WISE leaks (numerous)

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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    This and thanks. Happy Birthday Davey.
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    Re: Getting people to become WISE


  3. Becoming a WISE

    Becoming a WISE


    Becoming a WISE Consultant
    • Code_of_a_consultant (WISE 2000).pdf
    • Consultant membership and licensing, getting started, WISE IN ED 844 (2003) Don Drader.pdf
    • Consultant's Guide to Bridge Dissemination, by Don Drader, WISE info ltr 26 (2003).pdf
    • WISE licensed consulting & training groups as FSMs, WISE Info Ltr 38 (2004) by Melissa Brown.pdf
    • WISE license_application (2003).pdf

    Royalties to WISE
    • master2009_wise_royalty_report_form.pdf
    • master2009_wise_royalty_report_form.xls
    • WISE royalties-an_overview (2004).pdf

    WISE companies' sample_waivers_and_forms
    • read_this_first.doc
    • read_this_first.pdf
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement1.doc
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement1.pdf
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement2.doc
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement2.pdf
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement3.doc
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement3.pdf
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement4.doc
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement4.pdf
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement5.doc
    • sample_consultant-client_agreement5.pdf
    • sample_employee_training_waiver1.doc
    • sample_employee_training_waiver1.pdf
    • sample_employee_training_waiver2.doc
    • sample_employee_training_waiver2.pdf
    • sample_minor_service_agreement.doc
    • sample_minor_service_agreement.pdf
    • sample_release_form.doc
    • sample_release_form.pdf
    • sample_resign_form.doc
    • sample_resign_form.pdf

    WISE license agreements
    • WISE Lic Agmt, compilations_and_derivations (2001).pdf
    • WISE Lic Agmt, consulting_and_courses (2004).pdf
    • WISE Lic Agmt, consulting_only (2001).pdf
    • WISE Lic Agmt, glossary.pdf
    • WISE Lic Agmt, non-consultants (2001).pdf

  4. re: WISE license_application (2003).pdf

    re: WISE license_application (2003).pdf

    Can you spell "potential for identify theft"?


    Can a Scientologist spell/grammar?


    This application makes it clear that though WISE is supposed to be "secular" (*cough*cough*), you still have to be a Scientologist in good standing with the "Church" of Scientology in order to get a license to "deliver" WISE type consulting services.
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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    I bet Vince is gonna be sham-wowed over this.
  6. WISE Business Handling

    WISE Business Handling

    • business_debug_checklist (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_assist_the_overworked_exec (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_correctly_scale_a_graph (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_get_compliance_to_orders (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_mini_program_your_company (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_put_an_ad_or_promo_piece_together (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_put_a_new_employee_on_post and get him producing (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_raise_your_companys_income (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_revert_a_broken_affluence (WISE 2002).pdf
    • how_to_write_your_companys_admin_scale (WISE 2002).pdf

  7. WISE Model of Admin KnowHow

    WISE Model of Admin KnowHow

    • how to organize_your_business, the org board (WISE 2009).pdf
    • how_to_become_financially_stable (WISE 2009).pdf
    • how_to_establish_communication within your office (WISE 2009).pdf
    • how_to_manage_using_stats (WISE 2009).pdf
    • setting_up_an_in_house_training program (WISE 2009).pdf
    • the_professional (WISE 2009).pdf
    • WISE MAKH pgm 1, Organizing Board Implementation (2002).pdf
    • WISE MAKH pgm 2, Establishing a standard and operational communication system in your company (2002).pdf
    • WISE MAKH pgm 3, Implementation of Staff Hatting in your company (2002).pdf
    • WISE MAKH pgm 4, Management by Statistics (2002).pdf
    • WISE MAKH pgm 5, Company Solvency (2002).pdf

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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Yep, just in time for Rex Fowler's trial...
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)


    send your pix and vids to GOLD
    user name (Benutzername): scn public
    password (Passwort): scn public

  10. Marty Rugburn Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Not a shooper myself, but changing culture to cult on the cover of issue #3 would be lulzy.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Damn, I was hoping no-one would mention that. I was thinking we could have a bit of fun in private with it, they might take it down now that its known publicly.

    Its upload only so I was thinking of sending some help messages to the SO members who manage the ftp, or something else moralfaggy like that.
    Of course you could always spam it with OT3 audio or whatever.

    Here is screenshot in case they take it down:
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE license_application (2003).pdf

  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Sure would like to see this one...
  14. WISE issue

    WISE issue

    "Issue authority" is the process that a Scientologist has to go through in order to "use" anything L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology or WISE in their business. They basically have to jump through enormous hoops of burning fire, spend days and weeks and months, spend money (oh don't forget that WISE charges by the hour to go through your submission), just to use a little LRH in their business... which they are encouraged and required to do according to WISE. They can't win for losing.

    And in case you don't notice it in this zip file, there is this typical tidbit: "WISE member himself does not have any outstanding ethics or justice situation with any Church or WISE." It is a requirement that a WISE member be in good standing with the Church of Scientology in order to use LRH stuff in their business.


