WISE leaks (numerous)

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  1. WISE leaks (numerous)

    Good morning, Sir (David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board of the Religious Technology Center of Scientology):

    I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday a little early for the L. Ron Hubbard Birthday event.

    In celebration, I will be leaking your WISE (extortion group) issues. Included in these leaks will be things like this:

    • WISE membership agreements
    • WISE org board
    • The Business Expansion Club (BEC)
    • Code of a WISE member
    • WISE member hat pack
    • The WISE membership guide book
    • Cameraman tips
    • How to become a WISE consultant
    • Consultant agreements with clients (samples)
    • License agreements
    • Paying royalties
    • Sample waivers and forms
    • Sample employee waivers
    • Releases and waivers
    • Forms: Credit card authorizing charge
    • Issue authority
    • Copyright agreements
    • LRH signature
    • LRH photos
    • Translation procedures
    • Employment documents:
      • at will employment agreement
      • discipline and discharge practices
      • employee acknowledge of company use of LRH tech
      • hiring practices guidelines
      • agreement to arbitrate
      • guidelines for company to limit liability with employees regarding the use of LRH tech
      • policy booklets
    • Business handling checklists
    • Model of Admin Knowhow programs
    • Promotional photos of WISE materials (books and coursepacks)
    • Prosperity magazines 69 through 72
    • WISE at Work magazines 1 through 5
      • Note: These issues show "WISE Non-Member Assignments",
        the WISE equivalent of a Church of Scientology SP Declare.

    I hope you have a very nice Birthday planned, because I plan on celebrating for the next dozen days or so; each with delicious cupcakes.

    Everyone else is welcome to join in the celebration.

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  2. Leak#1: Suggested legal documents for WISE members to use in their business

    Suggested legal documents for WISE members to use in their business

    Suggested legal

    • at_will_employment_agreement.pdf
    • at_will_employment_agreement.rtf
    • discipline_and_discharge_practices.pdf
    • employee_acknowledgment_of_company_committment.pdf
    • employee_acknowledgment_of_company_committment.rtf
    • hiring_practices_guidelines.pdf
    • how_to_do_an_investigation_of_claims.pdf
    • mutual_agreement_to_arbitrate_claims.pdf
    • mutual_agreement_to_arbitrate_claims.rtf
    • policy_prohibiting_religious_discrimination.pdf
    • policy_prohibiting_religious_discrimination.rtf
    • professional_conduct_policy.pdf
    • professional_conduct_policy.rtf
    • suggestions_to_limit_employment_law_liability.pdf
    • ten_recommendations_for_arbitration.pdf

  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Mr. Tibbs,

    This would be awesome.
  4. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    I am enjoying this.
  5. Optimisticate Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    This could be good, but I'll withhold that judgment till I get past the standard agreements.
  6. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Sea-Org Mayday training video for DM's last hurrah.

    Looks like Awesome Leakage, well played!!!!
  7. Leak #2: LRH signature


  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Starting to take a look through "suggested legal dox".

    Not sure how much "at will employment agreement" will help as the state I live in is actually an "at will state"(as far as I can tell this is completely legal).

    hiring practices might end up being really interesting for certain people.

    still looking at the rest....
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

  10. Mark Cabian Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Happy Birthday Ron. UR 4evar my suppressive BT.

  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    try harder
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Leak #2: LRH signature

    how is this specialer than existing leaks?
    higher res?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Leak #2: LRH signature

    Well that signature might not matter, put some of those docs, being passed along to the SBA ( Small Business Administration ) might be interesting. All kinds of laws surrounding loans and govt. contracts and internal agreements. More specifically all kinds of agreements surrounding govt. suppliers and and who and what they buy from other people and whether or not they get debarred or meet govt. standards to qualify with their quotes regarding small/minority owned/veteran owed businesses.

    Supply chains are a bitch.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Leak #2: LRH signature

    we wouldn't want anyone to get debarred. that would be bad.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Leak #2: LRH signature

    So, someone in a supply chain that might get debarred would screw their entire federal funding you say? Really? Even if it was at a state level that might get them throw on a bad list at a federal level?
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    So wait, I was checking this out and I saw if a supplier to the federal govt. is buying from a debarred supplier then they are debarred themselves, under certain circumstances?
  17. whosit Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    this thread is to serious

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Leak #2: LRH signature

    You should be able to get the sig in vector format, it should be on the forums somewhere... can't remember where.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)






    sorry I suck at word clouds but I figured someone should throw this in here.
  20. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Awesome lists there.
    DM is gonna be pissed off.

    Any news of the WISE Members Directory?

    That (when I was a member) had a list of names and addresses of all WISE members.
    They might have ditched that by now?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    There might be some folks you want to talk with. Just sayin.
  22. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Could be, could be....


    Tell me moar.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    I would LOVE a recent WISE database, the latest we have is 2006 and much has changed since then.
  24. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Five issues of "WISE at Work".

