Accounting Services
    Amarillo, TX 79109-2652

    Franklin Doss Stephens 66y (OT6 '03, auditor) (ex-w:Suellen “Suzy” (Barbee) Bass Stephens 67y (FSM, OT8, State of Man '98, Honor roll '06) 2c:)
    Amarillo, TX ..old (now Phoenix, AZ 85021-5623)

    Dr. Kenneth Steven Karger 53y DDS (Problems of course work '07)(ex-w:Martha Karger div:91, c:Britany 24y)
    I-20 Family Dental (
    w:Dr. Marjorie "Mauri" Anne (Dewey) Karger 54y veterinarian (OT8 '03, State of Man '06) m:7-10-93
    Robin Joseph Rhyne 52y tech (McKinney, TX)(staff, knew L.M.) (w:Diana Denise (Raines) Parham Rhyne 48y (Ability '01) m:3-28-98), Vicki Ann (Densmore) Hipsher 43y (State of Man '02, ethics officer) (Katy, TX)(h:Ricky Daniel Hipsher 38y m:8-22-98), Laurie Hamilton)
    1-20 Animal Medical Center (I-20 AMC)
    Arlington TX 76017- 1134

    Dr. Bonnie Catherine Bloom 35y veterinarian (Auburn U)(Friend of Dallas org)
    I-20 Animal Medical Center
    Arlington, TX 76017-1134 (AL) Kennedale

    Cannon Printing
    Arlington TX 76006

    Charles “Charlie” Richard Brust 52y (clear, honor '06) ( Educational Science Assemblies and Teacher Workshops
    Charles Brust Ballon Science Poetry in Motion
    Arlington, TX 76011-5815

    Allan Joseph Rosenbaum 48y chiropractor (w:Holly Ann (Roberson) 47y m:6-5-81)
    Rosenbaum Chiropractic & Wellness '04
    Integris Associates, Inc.-old, 34th Street Chiropractic
    Denton, TX 76209 (Muenster 76252, Arlington 76012)

    Patricia Jean (Labadie) West 66y (staff, Basic Hat '04, Honor roll '06, WISE '06) (h:Michael David West 48y m:3-22-82 d:10-23-98
    No Float Aqua Scapes '08/ Phoenix Designs, Etc '08/ Phoenix Company '05 (retail)
    Denton, TX 76209 (940) 591-1717 (PA)) (FL)

    Maureen Elizabeth Sullivan 54y (level M '06, clear)
    Gordonville, TX

    Dr. Cheryl Lynn (Peterein) Svede Lewis 54y (OT6 '04) (Al) from MO (ex-h:Alfred R. Svede 60y) (h:David Bradley Lewis 52y)
    Dr. Joe Edward Cannon 62y veterinary (OT6 '04) Disciplinary action (w:Sharon K White Tindall Cannon 55y m:10-16-82, ex-w:Gail Lynne (Owens) Bowsher Cannon Gallagher 59y m:11-1-78 div:4-29-81 c:Troy Joe 33y, Chad Wayne 37y)
    Harwood Oaks Animal Clinic, 2500 Harwood Drive , Bedford TX 76021
    Harwood Oaks Animal Clinic
    Grapevine, TX, 76051

    Tommy Ray King 56y
    King Industrial Manufacturing
    Carrollton, TX 75006-7423

    Dr. Marc Richard Dandois 55y DDS (WISE '06)
    Carrollton, TX 75010 (972) 394-7007

    Jerry Michael Tole 64y (Grade 0 '79, clear) (?w:Linda Ann M. Tole 61y (clear))
    Carrollton, TX

    Alan Charles Walter 73y (#8th clear, on the Apollo, out, declared SP) ex-w:Joy B. (Connell) Walter (#79 clear)
    Tennesco Oil Company
    Dallas, TX

    Dr. Jean Evelyn (Dunn) Bainbridge 54y DDS (WISE)
    Dallas, TX

    John Jude Haggerty 39y (Level A '06, friends of Dallas org)) (w: Jennifer "Jenny" Anne (Hill) Haggerty 39y (SVM '05, friends of Dallas org) m:12-3-94)
    Boom Productions ('01 Glendale, CA)
    Dallas, TX 75231-3722

    Patricia (Rosalin) Marquez 37y (Upper TR '01) (ex-h:Michael Marquez 41y (perception of truth '01, Wise '99) IRS debt '02, state lien '98) m:4-27-93 div:2-10-06 (w:Melissa Agnes Souza Marquez m:3-24-06)
    Richard “Rick” Herbert Birkenshaw 58y (OT7 '89, solo nots '02, WISE '04, Patron '06) (w:Claudia 57y, Nermin Tomris Jansson Birkenshaw 57y (OT 4 '87) (MA), Susan “Sue” J. Birkenshaw (OT5) 45y, Sunglass World, Inc., FL 34697
    Going OT
    Restaurant Cleaning Service '94, '97/ Mikey's Maids '00 (address for Eagle Postal Center)
    Dallas, TX 75205-4029 (HI, FL)

    Lawrence “Larry” Dale Johonnesson 56y (clear '79, OT debug '96) IRS Debt '88-'90
    (w: Pam Ann (Schwem) Johonnesson 55y (OSA Int) m:71, 3c:)
    3s:William “Billy” Ray Johonnesson Jr. 58y (OT6 '02, WISE) (w:Susan Adele (Lowe) Johonnesson 48y (Melbourne, Australia) m:12-9-99, ex-w:Lisa Dawn (Allen) Johonnesson (OT8 '05, grade 4 '06) c:Shawnpere Johonnesson 35y (Tx state lien '02))(Bridgestreet Financial Consultants '01 FL, Public Relations '04 in CA)
    Commercial Carpet & Interior '87 (Garland, TX)
    Interior Maintenance Specialists, Inc. (IMS, Inc), floor cleaners
    Rowlett, TX 75088

    Gary Douglas Martin 55y chiropractor (WISE '06) (DA:mass docket order 11-7-00)
    (Dallas Chiropractic Assoc. -old), Alpha Chiropractic Associates
    Dallas, TX 75254 (

    Richard "Byrd" Vogel Jessup 52y (WISE '06) (knew LM.) State Tax Lien '94,
    (w: Hildegard Johanna Benneck Jessup 49y (ethics staff) m:3-9-85 (2c:Zachary Christopher, Richard Alex Jessup (Study skills '00), attended Delphi school)
    Kid's Resource '87
    Richard Byrd Promotions (Stephen K. Hackley, C. R. Hebert, T. Theimer, Theresa Wyne)
    Atlantis Trading Corporation (LTD), women's clothing, $7-$10 Fashion Outlet, 7th Avenue Suit & Dress Outlet, Texas Fashion Group LLC, Dallas Fashions, New York Apparel Wholesales '85, Fashion Marketing Unlimited
    Dallas TX 75207

    Anita Faye (Kelly) Renicks Garvey 59y from England (h: David Lee Garvey 53y m:5-18-85)(ex-h:Melvin A. Renicks 61y m:9-23-70 div:5-19-80) c:Matthew 30y
    Anita Pie Enterprises, Insurance '98 (Theta Pie Enterprises w/ Ann Cannon)
    Dallas, TX 75228-4774

    Frederick Arthur “Fritz” Alders Jr. 52y (clear, Dissemination & Help '06) CFO (w:Noreen Sheridan B. Alders 48y (clear))
    Price Breakers, Atlanta, GA 30318 (recent)
    Fashion Marketing Unlimited '92/ Dallas Fashion '97
    old...Dallas, TX 75230 (left in '97)

    Robert “Bob” Emil Neuwirth 57y Chiropractor (OT5 '95)(w:phyllis G. Woertz 59y m:7-4-80) out
    Plano, TX

    Donald Herbert Waudby (intro. Auditing '97)
    Automated Business Concepts, computer consultants
    Dallas TX 75240- 4736

    Richard "Rick" Earl McClure 42y (WISE '06) (w:Colleen M. (Woollard) McClure 53y m:10-16-82)
    DBA & RMC Enterprises (charter committee member) (computer services)
    Dallas, TX 75240 (972) 239-9242 (

