WISE leaks (numerous)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by To Sir with Love, Mar 1, 2010.

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    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    Here ya go, after much searching, found some recent WISE docs regarding royalties.

    A couple screenshots from the 2009 WISE Excel file. Note the royalty rates of
    either 9%, 13% or 15% of Gross Income (NOT profits). The excel file
    calculates on a weekly basis how much the WISE company owes WISE.

    In the example, it looks like it is 13% of Gross Income. Example lists USD $
    25,000.00 Gross Income for 1 week, and the Excel table calculated that the
    company owed USD $ 2,745.54 for that particular week.


  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    Second pic, box on the left states the royalties due on gross income (note for non-financial people: gross income is before taking into account ANY EXPENSES) is either 6, 9, 13 or 15% of gross.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    Mr. Joseph W. Landers, Jr. was the CEO of Unicorn Financials Services (UFS). The Office of Research: Research Foundation

    UFS was sold to JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2008.
    Chase Card Services Announces ChaseHealthAdvance Financing Options and the Acquisition of Unicorn Financial | Business Wire | Find Articles at BNET

    It appears complaints were before UFS was sold to JP.
    Complaints Board |

    Unicorn Financials Services, Inc appears to still be in business with Mr. Landers as COB and CEO.
    Unicorn Financial Services, Inc.: Private Company Information - BusinessWeek
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    I used to work "cold calling" for one of these Scientology Wise companies that sold their L. Ron Hubbard management tech to Dentists. eg. Sterling mgt. Their salesmen graduated and paid $$ to learn these tactics from the Hubbard College

    I had to quit because they say how ethical they are but the reality is just horrible. So this is how the scam works;

    1. Get a list of dentists from the library or yellow pages online. Then you call them up and ask if the Dr. is in and you wanted to talk to him about a survey correspondence he received (that you never sent). The trick is to make it sound like the Dr. is waiting for your call and wants to talk to you and it is important. If you can call him by his first name, that helps. The main goal is to do whatever you can to GET THE DR. ON THE PHONE! Sometimes you might interupt him while working on a patient, but you still GOT HIM ON THE PHONE!

    2. Make him believe that you are doing a survey and NOT trying to sell him anything. Dentists really want to help people, and if they think this is going to help some new drug go on the market etc they will set aside time to help. In the same way that the Sea Org surveys are made to find out if you "qualify" for the Sea Org, this survey is setup to see if these dentists are "qualified" to be Scientologists. It is filled with questions like "Would you like to make more money?"

    3. If the dentist passes the survey you then setup a 3 hour interview with the "reg" . This is to convince him that L. Ron is great and his tech can help him gain more money. In the meantime you fax him over a couple really old success stories from Scientolgy dentists to sell him the idea that you're legit, you even give him their phone numbers. They need to be Scientologists because he WILL ask about LRH and you need them to rave about him and the tech.

    4. After the dentist is tricked into doing the LRH plan, someone from the company takes $30k plus from the him then turns his practice into a cookie-cutter company that charges triple the normal rate for care. This is basicly a crash course on how to rob your paitence and convince them it is for their own good. They never want the Drs to do HMOs or PPOs because it is a fixed rate, and it is harder to steal from insurance companies.

    5. THIS IS THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THE SCAM! During the survey and 3 hour interview you find out if they are qualified to become Scientologists. Not all of them become one, but this is where the real money is. IF you can get the dentist to make more money by charging more, and get him to realized that it was due to LRH scam tech, then you can for sure get him to take a course. Now when he does, you have to make sure he puts down the owner of our company down as the fsm. So now we get a % of kickbacks from every Scientology service he does from then on.

    I rememer a cold caller getting huge praise for a dentist who bought the plan. It was then that I realized why... That Dr. just bought an OT package and the owner got a huge check. The 30k+ for the setup is just a fee for wasting their time in case the DR. doesn't go far up the bridge. Plus no one is going to believe the plan unless it costs a lot of green.

    tl;dr = Every group involved with Scientology is a Scam to take your money
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    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    One thing that needs to be clear is that Able Int and Wise Int are run by Sea Org members.
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    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    No kidding since WISE Int's home office is in the HGB.

