Wish list - what do you want?

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Ray Murphy, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Ray Murphy Member

    Now we don't want anyone whining about not succeeding after this regime is chucked out of office - so put in your order here - what do you want to see:

    Here's a few things to kick off with:
    * Supervised elections
    * All prisoners visited (privately) by independent body
    * Big investigation into the torture of prisoners
    * Basiji ALL taken off the streets permanently.
  2. unfiltered internet for Iran
    that is all I wish for
  3. Ray Murphy Member

    I assume you mean as unfiltered as is considered normal in countries where people see themselves as being free. Nearly all electronic communication on the planet is recorded and can be used in courts if necessary, but in free countries most of it gets transmitted even if it is illegal.
  4. I wish people would stop arguing about stupid charts, and get back on topic. No one cares!
  5. Ray Murphy Member

    You might have misunderstood, because there IS no argument. This discussion is about what people want to achieve from the protest.
  6. atmasabr Member

    Is that question addressed to Iranians or the people here?

    If it's the former you might as well give up and try to find out some other way. There's no way of getting a good picture from this forum.
  7. Ray Murphy Member

    I'm only interested in the views of the participants here. THEY are the ones who I will have to listen to after Mousavi has won and gets a fair election held, but I strongly suspect that some will be whining about NOT seeing the changes that they wanted to see.
  8. The only reason anonymous joined into the fray was the infringement of their playground in Iran: the Internet for iranian /b/rothers censored, filtered, and for moralfags, the suppression of freedom of speech. Oh, and lulz. Can never do without lulz.

    Then the newfags with their agendas of secular democracy came on board. They don't understand the concept of lulz or the main goal of keeping the iranian internet free in the same style many of us take for granted. Those are the ones who will be whining when the iranians decide to keep religion somewhere in their government. But who gives a fuck? It's none of our business.

    Sure, our business is to troll the living hell out of the moronic government online, lots of lulz right there. :D But there's also the business of setting up proxies and going around the censors.

    I want an Internet that the Iranians can use without being cock blocked by the government. That's it.
  9. Ray Murphy Member

    To save us all looking it up - what on earth is lulz?

    Right. It would be most unfair to use overwhelming (electronic/internet) force from outside Iran for an internal cultural issue.

    That sounds fair enough. Would it fall under the category of basic human rights?
  10. lulz - Beginning as a plural variant of lol, Lulz was originally an exclamation but is now often used as a noun meaning interesting or funny internet content.
    Lol -> lul; lols -> luls; lolz -> lulz.

    Lulz is the one good reason to do anything, from trolling to rape. After every action taken, you must make the epilogic dubious disclaimer: "I did it for the lulz".

    Urban Dictionary: lulz
  11. atmasabr Member

    All right, let's see.

    I want the violence and murders to stop.

    I also want when the violence does stop for it to not start again, either through civil war or war with the US or Israel.

    That's all, really.

    I pray for a lot more: for the dignity of the Iranian people.

    But I am not particular about the how.

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