    Sylvia "Kay" (Clark) Campbell Hamilton Houser Proctor 60y (OT 5 '02) (h:Jack "Jay" Elliott Proctor Jr. 52y m:88 d:10-19-09 (c: Austin Lindsey Proctor 19y (objective '03)) Infuse Life, ex-h:Clifford Fay Houser 60y m:12-28-86 div:2-24-88, ex-h: James Duane Hamilton 62y m:9-25-82 div:1-21-85, ex-h:Bobby Lee Campbell 62y m:8-30-68 div:6-1-81)(1c:) knew L.M.
    Columbia Cosmetics Mfg, Inc. '87
    Garland, TX 75401-2559 ('88 IRS debt released '92) (Hutto)

    Rosalie (Raub) Hamilton Whitney 63y (ex-h:Frederick Charles Whitney 50y m:7-5-86 div:12-16-88) (ex-h:Ollin Benjamin Hamilton Jr. 65y m:11-30-63 div:10-30-84, s:James Duane Hamilton 62y (ex-w:Sylvia Kay (Clark))) c:Meredith Lee Hamilton, Barry Alan Hamilton (w:Lisa Lia (Pullen) Singleton Hamilton 45y m:9-20-97) knew L.M.
    Hamilton & Asscs '79
    Dallas Homes Magazine
    Garland, TX 75042 ..old (Clearwater, Fl (Expert Communications))

    Kathleen Evelyn Gravlin Lettau 67y (Clear, Specialty rundown '04, WISE '04) (Steven Philip Lettau 63y (honor '06, Debug '95)
    Tamba Bay Volunteers, Inc./ Perfectly Balanced Books, Inc, accounting
    (reg. Agent) 611 DRUID # 403, CLEARWATER FL 33756
    LifeWorks Wellness Center Inc., (Dr. David Ira Minkoff 60y (OT8 '91, Academy levels 0-IV '06)) Revocation Ordered for Douglas J. Phillips, DDS
    Garland, TX (FL, MI, CA)

    Harlan Stevenson Trower II 72y (auditor, OT Debug '07)
    (w:Faith April (Wade) Trower 48y (auditor, CCHR) m:1-4-92, ex-w Karen E. (Taylor) Trower 61y m:10-8-71 div:4-19-83, auditor), “Steve” M. Trower
    Garland, TX 75042-3900

    Raymond Wilson Roark 79y (supporter of Dallas org)
    (w:Julia K. Baker Hayes Roark 62y realtor (WISE '06, chapter committee, supporter of Dallas org) m:9-21-85)
    (ex-w:Joyce Marie (Leteff) Roark (LA) 3c:Aaron Patrick Roark 44y (Metering '01)(w:Emily S Hudgins Roark 43y (friends of Dallas org) m:3-21-91
    Garland, TX 75044 (469) 767-7459 (

    Charles "Chuck" Edward Jones 60y (State of Man Congress, '97)
    Jones International Designs
    Garland, TX 75040

    Glen Ricky Johnson 51y chiropractor (Ability Congress '00) (mo:Christine Madeline (French) Johnson 75y (Grade I), f:Glen Johnson 76y)
    (James Edward Johnson 63y (ARC Straghwire '95) w:Gloria Jean (Guillory) Johnson 58y (TR '96) m:1-16-69 ex-h:Joseph Cormier Jr. m:1-28-64 div:(LA) 1c:Chelsa 38y)
    Metroplex Chiropractic Assoc.
    Garland, TX 75041-5267

    Larry Joseph Babington 65y (Dissem sec '88) knew L.M. (w:Linda Kay Schroeder Babington 59y m:1-16-98)(ex-w:Elizabeth L. Patterson Babington 63y m:6-16-90 div:8-8-96)
    Herbalife Independent Distribute
    Tioga, TX 76271-9784

    Dr. Jeffrey Robert Siebert 52y DDS (w:Kathleen “Kate” Ann Huff Siebert 57y) (NY)
    Lewisville, TX 75067

    Cell-Tech/Alpine (bluegreen algae pills)
    Dallas TX 75228

    Computer Animation Tech Corp.
    Dallas TX 75235

    Dr. Steven Farrell Craig 53y, DDS (Cassie, exp)(knew L.M.)
    Westgrove Dental Care
    Richardson, TX 75080 (Plano, Dallas)

    Paul Robert Minshull 55y (clear) MI (w:Anne Handlin (Fee) Minshull 59y (mo:Ruth Ellen Minshull 82y)
    (investor in Reed Slatkin ponzi scheme)
    Heritage Capital Corporation, CEO (US Tangible Investment Corporation)
    Plano, TX 75039 (Dallas 75205-2720, MI)

    Craig Raymond Hebert 44y (WISE '06, patron '06, charter committee)
    (w:Charlene Francis (Lewis) Belcher Hebert (friends of Dallas org) m:12-30-05,
    ex-w:Catherine “Cathie” Marie (Ranta) Hebert Chamberlain 45y (Academy '04, staff, knew L..M.) m:9-22-85 div:11-17-93 c:)
    (deceased w:Susan "Sue" Lori (Jones) Hebert 37y m:2-15-95 d:02 1c:(14y- friends of Dallas org))
    C.R. Hebert Enterprises/ Construction
    Hi Construction, Inc.
    Dallas, TX 75240-5531

    Chad Everett Hebert 38y (w:Robin Leigh (Bayne) Berlin Hebert 47y m:5-14-05)(ex-w:Kathryn M. Price 40y m:2-10-01)(s:Craig Raymond Hebert)
    Mansfield, TX 76063-4017 (817)453-9316

    Dr. Kenneth Mike Dossettl 64y DDS, retired Practice (OT6 '99)(w:Beverly Jean (Brooks) Dossett 64y (OT6 '99) 3c:)
    Dallas, TX 75248-4061 (Frisco & Plano)

    Gary Keith Franks 57y (sunshine rundown '02)(w:Rebekkah Ann (McReynolds) Slayton Roark 53y (Grade IV '02) m:12-30-85, c:Chelsea Mechelle Franks 19y (Intro Auditing '97)
    EFG Motor Company, Inc., car sales
    Dallas, TX 75243-5510

    George Force Chamberlain 58y (exec status '88, senior honor roll '06, WISE '01) knew L.M.-wrote reports on Lisa, Charter Committee Dallas, Dallas Business Expansion Club, Professional Practice Mgmt (scam)
    (ex-w: Katherine "Katie" Dean (Goodman) Chamberlain 53y m:6-25-83 (OT6 '90) div:84,
    ex-w:Carol Lee (Duncan) Chamberlain South 45y (out) m:4-18-85 div:3-25-88 d:'01)
    Catherine Marie (Ranta) Herbert Chamberlain 45y, Edward Allen Chamberlain 28y, Glenn Charles Chamberlain 52y, Christine R. Chamberlain 48y, Gail)
    Dallas, TX 75240

    Steven “Steve” Dale South 52y (auditor, INT by Dynamics '94)(w:Carol Lee (Duncan) Chamberlain South (OT3 '98, out '00)(died at 45y d:'01 cancer, b:6-19-56 m:6-6-88) knew L.M. (ex-w:pamela D. 45y m:10-13-79 div:5-7-82)
    Frisco, TX 75035-7198

    Steven Jay Goodman 62y (Patron '06, L12 '07)(Harriette Strug 61y)
    Dallas, TX 75287-7503

    John Henry Garza 50y chiropractor (DA:mass docket order 8-19-04) (w:XOCHILT SANDOVAL 32y m:11-1-01) (ex-w:Maria Rosalinda Alaniz 49y m:2-5-77 div:2-23-89)
    Garza Chiropractic
    Dallas, TX 75206-7321

    Deborah Lea (Coker) Haywood 52y (h: David Wayne Haywood 50y m:6-21-91, applied to marry Lisa McPherson: 10-5-90, ex-w:Susan Gail (Pewitt) 52y m:11-6-88 div:9-14-89)
    Professional Interiors
    Dallas, TX 75355-0605