  8. OTBT Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    lol, thanks I'm flattered.

    Posting part of the text of the WISE Licensing Agreement here in plain text, so Google can index it.

    From the same leak as already mentioned above.

    Original document is 8 pages, here are some extracts about royalties which show that WISE is ONLY about the MONEY.




  9. OTBT Member

    Re: SP Times: Miami dentist gave patients' money to Scientology

    Sorry, I'm not trying to hijack this thread. One more post of screenshots, then
    I'll shut up. You can download the leaks for a TON of dox and lots more info.

    Further to post 62 above, here are a couple of compressed screenshots of
    Excel spreadsheet for quarterly and yearly royalties to WISE.



    WISE is really only concerned with extracting royalties and money.

    / edit

    Thanks to whichever mod bounced these posts over to To Sir With Love's original leak thread
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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    I've seen on line that a non-scio is having trouble with Carly Crutchfield a prominent Australian scientologist. They are appealing for help to anyone who who may have knowledge of Carly's connection to WISE and the SO or the CMO. Maybe this connection has no bearing on her later unethical financial practices. But I wonder lol.

    It looks on the face of it like Carly has created a ponzi type money scheme and that her tactics are straight out of the Miscavage play book, high pressure sales, threats of lawsuits, love bombing - then dropping the recruit as soon as the check is cashed.

    This is about to blow up on Australian TV and Carly has been chased by a camera crew from a local current affairs program, with the reporter trying to get a few embarrassing questions answered. Subsequently Carly's lawyer has threatened legal action and on the same day two sites critical to Carly Crutchfield and CCorp disappeared.

    Carly's mother is still the captain AOSH ANZO and any one who can help provide evidence of her connection to organized scientology and the SO or who would like to help expose this problem please make contact here to them directly : .
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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    Carly was a senior executive in CMO ANZO in 1996. The post was "D/CO Internal CMO ANZO" which just means she was the CO's deputy for dealing with all internal matters within CMO (medical, staff training, staff ethics, etc.) while the CO got on with running CMO on its duties. Carly would have been one of the most senior people in the SO in ANZO at the time.

    I don't have dox, but am mentioning this in case it jogs somebody else's memory who may have dox.
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    Re: WISE leaks (numerous)

    IBF Tommy Davis: "This had nothing to do with Scientology. We kicked this person out for being unethical. This person has never been a Scientologist. We've never heard of this person. How dare you mention Scientology material that shows this person was a Scientologist! (throws down mic, stomps out)"

    Bah, back in the old days, you knew someone was in trouble if their cookie-cutter page disappeared.
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    Bump - Megaupload is dead, does someone have the files, and care to re-up the package?
  14. Honigdachs Member

    Also - Necromancy
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    WISE Convention Burbank – Information For Exhibitors | Sec Check

    How much does it cost to be an exhibitor at the upcoming WISE Convention in Burbank, California? Between $750 and $7,500. For $5,000 you get free electricity and Internet. For $7,500 you get to make your own speech.


    Trade Show Exhibitors
    August 7th to 10th, Burbank Marriott Hotel, Burbank CA

    Single 8’ table – $750.00, covers all four days
    Includes 1 ticket to the convention
    Includes 2 exhibitor only passes

    Double tables – $1,395.00, covers all four days
    Includes 2 tickets to the convention
    Includes 2 exhibitor only passes

    Silver Sponsor – $3,500.00, covers all four days
    3-4 tables (or area equivalent)
    Includes 3 tickets to convention
    Includes 3 exhibitor only passes
    Includes ¼ page ad in the convention program

    Gold Sponsor-$5,000.00, covers all four days
    Prime Location near main entrance
    3-4 tables (or area equivalent)
    Includes 4 tickets to convention
    Includes 4 exhibitor only passes
    Includes ½ page ad in the convention program
    Includes mentions from the speakers at the podium

    Platinum Sponsors-$7,500.00, covers all four days
    Premium location near main entrance
    3-4 tables (or area equivalent)
    Includes 5 tickets to convention
    Includes 5 exhibitor only passes
    Includes full page ad in the convention program
    Includes mentions from the speakers at the podium
    Includes opportunity to address the attendees after seminars from the podium

    Reserve your booth today for Maximum Impact!
    Call Today!
    Gray von Adelung 818.517.3341
    Jill Carraher 818.244.1500
    John Roussel 818.848.3331/818.391.2052

    **Disclaimer/Notice: Costs do not include electrical hook-ups, Internet or any other hotel upcharges except to Gold and Platinum Sponsor tables.