    WISE_at_Work1_english.pdf (2005)
    WISE_at_Work2_english.pdf (2005)
    WISE_at_Work3_english.pdf (2006)
    WISE_at_Work4_english.pdf (2007)
    WISE_at_Work5_english.pdf (2009)

    This magazine is for WISE members only, unlike the Prosperity magazine which is for everyone. This one has several "markers" showing that WISE members are Scientologists and not simply business-people using Hubbard Management Technology. The issues go into subjects such as disseminating Scientology, fund raising for Ideal Orgs, promotion of specific WISE-issued tools to disseminate Scientology to your CLIENTS, and promotion of Church of Scientology specific materials (not traditionally WISE nor "secular" materials).

    • "THE NEW-BREED PUBLIC DIVISIONS are designed to receive and handle any new person you bring or direct to the org. The Scientology information center is your tool to find and handle the ruin."
    • "WISE members around the world are racing through the Golden Age of Knowledge courses on the Basic books and lectures of Dianetics and Scientology."
    • "Chuck Popa runs three chiropractic offices, is a WISE-licensed consultant, a double Patron of the International Association of Scientologists and he has completed new OT VIII and a complete study of the full Basics of Dianetics and Scientology."

    These issues list (near the end of them) the names of people who have "WISE Non-Member Issues" on them. These are WISE's equivalent of a Church of Scientology suppressive person declare (SP declare). These people are not allowed to get any training or auditing at a Church of Scientology until they "handle" whatever their problem is with WISE.

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Can you spell "extortion" and "blackball" and "boycott"?[/COLOR][/SIZE]







  25. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Who said WISE is only secular (non-religious; or having nothing to do with the Church of Scientology)?

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    i wuz just gonna say, IS DIS SUM SECULARITY?!?! awesome leakage.

  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    very good leaks
    keep on uploading plox
  28. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    I lieks these leaks.
  29. LarryBren Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Great leaks!

    WISE was always part of organized scientology. Here is a link to a post I once did about WISE that supports some of what the leaks show:

    This past week someone emailed me about something I said in that post asking for some more information. I responded by giving some more information and have now decided to make my part of that email exchange public.

    It's no big deal but the above posting and the email help clarify some of what was really going on with WISE that should be public. So here goes on my recent email:

    /start of email/

    "Thanks ………..

    ……..(personal info deleted)……..

    While us CEOs were not easy to force to do anything, many others are forced to get memberships. We were a pretty independent body as the "CEOs Circle" and none of us would take any orders from Craig Jensen when we made him the "leader" of it. We'd simply meet and decide what each of us could do to help spread scientology or at least "the admin tech". Understand that in that initial group were all pretty much dedicated scientologists so we more or less wanted to do something anyway. Some would get "shamed" into doing something because other members were.

    At RealWorld, for example, I believe we had about 8 OT VIIIs and maybe 15 or so patrons or above in the IAS. A number of us were on SOLO NOTs as well. Additionally we gave to many scientology causes like the ASI prints crap, to Narconon, etc. Together we gave millions to organized scientology.

    The real extortion was mostly run by WISE Sea Org staff like Quentin Strube from WISE in NY. He would find out what scientologists were doing any kind of personal business and demand of them that they join WISE, even at a low membership level. If they would not join he would assume they were "out ethics" and threaten to notify all WISE members that the person would not join and none of the members should do business with him/her. That right there is extortion in my book.

    WISE had little to nothing to offer for membership fees but got many through such threats which had meaning if you wanted to continue to be a scientologist or even continue to deal with scientologists.

    Once WISE issued something about the person refusing to be a member, that along with the implication that the person must be out ethics, was sent in writing to their org. Then the person might have to do expensive ethics handlings or even sec checks simply because they did not want to be a member of WISE. Again extortion.

    This sort of problem was rampant.

    Even WISE arbitrations were geared to supporting organized scientology and those who paid money to organized scientology. I had to go through some pretty big arbitration twice and won both times. One time there was a contract dispute between us at RealWorld and someone from a company called "GABA" who had a software license from us. We at RealWorld won not because our interpretation of the contract was deemed right. That aspect of law was completely over the arbitrator's head. We won because the WISE arbitrator found out that GABA had a homosexual on staff who was disaffected from organized scientology. How insane is that!!??!!

    Early on WISE in the person of Bob Heldt and then Quentin Strube tried to strong arm RealWorld into becoming members. Quentin had someone in our company secretly go through our files to find "incriminating" materials that could be used to somehow force us into membership. Bob Heldt called and said we were violating trademark and copyright laws by using LRH tech while not being WISE members. The idiocy of what they did was assume we were all out ethics and try to "handle us" with that in mind. I refer you here to my earlier posting from which you quoted which showed how WISE was set up to put in ethics on a field that was presumed to be out ethics. That was bull but it affected how WISE operated. And this is an example of that.

    Well we let Bob Heldt know that I was the one behind the trademark and copyright policy, that I have forgotten more about it than he'll ever know and that we were not violating any laws by simply using the "tech". (We paid for course packs and so violated no copyrights and we did not use any of the trademarks). We also let Quentin know that he was lucky that we were dedicated scientologists and to knock off the 007 BS if he wants to deal with us. We wanted to be members and it was worth it to us. The $36,000 CEOs circle annual membership that allowed us "free" training for lots of courses for staff was less than we already paid a year to train staff on those very courses. So we considered it a good deal despite WISE execs being jerks. They backed off and were thrilled that we became CEO circle members.