    Mary Ann (Ritzwoller) Block 63y D.O. (osteopathic physician), UT '64, author:No More ADHD, CCHR
    (ex-h:Stanley Byron Block 69y m:3-30-69 div:11-13-87, 2c:Randy 36y, Michelle 38y)
    Scientology Crime Syndicate
    Hospital: NORTH HILLS HOSPITAL (Joy B. Connell Walter),,
    HURST , TX 76054 (Bedford, Dallas)

    Michael Laws 44y (ex-w: Ann Marie Seibert Stanton Laws Thomas 52y (DSA) div:11-27-91, c:) knew L.M.
    Dallas TX ..old

    Jaime Everardo Perez 36y (State, IRS debt) (Yolanda Sanchez Maldonado Perez (Basic Study '01)
    Jaime Entertainment
    Dallas TX 75214

    Theta Sound
    Dallas TX 75231

    Melba "Ann" (Cannon) Speers Parham 72y (staff, Drug Rundown '96, Route to Infinity '97) 1c: (co-owner Anita Garvey)
    Theta Pie Enterprises (computer website)
    Dallas TX 75218 (Caney, OK)

    Dennis Michael Nietling 51y optometrist (patron '06, WISE '01, '04, 06) (w:Regina L. Terrell Nietling m:3-25-95, ex-w:Catherine "Cathy" Ann (Kline) Nietling 52y div:2-9-95, 2c:) sued numerous people '00 in small claims court.
    Family Eye Care-Nietling Optical
    Denison, TX 75020 (old Loveland, CO & MI)

    John Leslie Marth 60y chiropractor (WISE '06, patron '06) NY
    Back and Neck Chiropractic, Marth Chiropractic
    Desoto, TX 75115

    Jiten Krishnakant Shah 57y (Indira Jiten 55y) (Physical Therapy license expired 7-31-08) (investors in Reed Slatkin ponzi scheme)
    Improving Conditions, Inc
    Metroplex Physical Therapy
    Duncanville TX 75137 (India)

    Brent Michael Cooper 29y
    Fort Worth, TX 76180-1006 (GA)

    Suzanne (Whitmore) Ham Eisenstark 52y CPA (OT6 '06) (h:David Eisenstark 60y m:8-1-81,
    ex-h: Daniel G. Ham 53y m:4-13-74 div:10-30-80)
    Grapevine, TX 76051-7413 (LAS VEGAS NV 89117)

    Karen Lynne Douglas Robillard 51y (clear), Joan B. Douglas 44y (sponsor '94)
    Cleburne, TX (NM)

    Bradley Hugh Burten 52y (WISE)
    CAD Design Services, Inc. (CDS)
    Irving TX 75063

    Kathy Smith (PTS/SP '07, WISE)
    Essential Water & Air
    Irving TX 75038

    John M. Bianchi Jr. 49y (WISE '06) (knew L.M.) (w:Claudia Anita Bianchi) ex-w:Nancy E. Coffey Bianchi 48y m:12-16-79 div:11-11-80) Libertarian
    Bianchi Investments Corporations/ Theta Co. (coowner Donald W. Powell) '81
    The Pizza Spot '97, Mr. Jim's Pizza # 22 '99 exp. (owner)
    Bianchi Consulting '07 (management consultant)
    Sharon A. Phillips Bianchi 56y (drug rundown '87)
    Euless, TX 76039-3308 (Irving 75062-7429)

    Dr. Gladys Lucille (Johnson) Whitten 54y DDS (h:Donald Eugene Whitten 62y 1c:)
    Caprock Oral & Maxillofacial
    Lubbock , Texas 79424

    Dr. Louis Lee "Bud" Farr IV 64y veterinarian (OT6 '07) (w:Annie Louise (Friend) Farr) c: Rebecca Louise (Farr) Knauth (h:Kurt J. Knauth) Message Boards Search -
    Bar S Ranch
    South Plains Veterinary Clinic
    Hwy 84 North, Slaton, TX 79364
    Slaton, TX (Lubbock area)

    Ruben Joseph Flores Sr. 58y (b:5-21-43 (MI) d:3-28-02 suicide) (WISE '99, Route to Infinity 2002) (w:Delma Yadira m:3-16-02)
    R&R Realty Enterprises/ R & R McManagement Inc./ The Flores Group (McDonalds of McKinney, Princeton) R&G Flores and Co.
    McKinney, TX 75070-3524

    Donna (Moores) Gilliland 58y (h:Larry J. Gilliland 57y (Communication '92) m:7-26-74) c: Candy Renee (Gilliland) Collier Wheelen 32y)
    Overton, TX (903) 834-6373

    Patrick Gale Spruill 58y (w: Kay Jacquelyn (Milling) 53y)c:Carmen Gayle 27y, Shelly Nicole (Spruill) Hughes 29y)
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights
    Plano, Texas 75075 (Clinton, MS)

    Richard "Rick" Paul Spies 51y (w:Divina Ann (Gipe) Spies 51y m:10-23-84) c:Derek Andrew)
    Professional Court Reporting School
    Richardson, TX 75080-4410

    Daniel "Dan" James Lohr 36y (w:Nancy M. (Ramsay) m:11-23-99), not licensed chiropractor in TX (MT, MN)
    A Clinic Americare (chiropractic care)
    Richardson, TX 75080-5734 972-889-0988

    Lawrence Shiuch Tu (WISE)
    LeoLeo International, Inc.- closed?, Computers Peripheral Equip Doesn't work computer store
    Richardson TX 75081

    Michael Steven Zimmer 69y (OT8 '03) w:Cheryl Margene (Sharp) Zimmer 60y m:6-28-79
    Rowlett, TX

    Robert “Bob” William Duggan 64y (clear, WISE '01, objective '07)
    (w:patricia “Trish” Jay (Hagerty) Duggan 61y (OT5 '94) m:7-26-74) (Demian D. Duggan 55y (Responsibility & state of OT '97), Dsara Ann Elizabeth (Duggan) Storment 39y (Auditing rundowns '01, Patron '04) Sanja Duggan (Basic Study '96), Penelope Duggan (Route to Infinity '05), Andrew Duggan (Happiness Rundown '08)
    Robert Duggan & Associates (investments)/ Computer Motion, Inc
    Beverly Hills, CA (NJ)

    Eddie Guy Houston 57y (clear, Route to Infinity '90)
    (ex-w:Dana Jan (Vanderweide) Sams Houston 61y (PTS/SP Course '04, SO) m:11-4-77 div:1-14-00 c:Liberty Raven Houston (Whole Track '98)) c: w/ deformation while in sea org
    ex-h:George Preston Sams 71y m:1-15-69 div:CA)
    (ex-w:Janet G. Sadler Houston 56y m:11-8-71 div:4-22-75)
    Supermaids Air Purification Service
    Richardson, TX

    Dr. John "Tom" Houston 50y dds, DA (SVM, Grade II '03, donor to Dallas org)
    Mesquite, TX 75150-2704

    Dr. Michael Anthony Liska 59y DDS (clear, staff, Int by Dynamics '92) (w:Carolyn L. (Wiatrek) Liska 59y m:9-9-69) (invester in Reed Slatkin's ponzi scheme)
    Pleasanton Dental Care
    Pleasanton, TX

    Andrew "Andy" Franklin Magnus 59y cpa DA:suspended '01 (Happiness Rundown '04) IRS debt '85, State debt (w:Ganine Missy Burnes Magnus 54y m:11-11-05)(ex-w:pamela Irene (Hills) Magnus 59y m:1-27-68 div:6-28-78, c:Jennifer Elaine Magnus 39y)(ex-w:Melanie Jean (Smith) Magnus 55y m:7-15-79 div: c:Michael Jacob 24y)
    Simple Green of Texas '82 exp. (Tommy Love)/ Small Computer Systems '81 exp.
    Arlington Biofeedback CLI '84, Magnus Andrew & Company '84
    Human Potential Institute of North '96 (7525 John T. White Rd., Fort Worth, TX) (Carol Darwin)
    Andrew F. Magnus, CPA '91 exp
    Mansfield, TX 76063-1512