    • a_hat_for_obtaining_issue_authority (WISE INT ED 500R, 23 Nov 96).pdf
    • copyright_agreement.pdf
    • copyright_agreement_for_translator.pdf
    • how_to_do_a_submission (WISE INT ED 964, 29 Apr 05).pdf
    • ia_submission_illustrations.pdf
    • lrh_signature.jpg
    • major_submission_checklist (WISE INT ED 501R, 23 Nov 96).pdf
    • minor_submission_checklist (WISE INT ED 966, 29 Apr 05).pdf
    • outside_printing_license.doc
    • outside_printing_license.pdf
    • proof_reading.pdf
    • translations_technical_procedure_checklist (WISE INT ED 504R, 29 Apr 05).pdf
    • translations_the_rules_for (WISE INT ED 506R, 23 Oct 96).pdf
    • wise_int_ed1009_attachment_dd_a4 (2005).pdf
    • wise_int_ed1009_dd_a4, Issue authority for seminars (WISE INT ED 1009, 2 Dec 05).pdf

    WISE symbols and logos:
    • lioness_and_cubs.jpg
    • rround_wise_logo.jpg
    • silver_3d_lioness.jpg
    • wiseblue.jpg
    • wise_word_symbol.jpg

    L. Ron Hubbard photographs:
    • lrh_at_desk_with_pen_copyright1987.jpg
    • lrh_at_his_desk_looking_up_copyright1996.jpg
    • lrh_at_show_copyright1973.jpg
    • lrh_at_snake_river_wyoming_copyright1989.jpg
    • lrh_at_sthill_by_column_copyright1990.jpg
    • lrh_at_sthill_stairs_copyright1964.jpg
    • lrh_by_airoplane_copyright.jpg
    • lrh_by_fence_copyright1987.jpg
    • lrh_giving_lecture_copyright1958.jpg
    • lrh_giving_lecture_copyright1973.jpg
    • lrh_on_the_phone_copyright1979.jpg
    • lrh_photo_copyright1970.jpg
    • lrh_pointing_copyright1982.jpg
    • lrh_profile_copyright1989.jpg
    • lrh_rose_garden_copyright1986.jpg
    • lrh_walking_at_lecture_copyright1957.jpg
    • lrh_with_camera_at_sthill_copyright1973.jpg
    • lrh_with_car_copyright1990.jpg
    • lrh_with_quill_copyright1966.jpg

    [SIZE="5"]And because I've been naughty and took the weekend off, and you're all starving... here are enough cupcakes for everyone!

    Happy Pre-LRH Birthday! And many happy "returns", David Miscavige![/SIZE]

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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

  16. WISE employer legal document

    WISE employer legal document


    • at_will_employment_agreement.pdf
    • discipline_and_discharge_practices.pdf
    • employee_acknowledgment_of_company_committment.pdf
    • hiring_practices_guidelines.pdf
    • how_to_do_an_investigation_of_claims.pdf
    • mutual_agreement_to_arbitrate_claims.pdf
    • policy_prohibiting_religious_discrimination.pdf
    • professional_conduct_policy.pdf
    • suggestions_to_limit_employment_law_liability.pdf
    • ten_recommendations_for_arbitration.pdf

  17. BLiP Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    From the Wise At Work # 5:

    " . . . more than one commentator has noted that were we to set aside newspapers and switch off TVs, within weeks we’d see economic resurgence across the world . . . "

    F F S !!!
  18. WISE Policy

    WISE Policy


    • accounts_and_pro_english (2008).pdf
    • and_that_is_banking_english (2008).pdf
    • conditions_formulas_english (2008).pdf
    • credit_standing_and_solvency_english (2009).pdf
    • economics (2008).pdf
    • economic_systems_english (2008).pdf
    • essay_on_management_english (2007).pdf
    • exchange_org_income (2006).pdf
    • fundamentals_of_administration_english (2007).pdf
    • leadership_english (2008).pdf
    • model_hat_for_an_executive_english (2006).pdf
    • money_and_exchange_english (2007).pdf
    • not-dones_english (2008).pdf
    • order_versus_disorder_english (2008).pdf
    • production_and_ones-standard_of_living_english (2008).pdf
    • reality_of_products_english (2009).pdf
    • responsibilities_of_leaders_english (2008).pdf
    • rewards_and_penalties_english (2007).pdf
    • squirrel_administration_english (2007).pdf
    • standard_administration_english (2008).pdf
    • third_party_law_english (2006).pdf
    • vital_data_on_promotion_english (2006).pdf
    • WISE booklet_titles_all_languages.xls

  19. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Happy Birthday, Sir!


    [If anyone has a better quality photo of L. Ron Hubbard grinning at his fancy birthday cake, please post here.]
  20. Anontacular Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    LRH Caek???

  21. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    To "To Sir With Love"--- I love you.

    Happy Birthday Ron! Your hooky WISE businesses are going down! Hip hip hooray!
  22. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    catdrinkingbeer12950.jpg My cat wants to share this with ToSir!

