(Wog) Squirrel Busters cameraman blows the whistle on Scientology!

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by hushpuppy, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Diablo Member

    not true, EVERYONE sees him as a failure...No really, EVERYONE!
  2. Anonymous Member

    There was one loser in the forums who said he liked Obama. Must be a relative.

  3. Anonymous Member

    I think Marty just paid him. The guy who spoke out didn't have to. I think he only spoke out to get some fame and money. But I agree, he is uncomfortale on camera. Marty sits there as if he is the king of the world. I can totally see him as a bad ass Scientologist barking commands at others and beathing them up.
  4. Tourniquet Member

    Agreed, Bozuri.

    I'd like to see the before- and after-video video.

    Mr Leahy looks like he was threatened or perhaps just coerced into making his statements, true and forthright as they may be, and honest and humble though he may be. He might have also been paid for his time, sure.
  5. Triumph Member

    failtard retort from the squirrelbuzzards
  6. adhocrat Member

    Triumph triumphs.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Who is Robert Almblad?
  8. Anonymous Member

    A liaison?
  9. subgenius Member

    Robert Almblad NED FOR OTS Source 20 1979-04-01
    Robert Almblad OT III Source 20 1979-04-01
    Robert Almblad NOTS DRUG RUNDOWN Source 29 1980-10-01
    Robert Almblad FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN AUDITING Source 163 2005-02-01
    Robert Almblad NEW OT V AUDITED NOTS Source 164 2005-03-01

    The sect also excommunicated Almblad and another Scientologist, Kenneth McFarland, who was the sect’s deputy commander of international expansion at the time. Shevin says in the suit that both men coerced Mrs. Wheaton to give away the money.

    Christie told The Miami Herald in a story published Thursday that the money was supposed to go into Wheaton’s estate to pay off any debts and at least part was supposed to be safeguarded until the couple’s two sons, Eli, 2, and Joshua, 8, turn 18.

    Court records show Mrs. Wheaton got $300,000 on June 8, 1982, and the next day spent $299,400 this way:

    □ $90,000 went to the Church of Scientology for church expansion.

    □ $42,000 to the sect’s Library Donation Service, which places books about Scientology in public libraries

    □ $8,000 to the building fund of the Learning Academy, a Scientology school in Miami.

    □ $5,000 in gifts to Church of Scientology ministers.

    □ $150,000 invested with MSR Inc., a Dade County firm owned by a Scientologist named Robert Almblad.

    Mrs. Wheaton also gave the sect at least $75,000 of her husband’s insurance policy. But since the policy was not a probatable asset, she was entitled to give that away.
  10. Anonymous Member

    In addition to perpetrating scams & ripping people off, he's been sued for unlawful business practices and failure to repay personal loans, in addition to hiding assets from his wife during a divorce proceeding (and later getting caught). Yup... that Robert Almblad's a real nice guy.
  11. subgenius Member

    Now that we know a little about who he is, who is he?
    (In terms of involvement in the current psychodrama)
  12. Anonymous Member

    Careful of that first link-is that a Scilon site? The scribd are legal dox, but posted up by OSA.
    Almblad is the guy that they are claiming is paying Rinder and giving him a place to live.
    They figure if they can do him in, then they will destroy Rinder, a la Minton and the LMT.
  13. Anonymous Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    What need for old age security or medical treatments when you can just drop your old meat body and reincarnate into a fresh new one?
    Here's a movie depicting Scientology's retirement plan:

  16. DeathHamster Member

    I have successfully scrubbed all memory of the movie and TV series from my brain, so there's no way that I'm going to play that video!
  17. Anonymous Member

    All dead by 30? Only if their possessions were signed over to the cult... LOL
  18. Anonymous Member

    Smurf, you are confused. Texas is not "the south". I was born in Texas, grew up in a small town here and lived through the years when schools, eating establishments, public restrooms and drinking fountains were segregated. I know a thing or two about how black folks here have been treated over the years. Permit me to know the culture I come from.

    Today, no Texan with any class or education at all would call anyone "boy" unless it was in reference to the age of the individual being addressed. Even then it would not be well received. I was pointing out that Marty is a "wannabe" Texan who doesn't have a clue as to what being a Texan is really all about. I for one wish he would go back to California. He's an embarrassment.
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