    David Michael Melrose 40y (WISE '06, Grade I '07)(w:Erika Diann (Fields) Melrose 31y (L10 & L12 '07) m:10-2-99)
    Dallas Home Loans, mortgage broker
    Plano, TX 75074 (214) 389-5000 (800) 576-2581 (

    William "Bill" Louis Merlo 61y (WISE '06)(w:Carol J. Masterson Martin Merlo 56y)
    OT Ventures/ PE Associates '98(Flower Mound, TX)
    Health, Wealth, & Happiness, Inc. (Dietary Supplements-Mannatech)
    Roanoke, TX 76262-6809 (817) 337-1296 (

    Charles “Chuck” John Feilmeier Jr. 38y b:9-23-70 (L11 '08) (w:Brenda Jean (Hora) 37y b:9-17-71) (owned CoS of Plano (Frisco))
    Plano, TX 75024-7721 (972) 202-9769

    Daniel Ronald Rezac 41y (honor roll '06)(w:Lenore J. (Zitek) Rezac 37y)(owned CoS of Plano) V.P. Bus. Develop.
    Gridstone Group, Inc, Management Consulting, President, Roni Henderson
    Dallas, TX 75244-4388

    Marian Claire (William) Lark 81y (staff, clear '80, Pro TR '85) (h:James Hill Lark Jr. 88y 2m:5-2-82 (m:9-1-56 div:6-21-74) d:12-82)
    Cedar Hill, TX

    Gerald “Gary” Britton Beeny 59y (OT8 '04) (w:Carol Jean Beeny 59y (OT8 '02) auditors (c:Erin Rebecca (Beeny) Moore 29y (PTS/SP course '03) m:2-11-01 h:Caige Tyler Moore 30y (clear '03)), Chris 41y, Tara
    Allen, TX 75013-4755 (now in L.A., CA)

    “Rick” Scott (clear, objectives '05)

    Jo Ann (Campisi) Frey 58y (vanguard donor to dallas org) c:Angela Frey 26y (friend donor to dallas org)
    Mabank, TX 77659-9215

    Daniel James Dembinski 55y (Route to Infinity '05)(w:Ann Leah (Gray) Dembinski 50y (Route to Infinity '03) m:6-29-97)
    Allen, TX 75002

    Coree Dionne O'Donnell Giraldo 33y (Juan Carlos Giraldo 36y (Havingness Rundown '06))
    Fort Worth, TX 76179-5317

    Lavan Ahumada Grey 48y (friend of Dallas org) (w:Edith A. Alvarado 32y m:1-6-06)(ex-w:Silvia V. Dominguez 36y m:3-5-01 div:11-29-05)
    Fort Worth, TX 75149-2940

    Edward Francis Guignon 53y (clear '93 & '06)(w:Angela Marie (Bell) Guignon 45y (clear '96) m:5-19-90)
    Coppell, Texas 75019-4854

    Russell Todd Hinch 35y (Route to Infinity '00) (Village at Clear Springs Apartments)
    Richardson, TX 75082-4264

    Sanjib G. Mallik 51y chief architect for Ciant (WISE '06) (w:Kavita A. Dhir Mallik 47y)
    Ciant Corporation (software & data cleanup)
    Richardson, TX 75080 (972) 235-5555 ( (FL, NY, India)

    Charles “Chuck” Henry Kowitz 43y (marriage counseling '05) (ex-w:Stefanie Christine (Perkowski) Kowitz 41y (auditor, marriage counseling '05) m:10-8-93 div:5-6-05) (VA)

    David Brian McGill 54y (Route to Infinity '97)(w:Susan Carol (Gaedke) 42y)
    Carrollton, TX

    Dr. Kelli Patricia Slate 50y DDS (ex-h:Steven R. Lessard 61y m:10-24-87 div:7-5-89)
    Dallas, TX 75214

    German Francisco Bonilla 62y (ex-w:Luz Elinda Paredes 46y m:11-13-00 div:5-6-06) (ex-w:Rosalinda O. Esquivel 58y m:3-22-75 div:2-3-00)
    Arlington, TX

    Dolores Mattern Bischof 69y (Patron '06)
    Rowlett, TX 75089-1988 (972)463-4435

    Lynn Bryant (OT prep '08, Grade IV '03)
    Dallas, TX (CA)

    Marco Chiancianesi (OT8 '05, donor to Dallas org)(w:Elena E. Chiancianesi (OT8 '05))
    Studio Chiancianesi (Daniele Longoni (OT PREP '04) architect and contractor
    M Two Solutions SA (Clearwater, FL 33756-3822, Italy, Switzerland)

    Susanna M. (Ryburn) Hegeman 65y (OT5 '89, clear, Int by Dynamics, super power project '07)(h:Geoffrey S. Hegeman 65y (OT6 '04, state of ot '05)
    Dallas, TX ..old (NY)

    Peter Mark Eyestone 38y (Jennifer L. Ryan Swartz Eyestone 38y)
    Dallas, TX 75230-5427 (214)278-7778

    Daniel Levine 69y (Patron '06)(w:Cynthia Gail (Howenstein) Levine 53y (OT5 '07) m:4-3-05)
    Dallas, TX 75218-4002

    Debbie Meyer (Method 1 '07, Grade 5) (Freelance writer Dallas Morning News?)

    Jack Raymond Nunn 52y chiropractor ((Staff Status II)
    ex-w:Sandra Jean (Waller) Sampson Porter Brennan Nunn 57y phone comp. (OT1 '02, contributor to DALLAS org '09, (Sandi introduced Scilo to Lisa McPherson)) m:2-14-92 div:8-23-00)(ex-h:eek:ut big time)
    (ex-h:Douglas “Doug” Anthony Porter 62y (clear) m:11-1-78 div:3-20-87) c:Kasie Kristine Sampson 36y
    Irving, TX 75063

    Jimmy Eduardo Osorio 38y
    Heath, TX

    Gary Wayne Richie 59y (Scilon staff, Havingness Rundown '06) (ex-w:Donna L. 60y m:11-19-83 div:1-23-87)
    Grand Praire, TX 75052-4305

    Richard Matthew Stokley Jr. 51y (w:Beverly Ann (Beene) Stokley 50y) Ann? Interiorization Rundown '78)
    Princeton, TX

    Dr. Ricardo “Ric” Barrera Tan 60y family doctor (Ability Cong. '99) (w:Augustina “Nina” (Corpus) Bulaclac Tan 51y (Havingness Rundown '07) m:4-25-93) (from Manila, Phillippines)
    New Hope Health Care
    Fast Flow Solutions (short-term business credit)
    Arlington, TX 76012

    Jeffrey Frederic Badyna 37y (Route to Infinity '03) Expired real estate license (Costello & Associates)
    Dallas, TX 75214-3926

    John Herman Chivian 47y (IT Manager) (ex-w:Lisa Ann (Mott) 44y m:5-15-93 div:8-6-02, ex-w:Kimberly L. Steele 47y m:11-11-78 div:11-15-88)
    Allen, TX 75013

    James E. Coode Jr. 40y (Student Volunteer Minister '05) Nashville, TN 37205 ('91), SC, CO
    Dallas, TX

    Glenn Dunlap (Drug Rundown '97) (Diane Lynn Dunlap)
    Dallas, TX ..old (now..Clearwater, FL)

    Stephen Kenneth Hackley 53y (OT6 '98) (w:pamela Louise (Reid) Hackley 46y (clear, Stud. Vol. Minister '05 m:9-29-85 c:Trevor Brett Hackley 20y (friend of Dallas org, How to use a dictionary '00)) ex-w:Denise Anne (Noble) m:4-12-71 div:7-22-75 1c:)
    Manager, 6 Dollar Fashion
    Richardson, TX

    Beata Ann Howe 47y (Dissemination & Help '05) (s:Mary A. (Howe) Putney 41y (OT6 '05) h:Jeffrey Putney 43y (OT6 '05) Know-How Systems, Inc., FL)
    Texas County Western Dance Association
    Irving, TX 75016