    So I hope you see …name deleted…. that the type of extortion (force) used to pressure people into becoming WISE members and or take WISE services was itself based on the distrust and contempt of public scientologists in business from the very top of organized scientology, as covered in my earlier posting from which you got your quote. Their contempt filtered down into the WISE soldiers who were carrying out their duties with that in mind. One can talk about this forever but I hope the little examples as above make the point.

    I hope this helps.

    Wishing you the best,

    / end of email /
  30. PodPeople Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    The use of blackmail or extortion seems to the "norm". Just went thru wise at works 2009.
    Just when I think they can't get dirtier or more moronic, I saw for myself the section called "Non Member Assignments" Is that like a "non person" Here the splaining of the term: (my bold)

    "All WISE members subscribe to the high ethical standards of the Code of a WISE Member and agree to the stipulations as laid out in the WISE membership agreement or WISE license. Individuals with other agendas and counter or other-intentions, or who choose not to subscribe to the Code of a WISE Member or the WISE membership agreement, are labeled Non-Members of WISE. These are being
    published in the magazine so true team members are aware of them. If they decide at a later time to handle any out-ethics situation they were involved in and become a part of the group again, they may be reinstated as members, and these will be listed as well."

    Reinforces what you're saying. If you don't subscribe, you're not in the tribe, and the only reason must be out ethics!

    Note: There were roughly 250 or so names on that page. It also lists "Reinstatements" There were only 7 lol

    These issues show how this particular sci front group weasels into businesses, government agencies, schools. Oh, and it seems there's a big push now for All Wise to start up hubberd "colleges" in their area. jeezsh.

    Maybe there's a reason I don't see wise companies listed. How many are left?
  31. PodPeople Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    dear me, did I forget to say thanks and awesome job?
    Oh, and yes, what about up to date directory?
  32. Zhent Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Digital sauce, consider me impressed. (unless it was only distributed digitally, still great leak though).

    And hello, doesn't this look familiar?

    Oh and those 'WISE SP declares' are worth pasting here for search indexing etc.

    Issue 1:
    It won't let me copy/paste from Issue 2 for some reason...

    Issue 3:
    Also cant copy/paste from issue 4

    Issue 5:
  33. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    UnWISE to be in WISE.
  34. LRH photos (19)

    For the lulz-luvers, 19 LRH photos. Happy shooping. LRH



  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    This is great. Just in time for the Rev. Rex's murder trial.
  36. AnonLover Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    delicious leaks ITT yum yum!

    looks like lots of stuff in OP would be nice additions to the contract section on Expose Scientology .com
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: LRH photos (19)

    Arrrg, cannot d/l individual photos. Bring moar dox, it's almost the 4th.
  38. timthephoto Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    thankyou very much for taking time to post all this, good sir/madam.

    It will be very useful indeed for a *little project* some of us have been working on for a while
    (details will be released in due course - moar birthday presents in the pipeline :D)
  39. Getting people to become WISE

    Getting people to become WISE


    1. are_you_with_us (WISE info letter 36 by Don Drader 2003).pdf
    2. chart Levels of WISE membership.pdf
    3. Code of a WISE Member.pdf
    4. frequently_asked_questions regarding WISE membership.pdf
    5. The WISE membership guidebook 2006.pdf
    6. WISE consultant_registration_form.pdf
    7. WISE Field Representative selection_slips.pdf
    8. WISE membership_agreement (2006).pdf
    9. WISE membership_agreement_glossary.pdf
    10. WISE membership_org_board.pdf
    11. WISE membership_org_board.xls
    12. WISE membership_reg_form.pdf
    13. WISE member_agreement (2003).pdf
    14. WISE signing_up_a_consultant.pdf
    15. WISE signing_up_members.pdf
    16. WISEOrder49 WISE membership levels simplified (Herbert Schwarzgruber 2005).pdf
    17. wise_members_as_makhs (Models of Admin Knowhow) (Don Drader 2003).pdf
    18. wise_member_bec_references (Business Expansion Club) 2007.pdf
    19. wise_member_hat_pack.pdf
    20. how_to_shoot_your_expansion_activities hat_english.pdf
    21. how_to_shoot_hat_fre.pdf
    22. how_to_shoot_hat_ger.pdf
    23. how_to_shoot_hat_hun.pdf
    24. how_to_shoot_hat_itl.pdf
    25. how_to_shoot_hat_rus.pdf
    26. how_to_shoot_hat_spa.pdf
    27. sample_shots.pdf
    28. video_log.doc
    29. video_log.pdf
    30. what_PR_news_stories_are_needed_from_you (SO ED 5610 INT, 15 Feb 2006).pdf

  40. MuffinKat Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    I must say, these is some delicious cupcakes. I'm a Nashanon, I would know!

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