    Good kitteh! (caek to follow!) (once Mega Ul glitch is gandhi'd)

    awesome caek for y'all!

  23. Zhent Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    So much good quality leaking in this thread.

    Sadly I don't have any time to really look into this stuff, but I know it will be invaluable to anyone looking into WISE.
  24. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    No worries mate!

    Some good stuff that has been used as Businesses getting warned ahead of time. Keep on trying $cilon hoard...
  25. sci and tell Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    This leak tells me that WISE has gotten more organized the recent years. When I was in, this stuff wasn't put together as professionally as it is now. WISE also wasn't so bold as to put the FSMing and "disseminating scientology" stuff into writing as much. It was more a word of mouth thing. And "sample contracts" were xeroxed papers; xeroxed and passed around so much that you could barely read them.

    I approve of this thread. "It's 'A' Number One, Joe!"

  26. AnonLover Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    /SALUTE Sir... i could get lost in these delicous leaks for days on end.
  27. Re: WISE leaks (numerous)


    Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Nom Nom Nom. Cheers!
    Is that Barbar with a spread of Baclava?

    You're welcome. And "Hooray" for internet servers and google.


    Thumbs up!

    I hope the cupcakes will help to sustain you during your foray.

    Here's some more for everyone!

  28. ChefXenu Member

    Re: WISE promotional photos of

    First off, TSWL thank you very much, you are leaking faster than I can read um. 'course I'm not as young as I used to be...

    req: anyone care to shoop adding (maybe) a banner "Management System, or Religion?" to top and (definitely) changing "bridge" and "L Ron Hubbard" to [religious path] and its/their [guru/savior/authority]. The more examples the better, imho. Would show the ridiculousness of claims that WISE =/= Scientology. I installed cs3 and tried but have no PS skills, the bg behind the text and reflections have me stumped.

    possible combinations off the top of my head (including my own faith for parody's sake):

    Consultant's Guide to
    Based on the works of
    John Paul II

    Consultant's Guide to
    Krishna Consciousness
    Based on the works of
    A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    Consultant's Guide to
    Based on the works of
    Shoko Asahara

    and of course the obvious:

    Consultant's Guide to
    Based on the works of
    Jesus Christ

    Consultant's Guide to
    Based on the works of
    Muhammed (pbuh)

    Consultant's Guide to
    Based on the works of
    Larry Flint
  29. ChefXenu Member

    Re: WISE promotional photos of

  30. WagTheWog Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Subliminal advertising:
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    If only he had tripped and fallen on it and died in the resulting fire.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    I'm trying to find the WISE dox that state WISE companies must give 10% of their gross income annually to WISE.

    That is not 10% of profits, but 10% of all income, before any deductions are made for taxes, payroll, expenses, etc. It's a 10% skim of all income for the entire WISE business.

    Does anyone have dox for this?

    I'm not talking about the annual membership fees, but the 10% tithe payable directly to WISE.
  33. Smurf Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    I don't know about WISE dox, but there are references to it:

    11. The commercial operations of the Church of Scientology are partially routed through corporations that belong to the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (W.I.S.E.).

    Members of W. I. S. E. pay approx. 10% of their gross income as technology license fees. These monies are ultimately deposited in the Church's Central Reserves. W.I.S.E. is part of the Church of Scientology's governing "Watch Dog Committee."

    Berry writes the state bar

    "The consulting firms that sell Hubbard's business methods must pay WISE 13% of their annual gross income."

    Los Angeles Times: Converting the Business World | Scientology Lies

    June 27, 1990
  34. AnonLover Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    see WISE section of the contracts archive here:
    Research re Scientology Contracts, Church of Scientology
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    That would be for the companies that are recruitment fronts and selling Hubbard tech, rather than a company run by Scientologists.

    Try: STOP-WISE.BIZ : World Institute of Scientology Enterprises = Recruitment Vehicle for Scientology

  36. OTBT Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    Someone just sent me these WISE file to post in this thread :D

    Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

    List of 11 files in the MediaFire link:

    57 KB

    WISE Agreement.pdf
    6 MB

    Wise Articles of Inc.pdf
    41 KB

    WISE International Business Directory (2001).pdf
    21 MB

    6 MB

    34 MB

    26 MB

    27 KB

    32 KB

    39 KB

    35 KB
  37. OTBT Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    I noticed these WISE graphics in the files in the MediaFire link above.

    Graphic from 2005 "WISE at Work" magazine, "a new magazine for WISE members only"

    From the file WISE_at_Work1_english.pdf

    Notice the logo for WISE (lion with 2 cubs) is shown emanating from the Scientology Central Org.


    Also, from the file From the file WISE_at_Work3_english.pdf


    So WISE is using Hubbard technologies for commercial purposes.
    • Winner Winner x 1
  38. OTBT Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    Another graphic from 2005 "WISE at Work" magazine, "a new magazine for WISE members only"

    From the file WISE_at_Work1_english.pdf

    WISE members do fund raising for Scientology Ideal Central Org

    (also see earlier graphic posted above, linking Scientology Central Orgs to WISE)


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