    Joseph Douglas Hubert 57y (clear '74, Havingness Rundown '01) knew L.M. (ex-w:Brenda Gayle (Sypert) Johnson Hubert Spencer 58y (solo audits '00) m:5-21-77 div:1-3-91 (h:Lawrence R. Spencer 62y (PTS/SP '95) m:4-5-97) the, (arrested for money laundering at Bernstein, McCaffrey, & Lee (rare coins exchange)) (ex-h:Jerry Dean Johnson 60y m:3-18-66 div:76?)
    Hubert Insurance Agency
    Dallas, TX 75231-1822

    Margaret “Maggie” E. (Ross) Blair Fuller Robinson 62y (OT8 '90, Flag exec '91, patron '06) (ex-h:patrick “Pat” Ritchie Robinson 61y (OT8 '89, Flag exec '91, patron '06) m:12-12-91 div:10-3-96 (CA, FL, KY)) Penny Lee Napier Robinson 41y (OT3 '03))) (ex-h:Terry L. Fuller 57y (auditor, L11 '87) (VA) m:1-1-84) (ex-w:Kathleen M. Fuller 56y m:8-26-72 div:1-30-81)
    Dallas, TX (Robstown)

    James Ron Marquis 52y (Honor Roll '06, Happiness Rundown '01)
    Azle, TX 76020-1360

    Matthew Kenneth Olmstead 33y (staff, TR '96)
    Euless, TX

    Stephen "Steve" Paul Reid 40y (OT6 '07, Study certainty '06) IRS debt (w:Sondra Kay (Price) Reid 56y m:8-5-89) (Judith “Judy” R. (Ayers) Reid 53y (patron '06, Grade IV '03) realtor (TN))
    75% OFF Books Mesquite
    Kid's Resources '87
    Allen, TX 75002-6386

    Adam Chandler Schiestel 32y
    Carrollton, TX 75006

    Mark Emery Van Arsdall 43y systems adm, Perot systems (contributor to Dallas org) (w:Gail E. (Rose) Van Arsdall 43y information services, ADP (Contributor to Dallas org) Western Hills HS class of '83, Cincinnati)
    Automatic Data Processing, Inc.
    Flower Mound, TX 75028-1119 (Ky, OH)

    Philip Wayne York 36y (Havingness Rundown '08)(Rebecca S. York 34y)
    Fort Worth, TX 76170-3418

    Lucious Boyd 57y (OT Preps '95)(Linda Carolyn Washington 58y (clear '91))
    Rowlett, TX 75088-1545

    Gregory John Sola 55y (L10-12 '88)(w:Melissa Sola)
    Sola Software Consulting
    Garland, TX 75043-6208

    Rebekah Anne Taylor 30y
    Plano, TX 75024-4964

    George Francis Bruce 63y (Dianetics '07, OT6 '99)(w:Cynthia Anne Bruce 57y c:Jason P. 23y)
    Bruce Consultants (marketing)
    Richardson, TX (FL)

    Dr. Norman Clark Ralston 79y d:1-28-99 veterinarian, WWII army, DA (Arc Straightwire '95)
    (w:Helen F. (Dubois) d:'99 of cancer m:1-12-85) ex-w:Edna Dell (Morgan) 82y m:4-21-45 div:5-28-68, rm:12-26-68 div:5-26-71 3c:, ex-w:Mary A. Craig 82y m:4-15-73 div:3-14-79
    DA: 2-2-94, "Official reprimand, signed consent before using alternate therapie, jurisprudence, and prominently display sign that he performs alternate therapy"
    DA:6-12-97 1-yr. Suspension with all but 30 days probated ($1000 admin penalty, SOAH Docket No. 578-95-0866)
    Mesquite, TX (Dallas)

    Teri Lyn (Smith) Cates 45y knew L.M.
    (h:Sidney Michael Cates 55y m:6-16-90 2c:)
    Dallas, TX

    Hasan M. Luszcz (income officer '88) knew L.M.
    Dallas, TX (Houston)

    Byron Oby Dawson 52y (clear) (w:Yolanda (Atayde) Dawson 58y m:7-31-87)
    Richardson, TX 75082-3206 (972) 231-4381

    Lee Krystine (Chin) Degrande 31y (WISE) (h:Charles Jason Degrande 42y, m:1-28-05, realtor, DFW Fine Properties)
    Body Wraps of Texas (former The Body Wrap Shop)
    Dallas, TX 75204 (214) 821-7000 (CA)

    Michelle Cheri (Wilson) Ladewig 39y (WISE '06, Chapter committee, Honor Roll '06) IRS debt '05-'07 (AZ) (ex-h:Glenn Lawrence Ladewig 39y (Honor Roll '06) m:10-4-97 div:11-6-07)
    Ladd Painting Co. '98 (Glenn Ladewig)
    The Body Wrap Shop '02
    Dallas, TX 75206 (214) 821-7000 (

    Walter James Dunn 86y d:3-22-07 (auditor '77, False Purpose Rundown '86)(w:Wenona (Latimer) Dunn 88y) (c:David Leo Dunn 63y (overcoming ups & downs '00)
    Georgetown, TX 78628-2408

    Gregory Albert Gum 47y (Security Chief CCI, Grades '95)
    (w:pamela (Schliemann) Gum m:4-24-87, ex-w:Susan L. Coe Gum), Gary Norcross Gum 49y
    Business Assoc. of North America/ Blue Hat Software
    Arlington, TX 76006-4623 (CA)

    Scott Alan Hatfield 37y (Drug Rundown '03) (w:Dena Chyree 36y (Drug Rundown '02))
    Plano, TX 75025-5167

    Lynn S. Hauptman 64y (prosperity rundown '92)(from NYC)(Carol Frances Hauptman 60y (Ca))
    Richardson, TX 75081-2008 (972)231-4165

    Holt Barlow Haynsworth 31y (CCHR staff, ability congress '07)
    John Anderson Haynsworth death
    Haynsworth Photography (father's business)
    Dallas, TX 75205

    Dorothy Hayes Helen 66y
    Dallas, TX 75206-1957

    Ernesto Benitez Herrera 41y (w:Ruth)
    Dallas, TX 75234-7953

    Neil Wayne House Jr. 55y (prosperity '92, patron '06)(Jessica S. 22y) Mary Suzanne Lock House 50y
    Flower Mound, TX 75002-5192

    Richard “Rick” Edwin Hull Jr. 63y (patron '06, NOTS '01) 3s:Steven Wayne Hull 57y (pts/sp '91)) (ex-w:Sherene Marie (Filisky) Hull 58y (OT3 '87) m:8-17-69; rm:1-4-87 div:11-18-05)
    disconnected ('87) to John Jerome Filisky 81y and Mary Mildred "Millie" C Filisky 73y, at David Mayo's picnic) ex-w:Betty Jo Filisky 57y (first OT5 in '78, OT6 '82) d:6-3-86 (cancer-- auditing to cure by Pierre Ethier (class 12)) m:1-23-64 div:12-10-69 (AR, San Antonio, TX)
    (ex-w:Christine Rae Anderson Hull 61y m:5-28-68 div:8-14-69)
    “started his own radio & TV prod. after retiring from CNN”
    McAllen, TX 78501-3416 (now.. Clearwater, Fl, Dir. Retail Teamwork, for Microsoft Dynamics')

    Anita Emma (Simmendinger) Tremp Jandreau 48y (Life orientation '93) (h:Royal Kim Jandreau 52y (auditor, clear '86) m:12-3-87) 3c:)
    Hurst, TX 76053-4903

    Brian Dewayne Jordan 45y (OT4 '89, False Purpose Rundown '93)(w:Ronda Gail (McClendon) Jordan 44y (Int. by Dynamics '93) m:6-5-82) knew L.M. (worked for AMC returned to Dallas '94)
    Royse City, TX 75189-5378

    Otilio Garcilaso Lanig 47y (w:Marion Lesley (Gibbs) Lanig 46y)
    Desoto, TX 75115-3502