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    A WISE convention so that WISE members can sell used bathwater to other WISE members and keep it circulating inside the bubble.
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  20. How refreshing!
  21. DeathHamster Member

    I think some WISE member sells oxy-water to make it fizz.
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  22. Iamjax007 Member

    These are the docs I wanted to see. How can I view them. When I click on the highlighted "suggested legal I get a page called about:blank

    I just started employment somewhere and I just found out that the owners are scientologists AND found them in the wise directory. I am not too happy about it and I want to see and match documents please. I'm supposed to get a "new employee pack" this coming week and I want to make sure I'm not signing on to their BS. They are a VERY small company...I actually find it odd that they have a large "packet" for me as opposed to just regular tax info type paperwork like most tiny offices.

    This leak is EXACTLY what I've been searching for all weekend but now I can't see it lol. Pls advise
  23. Anonymous Member

    The best advice that I can offer is use the file names of those PDFs in search engines and find out what turns up.

    The links for the files on WWP are long dead but the files may in fact be mirrored elsewhere in places other than where the files were located in the first place, i.e., way back when this thread was started, in March of 2010.

    Don't give up if Goolag fails. Try Start Page, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc., before abandoning hope altogether.
  24. Iamjax007 Member

    I will try that now...Thanks!
    I took a very quick sneak peak at some documents left by the previous employee but it was super fast because the owner was walking back in. And some of the items (like arbitration docs and the mentioned small business forms etc) were there.

    Any business I've ever worked for always has an employee pack ready to go. Any tiny business like this one always has the regular state forms ready.

    Should they give me these actual documents I will be more than happy to upload them here as well.

    But I'm looking for them to be prepared to tell them I am NOT signing certain things. I want to know what I need to "look for" before I get their packet so I am prepared.

    I honestly wouldn't have cared if they were just knowing now (after research this weekend) that they are in WISE (which I never heard of until this weekend) ....I am NOT comfortable with it at all!

    In the meanwhile. ..any suggestions as to what I need to look for with them?
    I did notice their statistical graphs everywhere....they chart everything and count every piece of correspondence out etc.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    You're welcome.
    If it is absolutely necessary for you to work for this outfit, and the outfit is a nest of scientologists, be prepared to be required to take "courses" and "workshops." That stuff will be pure cult of scientology "training." It's aim is to get you to join and become a scientologist.

    If it isn't absolutely necessary to work for this outfit, and it does prove to be a nest of vile scientologists, walk away.

    Or, if you are sufficiently endowed financially, you could lodge complaints and probably sue for rights violations.

    Have you ever been in litigation? If not, I'll let you know now that it is well below zero on the fun-scale.

    Make choices carefully, so that you have the least amount of shit come back to bite you.
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  26. Jay_Emros Member

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  27. Iamjax007 Member

    Luckily I am in a situation now where I CAN walk away and look for a better job.
    I just started last week and it was Friday that I realized they were scientologists. I didn't think much of it other than "I'll just work and let them know not to involve me in their BS"
    But then I did my weekend research and learned about WISE and found their name on the list!

    Before I left Friday I did take a sneak quick peak at employment documents left by the person before me (but very quickly because they were walking back in ) and I did see a few documents listed above, like the arbitration document etc. I have NEVER signed arbitration documents for any employer.... so in found that odd. The craziest part is that a friend and I had just been talking about scientology and the nut cases a few days before!

    Looks like I'm finally able to post threads now. I'm going to post a new one on this so I am not hikacking this leak post ;)
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