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    Watch out for WISE businesses in your area, particularly dentist and chiropractic offices. Perhaps some kind of information dissemination campaign could be done- send flyers and papers encouraging businesses to end their affiliation.

    World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) is an organization affiliated with the Church of Scientology that assists businesses in the use of management methods and techniques developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Critics of WISE say that its real purpose is dissemination of and recruitment into Scientology and they reference the incorporation papers of WISE which include the statement "It is organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law primarily for religious purposes. Its purposes are to promote and foster the religious teachings of L. Ron Hubbard in society, and to have and exercise all rights and powers from time to time granted to nonprofit corporations by law."

    "...staff objected to having to take Scientology courses (especially ones with religious content), several of them questioned the relevance of much of the material to their jobs. For example, one former I-20 AMC employee, Cathy Sisk, wrote about the courses and exercises that she took as an employee, and the first "exercise" that she identified was "Communication" (Sisk [Affidavit], 1997: 1). She said that she had "to sit knee to knee with a stranger Tim (name unknown) with my eyes closed until time was called. Time was called after 2 hours and 20 minutes passed" (Sisk [Affidavit], 1997: 1; Sisk [Deposition], 1999: 24; see Winnett [Deposition], 1999: 22). During her second exercise, Ms. Sisk "sat with my 'twin' Tim (name unknown) [and] we were told . . . to stare at each other and control the conversation" (Sisk [Affidavit]: 1997: 1; Sisk [Deposition], 1999: 24). Ms. Sisk "came to realize [that] this is how they break you down [--]by controlling you through this course" (Sisk [Affidavit], 1997: 2). There is some merit in Sisk's interpretation, and it is worth pointing out that these two exercises actually described drills (called Training Routines or TRs) that are part of Scientology's standard Communication Course."

    More info: ... at-4a2.htm ... i_53590311 ... eea1f.html ... 090893.htm

    List of WISE businesses: ... ctory.html ... ctory.html ... table.html
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    Re: WISE

    A W.I.S.E. member company called Financial Rescue Service, had as an address, a mailbox drop in Glendale, California. This small company was able to be the organizing sponsor of a group called the National Consumer Council (NCC). The NCC had enough money to buy air time on CNN. They indicated that their pupose was to help people get out of debt through their debt counseling program. They instructed people who were behind in their payment to various souces, not to send money to pay down the debts, but to send money to the National Consumer Council and they would taker over the task of helping people get out of debt. Complaints began to pour in. It was alleged, that in many instances, the NCC did little to help process the loan repayments. The Federal Trade Commission finally stepped in and on May 5, 2004, effectively shut the organization down. Penalties approached $84 million. (This not to be confused with other businesses which operate under similar names but are not related to W.I.S.E. or Scientology.)
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    Re: WISE

    The interior ministry of the german state of Brandenburg published a press release yesterday saying WISE is "the main financial pillar" of the Scientology Organization.

    The press release is about CoS approaching minors and WISE is only mentioned in passing, but it's the most important part. So if that's true it means that the celebutards, the other front groups as well as the 'fixed' and the actual donations by org members actually come in second only. Financially speaking, WISE is the most important part of Scientology according to this.

    Verstärkte Aktivitäten von Scientology zur Mitgliederwerbung in Brandenburg | Innenministerium Brandenburg

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