    Sandra K. (Smith) Simmons 56y (clear, auditor) (h:Randy Lee Simmons 52y (clear, auditor, Honor Roll '06)(Future Industrial Technologies) m:11-23-85, ex-w:Marlene Faye (Aikin) 58y m:4-10-74 div:3-15-82 (2c:Jennifer Kay 34y))
    The Business Management Center (Financial Management Solutions)
    Flower Mound, TX (Irving, TX 75063, FL)

    Shirley M. (Smith) Young 55y (patron '06, OT6 '06) Right on Time Documents Inc (research)(Right on Time Doc. Inc, Hermitage, TN) (c:Eric S. Young 27y)

    Marion E. (Gyszas) Sowka 59y (h:Michael Peter Sowka 62y m:11-8-79)
    Arkatex, inc
    Richardson, 75082-2222

    Loren Doyle Spethman 43y (Academy Level III '07)
    Powderly, TX 75473-3120

    Garry Jerome Errols Norris 54y (w:Yuna Sue (Frye) Holston Norris 51y (clear, specialty rundown '95) 3c:)
    Rowlett, TX 75089-4193 (FL, OH)

    Colby Kalot Stracener 34y (RPF '04, Patron '06)
    (ex-w:patrizia (Onofri) Stracener 47y m:6-21-93 div: FLORIDA V. SCIENTOLOGY )
    (f:Travis Dwaine Stracener 56y (OT5 '86) w:Debra Jean (Snowden) Stracener 52y (clear, L12, patron '06) m:5-28-76)) (gf:Cecil Cortez Stracener (OT4 '92) d:'97 gm:Margaret Maurine (Steele) Stracener Jones 84y (OT 5 '94)(h:George Hale Jones 84y)) s:Brandon Alexander 30y (w:Gloria Honey Snow Stracener 22y (Clay table '07) m:8-2-03), Stephen Lane 31y
    Effective Life Consultants (Tujunga, CA 91042)

    Stayton Anthony Swanberg 46y (Drug Rundown '01, patron '06) w:Shelly M. Thorpe 43y m:11-30-02
    Sr. Network Engineer, Citigroup
    Hook it Up Inc.
    Lewisville, TX 75067-8354

    Lonnie Gail (Perry) Redd 51y (friend of Dallas org) (ex-h:Richard Douglas Redd 52y m:9-1-83 div:8-23-89 1c:)
    Years to Your Health Inc “Herbs, Vitamins, Essential Oils, Extracts and Teas” “Natural Calm for Kids (4+)”
    Irving, TX 75061

    Gergely J. Ribarits '08 (Andrea) (friend of Dallas org)
    Irving, TX

    Patricia "Patti" Ann Mclaughlin Thompson 59y (clear, PTS/SP '08)
    (h:Edward Jack Thompson 55y (OT6 '03, Route to Infinity '08) Edart pottery (c:Casey Michael 26y)
    Clearwater, FL

    Timothy “Tim” Paul Moseley 55y (clear, OT prep '94)(w:Lauren Michelle (Boulware) Moseley 54y (OT2 '91, Route to Infinity '97) m:12-29-89)(OH, MN)(ex-w:Melissa K. Jameson 55y m:7-18-81 div:)
    Communication Keepsakes '92 exp/ Health & Fitness Resource
    Bedford TX 76021

    Coleen K. (Minion) Larsen Neary Maulfair 60y (OT6) (h:Dr. Conrad G. Maulfair Jr 71y)(ex:Edward James Neary 64y)(ex-h:Craig A. Larsen 59y)
    Flower Mound, TX

    Stuart Mitchell Cameron 54y (w:Zoia “Zoya” S. (Vidas) Cameron 58y m:1-12-91) (ex-w:Lisa Ann Reid 42y m:10-19-85 div:11-30-89, c:Michael Steven Reid)
    Grand Prairie, TX

    Thomas Lawrence “Larry” Macdowell 48y (word clearing '95)
    Dallas, TX 75214-1615

    James “Jim” Albert Woeltjen 54y (Level I '95)(w:Janiece R. Hill 54y (from HI))
    Dallas, TX

    Nolan Wallace Cage 63y (Drug Rundown '94) w:Shirley Rae (Eckols) Cage 59y (clear) m:12-24-92 (knew L.M.)
    Varatek Services '89
    CNE Enterprises '91

    Velvete Hall Womack 47y
    The Velete Touch & Ingram's & Blowave Energy Center
    Commerce, TX 75428-5281

    Jarrett Paul Pulis 39y (Org exec. Vol. 0 '04) (from Grayson County, TX)
    Dallas, TX 75218

    Dr. Edward Layne Fomby 63y DDS (Grade I '80, clear)(w:Beaty Cowley 63y m:6-6-81)
    Crockett, TX 75835
    Lovelady, TX

    Stephen Lamont Tribbett 41y (Havingness Rundown '03)
    Dallas, TX (from NJ)

    David Byerly Cossaboom 51y (auditor) knew L.M., photographer (Chula Vista, CA)
    Time Machine Order
    Dallas, TX

    Robert John Goransson 49y (L10 '99, Honor roll '06) VP Qualifications '96 at Digital Lightwave (w:Jane Elizabeth (Greenwood) Ceron Goransson 47y (OT 4 '01) m:'96 div:?) D I G L - W A T C H -- Bryan Zwan, Digital Lightwave & Scientology
    Richardson, TX 75080-4704

    Dean George Hassinger 36y (Honor Roll '06)(w:Julianne Marie (Hadley) Hassinger 40y (crusaders '01)
    Richardson, TX

    Donald John Novosad 69y (OT Drug rundown '82, clear)(Linda Sue Moore Novosad 68y (survival rundown '82, auditor), Callie Ann Talley Novosad 68y (purification rundown '99, clear)(CO))
    Alamo Heights, TX

    Douglas Andrew Crowder 55y b:4-53 (OT3 '03, false purpose '08) (bankruptcy attorney, Sciencefiction/ fantasy writer--Tales of (IA, CA)(w:patricia “Pat” M. Dunne Crowder 61y (Life orientation '06)-photographer & actress
    Jackson, Crowder & Associates, Glendale, CA 91202-2765 (818)767-4936
    Rising Star, TX (old..)

    Sharon D'Ann (Lorenz) Elzey 62y (clear '79))(ex-h:William Reid Elzey 48y d:5-16-97 m:8-27-67 div:7-24-78, 1c:)
    Dallas, TX (Austin, TX, CA)

    Danny Lynn Ramsey 43y (Group Auditor '98, Tech Academy '03, course sup, chapter committee, WISE '04) knew L.M.
    (ex-w:Shellie Jo Anglemyer Harper Ramsey Keller 44y (Purification '91) m:4-7-91 div: (h:Terrance “Terry” Lee Keller 53y m:8-12-00))
    Dallas, TX (Edgewood, Garland, Mesquite, TX, Cincinnati, Ohio 45240, TN)

    Melinda (Allen) Dawkins Watson 59y (clear '79, Dianetics '07) President, knew L.M. (ex-h:Richard Wayne Watson 57y (clear '80) m:2-29-80 div:10-25-83)
    Dallas, TX (Austin)

    Stephen Michael “Steve” Weber 54y (Dynamic sort-out '94, Master FSM '93)(w:Leigh Ann Reynolds Daniel Weber 52y (PTS/SP '98) m:10-29-88, c:Joshua Stephen Weber, Sarah Melissa Weber)
    (ex-w:Jean Ann (Lauer) Krause Weber 57y m:8-16-80 div:12-23-86 c:Travis Lauer Weber)
    Dallas, TX (FL, GA, TN)

    Samantha Wynna (Garrison) Paullin Potter Nierop 39y (flag rep Dallas) knew L.M.
    h:Nicholas “Nick” Jan Nierop 46y (clear, Drug rundown '93) m:6-16-02 (Australia, ex-w:Lorie J. Nierop)
    ex-h:Gavin Stuart Potter 41y (Victoria, Canada) (Honor '06) m:7-16-97 div:, Scientology Week In Review
    ex-h:Matthew “Matt” G. Paullin 48y (NY)(Metering '97) m:7-3-88 div:, s:Starla Evette Garrison 38y mo:Gloria Jaye Goldston 50y d:8-23-90 (m:12-20-69 div:9-78) f:Orville Glenn Garrison Jr.
    Nice Homes Only- NV
    Dallas, TX (CA, NY, NV)

