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    WISE is one of Scientology's biggest money makers due to its ability to sneak into businneses and communities under many different names. Its goal is to approach the owner of a business and introduce a way for a businesses to improve their employee productivity by taking courses. These courses (in case some of you didn't know or if you are a noob) are all L. Ron Hubbard tech. It is all licensed by COS. So a fee has to be paid to the licensee (COS). So millions of dollars are paid to COS in licensing fees every year. Of course WISE always claims it is not a part of COS even though thier logo is/was on the COS website.

    They also infiltrate through chiro and dentist's office and even vet offices in various ways.
    Usually COS will offer a pamphlet to be printed and the doctors or chiro's name wil be added on it. This is paid for by the doctor/chiro of course. Unassuming patients and employees of the office will think that if their doctor (that they have trused for years) is reccomending it, then it must be good. And so the dissemination starts.

    WISE is also very dangerous to the poor unassuming empoyees of these businesses whose employees feel that they are forced to take these courses or they will lose their jobs. In this economy and with mouths to feed, I am sure the boss bets that the employess will more than likely choose to get on course rather than lose their jobs. There have been a few scattered lawsuits in the past about employees who were forced to take the COS courses and read books at their place of work and when they didn't comply they were fired. The employees of these busineses have the right to know what they are getting themselves into.

    WISE also does a lot of "how to be successful business person" seminars through WISE members. And now there are books by a few of the NOI (The Final Call) members. These tactics are very dangerous, as it allows COS to secretly spread its tentacles under the radar into many communities.

    So what to do?
    A poon campaign to warn area town officials and local government?
    You can warn them that "such and such" business in your community, and it's actually a Scientology front group and here is their real agenda?
    Find out the names of WISE businesses in your area and flash raid them and make signs that say for instance "Sterling Management= Scientology Front Group?"

    This threads purpose is to brain storm on how to expose WISE.
    Now I know there are plenty of front group threads and also material on them. And people are exposing some of these front groups little by little. But a lot of it stays here on the board and it doesn't reach the general public and local governments enough.

    Don't forget if COS starts to really crumble, the revenue from their front groups can keep them afloat longer.

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    A couple of posts were lost in rearranging this thread to ensure OP's anonymity. Please feel free to repost.
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    My suggestion:

    Start a new version of WISE that offers the same services at cheaper prices (there are copious Hubbard quotes that Scientology is for anyone who would reach for it [not pay for it])

    One could also explain in explicit detail in the group's mission statement why new group is doing what it's doing.

    Also, the closing words of SLC Punk.
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    isn't this sort of what Alfeddie Johnson is doing more or less in a round about way with his new book The Power of Words? or whatever it is called?
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    World Institute of Not Scientologists But Enterprises
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    It's going to be hard to argue for a new Situation Room--it always is, and right now da5id is busy doing other stuff. Let's use this thread to link to discuss relevant topics and to link other threads. If there are a number of related threads and this one gets large in scope and hard to manage, that may be an argument for a Situation Room.
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    Jeff Jacobsen has a great website if you need info fo pooning

    I thought this was an interesting tidbit:
    On October 1, 1993, The Church of Scientology and many of its corporate entities, including WISE, were granted tax exemption. The IRS and Scientology signed a secret Agreement, leaked by the Wall Street Journal, that required certain things of Scientology and the IRS. The Agreement required that Scientology close their corporate entity World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE). The Agreement states "The members of the CTCC shall, no later than December 31, 1995, effectuate the dissolution of WISE, Inc. and the transfer of all of its assets, including but not limited to its rights to the Scientology religious marks, to the Inspector General Network." As of June 30, 2001, the California Secretary of State still lists WISE as an active corporation.(25) WISE still has an active web page.(26) WISE is still active in the United States and abroad. David Miscavige in his October 8, 1993 victory speech stated that "Over the last several years we have been expanding our efforts to get LRH's admin tech into full use. WISE Int. has now set up a new college to train people in this tech. It is called the Hubbard College of Administration and as you can see here, it too is recognized by the IRS!" Apparently, there was no written penalty for not complying with this portion of the Agreement, but obviously, WISE was not dissolved.
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  11. Convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's phony modern "Science" of mental health turned phony "religion" by religious cloaking; the scamming Scientology cult has many "non profit" front organisations and WISE companies that require Hubbard "Technologies" and materials which they purchase at exorbitant prices form Bridge Publications and other Scientology controlled entities, a nice way to profit from your own countless non-profits if your "religion" was so inclined to engage in fraudulent business practices.........

    Confucious say: "Phony science turned phony religion is phony tax exempt business."

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