    Karen Louise (Gholson) Kelley 54y (Route to Infinity '02) IRS debt '90-'92, ex-h:Floid Steven Kelley 65y m:6-11-77 div:1-21-99 2c:
    Almost Cher (impersonator)
    Garland, TX 75040-5423

    Jorge Perez-Salmeron (friend of Dallas org)
    El Taco '03
    Haltom City, TX 76117

    Robert “Bob” Baylor Hudson 59y (TR '90, friend to Dallas org)(ex-w:Marya (Berke) Hudson 49y (OT3 '02) c:Meghan)
    Mr. Jim's Pizza #16, INC
    Duncanville, TX 75137-3071

    Adrienne T. (Gagnon) Wilson 23y (State of Man '05, friends of Dallas org) (Michael Eugene Wilson Jr.) (mo:Claire Virginia Taft Wagner Gagnon Philley 49y (Sort-out '07) f:Gerald A. Gagnon)
    Scientology Court Files
    Dallas, TX (AZ, WA, NY)

    Jerri Lea Wilhelm Buecher Carter Pott 51y (friend of Dallas org) (MO, IL, AZ)
    Mansfield, TX 76063-7684

    Larry Duane Shelton (OT7, Drug rundown '88) Staff Section Officer Celebrity Centre Dallas, knew L. M.

    Franz Joseph Reiter 51y (staff Celebrity Centre Dallas '92, clear, Solo auditor '01) f:Franz Reiter b:2-4-20 d:5-9-96
    "claims to have dated Lisa McPherson in '91" (for one yr), AMC publishing
    Garland, TX ..old (Largo, FL 33778, PA)

    Thomas "Tom" Paul Castellon 31y (Field Auditor Hat '03, friend of Dallas org), Dallas stats reporter to Janis “Jan” Kaye (Smith) Volke Fitzgerald Johnson 53y (former AZ-anesthesiologist)
    Dallas, TX

    Sandra Lu (Anglemyer) Adair 48y (OT8 '07) (h:Robin Henry James Adair 57y (OT6, Class 6 '03) m:2-11-84 (IRS debt), 3c:Andre Robin Adair 24y (TR '07), Michelle Lee Adair 22y, Renee Elizabeth Adair 22y
    Barnes interview
    True School, (Delphi Academy of Florida)
    Dallas, TX..old (FL)

    Sandra Kay (Boozer) Wyninger 62y (OT3, out '77) h:David Wayne Wyninger 61y (clear, out)
    Graham, TX ..old (CA, SC)

    David Alexander (personal values & integrity '93, clear, out) (contacted by Ted R. Banas 64y (grade 0 '04) ex-LAPD, FL (hired TX PI Monty Drake)
    Dallas, TX

    Amir Geuron (sp.. Gueron, Guerran) 58y d:1-25-07 (heart attack) (OT5, sea org, Upper TRS '97, friend of Dallas org) (Antonia Seymour H. Geuron 67y (class 9 '98) (FL, CA, OR)

    Charles E. Torrance 80y 70y (OK) d:12-25-98 (heart disease, died as an unclaimed body, buried at county expense)(CF/ADDO '88) (IRS debt '88-'94) knew L.M. (R. Lucille Torrance)
    Dallas, TX 75248
  9. ChuckyLarms Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    We put a wiki up to collect all of our local info about Scientology.

    It would seem a global wiki to collect info and cross ref would be a good idea...
    If done correctly, we might find some interesting cross-overs here.
  10. me57 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    is nola a scientology front and what type of organization is nola
  11. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    No connection to wise women of Houston and scientology (at least none that I could find).

    Remember to watch for updates on the above lists for correct data and new connections.

    Dallas scilon History from the FBI files:
    1) Scientology of Dallas (4-'60) (May 9, 1956 at (Sunday) at the YMCA Dallas, Rm 1, Jackson & N. Ervay St)
    3519 Oak Lawn Avenue (now... Lucky's Retail Strip)
    Dallas, TX 75219

    2) Scientology of Fort Worth (listed under church-metaphysical) headed by wife of a (Bell Helicopter pilot)
    Bell Helicopter - Training
    Saginaw, TX (just north of Fort Worth) Globe Plant "Swift” Airplane manufacturing facility. Lawrence Bell

    Info from exscientologist (Challenge) about the first scientologist center in Dallas '53-'54:
    Red Shea engineer:Merchant Marines (Auditor, declared SP) (Miriam Shea) '54 Mockingbird Lane, Dolores Stokes (auditor, Happiness '82)
    Allen Abram Kapuler 62y b:8-17-31 d:6-15-93 (seminar instructor '78)(w:Merna E. Greenberg Kapuler, ex-w:Elizabeth A. Cooper Kapuler, Virginia M Arave Kapuler, Cheryl Denise Kapuler 62y (OT8 '90, Route to infinity '96), Sheena Davidson Fairchild Brubeck (saint hill staff, clear #41, declared SP), then Alan Walter took over Center
    Members:Anthony “Tony” Hitchman (OT8 '02) (w:Margaret Hitchman) fleed to South Africa during Reed Slatkin ponzi scheme investigation and stayed at the Fort Harrison when Lisa died.
    Barbara W. Clarke 75y chemist (teacher) d:11-23-00 cancer (OT8, Solo Nots I '98)
    Judith “Judy” A. Thierry 69y (declared SP), Gwen North (declared SP), Millie Filisky, Susan Ballantyne,
    Bobby Jarrell d:'77 cancer ex-w:Frances Godwin, Howser)
    Betty Filisky d:, Robert “Bob” B. Lypko (clay table I '91) ran a Center
    Pat Stetsel & Dean Stokes ran another center
  12. SRQanon Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    NOLA? New Orleans?

    423! THIS LIST IS AMAZING! and yes... caps lock is cruise control for cool...
  13. heynonnymous Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

  14. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas
    Mrs. Karger and her husband gave $100,000 for the super power project in 2007--looks like they are still up to their neck in the scam..

    2009 photo ('We gave millions to scientology and got this ugly jacket. Now everyone points and laughs at us for joining an alien cult!')
  15. Re: WISE in Texas

    Be in the area soon!

    Can't wait for my first raid on those bastids.
  16. Sativa Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Looking forward to seeing you!! Austin, Dallas, and Houston all have raids this month. Please feel free to attend one.

    [ame=]YouTube - March 14th, 2009: Anonymous Houston Needs /B/lackup for the Party[/ame]
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Very sad to see how many native Texans got sucked into Scientology, heck Shelly Miscavige (David Miscavige's wife (hopefully ex-wife soon)) was born and raised in Dallas, and Mary Sue Hubbard was raised in Houston.

    Why so gullible ladies? I thought Texans had more sense than that.
  18. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Why is the Houston Chronicle the only big newspaper in Texas that has the scientology trial in France in the headline? The Houston Chronicle reporter was the only one to address former US senate candidate Yvonne Schick about her 'religion' scientology and the mental health professionals caring for our soldiers. I may be critical of the chronicle sometimes and thank you for addressing this cult (scam).

    Where are you Dallas News?
    Dallas News, Sports, Weather and Traffic from The Dallas Morning News

    Wise up Texas
  19. Re: WISE in Texas

    French court tries Church of Scientology
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    George Force Chamberlain 57y

    I was bum rushed out of the Dallas mission by this guy, back in the early 80's.
    He wore a priest's collar back then. I've also read old KRs that he wrote on Lisa Mcpherson before she shipped out to Clearwater. Hello, Force.

    excellent info, OP.
  21. Re: WISE in Texas

    I'm tired of this cult in my state.
  22. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    This goes out to all those (especially new) ex-scientologists who have moved to Texas. Welcome and hope that you have a pleasant waking up time -- cannot think of a better place.

    Hope those still in scientology come to their senses soon (or come up to present time, blab..)

    In the mind of little David Miscavige...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Dierks Bentley and Cody Canada[/ame]
  23. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Looks like Debra “Debbie” Jean Cook Brown Baumgarten 47 (former flag captain, sea org) may be out of the sea org but still a scientologist living in the San Antonio area, TX
    Debbie Cook Baumgarten | Facebook (The Foundation for Educational Advancement in Texas)

    The rumor last year that she blew the sea org when she was to be sent to rpf might have been true but still associating mainly with scientologist and should not be considered an ex. He husband runs a website design, expansionwebdesign, and does the websites for prominent local scientologists too. Unfortunately she probably may not be speaking out anytime soon.

    Months ago a prominent vocal ex-scientologist, that she knew, tried to contact her but received no response.
    Debbie, I wish you both the best and still hope to hear your story...
  24. Don Carlo Member

  25. 423 Member

    Re: WISE in Texas

    Two of the first auditors in Dallas 1950s was Dolores Pauline (Witt) Stokes 81y whose two sons have the scientology mission in Boise, Idaho, David William Stokes 59y (OT6 '04, narconon) w:Joyce Lynne Stokes 54y), Melvin Wallace “Wally” Stokes Jr 61y (clear, OT eligibility '98, Honor '02). Interested to know how she met LRH and why did she spread dianetics?...

    William "Red" Dollard Shea 86y d:6-12-03 (NC) engineer:Merchant Marines (Class IV, Auditor, finances '82, declared SP '91) (w:Miriam S. Shea (declared SP '91) '54, opened first TX dianetics center in a house, 4812 West Mockingbird Lane, later moved to cedar springs ave

    Plus: Carol Rojean [or rogene] (Kingsley) 62y b:Carlsbad, NM (OT8 '91) of Mace-Kingsley Ranch. She has 2 TX born brothers who do not show up on Kristi's list nor did her parents. Reading about the horrible history of the ranch, I wondered what happened to her to let this happen.
  26. My name as well as my ex husband and his current wife are listed in this and it is INCORRECT. We are all Christians and members of the Presbyterian Church. Please remove all reference to our names or expect legal consequesces.
    Carolyn H. Humphries
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  27. Sekee Member

    I suggest that you contact a mod. Your irate posting and the threat of lawsuits makes you sound very much like a scientologist though.
  28. Anonymous Member


    Carolyn Hay Humphries sounds like a butthurt clam.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Are you members of W.I.S.E.?
  30. Anonymous Member

    The listing in question is simply a reprint of an edition of the W.I.S.E (World Institure of Scientology Enterprises) directory, which is itself published by that organization. If the business listed in that directory under the names in question is in fact not a W.I.S.E affiliated enterprise, it would probably be best to take your complaints/inquiries directly to W.I.S.E.

    While W.I.S.E is indeed Scientology related and many, if not most W.I.S.E businesses do in fact become Scientology related businesses, there are numerous Scientology front groups that work hard at drawing small businesses owners into Scientology, largely by licensing Scientology "tech" through Scientology based management consultancies. Often these businesses are kept unaware of the direct relationship between these W.I.S.E. front groups and Scientology, at least initially.

    Scientology is fond of claiming that it is compatible with all religions so being Christian/Presbyterian would have little bearing, L. Ron Hubbards claims that Jesus Christ was an alien implant not withstanding.

    If this company is licensing W.I.S.E management "tech", and those involved truly are unaware of it's relationship to Scientology, a little research would likely be worthwhile. I'm sure that there are many here who would be happy to help to get you pointed in the right direction.

    Best regards,

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  31. incog712 Member

    Ms. Humphries may have a valid complaint. Checking around the web, I have seen this company listed in some of the "3rd party" WISE directory compilations such as the "Scientology in the Workplace blog, but I haven't been able to locate any listing for this company in any of the more comprehensive WISE directories that are available online. Additionally none of the names associated with this company appear in available Scientology course completion lists. A cursory browse of their website offers none of the usual telltale WISE affiliate indicators.

    It's anybody's guess as to how this company may have turned up in any third party WISE listings, it could easily be something as innocent as having been approached by some WISE associated mgmt. consultant at some time in the past in spite of not having taken the bait. It's no secret how Scientology likes to inflate it's membership rosters.

    At least from appearances, it does seem that Humphries Construction is a perfectly solid construction company with no direct or indirect linkages to Scientology.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I think the Scientologists bought up some Presbyterians a while back (e.g., set up the Calvinist Discovery Institute with the Moonies), just after setting up some New Age spin-offs like the Kabbalah Center and just before buying the Seventh Day Adventists and the Kellogg family sanitarium. Subsequently they've picked up the NOI so they be busy.

    Does the pastor of your Presbyterian church offer "tools" to help you make "spiritual progress?" Are those "tools" some DVDs, books, and courses? Is your pastor using management tech to make his congregation "boom"?
  33. incog712 Member

    Busy cult is busy, but it's not this persons congregation that has come into question, and there are a lot of Presbyterian churches around the world. Far too many for Scientology to have made any significant inroads, though not perhaps for lack of trying.

    Where WISE itself is concerned, the relationship is usually pretty binary. Most businesses that are approached by these front groups are quick to recognize the scam for what it is and chase the consultants off in short order. Those that don't catch on tend to get sucked in deep relatively quickly and come to consider being financially raped by the cult some kind of a special privelege. It's unusual for a WISE business to vehemenently deny it's association.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Consequences will never be the same?

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  35. incog712 Member

    Lol Yeah, going all Streisand and threatening lolsuits over a four year old posting that is itself nothing more than copypasta from a list that has been scattered all over the web for much longer still is probably not the best way to get a point across. But one doesn't have to be a Scientologist to fail at Internets.
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  36. incog712 Member

    I lolled. Early warning was early.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    However critics of WISE say that its real purpose is dissemination of and recruitment into Scientology[3] and they reference the incorporation papers of WISE which include the statement "It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law primarily for religious purposes. Its purposes are to promote and foster the religious teachings of L. Ron Hubbard in society, and to have and exercise all rights and powers from time to time granted to nonprofit corporations by law."[4]
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  38. Dolores Stokes passed away in 2010 after having been cajoled into giving her last remaining monies to Flag for "auditing" in order to fix her physical deterioration. She was unable to get the auditing before passing away. Apparently her son Wally used the money for his training/auditing.

    Wally has never been trained as an auditor nor has he ever run or held "title' to any Scn Mission. As I understand it he lives in LA and still works for Sterling Mngmt or one of it's iterations.

    David Stokes (me) quietly left the CofS in 1982 after attending the SFO Mission Holder conference where David Miscavige and his gang took over the CofS. While in Scn I was trained to Cl 8 and OTIII and then NOTS along with whatever other silliness Flag and their salespeople conjured up to keep the cash flowing. I did create a Mission in Fresno which was legally sold to K. Wimbush in 1981 and then I started one in Idaho which I simply gave to two local people after meeting David Miscavige. The only time I have walked into a Scn building in the last 30 years was to attend a memorial service for Dolores, my mother, in 2010. Along the way I was the ED of the initial Boston Mission, worked at the original Dallas and St. Louis Missions, was the Clearing Course Supervisor at St. Hill in 1968, worked at ASHO and at the original Las Vegas Mission, was the ED of the Sacramento Mission, ran extended Div 6 missions in Europe for D. Hubbard-Horowich, field audited and just essentially treated Scn as a business where my product was people who were happier after getting service than they were prior to getting service.

    I enjoyed being a "professional" Scientologist from 1966 through 1982 when the distinction between the "church", or "orgs" and the "field" or "missions" was drawn along business lines. Treated strictly as a business, the old Scn Missions were prosperous and sent many people to the Orgs. Mission Holders and Field people made excellent money so long as they were competent and professional. During the 8 hour harangue in SFO by Miscavige and his thugs the primary message was simple - we, the RTC, are now going to take all the money you earn and you, the Field, owe it to us and "mankind". Anything less is a crime.

    In essence, I was being ordered to work for next to nothing because the RTC said so. I consider any person who actually stayed in Scn and worked in a mission or org after hearing that message to be a moron.
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